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August 22, 2018

Israeli Defense Official Finally Telling Gazans the Truth


Sometimes it takes somebody with the bravado mixed with common sense and a touch of savvy to break original ground and try just using the truth and reality of the situation. Such has been the message to the Gazan people from the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), Kamil Abu-Rukun, who last week on Friday urged the people of Gaza to choose economic growth over terrorism. Abu-Rukun wrote in a post on COGAT’s Arabic-language Facebook page, “When terror grows, the Palestinian economy declines.” From there he went on to conclude with some hard facts informing them that, “In 1992 more than 90,000 Gazan workers entered Israel every day, but since then the number has dropped to 0. The terrorist organizations are undermining the stability and the Palestinian economy. Residents of Gaza, the choice is yours: Terrorism or economic growth.” This is also to a slightly lesser extent the truth in the Palestinian Authority controlled areas where terrorism and murdering Israelis is a form of government employment which pays more than any actual job available, even if one were able to find such employment. The truth is that the economies of Gaza and the Palestinians in the Shomron were amongst, if not, the highest in the world year after year. Their health statistics were rising as was their life quality. They were slowly becoming a working partner with Israel. They were seeing infrastructure being improved with new schools, universities, hospitals, clinics, roads, electrical power grids, water systems, sewage treatment and virtually every area of life on the upswing. These are facts which anybody who cares to do the research can find out for themselves. So, what happened that things became so horrible and that Gaza is considered on the verge of economic collapse and the Palestinian Authority ruled regions are not that much better off?


The break point was the year 1993. This was when the Palestinian Liberation Organization was transformed, in name only as it remained a terror operation, and given a new title of the Palestinian Authority (PA). Arch terrorist Yasser Arafat was crowned President of the Palestinians. This was the solution to the First Intifada which started in December of 1987 and continued until September of 1993 coming to an end mysteriously just as the PA was brought back from Tunisia with Yasser Arafat and his merry band of terrorist masters and placed as the rulers of the Palestinian Arabs. This was the result of the Oslo Accords, the greatest imposition of attempts to destroy Israel ever fashioned and brought on by behind the scenes activities initiated by the Norwegian government acting in concert with European influence. The principle Norwegian actors were Jan Egeland, Norwegian Deputy Foreign Minister, who provided political cover, facilities and finances for the negotiations, Johan Jørgen Holst, Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Terje Rød-Larsen, Norwegian facilitator during the negotiations and Mona Juul, Norwegian facilitator during the negotiations. They met secretly with an Israeli delegation who, to this day, it is unclear who appointed them, how they were granted the rights to make such decisions and whether their actions were closer to treasonous or simple blind leftist belief that even the worst terrorist can be transformed into a statesman by providing them a platform, honorable title, lots of foreign and Israeli money and universal recognition; they were dead wrong on all counts. These individuals were Yossi Beilin, Israeli negotiator during the Oslo peace process; Yair Hirschfeld, Israeli negotiator during the Oslo peace process; Shimon Peres, Israeli Foreign Minister during the Oslo peace process; Ron Pundak, who formed first Israeli negotiating team with Hirschfeld before official Israeli involvement which is important as this was presented to the Israeli government as an almost completed deal; Yitzhak Rabin, Israeli Prime Minister during the Oslo peace process; and Uri Savir, former Director General of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, head of the Israeli negotiating team. There has been much debate about how much Prime Minister Rabin knew about these dealings which had another silent partner, the United States Department of State. The initial plan was for negotiations to last five years and end with a permanent agreement. Yasser Arafat and company had a separate plan, to take every possible concession which could be dragged and forced out of the Israelis until they provided the Palestinian, presumably with assistance from outside Arab nations, with a territorially weakened Israel which could be destroyed with a single force wiping them from the earth. Arafat not only refused every offer including one he had told President Clinton he would accept assuming Israeli Prime Minister Barak would reject but Barak agreed and Arafat stormed from the next morning meeting when the signing was presumed to take place and a few months later initiated the Second Intifada, which was subsequently found to have been his plan even before the peace conference known as the Camp David Summit had even started. All the Oslo Accords were to Arafat and Abbas was their way to get their nose into the tent and then were to act as the proverbial camel in an old Arabic tale.


Camp David Talks on a Break as President Bill Clinton, Yasser Arafat and Prime Minister Ehud Barak Stroll the Grounds of the Complex Located Ten Miles North of Frederick, Maryland

Camp David Talks on a Break as President Bill Clinton, Yasser Arafat and Prime Minister Ehud Barak Stroll the Grounds of the Complex Located Ten Miles North of Frederick, Maryland


This was the very point where the Palestinian Arab economy changed from productivity and employment into terrorism and the attempted destruction of Israel. A general overview can be read here. The greatest downturn came immediately after the initiating of the Second Intifada which led to the building of a wall between Israeli territory and the regions within the Shomron from whence most of the terrorist bombings originated. This wall was immediately referred to by the leftists and Arab influence as the Apartheid Wall but Israelis were satisfied as before this barrier was out in place to prevent terrorist bombings, Israel had been suffering suicide bombings on a weekly basis and after the completion of the wall, whose route was diverted numerous times to comply with complaints filed by Arab farmers such that their fields were accessible sometimes due to court orders from the Israeli Supreme Court who heard these cases, the bombings dropped to virtually zero. The people who were supposed to be protected found they no longer needed suffer trepidation just for getting onto a bus to go to or from work or entering a restaurant or pizza parlor. The Second Intifada was brought to an end after the Passover Seder dinner where largely older couples in attendance were destroyed when the room in the Park Hotel in Netanya was destroyed in a suicide bombing which murdered thirty of the guests and employees and caused injuries to one-hundred-forty others. The Park Plaza bombing happened on March 27, 2002 and beginning on March 29, 2002 and continuing through May 3, 2002 came Operation Defensive Shield which was an IDF operation sweeping through the Shomron and clearing out as much of the terrorist structure and operational abilities including the bomb making and explosives manufacturing as was possible.


Despite all of this history and the obvious destruction of what was a growing economy and real improvements to the quality of life all being destroyed by the terrorist efforts brought into play be the PLO and others such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the Palestinians still believe that this was worth it if it leads to the destruction of Israel. Their leaders promise that if they sacrifice enough and commit sufficient terrorist acts, then the Jews will leave and go home. Perhaps somebody should also inform them that the Jews who are in Israel are home and that we have waited quite some time to return to our home which we described how empire after empire rode through in waves of war with the Arabs just being one of the more recent conquerors seeking empire and world domination. As Jews, all we ever desired was our little plot of land about the size of New Jersey situated between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. Apparently that is too much for the Arabs to allow as it must all belong to them and so will the entire globe when they finally complete Allah’s desires. Their Quran promises that Islam, in whichever variant destroys all the other variants, will rule the world and everybody will believe exactly the same and be ruled by the truest of the followers of Islam, the Arabs. All one need do is look at the map below and you will realize what a great threat to the Arab and Muslim Worlds the Jewish State of Israel actually poses. The truth is the great sin that Israel has committed has been being successful. How could the Jewish State be successful as they are condemned by Allah, or so their Imams keep telling them. As Jews, we understand as the Christians also told their flocks that the Jews were the condemned of G0d for years. The Muslims claim we were the murderers of their prophets and the Christians claimed we were murderers of their deity. Different times but the same strokes for both groups.


Display of the Muslim Nations of the World in the Middle East, Asia and Northern Africa in Green with Israel depicted in Red making the relative size of Israel evident and consisting of under one percent of the land mass

Display of the Muslim Nations of the World in the Middle East, Asia and Northern Africa in Green with Israel depicted in Red


Kamil Abu-Rukun, commander of COGAT, has proposed a reasonable and valid choice. What is interesting is that it echoes the choice we as Jews are to offer to those who desire to reside within our lands, be they conquerors or a tribe residing within our lands. We tell them they have three choices, first is to reside within and live peaceably and follow the Noahic Code which was the definition in the ancient world of basic civility and a just society, second they may take their possessions and sheep and so forth and leave and we will not harass or chase after them or lastly they may choose to war with us but they are to know that it will eventually be a war of totality where only one will remain. What is strange is that sometimes that total war was not the Jews against those in our lands, it was the next empire rolling through. The Assyrians were replaced by the Babylonians who were replaced by the Persians who lost to the Greeks who were conquered by the Romans who were pushed out by the Caliphate which was replaced by the Crusaders who lost to the Caliphate who were pushed again by the Crusaders who were defeated by the Arabs led by a Kurdish Leader who were conquered by the Ottomans who lost in World War I and were replaced by the Europeans and Russia with the British getting our little region and then Israel finally regained her status as a nation after over two thousand years. We hope you were able to keep up with that. Below are the flags of some of those who either conquered our lands in the Holy Lands or who aspired to rid the world of the Jews such as the Nazis and now Hamas who has such written into their charter.


Flags of Many of the Nations Who Persecuted Jews Throughout History

Flags of Many of the Nations Who Persecuted Jews Throughout History


Kamil Abu-Rukun, commander of COGAT, we thought we might mention, is not Jewish. Abu-Rukun is a Druze officer in the IDF. Kamil Abu-Rukun is from the Druze village of Isfiya near Haifa, has previously held the posts of Israeli governor of the West Bank town of Tul Karm, commander of the Israeli army’s coordination and liaison unit with Gaza, deputy coordinator of government activities in the territories and head of the Israeli Civil Administration in the West Bank. He has served exceptionally well and is well respected in both the Israeli general community and within the Druze community. His new post appointment was announced back in December of last year by Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman. If you wish to see Abu-Rukun performing some of his optional duties, here is his twitter post when he greeted some of the one-hundred-twenty-thousand Palestinian residents of Judea and Samaria who entered Israel in honor of Ramadan. One who would continue and read more on his twitter page would realize some truths seldom told by the media around the world as if Israel is not the evil and terrible place, what kind of news would there be? We can only pray that the people of Gaza who desire to live a normative life with opportunity for raising a family and not sending their children to be decoys and human shields for terror groups mainly targeting civilians who are also simply desirous of raising a family in safety and to make a world where their children will be more successful and safer than they were. Together, Israel and her Arab neighbors could compliment one another and assist in making all our lives more prosperous as well as healthier, more productive, easier and more caring. This relationship would be preferable for both sides if only it could be given a chance. Israel does not desire to kill Arabs in Gaza or the Shomron. We will act to whatever extent is required to prevent and end terrorism just as any other nation on the planet does including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the nations of Europe, Canada, the United States, China, Russia and all of the others. The new COGAT Commander is willing and desires to work to make the lives of Gazans and all within the Israeli borders safer and more normative with more jobs and greater opportunities than the current path where terrorism is the path taken will lead. Eventually, Israelis will demand that the terrorism be permanently stopped and that will be a very sad day and a day of reckoning where the future will be determined for many in a very short stroke of time. Please do not wait until things reach that point and choose life and friendship over hatred and terrorism.


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