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September 26, 2018

Europe Can Go To H&ll


Imagine any of the following headlines and what the world’s reaction would be to them. The first is, ‘Israel warns against Austria demolishing Roma camp outside Vienna.’ Another might be, ‘Israel warns against France demolishing Basque camp outside Bordeaux.’ You are probably getting the idea, but allow us one last one for good measure, ‘Israel warns against Germany demolishing Muslim enclave outside Frankfurt.’ In each of the above titles and ensuing articles would be met worldwide with derision and outright rejection. ‘Where does Israel get off making demands of other nations,’ would be the common theme of the responses from across Europe and the world. Such an offense would be sufficient for the recalling of Ambassadors for counseling on relations and potentially expelling the Israeli ambassador for a period of some weeks. There would be motions for sanction brought before the United Nations and even in the Security Council, such would be considered to have been a serious breach of protocols and any measure brought against Israel would likely not be blocked by the United States because Israel would have earned sanction for such a breach of international norms. But if such is the case, then please explain why this headline, ‘Eight countries warn Israel against demolishing Bedouin outpost ,’ is met with not even a single rebuke or claim that such is beyond international protocols? We all know why despite not wanting to air the reason that eight European countries at the United Nations, including five Security Council members, who were Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Poland and the Netherlands were allowed without objections voiced a warning that the demolition of the village “would severely threaten the viability of the two-state solution.” Well, the Netherlands makes sense, as they were the tool used by the United States State Department in concert with a select group of largely unelected leftist activists from Israel headed by Yossi Beilin and Simon Peres that brought on the ‘Two State Solution’ turning the arch terrorist Yassir Arafat into an internationally recognized hero and statesman. The rest have acted in any way possible to attempt and put in place conditions which could only lead to the destruction of Israel and have often voted to censure Israel for anything even approaching a perceived slight and were gladly part of the Obama initialed United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 which all but forces the 1949 Armistice Lines upon Israel which is an equation for the destruction of Tel Aviv within fifteen minutes of the first volley of rockets fired from such an Arab hostile state.


There is a simple reason why Israel is the center of contention, the recipient of universal bile and the most talked about nation in the United Nations, European Union and in many of the world’s capital cities. The war in Syria, no, we need to get Israel picked apart first. China’s having swallowed an entire nation, Tibet, and then forcefully transferred Tibetans from their homes to remote areas all over China and forcibly transferring Chinese into Tibet, which is a direct violation of all international norms, but Israel is much worse as they announced a potential to add an apartment building to Beit El. Russia simply militarily takes parts of Georgia and simply annexed the Crimea from the Ukraine, but Israel added a house to a ‘settlement’ yesterday. There is not a single item which can deter the world from their obsession with Israel and it is time for the world to simply look away and get real. Israel is not the cause or at the root of most of the great problems facing the world. If anything, it will be Israeli technologies such as their agricultural developments including but not limited to drip irrigation, crops able to grow in arid regions, plants which grow with poor quality water which will help nations whose rivers and irrigation systems are polluted, new hybrid fruits and vegetables, thermal imaging is used for water status mapping of crops, breeding of beneficial insects and mites for biological pest control, bumblebees for natural pollination in greenhouses and open fields, and sterile fruit flies to control this major pest in fruit trees, development of strains of potatoes that thrive in hot, dry climates, and can be irrigated by saltwater, the use of algae culture for fodder algae, dietary supplements, veterinary pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, bio-plastics and fertilizers plus fish farming in the desert and much, much more. The expertise of Israel in software development is already seen as a world renowned with specialties such as cyber protection, apps and R&D headquarters for numerous worldwide companies including but not limited to Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Dell and many, many more. If the world would simply meet the promises made after World War I given to the Zionist Congress and the Jewish People, then once peace is established, or at least a state of non-belligerence, imagine how much more Israel would be capable of giving the world. Instead, we face threats and demands from every corner of the world in addition to the threats on every border.


There are two bodies in the world which have gone above and beyond any measure of reason concerning Israel. The most obvious one is the United Nations but not far behind is the European Union and its partner nations. One might look at Europe and wonder, do they not have sufficient problems of their own that they have to go and meddle in Israeli problems. But the problem becomes clear and obvious once one takes a closer look into one of the fastest growing problems in the European continent from Britain to Greece. That problem is anti-Semitism, the same old anti-Semitism which has plagued Europe since around the sixth or seventh century BCE. Europe birthed its anti-Semitism with the Greeks when after their conquest of the Holy Land from the Persians decided that the Jews were barbarians largely due to their, according to the Greeks, disfiguring of the male human body by barbaric cutting of the foreskin, circumcision. The vicious anti-Jewish statements presumably began with Manetho about 270 BCE. Manetho’s anti-Jewish writings may have originated in Egypt and been spread by Greek retelling of Ancient Egyptian prejudice against the Jewish People. The beginning of Greek anti-Semitism is traceable to the time soon after their conquest of Alexandria and their mixing with the Egyptian culture with which there was an existing animosity. The Greeks decreed that circumcision would meet with the death penalty, both the Mohel for conducting the act, the father for allowing the act and the child for the disfigurement, the deformation the act caused. The rule was also an attempt to make Judaism impracticable allowing for conversion of the Jews. The Greeks were not the first to use this method as it had been ordered by the Babylonians though it was not rigorously enforced. The Romans soon adopted the same views of the Greeks even going to the point of banning circumcision. Another practice was to ban the reading of Torah or teaching the Torah which began the practice of reading the other books in the Bible, namely the Prophets and Judges. These were often read in Arabic or Aramaic which were languages not often known to the Romans and Greeks. Europe, when it became Christian under the Roman Emperor Constantine after he saw a sign in the form of the cross before he won a decisive battle, continued with their hatreds against the Jews who were now labeled as the Christ Killer making them guilty of the crime of Deicide. Europe’s history reaches back long into its formative history and appears to have had origins from out of Ancient Egypt who were still upset over that whole Moses episode.


Burning Israel Star of David


One might hope that Europe could finally put anti-Semitism behind them just as they have put so many other things down from their past. The Romans replaced the Greek gods and the adopting of Christianity soon put an end to the Roman gods. Then there was the Reformation which split Christianity into several different branches, all of which claim to be the sole truth, but somehow they got beyond hating and warring with one another; then there were the wars of nationality and empire with the likes of Charlemagne and Napoleon. The wars between the French, British and Spanish, as for seemingly centuries these three paired off and fought between themselves and they got over that; and the two great wars for which Germany was blamed along with Austria-Hungarian Empire in the first which included the Ottoman Empire in that war after which came the Mandate System from which Israel was reborn; and this last point is the one Europe just does not seem to be cap-able of getting past and allowing it to simply be. The European anti-Semitism has ancient roots but for centuries was inflamed and enraged by the Church and after the Reformation, many of the Protestant faiths appeared to actually compete to see which one could spew and act violently upon the Jews. There was this hatred from Spanish Inquisition on through Nazi Germany and still Europe does not appear to have found their way around this affliction. Europe has even largely put the entirety of Judeo-Christian ethic behind them adopting this new religion of secular-humanism. The claim is that secular-humanism cannot be a religion because it has the word secular in it which has as one of its meanings anti-religious. The reality is that it is only anti-religious against those religions which have a Judeo-Christian heritage. But the dogma which makes up the cannon, the religious dogma, for secular-humanism begins with socialism and then follows the litany of approved leftist causes such as feminism, ecology (even to the point of accepting Gaia as a god), anti-war, LGBTQIA, anti-Trump, BLM, BDS and all the rest which are included into intersectionality. What also is obviously apparent is that anti-Israelism, anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism are also included, though often denied, as instrumental in defining those causes included amongst intersectionality. This is the forthcoming new religion of secular-humanism as defined by intersectionality which is alive and well and in the United States is also inclusive of “The Resistance” which is dedicated to the impossible dream of pushing Trump from the Presidency and placing Hillary into the White House as the actual, correct, honest and true winner of the last election. Europe has been a socialist, leftist so-called paradise for years with an ever leftward flow with an occasional rightward jerk towards the center about once every decade or two in each member nation. Britain has currently held the longest streak for moving to the right and getting ever closer to the center, but this correction has been predicted to end with the election of Jeremy Corbin to the Prime Minister position when the Labor Party joins together the next ruling coalition. Meanwhile, Germany has had one of the longest slow-drifts leftward with the leadership of Angela Merkel as Chancellor with Italy also vying for the top spot.

These political realities have brought to the fore in Europe an inherent anti-Semitism which is displayed through their anti-Israel biases. Their preoccupation with even the smallest acts within the government of Israel even to the enforcement of building codes and the removal of structures which were built without permits, which are basically deficient and uninhabitable; lack utilities such as electricity, gas, water, sewage or even trash removal; lack roads connecting them with the remainder of the country and were illegally constructed on lands where there already existed building plans approved by the government. This specific ‘outpost’ or ‘Bedouin village’ as it has been misrepresented, has been ordered for destruction numerous times over the past two and a half decades but every time either the Palestinian Authority or some NGO has petitioned the Israeli Supreme Court to prevent the demolition and the court has refused every time. The problem is it cannot be demolished as long as there is a petition before the Supreme Court and the Arabs and their friends know this which is why they would probably invent a new NGO just to file again. There has even been a movement now to take these petitions to a higher court, namely the International Criminal Court. The sole reason for this uninhabitable outpost or village or collection of useless buildings without even the most basic necessities was to prevent Israel from building between Kfar Adumim and Jerusalem as such construction would presumably make the Israeli claims to Jerusalem stronger. We have some bad news for the Palestinian Arabs on this front, Israel has already annexed the entirety of Jerusalem and the Arabs residing within the city have a form of Israeli citizenship allowing them votes in city-wide elections, any even more localized elections, healthcare, and all other rights with the exception of voting in national elections, and this limitation will end in the future and this will finalize their formal acceptance into mainstream Israeli society. But anything to poke a finger into Israel’s eye could be the new motto for many of the European governments.


Bronze Star of David


As we stated with our initial question, what would the world’s, and particularly the European’s, reactions be to headlines reading, ‘Israel warns against Austria demolishing Roma camp outside Vienna.’ Another might be, ‘Israel warns against France demolishing Basque camp outside Bordeaux’ or ‘Israel warns against Germany demolishing Muslim enclave outside Frankfurt?’ Israel would become the laughing stock of the world and jokes would abound, and rightfully so. Israel has absolutely no right to insist on anything concerning such internal matters of a European country. But for some reason when the title is ‘Eight countries warn Israel against demolishing Bedouin outpost,’ then the world sits up and screams hearings, hearings, this must be denounced as inhuman. The only thing inhuman about this is the housing Israel is attempting to replace. The truth is that the way the Europeans are fighting this, one might come to the conclusion that this is amongst the ‘villages’ built by the European Union presumably for the Arabs in the region legally belonging to Israel. The complaint they claim which forces them to build without utilities or legal permit is because it is very difficult to get building permits for Palestinian Arab construction in the Israeli controlled areas. Well go figure. We bet it is difficult for someone from Greece to build housing for Greeks in Spain or for Germans to build a German village in the Czech Republic. Imagine that it is difficult to obtain permission to build in a foreign controlled region. We will state this once again, Areas A and B are for Arab construction and is where over 90% of the Palestinian Arabs reside, since the ones in Jerusalem are actually more Israeli than Palestinian, and Area C was denoted for Israeli control, building and security. If this is unclear to the Europeans, they can only blame their adding pressures for the Oslo Accords and perhaps they should read them again to familiarize themselves with who received rights to what. Perhaps, while they are looking up documents as to who gets what, in the end, the land west of the Jordan River belongs to Israel until she actually signs away her rights such as she did mistakenly with Gaza. Israel is not about to allow for another Gaza to be placed overlooking the Tel Aviv region and within range of even the most simple of rockets as displayed below in the map of Katyusha Rocket Range by Mark Langfan. The Katyusha Rocket is a simple rocket which is mass produced in Gaza and in Lebanon and has been a favorite rocket of Guerilla fighters around the world. It was first used by the Soviet troops against the Germans in World War II and was widely distributed by the Soviet Union to their surrogate forces around the world including the Arab nations surrounding Israel. But that is only the least dangerous of rockets as once Hamas would take over any Palestinian Arab state, then the manufacture of rockets would improve significantly and would easily include all the rockets indicated in the chart below, and possibly more.


Katyusha Rocket Range by Mark Langfan Depicting the Near Complete Coverage of the Heart of Israel by Even the Smallest Home-made Rockets Both Hamas and Fatah Are Capable of Producing in Bulk

Katyusha Rocket Range by Mark Langfan
Depicting the Near Complete Coverage
of the Heart of Israel by Even the Smallest
Home-made Rockets Both Hamas and Fatah
Are Capable of Producing in Bulk


Hamas Rockets and Missiles Nomenclature, Ranges and Payloads


Of course, the European governments are fully aware that as soon as any Palestinian Arab state would be formed out of any region of the Shomron (West Bank), Hamas would either take over in the first election and barring an election, then simply through killing anyone who thought they were in charge. That was how they took over Gaza and any new area granted to the Palestinian Arabs would not be one slight bit different. When Hamas took control of Gaza they were supported only by the Muslim Brotherhood. Now they have added a new friend to the list, Iran. We thought it strange that Iran, a Shiite state, would support Hamas, a Sunni revolutionary state, but hating Israel is a strong bonding agent, as we have witnessed in Europe as well. Hamas, once they take control in whatever area might be gifted to the Palestinian Arabs and Mahmoud Abbas, they would start importing heavy weapons from Syria including Hezballah troops and IRGC units. Israel would be facing a fully armed Iranian proxy on three fronts, Hezballah in Lebanon, Syria, Hezballah and IRGC from Syria and Hamas with Hezballah and IRGC in the Shomron. This is a guaranteed formula for a massive war which could escalate even further should Iran decide to launch ballistic missiles into Israel from within Iran or Iraq as they pleased and those weapons from Iraq could be topped with nuclear warheads as well as chemical warheads from Iran or Syria. These are not situations the world should be encouraging. If the world desires to avoid such a confrontation, then the best course is supporting Israel, but supporting Jewish things is so difficult for so much of the world as depicted here.


Beyond the Cusp


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