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October 5, 2018

There Are No Lone Wolf Terrorist Attacks


Ari Fuld, a forty-five year old father of four, American-Israel dual citizen was stabbed in the back for two simple reasons; first was because he was an Israeli and likely a Jew and second because he was preoccupied talking on his cell phone in English. The seventeen-year-old Palestinian Arab from an Arab village near the shopping center told security police that he was seeking to murder an American Jew. He had reportedly entered a nearby store and asked the lady working the counter if she spoke English and her response that she did not probably saved her life. Ari, despite being fatally stabbed in the back and near his heart still managed to chase his attacker and wound him using his legally carried handgun before collapsing thus preventing the terrorist from reaching the woman he was chasing to take a second victim. As the terrorist claimed that he was not a member of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, ISIS or any other terrorist group, the reports claim that he was a ‘Lone Wolf’ and as such there was no possible means of preventing his attack. ‘Lone Wolf’ has become the catch-all phrase by which governments are able to claim that there is no means of predicting and preventing such terrorism. ‘Lone Wolf’ terrorists, we are told, simply wake up one morning and get the idea that they simply wish to go kill somebody or make a single bomb and murder a group of people. Some of these ‘Lone Wolf’ terrorists actually come in small terrorist bands which plot and plan some fairly sophisticated attacks by getting the required information on the Internet for making an explosive device and even the means for hiding their operations and how to maximize the deaths and other casualties, all found on an on-line library. These Internet sites are not placed there by ‘Lone Wolf’ terrorists; they are placed there by terrorist instigators who provide these sites as acting terror groups in the hope that they will be used to commit attacks. The entire arrangement is part and parcel with incitement by Imams and other agents from the many and numerous terrorist organizations, and that is what they are, organizations, working to inspire youths to reach life everlasting in a land filled with lush meadows, numerous rivers, lakes, palm trees, wines which you drink without any negative effects and seventy-two raven haired perpetual virgins through martyrdom.


When one takes this ‘Lone Wolf’ terrorist ruse to explain terror attacks, it is utterly ridiculous as the PLO or the Palestinian Authority or Fatah or some obscure source possible from Mahmoud Abbas’s stolen millions are giving rewards to the families of terrorists for the murdering of Israelis. They get bonuses if they are an Israeli citizen, come from Jerusalem and the family gets a bonus if they are martyred. They are compensated if their terrorist family member is imprisoned with bonuses commensurate with the length of their sentence and additional payments for every additional murder victim. There have been terrorists who have admitted to Israeli authorities that they committed their terror acts in order to provide for their families. They murdered Israelis in order to provide a permanent income promised by their governing bodies for their families and because they were unable to find employment in the Palestinian Authority governed region. The terrorist who murdered Ari Fuld was, in all honesty, a paid assassin from the Palestinian Authority government through a subordinate organization.


Ari Fuld

Ari Fuld


Ari Fuld was an Israeli hero, a super hero to many, a superlative representative of Israel and Zionism, part of his village’s security detail and a person held in esteem and looked up to by many of all ages. Ari Fuld was killed in the shopping center which is built around the supermarket where Israelis and Arabs shop and work together. There are a number of these kinds of shopping centers across all of Israel and they exist near the larger communities in the Shomron. There is something very interesting about these shopping centers which is not often reported; they seem to attract these ‘Lone Wolf’ terrorists. Then there are bus stops which also have this propensity to attract ‘Lone Wolf’ terrorists. Buses themselves have also collected their share of ‘Lone Wolf’ terrorists. If you are beginning to think that almost anywhere you have a probability to be attacked by a ‘Lone Wolf’ terrorist, you are not far from wrong. The truth is in the Shomron (disputed territories), Jerusalem, the Tel Aviv metropolitan area or other cities to a lesser degree proportional to their population, then you do run the risk of being murdered by ‘Lone Wolf’ terrorists. What is interesting is that only Israelis, almost exclusively Jews, have been the victims of such attacks though there have been Arabs who have been attacked similarly but the total number is far less to the point of being virtually inconsequential.


Palestinian students hold up axes during an anti-Israel protest

Palestinian students hold up axes during an anti-Israel protest


There are many things which the world tends to ignore simply because, for the most part, people are not all that concerned with Israelis who fall to terrorism. What is even more worrying is that these same people get up in arms and start criticizing and protesting against Israel should a single Palestinian Arab be killed. This is an old story which has stretched across history from Ancient Egypt through the Assyrians, Babylonians, Persian, Greeks, Romans, Caliphate, Crusaders, Ottomans, British, Nazis and as well as the periods between these conquests. All too often, killing the Jews has all too often been the actual policy of the governing bodies which ruled over communities of Jews. These are known throughout history with the two most infamous have been the Spanish Inquisition and the Nazi Holocaust. The Arabs would like to join that infamous list as was stated very clearly by Azzam Pasha speaking of the Arab intent for the 1948-9 Arab Israeli War where Arab forces grabbed the Shomron (West Bank) and Gaza from what was recognized under International Law as the borders of Israel stating, it will be “a war of extermination and momentous massacre which will be spoken of like the Mongolian massacre and the Crusades.” This has not changed as there are signs warning Israelis, actually Jews, that their lives are endangered should they proceed further and that it is against Israeli law to enter the Arab ruled regions (see picture below). The interesting corollary does not exist, as there are no signs or warnings for the Arabs that entering into Israeli and Jewish areas, as it would endanger their lives. Arabs, both Israeli and Palestinian, are able to travel around Israel, shop in Israel, eat in Israeli restaurants or eateries, swim at Israeli beaches, receive medical care upon approval from the Palestinian Authority or Hamas, hike in parks, visit playgrounds and do anything that an Israeli is permitted and do so in perfect safety. How is this possible that the Arabs can walk freely in Israel and Israelis will likely die should they do the same in the Palestinian Arab or Hamas controlled regions? The murder of an innocent Israeli as well as the table of the “compensation” of terrorist families for the murder of Israelis is all here in this article. This is another article which references the instigations from Mahmoud Abbas in a number of videos. And then there was another ‘Lone Wolf’ terror attack of a family eating Shabbat dinner as well as the infamous Nablus blood sacrifice of two IDF reservists who took a wrong turn entering Arab controlled areas.


Sign Warning Israelis it is Illegal to Enter Arab Region for Safety Reasons

Sign Warning Israelis it is Illegal to Enter Arab Region for Safety Reasons


These are the realities in Israel. The Arabs have equality and are permitted to travel wherever they please. Are they often required to pass through a checkpoint? Of course they do as they are technically entering a foreign country. Israelis, particularly Jews, are forbidden, for good reason, from entering into the Palestinian Arab regions. Obviously, the Jews would not survive entering Gaza as even Palestinian Arabs from the Palestinian Authority have faced explosive devices in attempts to murder them, so one can only imagine what might happen to any Israeli attempting to enter Gaza under Hamas, a recognized terrorist organization. Jews who would enter the Palestinian Authority regions would face a near identical result as evidenced in the picture in the last link above the picture. As far as the ‘great inconvenience’ we hear from the Palestinian Arab spokespeople about the requirement for checkpoints, Israelis, all Israelis, are required to go through checkpoints to use the trains, entering malls, going to a concert, entering an area to watch a parade, entering virtually every public event, going to vote, entering a political rally and numerous other places where security requires such especially where there will be large numbers of people. In Israel, for our own safety, requires their going through checkpoints even for something as trivial as eating out at a restaurant, and prices of goods reflect such in their prices as these checkpoints are not free. We have come to expect such and simply accept the checkpoints as being for our own safety and peace of mind. What is not acceptable is the ‘pay to slay’ program run by Mahmoud Abbas and his terrorist leadership and that where Jews must be restricted from entering these Palestinian Arab regions, the Arabs roam freely within Israel enjoying all the same rights and pleasures any Israeli can. Truth be told, a Palestinian Arab walking around within Israel has a likelihood of being the victim of a terrorist attack, but that attack would be committed by another Palestinian Arab mistaking them for an Israeli Jew, and yes the two population have a wide area of similarity in appearances. This has been why most terrorists seek out religious Jews because their clothing identifies them as Jews and as they are not targeting other Arabs, even Israeli Arabs. These are the realities in the bare truth as we can best put the truth.


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