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August 20, 2018

Why the Entirety of the World Hates Israel


This is the real truth which all the screaming, tearing out of hair, denunciations and hatred over the Nation-State Basic Law just recently passed by Israel is about. As we noted recently, virtually every nation has a nationality law and gave a nice long though partial list provided by Wikipedia. A recent article in Arutz Sheva noted that fifty nations have a national religion and many others only recently rid themselves of such. Some nations have national families such as the Royalty as in Britain which the world treats as their monarchs every time one of them marries, others have dictatorial families such as the Jong family in North Korea while still others have their elites such as the Rockefellers, Clintons, Kennedys, Bushs and others in the United States. Every nation has their own flag and national anthem and chooses their own Capital City. This was the extent of the Israeli Nation-State Basic Law. (The entirety of the Israeli Nation-State Basic Law can be read at the end of our article Leftists, the Israeli Nationality Law and President Trump)


It is the answer of how Israel filled in the blanks after each of those items. You need to understand exactly what the conflagrating radical protests were really all about. Israel declared itself a Jewish nation. Israel will remain a Jewish majority nation though all other religions and peoples will share equal rights with Jews. Our royalty come from the family of King David should we reestablish our royalty, though curiously left out of this law as we are a parliamentary democracy of sorts. Our flag will be a white field with a blue Star of David in the center between two blue horizontal lines towards the edges. Our National Anthem is Hatikvah. And finally, we declared our ancestral capital city of Jerusalem to still be the eternal city of the Jewish People.


Israeli Flag

Israeli Flag


We did not bother to mention that our nation is actually almost four thousand years old, though we have had a rough go of it the last half of that time being conquered, dispersed all over the world and then thrown out of every place imaginable on earth even to include briefly by General Grant in the United States who issued General Order No. 11 (included because there will be those who will claim such never happened in America and quite emphatically may we add). The Ancient Greeks, Ancient Assyrians, Babylonians, Ancient Persians, Ancient Egyptians, Romans, Byzantines, Caliphate, British, Ottomans, French, Russians, Nazis and a large number of others either attempted to wipe us from the face of the earth or, at the very least, from their territory. India, China, Japan and the Philippines are amongst the very few who have never attempted to destroy their Jewish populations. The Japanese refused to turn over their Jewish population, some of whom they had taken in to save from the Holocaust, rumored even to have refused when a visiting very high ranking Nazi officer Josef Meisinger, the Butcher of Warsaw, demanded that the Jews should be dealt with correctly by the Japanese or they could be dealt with accordingly in Germany, since the Japanese were obviously incapable of taking care of their presumed Jewish problem. When the Japanese, in order to satisfy their curiosity and placate the Nazis, in 1941 summoned two representatives from the Jewish community while understanding what the Nazi treatment of Jews would result in doing, and asked them a simple question, “Why do the Germans (Nazis) hate you so much?” The Jewish leaders gave a perfect and brilliant reply, “They hate us because they consider us Asians.” The Japanese understood the implication that they would soon be the Nazi enemy should the Nazis win their war of purification of the Earth for only the Aryan Race.


Flags of Many of the Nations Who Persecuted Jews Throughout History

Flags of Many of the Nations Who Persecuted Jews Throughout History


The reason the world is in such an uproar, well, certain segments of the world including virtually if not all anti-Semites, extreme leftists, neo-Nazis, Communists, the Arab World, most of the Islamic World, anti-nationalists, one worlders and an assortment of others from virtually every group and nationality, is simple, because we used the name Jewish. It is really that simple and goes even deeper. They are angry because in a time where the developed world is committing suicide by one means or another starting with declining populations and unrestrained immigration of unskilled peoples and they are attempting to erase all borders, curiously starting with Israel, we had the audacity to not only define ourselves as separate, but also as Jewish and displayed that we are proud of this. Almost every nation has thrown us out and now they demand that we be removed from the only place we are truly welcome, Israel. We mentioned Jewish flag with a large Jewish Star of David, Jewish song and National Anthem, Jewish race as the majority race, Jewish lineage of kings from King David, we proclaimed our pride in being of the Jewish faith while the developed world, except flyover country and other few exceptions, is adopting forms of atheism as their religion declaring that to them as Friedrich Nietzsche had famously claimed, “G-d is dead.” Nietzsche was lamenting the loss of Hashem in the modern world of Rationalism. Israel declares that those who first chose to follow Hashem and his Law has not perished and have reestablished their ancient home just as prophesized. The People who are the Jews were declared, the Religion that is Judaism lives, the Nation of the Jews survives, the Family of Avraham, Izsak and Jacob survives and all this survival has bloomed in the deserts of the Middle East and thrives. This is what drives the frenzied exasperation.


It is the fact that despite the best efforts of the world for three thousand years plus trying to rid themselves of those they believe are the conscience of the world, we Jews have never declared to be such, those who declared us such and scorned us for being what they labelled us is what is driving them mad. Torah teaches us that it is our position to keep the Torah in our hearts and allow it to guide our actions and from doing this, we were to thrive. The fact that living Torah also would beget us a nation which would by an example of a system which works and would be sufficient for others to build their civilization using ours as their foundation. The Christians did exactly that and the result is that once they ceased attempting to murder the Jewish People, they thrived. As Jews, we do not wish the world all become Jews nor do we wish to rule over the world. Our desires are simple, we wish the lands promised us which were from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, no more and no less. We then wish to be left alone and we promise that we will share our discoveries, inventions and anything else we create with the world should they desire such. Thus far, the world appears to love the things we helped to develop or developed completely. Cell phones and instant messaging appear to be amongst the favorites but for the record, here is a link to Wikipedia and their list of Israeli inventions. Just in case everybody missed it, we know you have not missed it totally, but Israel is always amongst the first of the nations to get to any nation having suffered a natural disaster and amongst the last to leave. Israel even assisted the United States after Katrina and other disasters.


All Israel desires is living in peace and being treated as an equal by the other nations and for the world to honor the promises they made to the Jewish People. But for the Jews to have returned to their ancestral homeland, this is something that the atheists cannot take as this makes for a Jewish nation, and many religions who have for centuries based much of their raison d’etre on replacement theology where they replaced the Jewish People as the chosen by Hashem or Allah for the Islamic religion. The argument went that since the Jews had been dispersed from their ancient homeland presumably never to return, they must have become cursed by Hashem and Hashem had chosen their faith as a replacement for Judaism. The reestablishment of Israel was terrible enough for these religions, but to now declare this is the Israel of prophesy, that is like a dagger through their heart and thus cannot be permitted to remain. This is the reason for the outbursts with so much more from the far left and their hatred of all religion with the exception of Secular Humanism, a form of atheism mixed with socialism and just a pinch of a royal class of people who have attained enlightenment realizing what is truly good for everybody else and who insist everyone live in a frugal state of self-imposed poverty while the elites of the religion of Secular Humanism reside in Malibu estates clinging to the side of cliffs or in other posh places of political politeness and correctness. These people also hate the fact that Israel is turning more religious and this has not dulled the spirit or inventiveness of the people and the nation plus Israel proves virtually all of Secular Humanism has missed an important point, mankind is a better being when he has Hashem.


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