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August 7, 2018

Peace Deal Dies in the Sands of Saudi Arabia


President Trump spoke with a triumphant flare when announcing how his experiences in making deals and his acumen for reading people was going to allow him to be the perfect person to finally make peace between the Arabs and the Jews, between the Muslim world and Israel. Many people scoffed at Trump’s bravado, or should we say bragging, and simply stated that Trump was delusional if he thought he could make the peace which has always remained one-step beyond. Our hopes were with President Trump and anybody else who might actually be capable of bringing peace to our lands. As Israelis, we hold peace in high regard as if it were a premium gem stone cut to its ultimate brilliance. In the past, we have given away land and made promises and just about everything short of surrendering Israel to reach peace, and through these negotiations have actually reached peace treaties with Egypt and later on Jordan. When these treaties were reached, both Egypt and Jordan relinquished the areas they had illegally held since 1948 when they were part of a six-nation assault on the nascent Israeli state with intent to commit a genocidal massacre, or as the Secretary-General of the Arab League Azzam Pasha in an October 11, 1947, article in the Egyptian newspaper Akhbar al-Yom, titled “A War of Extermination,” he was quoted stating, “This war will be a war of extermination and a momentous massacre which will be spoken of like the Mongol massacres and the Crusades.” That was the only solution acceptable to the Arab League then and is still the only result acceptable from any peace today. This is something which President Trump is beginning to learn and it will indeed be interesting how he reacts when every ally he is currently betting will assist his efforts for peace betrays him. What will President Trump do when they leave him standing ready with papers drawn up and in hand and all the Arab parties who just the evening before were glad handing him slapping him on the back congratulating him on his grand efforts to force Israel into a peace and getting the Israeli concessions now, when the signing is to occur, all leaving by every exit and speeding to the airport laughing all the way. That will be the pivotal point on his learning curve.


We in Israel and those who are our friends and have been paying attention traveling down the road presumably to peace with hope in our hearts only to have them broken time after time and even when peace was attained, at what price with the explosive time bomb of the Palestinian lies and thefts of our lands and history claiming they were the ones who came with Moses or that they are the actual Canaanites or a few other claims which we will include for their amusement factor. These include their having lived in these lands for nine thousand years, were the people who invented speech, invented written language with Canaanite-Palestinian Cuneiform and other claims too ridiculous to even include. Despite the fact that the first mention of such a people as the Palestinians was first invented by Yasser Arafat in conjunction with the Arab League under the guidance and with the resources of the KGB in 1964 gaining observer status at the United Nations General Assembly in May, all but immediately as they promised to destroy Israel and kill the Jews, welcome aboard. Ever since, and with much aid from an unquestioning media, the story of the Palestinians morphed Israelite and Jewish history replacing the people who lived these times as written in the Bible with the Palestinian Arabs. Never mind that many of the Arabs back when Israel was one of the leading world powers under Kings David and Solomon were worshiping idols and venerating a rock which fell from the heavens, that same rock is in Mecca inside the eastern corner of the Kaaba and pictured below and is known as Black Stone. Still, they rewrite history to match their claims, rewrite current events to match their claims and use taqiyya to forward their desired ends through lies all of which can be read about here.


Meteoric Black Stone in the Kaaba in Mecca

Meteoric Black Stone in the Kaaba in Mecca


This brings us to President Trump and his team working to forge a peace treaty acceptable to the Israelis and the Arab world. President Donald Trump’s Mideast peace point-men of Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, and Jason Greenblatt, special council for Middle East affairs, have been working together along with some assistance from United States Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman. The State Department, Pentagon, Intelligence Agencies and selected Congressional Representatives have been asked to detail personnel to the team for six months to a year in order to facilitate a broader approach and to iron out any difficulties. Unspoken in this request was that these individuals be capable of working quietly, some if not all unnamed and unidentified, and lastly that they have intimate knowledge of persuasion tactics including arm twisting, mild to strident threat processes, cajoling and even outright force as part of their repertoire of problem solving techniques and skill sets. The above is our assessment of the necessary qualities that very well will be required if the “Deal of the Century” is going to have any possibility of getting off the ground. We assess that the request for additional people to join the initial team is due to some wrinkles popping up rather recently which were, for some unfathomable reason, unforeseen by President Trump. In all honesty, we must say that President Trump has surprised us in this area with his lack of serious knowledge of the difficulties which would be encountered and his coming into this thinking that it was going to be an easy fix that simply required to be managed and a deal could be finalized without too many complications. President Trump is rapidly realizing why no deal has been reached over the past twenty-five years plus and that the problems in this arena extend far beyond just the Palestinian Arabs and their leadership. President Trump appears to have believed that if he could simply go around and over the heads of the Palestinian Authority and sideline Mahmoud Abbas and company and instead deal with Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, then he could reach a deal with little trouble and then everything would be finished. He has now realized that such will not be the case.


Here are the problems in the order that the President ran up against them. President Trump’s first foray was to circumvent Mahmoud Abbas and deal with the former occupying power of what they called the West Bank and a nation with a peace treaty with Israel in place. Despite the fact that King Abdullah of Jordan is facing some unrest and could use a little financial and other assistance currently, he still appeared to be less than enthusiastic about dealing with his formerly occupied territory. We believe his answer went something like this, but not necessarily in these words: ‘We mean no disrespect to you President Trump but get lost; we want no part of your peace scheme. You want to reach peace, then deal with Mahmoud Abbas and tell the Jews that they must submit to Islamic rule. But please just leave me out of this and scratch Jordan off your list of potential assistance in these ventures.’ This was the initial foray, which was logical, and Jordan simply told President Trump to talk to the hand.


This then brought in the other two remaining countries which might be able to assist President Trump with this now realized problem. So he approached President Sisi in Egypt and Prince Mohammad bin Salman as the current and deemed new leader in Saudi Arabia, though King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud technically rules Saudi Arabia. Both nations made very similar statements of support for any plan that President Trump was willing to press forward with providing it met the basic needs of the Palestinian people. This sounded all warm and fuzzy and wonderful except the real fuzzy part was the end of their statement about meeting the basic needs of the Palestinian people. Both leaders, through channels, assured Mahmoud Abbas that the basic needs of the Palestinian people were exactly the same as the demands he has been pressing of the pre-Six Day War borders for his state of Palestine with east Jerusalem as its capital and the entirety of the Temple Mount within his borders and thus soon to be beyond the reach of all Jews including the Western Wall and all other holy sites such as Joseph’s tomb, Rachel’s tomb and the Machpelah (Cave of the Patriarchs). They assured him it also meant that the “Palestinian refugees would need to be addressed and their relocation to their appropriate place within Israel with full citizenship would also need to be part of any deal thus making Israel an Arab Palestinian majority nation and no longer the home of the Jewish people.


These assurances were given behind the scenes and out of sight of President Trump and his team. So, Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt set to ironing out a deal with Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The first roadblock they struck was that President Sisi had pressing matters and was far too busy to deal with such matters as he had to find some means of working out an agreement between Israel and Hamas which would make Hamas satisfied enough to end the incendiary attacks on southern Israel. News on that front is it has been rumored that a Hudna has been arranged to end the hostilities for now between Hamas and Israel. Now a quick aside, a Hudna is often allowed to be translated as a peace treaty which even should that be the reality, it still only can last ten years and then the war is back on like it or not. What Hudna really means is the enemies of Islam are told, through taqiyya, as it ensures ten years of peace, but in Islam it means that the Muslims rearm and when they believe they have the upper hand or wish to be troublesome, they can declare the Hudna over and restart their aggressions. The frightening part of these rumored dealings is that it includes giving Hamas an airport in Sinai from which they can import and export anything they desire and bring it into Gaza across its border with Egypt without Israeli inspections. Even if the agreement allows for Israeli inspections, that does not mean that Israel will be shown everything, that we can guarantee. We pray these rumors are completely unfounded or Israel is in for some serious trouble in about a year or two.


So, Egypt was too busy and they too have stated, talk to the hand. So our two wonder boys went off to Saudi Arabia. Here they believed they had finally hit pay-dirt. Prince Mohammad bin Salman appeared reasonable and willing to assist with the problem. They got down to the brass tacks and things appeared to be going well. The two sides had appeared to have reached a point where they could both agree when Prince Salman brought up the magic words which were that he could not do anything which did not satisfy and provide for everything which Mahmoud Abbas requires for a fair and decent peace. He even publically assured Mahmoud Abbas that he would not sell him short and that the two were on the same page. This was the point when the President started seeking more muscle to employ in the field as President Trump has realized that there is no peace or honor outside of Israel in the Middle East. He has seen that the sands shift with the wind and a leader’s words are only worth what he was thinking and not necessarily what he was stating. President Trump has reached the final wall, the insurmountable wall for President Trump because he is not willing to sacrifice Israel as the Arabs are demanding. We must sadly and solemnly inform President Trump that this wall is the same wall which ended the Camp David summit when Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak agreed to every demand that Yasser Arafat had told President Clinton were his terms for peace thinking that Barak would refuse those demands, but he accepted and Yassir Arafat the next morning walked right past the signing tables on out to his car and flew home as fast as he could and then refused to even talk to President Clinton. Arafat refused to state why he refused the terms he had demanded the night before or to even consider even more generous terms. President Trump should meet with President Clinton, if possible, and ask him about these events and then he will understand that the Arabs will only accept a deal where the Jews are subjected to their rule, because for the Arabs that is the natural order of the universe. The true reality is the Arabs honestly believe that the entire planet and everybody upon her should be ruled over by Arabs, or at least Muslims though preferably Arabs.


So, if President Trump is doomed to fail, how will this overblown problem be solved? Well, the first step is for the world to step back and reassess the importance of peace between Israel and her neighbors and the Palestinian against North Korea, Venezuela, Syria, Greece, the disintegrating European Union, the starving thousands around the globe, the need for more clean water and everything else and realize that if Israel were placed all the way down the list where it belongs, then the world would set about fixing those problems that are repairable and ignore Israel and the screaming Palestinians and it will take care of itself. Israel is small, very small, as one can see in the map below. Yes, we know that will never happen because Israel has to be the greatest problem in the world as it is the only one where there is consensus that the Jews and their state are the main source of all the ills of the world and thus must be destroyed, we get that. The end will come and in the not too distant future. There will be a Congress elected with a President from the same party and the President will have a very comfortable majority in the House of Representatives of over two-hundred-twenty-five Representatives and sixty-eight supermajority in the Senate and thus will be free to do anything he desires. This will likely be a Democrat Party perfect storm and they will turn against Israel. Picture President Keith Ellison with Speaker of the House Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with President pro tempore of the Senate and Majority Leader Elizabeth Warren and how passing any legislation which would deny Israel aid would be automatically passed just as such items pass in the United Nations. This would be a United States government which would turn against Israel and all aid including necessary military aid such as parts for aircraft and ammunition and anything else would come to a screeching halt. What would happen next?


Display of the Muslim Nations of the World in the Middle East, Asia and Northern Africa in Green with Israel depicted in Red making the relative size of Israel evident and consisting of under one percent of the land mass

Display of the Muslim Nations of the World in the Middle East, Asia and Northern Africa in Green with Israel depicted in Red


Seeing Israel completely friendless and vulnerable, the first step is the Arab states would send resolutions to the Security Council condemning Israel for every sin imaginable and they would all pass. Then they would have the Security Council cancel the Israeli membership to the United Nations and declare Israel to be an illegal entity. They might even get such a resolution under Chapter Seven, which makes it militarily enforceable. Should that be accomplished, the Arab world would marshal their combined armies to legally wage a war on Israel and be within their rights to demand the rest of the world join in working to destroy Israel. What follows is something we would not even wish to contemplate. The one warning is there will come a day, and it may be sooner rather than later, that aid from the United States is going to end and on that day Israel should already be manufacturing their own aircraft, naval vessels, ammunition, and all military requirements within Israel being dependent upon no other nation. She will have to be as that will be the day that there is no veto in the Security Council and that means Israel will be facing a hostile world body which might decide to try and eliminate what they will see as the biggest problem in the world, tiny little Israel.


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