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October 4, 2018

Anti-Western Hatred Doubles Down


There are movements across Europe and starting to fester within the United States which cast the Caucasian Race as the ultimate evil and a plague upon the Earth. This is often disguised as anti-colonialism despite the fact that colonialism dies a permanent death between the two World Wars. In France there have been reports of a great part of France has actually stood up to shout “Death to Whites,” and far worse including classes such as the one last July at the prestigious School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (Ehess) there was a workshop dedicated to the “white condition,” seen as intrinsically oppressive. There are also classes reserved for people other than whites offered in European Universities. Often these anti-white protests blame slavery as if it were a modern day problem in the Western World. It was the 1833 Slavery Abolition Act passed by Britain which brought slavery in the Western World to an end. The British navy, which ruled the seas, declared war upon the slave trade sinking every slave-ship they came across in the Atlantic Ocean and into the Mediterranean Sea. The United States ended the practice at the end of the Civil War in 1865 with the surrender by General Lee to General Grant in the Appomattox Courthouse. But why allow reality, history and the truth to get in the way of hyperbole.


Anti-White Protest Referring Slavery Which Ended in Europe Over a Century Ago

Anti-White Protest Referring Slavery Which Ended in Europe Over a Century Ago


Does slave trade actually exist in any form today? The unfortunate truth is yes. The most accurate data we were able to compile are represented in the map below. The reality is very quickly grasped that the Western World, the Caucasian world, where slavery has been all but eradicated. This, in and of itself, is solid refutation of the claims made by these protesters across Europe and North America. They are preaching to the one peoples on the Earth who ended the grotesque practice of slavery. These protesters would have faced a greater risk of being enslaved in their homelands than they do in Europe or North America. But, as we have been prone to pointing out, why allow reality get in the way of a great sounding slogan which fits so readily on poster-boards and chanted at a protest. There is a problem in Europe when it comes to unemployment as there are fewer and fewer jobs for all youth and that difficulty is even more prevalent amongst the immigrant population. Records for 2016 for Europe depict that foreign-born unemployment is almost fifteen percent while native-born unemployment sits at eight percent, just slightly over half as much. Many believe that the unemployment for foreign born is actually considerably higher as it is based upon known foreign population and omits those who entered illegally or never registered and thus are not included in the statistics. But unemployment is not slavery and further, being unemployed does not equate with starvation, as benefits are sufficient for a modest life. Slavery is a brutal and demeaning blight against humanity, especially in our modern world. The areas where this practice still exists should be the target of efforts to end such subjugation, but Europe and North America are not the correct target having rid themselves of this practice over a century and a half ago.


Map Showing Risk of Falling Victim of the Slave Trade Indexed for 2014


There has been one special nation which has been chosen as being doubly white despite having a wide mix of racial groups. That nation is Israel and it became deserving of this label because the Jews are considered to be whiter white people, a double white if you take the denotation by many protesters. The claim is that Israel is not the home of the Jews and that there never was a Jewish kingdom in the Holy Lands, let alone at least three, the original Twelve Tribes, the kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of Judah, the Empire built by King David and King Solomon and Modern Israel with the borders as defined by the San Remo Conference, the Mandate System, the League of Nations, the United Nations and International Law (see map below). Israel is a multicultural nation with a desperate mixture of Jews from around the globe. The two largest groups of Jews are the Ashkenazi, the Sephardim, Ethiopian, Bnei Menashe (India), Moroccan, Mizrahi and Jews from every continent and virtually every nation where Jews were permitted to live (See Table Below). Further, there is DNA proof that despite the dispersion of Jews throughout the globe, for the most part, excluding modern converts, the Jews have remained a distinct people with their origins being the Middle East and specifically the region of the Holy Lands. The preponderance of evidence is that the Jewish People are in fact a unique group whose origins are the Holy Land and their claim to being the indigenous people is valid and thus completely rules out the colonial myth. Further, the immigration of Jews from every corner of the globe proves that Israel is a multicultural nation and with her Arab, Bedouin, Baha’I, Druze, Syriac Christians, Armenians, Kurds, and numerous other groups outside of her Jewish majority that Israel has amongst the most diverse ethnicity of any nation on Earth. That is the reality, yet Israel is cast by the protests across Europe and breaking into North America as a purely white colonial invasion of the purely Islamic Middle East when it is the Muslims who are the invaders arriving in the Seventh Century replacing a long line of previous invaders which included but is not limited to the Assyrians, Egyptians, Hittites, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Islamic Caliphate, Crusaders, Muslims led by Kurds under Salah ad-Din or Saladin, the Ottomans and the British. Finally, Israel has been returned to her first permanent civilization whose peoples remain to this day as an identifiable people.


Israel Through the Ages

Israel Through the Ages


Table Depicting Countries of Origin of Israeli Jews

Table Depicting Countries of Origin of Israeli Jews


Still, the truth can never get in the way of a wave of protesters who have a slogan which is catchy and can be chanted. It is of little help that many in Europe agree that Israel is an imposition, but not on Islam or the Arab Middle East, but on their new religion of Secular Humanity. Secular Humanists have an aberrant phobia against anything which supports Judeo-Christian ethics, and nothing says Judeo of Judeo-Christian than the reemergence of Israel, the originators of Judeo ethic and where Christian ethics got their birth. As the Islamic immigrants in Europe share this disdain for anything Judeo-Christian, the European elites have attached themselves to their movement. Their idea is they can take over and adjust Islam to fit the Secular Humanist agenda. We believe that these European elites are in for one very big surprise, and they probably will not like this surprise, as it is the will of Islam that it must supersede all others and do so through purity of its Quran as interpreted by their Imams. But when it comes to reality and truth, the Europeans and the rest of the Western World have had their way with the world and apparently are not completely done playing with other peoples’ affairs. This does partly explain the reason for the animus against Western civilization. What the world need prepare to face and find how to deal with is the coming resurgence of the third wave of Islamic conquest. The initial target is to finally, once and for all, take control of Europe. Many European elites are actually facilitating this making even more likely to become an inevitability. One of the main driving forces behind this is the fact that the Europeans have negative reproductive growth rates with almost every European nation and the United States having negative growth for their Caucasian population. This has also led to an aging Caucasian population across much of the Western World. What is even of greater interest is that the birth rate world-wide is dropping and getting close to dropping below replacement rate of 2.3 births per woman. Fortunately, here in Israel the birth rate per woman has begun to rise, especially amongst the Jewish population while it is dropping amongst the Arab population. Among Israeli Jewish women, the TFR reached 3.16, surpassing for the first time in Israel’s history the Arab fertility rate, which fell to 3.11 as from data reported by Arutz Sheva. The world is changing, some places for the better, others, not so much. Fortunately, here in Israel, despite the threats and intermittent crises, the future is actually looking to be a surprisingly optimistic outlook. This will continue despite what the protesters say around the world simply because we tend to disregard them. Now if only the European busybodies would go home and tend to their own problems and stop creating more for us here in Israel.


Beyond the Cusp


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