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August 31, 2018

What a Difference President Trump Makes


Unfortunately for us, we are not consulted by the very important and thus must comb through all the news articles we can find from sources we trust. This was how we came upon the following information from which we made further commentary, as this is an editorial blog which attempts to rely on facts as much as we are able. This article was very interesting as it verified ideas and our assessment of the individuals who are compared within by Hezki Baruch who relates his interview with David Bedein, the head of the Center for Near East Policy Research, as he spoke to Arutz Sheva. The information related speaks of the completely diverse reaction of two candidates for the position of President of the United States representing the same party to exactly the same briefing and exact information. Their reactions are very telling and depict the radical difference between those who derive from a political background and those who come from the real world, and trust that these are two completely separate realms. One realm has certainties which cannot be contradicted and will persist no matter how much information piles up proving these positions to be radically counter to reality because politics is not about reality, it is about people with massive power over the lives of millions despite many having minds so certain of their validity placing reason as unnecessary.


The above article should be read as it contains direct quotes beyond any that we will include. Imagine sitting with somebody in a house which had been struck and destroyed by missiles and being told that the missiles came from the so-called Palestinian territories. Further, you had been presented with the actual material being used by UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East) and in Palestinian Authority schools. Sitting in this setting, you ask, “…well, how do you react? Will you change your position now that you’ve seen what happens when Israel hands over territory to the other side?” How shocked would you be to have the angry response of, “No. You have to understand: Israel has a peace partner. Israel had better withdraw as soon as possible from the West Bank and give it to Abbas. Abbas is a man of peace.” That is the response of a closed mind which is completely unable to process any material which contradicts their set conclusion. This was the reaction to the Israeli position by a reputed ‘friend of Israel’ who had a near perfect record of supporting Israel. That record was mostly made up of approving funding for equipping the Israeli military and support the Israeli economy in the areas where Israel also provided the United States with precious military and scientific research which was clearly of great and bountiful value. This was the response from Presidential candidate in 2008, Senator John McCain. Yes, Senator John McCain, the same man who had earlier given an interview to Amir Oren from Haaretz where he talked about his commitment to “push Israel for unilateral withdrawals from Judea and Samaria.” This was a man, who despite voting for Israel for political expediency, would have been almost as bad for Israel as the man who eventually won that election. The difference is Senator John McCain would have been treated and accepted as being a friend and this would have given him trust which might have led Israeli leaders to vacate the Shomron on guarantees given just as Israel vacated and turned over Gaza under another friend of Israel who gave promises, President George W. Bush. Instead, Israel faced an identifiable belligerent in President Obama who proved to do what he was able to cripple any Israeli claim to the Shomron.


David Bedein also tells of his meeting with a woman who was an advisor to President Trump in December of 2016 who we believe would have been Becky Norton Dunlop who was in Israel at this time. She was shown and told exactly the same details which had been provided eight years earlier to Candidate McCain. When she saw the texts which were being used by UNWRA and the Palestinian Authority she requested to take the books to show the President and the other people in the administration and Mr. Bedein complied. These actual textbooks reached the President and the article states, “This got directly to the president of the United States, and he blew his stack, because he was told by the Peres Center for Peace … that the Palestinian Authority has a peace curriculum. They just didn’t tell them that the Palestinian Authority and UNRWA had vetoed that peace curriculum.” For reasons which should be obvious, we had no problem believing that the far left Peres Center for Peace would be regurgitating the Palestinian Authority agenda as it continues in the same dream state that peace is possible without one side proving totally victorious but simply through negotiating and, as Simon Peres was when alive, completely believing the taqiyya which comes from the mouth of Mahmoud Abbas. Just as Abbas stated recently, “I want a demilitarized Palestinian state along the 1967 borders without an army, I want unarmed policemen to hold clubs and not weapons. Instead of planes and tanks, I prefer to set up schools and hospitals and allocate budgets and resources to social institutions.” Well, how nice but why has he not done anything even slightly resembling this for the past twenty-five years? That is because instead he has been paying imprisoned terrorists and terrorists families and is insistent that he will never end such pay for the slaying of Israelis. This and the other truths provided to President Trump by the Center for Near East Policy Research is what has led to the upcoming announcement by President Trump of a new policy effectively canceling the Palestinian Authority Arabs’ claim to the “Right of Return,” The Administration recognizes that there could be a few tens of thousands of real refugees and the remainder are the following generations of the original refugees, a rule which only applies to these refugees and only to those under UNWRA while all of the remaining refugees in the world are handled and resettled often within a decade by the United Nations Refugee Agency. Lastly on this part, Nikki Haley announced at a conference in Washington hosted by the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, stating that the United States cannot be faulted for cutting funding to UNRWA, when countries like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait don’t give more to the organization. Ambassador Haley reiterated that the Trump administration wants to see UNRWA reformed before it can resume its support for it. She further stated that the Trump administration was going to change the discussion over a Palestinian “right of return,” although she did not elaborate.


President Elect Trump Advisor Becky Norton Dunlop Visited Israel in December of 2016

President Elect Trump Advisor Becky Norton Dunlop
Visited Israel in December of 2016


The stark difference between the reactions of these two Republican representatives is stunning. We believe that one basically represents the political establishment and the other depicts the thinking of true conservatives, particularly those from the Evangelical Movement. This was probably part of the reason that so many did not turn out and vote for John McCain while these same people turned out in masses to support Donald Trump. We realize and understand the questioning of people of faith about supporting President Trump due to his moral conduct or lack thereof morally. The easy answer for the Evangelical Christians and most other religious people can be represented by a single word, forgiveness. If you really need more, allow us to add this, President Trump’s acts since receiving the Presidency have been, to the best of the media’s reports, free of the abominations which were a part of his past. Have his actions been completely pure as the driven snow? Has anybody been capable of that much piety, especially inside the Beltway? What has become quite obvious is that those who like President Trump look at what he does and states in official speeches and not what he Tweets or says at rallies, while those who hate President Trump look at what he Tweets or says at rallies and not what he does and states in official speeches. The other truth is that very few from either group are ever going to change to the other side and no amount of argument or attempts at proof will sway the vast majority in this contentious argument. The real problem comes from those using the displeasure over President Trump and the feeling that Hillary had to have actually won and was robbed by Russian interference just as the mainstream media claims in order to whip up massive demonstrations with confrontations where violence becomes all too possible. There is a fair amount of fear that there are people working behind the scenes whipping up frenzied posting on social media keeping fevers high and even attempting to raise them even higher. What is really behind this is those being used by the political operatives, which have very likely united from the two major parties, the Democrat Party and the ‘Never Trump’ core of the hierarchy of the Republican Party, who also fear having any further people from outside the controlled political environment ever running for President or even high office, are all making an example of President Trump to dissuade others from following in his footsteps. We would likely get people claiming, ‘look at rising Democrat Party star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ who did not come from a political background and defeated an established politician. Rising Democrat Party star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez comes from a nonexistent background, as she had not actually held any position which was not dripping with political operations. She was a community organizer which is another phrase meaning operative for the Democrat Party and nothing more or less. All community organizer really is, is a means of getting to be known within a location usually a Congressional District or State Office region to be used to become a name within the region and to be used as a springboard for political office, thus Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had been completely drenched in political operations and had followed a well used track in the Democrat Party to reach office if one’s actions as a community organizer excite the people and they show the photogenic qualities and are readily capable of reading a prepared script, especially such scripts which are provided in order to answer questions which are planted with CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS and other sympathetic shows and media.


The initial few interviews with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez depicted somebody who was in need of handlers who could assure she was properly prepared as were those who were to interview her. This was probably the idea behind her Townhall meeting where she banned any media presumably to provide a safe space for her constituents. This would also allow for any questions from those attending to be provided her by operatives placed sprinkled throughout those attending and be the only people actually allowed to provide questions. She will be elected, as her district is about as safe a region as might ever be imagined. And, oddly enough, she will not be the least intelligent person in the House of Representatives history as we have had Representative Hank Johnson (video below) who said he feared that stationing 8,000 Marines on Guam would cause the island to “become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may rise to the occasion and surpass Representative Hank Johnson’s somewhat strange and inexplicable commentary, but this remains to be seen. Perhaps, in many circles, President Trump’s early morning Tweet of ‘covfefe’ was obvious proof he honestly needed a cup of coffee and fast. After erasing the presumably embarrassing Tweet, President Trump challenged with a new Tweet asking, “Who can figure out the true meaning of “covfefe” ??? Enjoy!”



The threat of rash acts being perpetrated against supporters of President Trump has proven valid as people wearing the red “MAGA” hats have been assaulted, known conservatives including President Trump’s Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders have been screamed at in restaurants and other public establishments causing them distress and even to have to leave. Such actions are a simple step to violence breaking out and spreading until unrest might become widespread. This threat could lead to revolution all over having Donald Trump as President. How, you ask, could such actually happen? What would happen if at the 2020 election the Democrat Party takes control of the House of Representatives and President Trump will still be reelected President. Tensions would rise through the roof. Further, let us have it that there are a group of Republicans in the Senate who also claim that they cannot permit another term as President as that would cause too much disruption having this non-politician and uncouth person as the leader of their nation no matter what the vote count might say. The House of Representatives then brings Impeachment against President Trump simply due to the Democrat Party having a majority and always able to keep solid vote discipline. So now the entire Impeachment moves to the Senate where the Vice President is replaced by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to conduct what is the trial. The vote is finally taken after excessively vicious, venomous, hateful and rancorous debate lasting over a month while the nation is riled-up and reaching their boiling point on both sides and the vote comes out with sixty-five Senators voting guilty and thirty-five voting not guilty, a mere two votes short of removing President Trump from office, a literal bullet dodging. The reaction would go viral on both sides on the social media and could easily spill out into the streets and workplaces where people simply refused to even accept looking at those from the other side. Easily, such a situation could erupt into a second civil war which would be horrific. Imagine the cities exploding into open riots where people are being shot just for appearing to be from the other side. What if when the National Guards are called out they are unable to suppress the uprisings as the people are similarly armed as is the Guard. If President Trump requested for the military to be permitted to be used to bring order, that alone could be used to start a second Impeachment which if it ended without removing Trump from office, that would be the step too far. Congress being in such a state would never permit the military to be deployed and President Trump may end up powerless to end the violence and what that would lead to is beyond our ability to guess, but whatever happened, it would likely signal the end of the United States representative governance and who knows what would replace the government. Should at some point declaring Martial Law might be seen as the only solution, but what if the military is so divided that the troops each join the side they support. That would be civil war and the end of America as we know it. For that reason alone, please people, calm down and remember that the United States belongs to all of you and you are all members of the greatest experiment of mankind since Moses. Please do not allow that experiment to die and fail.


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