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September 7, 2018

The Israel Saving Reality

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Israel has been fortunate that the Palestinians have had chosen leadership of Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas. These two had so much in common that the main difference between them is that one wore fatigues, a keffiyeh topped off with a sidearm while the latter wears a Brooks Brothers suit with a tie and Florsheim lace-up smooth toe shoes. They both were speaking the same exclusionary story which demands that they must win and win completely and the Jews must be extinguished from this Earth. Their radicalist demands being completely undebatable and unalterable in any way whatsoever has led them down the road of failure after failure. Their demand which was part of the founding of the entire Palestinian invented movement when the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) was founded in concert with much effort from the KGB working with the Arab League in a short series of meetings. According to Wikipedia, “At its first summit meeting in Cairo in 1964, the Arab League initiated the creation of an organization representing the Palestinian people. The Palestinian National Council convened in Jerusalem on 28 May 1964. Concluding this meeting, the PLO was founded on 2 June 1964. Its stated goal was the ‘liberation of Palestine’ through armed struggle.” Before this meeting, when anybody referred to the Palestinians they were referring to the Jews and this reference was intentionally chosen in order to co-opt the entirety of the history of the Jews in the modern era from the end of World War I and the initiation of the Mandate System, specifically the British Mandate. The founding of the PLO came when Jordan held the Shomron (West Bank) and thus was not in need of liberation. Their initial concern was to erase Israel and then join these lands onto Jordan and had no desire to form a new Arab nation.


This is where everything usually loses people but is really easy. First thing is that Jordan held these lands illegally and when they annexed it only the British and Pakistan recognized this move, not even the other Arab nations were willing to go out on that tenuous limb which had no legal footing under International Law as these lands were taken in an offensive war. What nobody likes to remember is that in 1948 on the first morning when Israel came into existence with its legal eastern border which was defined by the Jordan River, six Arab national militaries descended upon Israel supported by numerous contingencies and militias with the intent of genocidal slaughter of the Jewish State, or as they call it, the Zionist Entity. The war’s Arab intent was best described by Azzam Pasha, Secretary-General of the Arab League as follows: “It will be a war of annihilation. It will be a momentous massacre in history that will be talked about like the massacres of the Mongols or the Crusades.” Obviously, as Israel still exists, something went terrible wrong with the Arab plans. Still, despite the world teaching everyone that the Jews won their War of Independence, the reality is that Israel survived the First Arab War of Annihilation but lost the regions of Gaza and the Shomron. Egypt held Gaza and Jordan held the Shomron, and Jordan had gone further in breaking International Laws by expelling every Jew from their held territories, forced numerous Jordanians to relocate into the regions to further cement their ownership and finally granted the Arabs who remained after the Jews were expelled were with Jordanian citizenship, the sole act which has any truth and reality is legal under International Law. Any nation may grant any group of people citizenship as they please even if they reside in a completely separate nation, say like Czechoslovakia having their northern regions granted German citizenship and the region named the “Sudetenland,” forcing an emergency meeting of Britain, France and the Nazis to meet in Munich and give Hitler the region he claimed due to the German citizens all of northern Czechoslovakia in order to ensure Peace in Our Time yet somehow did not avoid, but aided, the start of World War II. Jordan had a model for them to use to weaken Israel by using this identical method. So, in 1949 Jordan illegally annexed the Shomron from Israeli land redrawing the border, then in 1964 the Palestinian people and the myth of Palestine was invented which the Jews presumably destroyed in 1948 and which was to be liberated and then rejoined with Jordan as the land of Palestine was part of Jordanian lands. Jordan was supposed to be given the entire of the British Mandate including the side named Palestine, which was the region the British intended for the Jewish State and they used the Roman term of Palestine (see map below). This was the jewel in their chosen name for the Arab people who in 1964 claimed to have been pushed from the region which was now Israel. This was the reasoning as to why they needed to liberate all of Israel from the Jews so the Palestinian refugees could return home, refugees caused largely by the Mufti of Jerusalem insistence that all Arabs leave Israel to make slaughtering the Jews easier as they would be anybody remaining in Israel. This caused many tens of thousands of Arabs to leave their homes and hide behind the soon to be conquering Arab armies in order to share in the bounty to be taken from the Jews. Their Arab brothers rewarded these obedient Arabs after they failed to destroy Israel by placing them into camps where their offspring still reside today waiting for the final conquest of Israel. These refugees are now the new army of Arabs who will destroy Israel through sheer numbers as should they ever be granted return, these Arabs alone would become the largest political entity in Israel and would win any election making Israel into another Arab state. This is the entirety of the refugee claim.


Mandate of San Remo for French and British including actual treaty demarcations for each nation

Mandate of San Remo for French and British including actual treaty demarcations for each nation


So, in 1964 the PLO was designated to liberate the region of land which had been Jordanian and where the Palestinian people who lived in Jordan had been conquered by those Jews in 1948-9 though from where had the Jews invaded is the big question and how they defeated these lands from Jordan is another, when the reality of history was that Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan invaded the existing Jewish state of Israel which existed with their declaration of independence from British ownership and rule as the British were departing. Then something changed in 1967 during the Six Day War, initiated by Egypt by blocking Israeli access through the Red Sea by closing the port of Eilat at the Straits of Tiran, which was identified as a casus belli, as the border changed causing the demands to be altered. When Israel responded, Syria joined Egypt in the war immediately and both Egyptian and Syrian radio reports were telling of their terrific victories over these pathetic Jews who were terrible fighters and were in retreat and losing badly. King Hussein of Jordan heard that these two Arab armies were closing in on Tel Aviv and he wanted his slice of the Jewish State. The Israelis informed King Hussein that the reports were false and that the Israelis were utterly destroying the armies of Egypt and Syria and all but begged him not to join this effort if he wished not to suffer defeat. King Hussein believed his Arab friends and attacked Israel well into the first day of fighting causing Israel to redirect a relief column which was supposed to relieve the troops advancing on the Suez Canal and turned them right to head eastward and face the Jordanian advance. The Jordanians were forced back across the Jordan River and the Israeli troops stopped at that point. The Israeli forces also stopped at the Suez Canal and along the eastern facing edge of the Golan Heights. Does anyone notice the similar reasoning for why the Israelis stopped their advances in 1967? Each one is a defensible position placing a body of water or on the downward facing slope of the highest points of a mountain range. This caused a real problem for the PLO as even if they were to liberate the region which made up Israel minus the Shomron, the regions they specifically stated they had no claim against, then the Jewish State would be surrounded but would still exist. So, there was an adaptation in the works.


Now the PLO claimed that the Jews conquered Palestine in 1967 and they demand their state back in the Shomron. The world simply altered their belief systems to accommodate the new PLO strategy to eradicate the Jewish State, now in stages, just as they claimed was their intent. They have never stated that once they get their claimed country that their demands will end. They learned well from the start of World War II where you claim a region which removes a natural boundary such as the mountains in central Czechoslovakia or build a basic region in the heart of Israel leaving a small nine-mile-belt between your newly given lands and the Mediterranean Sea cutting Israel in half. Destroy Israel in stages, that became the new Palestinian proposed means for the destruction of Israel, stages. They no longer demand merger with Jordan though they did attempt to take over Jordan from September 16 through 27, 1970, which failed sending the PLO to Lebanon where they started a civil war which Israel responded to pleas from the Lebanese Christians and joined the conflict aiding Lebanon. When Israel was about to enter Beirut and capture Yasser Arafat and the PLO leadership when the United States intervened and salvaged the PLO leadership taking them to Tunisia. The remaining PLO was the root which became Hezballah which is the Shia version of the PLO at its inception with the destruction of Israel as its reason for being. Hezballah has since been taken control of by Iran and is assisting in Syria and Yemen.


The one item which never changed was that the PLO would only accept a solution in which they completely replaced Israel. They are aware that even if they were given all of the lands which Jordan and Egypt lost from within the true borders of Israel, Gaza and the Shomron, that would simply reset the pre-Six Day War borders from which the current argument started because they lost that war and the ensuing 1973 Yom Kippur surprise attack which was the best opportunity ever to destroy Israel and began with great victories but once Israel mobilized, the end was inevitable. So, the PLO leadership has set as their minimum acceptable agreement as the eradication of Israel as other methods have proven rather unsuccessful. This has led to the insufferable situation where Israel insists on continuing on even after a peace has been reached. Arab leadership believes that this is simply Jewish stubborn attitude which blocks reaching a peace. If only the Jews would permit themselves to be ruled by their Arab betters, then there could be peace. Jews have lived under the Arabs and what they call peace usually turns dark real soon. Half of the Israeli populations of Jews are from Arab nations where they were either forced from the land under threat of force or were stripped of their belongings and wealth and booted from their nation where some of these families had resided in since before Christianity or soon thereafter. So, Israel will never surrender completely to the PLO or anyone else as we have returned to our ancestral homeland to stay. That is the insufferable dilemma, the Jews refuse to unconditionally and completely surrender and the Arabs will not accept anything less. Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas have refused every proposed solution and have never altered their set and original desires from 1964 founding, the complete destruction of the state of Israel. This is why every attempt to mitigate the differences between the two sides, one which insists that they continue to exist and the other which demands to replace the existing one. There is no middle ground in the Arab (Palestinian) demand for the complete and total destruction of the Jewish State, the Zionist Entity, Israel. They still demand their right to have what they were denied in 1948-9 and described by Azzam Pasha, Secretary-General of the Arab League at that time, “It will be a war of annihilation. It will be a momentous massacre in history that will be talked about like the massacres of the Mongols or the Crusades.” (We quoted this above.) Thus, Arafat and Abbas have refused every offer which fell short of the above quote becoming historical fact, and should the Arabs ever succeed, it will be recorded as such in the history of the human race.


Arafat was and Abbas is currently the saving reality of Israel as they have prevented us giving away the central heartlands of our ancestral home. Read the Jewish Bible and read about the conquests of Joshua and the ensuing wars we had against attackers and you will notice something remarkable, we did not fight many battles on flat grounds, we fought our enemies in the Judean Hills. Why would this be almost the rule and not the exception? The Israelites, the early Jews, had effective light infantry, a fairly efficient heavy infantry, bowmen and slingers. Israel did not often have cavalry and when they did, it was often light cavalry. Israel did not have chariots and all that goes with them. This is why they took the fight into the Judean Hills where chariots do not function well and light forces being more maneuverable have a great advantage. Most of our enemies believed in heavily armored troops of heavy infantry and cavalry and chariots, they all loved their chariots. So, Israel fought where they had the advantage and also as they knew these hills like the back of their hands, they knew where one could ambush their enemies and thus gain an additional advantage. These are the regions which the Arabs claim they desire and nothing more. Yet another item they refuse to accept is that any peace must mean an end to hostilities and an end to terror attacks. Arafat and Abbas both refuse to agree to an end to all forms of hostility even when they are already refusing to accept Israel continuing to exist. Abbas is the current Israeli guarantee that there will never be an agreement acceptable to the Arabs. We recently read almost as soon as there was a rumor that President Trump was going to propose a confederation between the Palestinians and Jordan that Jordan rejects the idea of the establishment of a confederation between the Palestinians and Jordan. Jumana Ghunaimat, a spokeswoman for the Jordanian government, said, “A confederation between Jordan and Palestine is not up for discussion.” She added that Jordan’s position on the issue is based on a two-state solution and the establishment of a Palestinian state on the pre-1967 borders with eastern Jerusalem as its capital. This, as we have seen in the past, is unacceptable to the PLO and all its offshoots, the Palestinian Authority (PA) included. After all, what is the PA if not the rebranding of the PLO terrorist group into a respectable peace partner, a transition which took effect overnight without even the slightest alteration of the leadership. Their attitudes also remained unchanged, as they still demand the extinction of Israel and its Jews, the world simply ignores that uncomfortable fact and demands Israel close her eyes as well. One of which came more as a warning than as a soft approach.


Recently, the peace plan to be proposed by President Trump to finally and completely be the solution to the Arab-Israel, Palestinian-Israeli, conflict, and the two are identical, was commented upon by some people of note including specifically President Trump’s unstated foreign policy announcer of coming attractions, United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley stating, “I have read the plan. It is thoroughly done, it is well thought out, from both sides, the Palestinians and the Israelis. It takes into account every aspect of everything.” She added, “This is a plan that is going to be put forward that both sides have to be willing to hear. If they are both willing to hear it, I think that this could be a solution for the region. I think it could be a solution for both Palestinians and Israelis, and I think it would be a solution and a testament to what can happen when two sides come together in the name of helping their people.” This almost sounds like a warning that refusing the advancing of this solution will come with consequences, something which has never been the reality. In the past, Israel has been demanded to give and give and understand while the PA has never met any consequences until recently when President Trump began playing the game completely differently with the moving of the United States embassy and the defunding of UNRWA. Israel does not need to worry too much about the ‘Deal of the Century’ which is the name of President Trump’s coming Middle East Peace proposal. Whatever President Trump has decided to propose will very likely fall short of the destruction of Israel and the granting of the remnants to the Arabs who call themselves Palestinian Arabs, because Israel has a secret weapon named Mahmoud Abbas who won’t like it, he hates everything. Thus, it has been and thus it shall continue to be, because Abbas is incapable of change.


When Abbas is gone, the following situation will rapidly make the situation even more dire. Abbas has not set a protégé who will be heir apparent which is going to result in a battle between likely multiple contenders. We can already tell you who will win this contest and you will laugh and claim we are crazy because Israel and the United States will not permit such. Well, Israel will be forced by the United Nations, the European Union and numerous other forces of our fair planet, or should we say pretty as fair might be taken as equal treatment, nothing of which could have been further from reality, to remove all IDF from Areas A and B which have been the Abbas insurance policy keeping the transfer of power from striking while he rules. Abbas is the one who grants the IDF and Mossad to operate in these Palestinian areas because they prevent his death. Once he is gone, every new Arab leader will try to outdo the others by demanding that all Israeli forces leave their lands. Israel will be made to comply despite the warnings, the same warnings as accompanied the Gaza surrender. Once Abbas dies or retires with his many hundreds of billions of Euros, the next rulers of the Arab regions of the Shomron will be Hamas leader Yayha Sinwar. Without the IDF and Israeli intelligence groups, Hamas will infiltrate using Iranian assistance and take over the PA. The only question is whether they will rename the PA or leave it as a cover, a disguise, placing a trusted person to be their puppet while Hamas builds up rocket and missile provisions in the Shomron with which to wage a future war. With Hamas on both sides, it will not be a very long period before Israel will be required to intervene and retake the Shomron and potentially also Gaza. This will be a necessary war in which the Arabs, all the Arabs, will need to be removed and pushed across the final borders. The final borders will be the original borders, the Negev-Israel border and the Jordan River in the east. This will be the eventual end of the intractable Arab-Israeli conflict one way or the other. Israel will tell the rest of the Arab world that as long as Israel is not threatened, there will be absolutely no further actions from Israel. They will task the Arab world with assuring that terrorists do not attack across the Israeli border. Israel will offer their neighbors assistance should they desire ending the threats of terrorism and other criminal activity. The Arab world should desire a true and real peace with benefits in a relationship with Israel and finally end educating their people, specifically their children, with lessons of hatred towards the Jews and Israel. The first item that Israel can offer is assistance in water purification including desalinization as well as agricultural developments which make growing plants in arid regions more efficient. Add the medical knowledge and economic development which would be made available, peace would be beneficial and lead to a better life for their people and thus a happier and more prosperous country. The alternative is simply more of the same. It is this ability to demand more of the same which has perplexed all attempts to end the Arab-Israeli conflict. That is the frightening reality which Israel and the world face as Iranian and Arab beliefs that Islam is rising and their final push to conquer the entirety of the globe is near at hand. Their sole argument is which version of Islam, Shiite or Sunni, will be the triumphant world rulers by the end of this century.


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