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October 7, 2018

The Man Who Can Do No Wrong


Former Secretary of State John Kerry claims that he has never done anything beyond the bounds of the norm. Interestingly enough, it appears that he himself is the one who defines the norms. What an interesting combination, he writes the rules to fit his actions such that he can claim he committed no foul. It is as if he is constantly posed as below and asking, ‘Who me? I didn’t do anything because, as I see it, every former Secretary of State has dabbled in world affairs after leaving office. I didn’t do anything untoward.’ Of course not, as telling the Iranian leadership that they can simply outwait the current administration as they will be gone at the longest another six years, and even if the next President is also a Republican, just wait as eventually the Democrats will be back in control, and then everything will be just wonderful. There will be no sanctions on Iran and the trade will flow along with the dollars needed to build a nuclear arsenal rivaling the rest of the world combined and we will accept the lies coming from the AIEA because we trust that Iran has no designs on conquest. Never mind the little problems of Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, the Kurds and their desires to eradicate Israel, little matters such as these are no concern of the United States. We can be great friends and not allow small insignificant items such as the fare of the world to interrupt our great, honest and straightforward relations, as we trust the leadership of Iran to never try and sell us falsehoods. We believe every word of your denials of any intention to manufacture nuclear warheads and that all your development of ballistic missiles, both continental and inter-continental is simply research for a peaceful space research and would never be used to have warheads attached to the top and be launched at the United States or any ally we actually honestly care about. And about the reach you are attempting to place around the Middle East, we can work with you on that.


Former Secretary of State John Kerry

Former Secretary of State John Kerry


As far as Israel is concerned, they have been a problem to the State Department from the very first when they ignored our advice to wait as May of 1948 just was not the right time for a new nation. We asked them to wait until the problems with the Arabs were worked to a satisfactory conclusion and they ignored our requests and went ahead recklessly. Israel, that Jewish Zionist place, has been the bane of our existence ever since and they still refuse to make the necessary sacrifices to end the standoff with the Palestinian Arabs and the Arab world. If those Israelis (read Jews) would simply listen to their betters and allow the Arabs to rule the lands and care for them, then there would be no problem and everything would be as it is supposed to be. But no, they keep harping about things such as San Remo and Treaty of Sèvres and the Mandate and United Nations Charter Article 80 claiming that the Jordan River was some magical implant supposed to be the eastern border of Israel. Why they cannot understand that there is no such thing as a natural homeland for the Jews and that such an idea was just some fairytale from the Bible which has no bearing on this modern, secular-humanist world where there are no deities and religion has been superseded by science and those things known which are truth. We understand that you see the world similarly as we do as you have told us that we can trust one another and that you completely understand our position and agree with it completely. We can work together to make a better world and you have signed onto that and promised that you have no desires to conquer the Middle East or anything else and that you are simply assisting indigenous leaders to rule that which is rightfully theirs. I, John Kerry fully understand and know that your tongue would burst into flames if you were to lie as you are sacred and religiously guided people of truth who do not even have a word for lie in your entire language, and I have studied it in depth and fully understand the Islamic ways of the religion of peace and brotherhood.


That is a basic insight into the machinations which go on inside the mind of Former Secretary of State John Kerry. Reality is that he is absolutely clueless and a complete fraud and has been a complete fraud his entire life. He was a hero in Viet Nam, just ask him and he will most gladly pontificate on the rumination of his extended service in country. He was there almost six whole months before collecting three Purple Hearts which gets one a free ride home. All three were requested by Lieutenant John Kerry or Captain John Kerry though some were written up by others at his behest. He almost lost a full ounce of blood from all three incidents of which his injuries were self-inflicted. This was his claim to fame then, and he marries rich women, preferably older rich women. Then he did the anti-war thing with Jane Fonda as his role model. Then he told lies about the ‘atrocities’ committed by men in his unit. Had such occurred under his command, guess who should have faced charges for dereliction of duty? That’s right, the officer in charge, John Kerry. The reality is none of the items he reported were provable and there were no reprimands on record for any of these breaches of orders. The United States military, speaking as a veteran of the United States Army, is one of the most honorable and correct acting militaries in the world. The United States military is so deeply preached and instructed in what is legal and what is not and these lessons are almost second nature such that the only Armies which might surpass the United States are Israel and Switzerland in that order. In the case of the Swiss, it might be due to their not joining any conflict for around a millennia and a half. And the Israeli Army has been examined very closely by numerous international observers which have declared the IDF to be at a level so high that it would endanger the troops of any other Western Nations if they were to adopt the Israeli methods for warning civilians, and by such also their enemies, of exactly where the next attack will be, which direction they will be approaching from, what time they can be expected and far too many other details which all are used to prepare ambushes and other traps. The IDF is the sole military which will call off an important strike on a building or area if civilians or unidentified individual are found within the strike zone. This is the reason why Hamas places women and children on the roofs of buildings where their most important manufacturing of rockets and instruments of war are produced or where their top commanders are operating. This is why the central command and control center for Hamas operations against Israel is located in a subbasement of the Gaza City Al-Shifa Hospital. Any other military in the world would have most likely risked the destruction of the Hospital in order to make an attack upon such an important and central target. The IDF simply permits the central command to operate freely against Israel while also providing them with all the vital information as to where the IDF forces will be moving next as by doing so they might save innocent lives.


Gaza Al-Shifa Hospital

Gaza Al-Shifa Hospital


Meanwhile, back to John Kerry and his new position as the logistics advisor to the Iranian Mullahs as to what is their best course to get around the stresses placed upon them by President Trump. The advice for them to simply wait President Trump out came with a condition, that the ‘Blue Wave’ is coming and the Democrats will be taking control of both houses of Congress and will be in a position to prevent any further moves by President Trump. Actually, John Kerry was talking to the Iranians as if he was assured that not only would the Democrat Party rule the Congress, but also they would have sufficient strength in the House of Representatives that they will be capable of bringing impeachment charges against President Trump over the Russia collusion and obstruction of justice and then in the Senate have the two thirds along with certain Republicans, many refer to them as RHINOs or call them Jeff Flake (who will be gone) and (coming in) Mitt Romney, to actually impeach President Trump finding him guilty of any charges. What John Kerry did not bother to explain was how this would help in any way as once this was done, the new President would be Mike Pence, a man devoted to a similar program for the United States and possibly far more conservative than President Trump could ever achieve. But the other part of Former Secretary of State John Kerry advice is that in 2020 the Democrats are assured of winning the White House, there is absolutely no doubt that this will be the result of the 2020 elections along with the strongest majorities in both houses well beyond what President Barack Obama saw in his first two years, and then everything will be set to rights. This idea of the current situation as wrong and the foreign policies of President Obama and his Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton and John Kerry as the correct path is pretty much rejected by at least half of the United States. That is the reason that Donald Trump was elected to the White House. But the assurance that there is a ‘Blue Wave’ coming in the fall elections and that the Democrats will win the White House and have super-majorities in both houses of Congress after the 2020 election is either dreaming or perhaps they know something the rest of the world does not. Perhaps they may be correct, as there have been numerous reports of voter fraud from all regions of the nation. For a biased report from the Heritage Foundation, which we label as biased because any reporting which proves the full extent of voter fraud found is always referred to as biased. We are told by the media that there is no such thing as voter fraud. Forget the districts which had more votes cast than there are registered voters by a sizable percentage as such reports are ignoring some reality which causes such which we are just too ignorant to fathom reality.


President Trump Rumbling with the Deep State

President Trump Rumbling with the Deep State


Former Secretary of State John Kerry probably is a closer representation of the actual agendas put forth by the State Department, the one cabinet position where the underlying efforts support an agenda which currently is directly opposing that of the President. We have all heard and been given a glimpse behind the curtain revealing the can of worms which is the ‘Deep State.’ Perhaps it has been the infighting between President Trump with both the media and the bureaucracy of the ‘Deep State’ and the means by which the people of the United States have elected officials who have traded away their power to the civil service employees and their management in the name of expediency. The current form of passing bills which explain the desired result and then passing them along to the appropriate government agencies to fill in the particular through regulations which have the same effect as laws has left these nearly irreplaceable, permanent employees who actually rule the United States all but independent of the elected officials. This was where one idea from President Trump probably did more to prevent this continuing was his Executive Order requiring federal agencies to cut two existing regulations for every new regulation they implement. The unfortunate truth is that there currently exists so many of these regulations that many can be repealed as they are simply included in other regulations. The actual problem is that there exist regulations which require one to file a report on their actions while another declares those exact actions to be against another regulation. This works well when the government enforcement agencies desire squeezing somebody in order to bring other charges against ‘bigger fish.’ The first thing you do is see if the chosen victim committed such an action by taking the filed report and then prosecute them under the regulation making such actions illegal and then offer a deal if they turn over on the next person higher up. This was used against Paul Manafort particularly, as well as others, and he was convicted simply because he refused to roll over on somebody closer to the President. This is what was famously the case with Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North when he took the fall protecting everyone above him in the Iran-Contra prosecution, or should we say witch-hunt.


Now shall we look at the current affair with Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh who was approved almost along party lines with the irony that the vote which put the Kavanaugh nomination over the top was Joe Manchin III, Democrat from West Virginia. What happened to this man was the result of inexcusable actions where those opposing his nomination, not on the grounds that he was unqualified, but because his politics was not completely in-line with theirs. Brett Kavanaugh, and even more so his wife and daughter, were taken from the chair and dragged through as much mud and accusations of misconduct bringing every sort of perversion brought forward treated as fact at the last few days of an approval after he was appointed on July 9, 2018, to replace the Supreme Court Justice for whom he had clerked and was completely backed by Justice Anthony Kennedy who was retiring leaving the vacancy. The first, and likely most serious, of these accusations was held by the opposition waiting for the final days and was brought forward and then acted upon in what has to be called hypocritical means simply in an attempt to stall the process hoping to push the final vote till beyond the election. The hope was if the final vote could be pushed beyond the midterm elections, then the ‘Blue Wave’ mentioned above would allow the opposition to bury the Kavanaugh nomination and prevent the filling of the position until after the 2020 election when we have been told the Democrats are going to win, and they will win Yuge! Of course, both of these predictions of forthcoming election results are purely imaginative. If you believe in polls, then it will completely depend on whose poll you wish to hang your hopes. Sure, there are polls which show the Democrats winning the House of Representatives by varying margins and a small number which claim they will achieve a majority sufficient to overturn Presidential vetoes allowing the Democrats to rule the United States as they please and intelligently rather than what Trump has done working on whims of the moment. Such majorities could also result in an impeachment of President Trump and should they work fast enough, impeachment of President Pence before his appointed Vice Presidential nominee is approved which would then place the Speaker of the House into the White House. Imagine who might be the speaker of the house. It might be Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, Peter DeFazio, Rosa DeLauro or even Maxine Waters or Jerrold Nadler. Should the Democrats mange to receive their awaited ‘Blue Wave’ they have predicted which will allow them to save America, then whomever they choose for Speaker of the House, that person could end up in the White House by the end of March 2019.


On the other side of the coin, what if there is no ‘Blue Wave’ and instead there is sufficient gains by Republicans who will back President Trump allowing him to complete his agenda and fulfill the campaign promises he made plus approve his nominees to judgeships and especially the Supreme Court, then things will look considerably different. The Kavanaugh hearings and the ugly turn of events resulting from the obstructionism used by the Democrats may actually backfire on them come the midterm elections. Particularly damaging was Julie Swetnick who swore an affidavit claiming Brett Kavanaugh assisted in spiking drinks at ‘rape parties’ and then lined up to have the drugged women of which she had been one. This apparently went on at a number of parties which this woman willingly attended. Why would any woman continue to attend such parties knowing of these acts, and that is only the half of the story. The problem with Ms. Swetnick’s accusations was her walk-back of them on a television interview with NBC News’ Kate Snow where she stated she was unsure if Brett Kavanaugh was actually present and had even participated in the alleged activities. Can we say ‘Ooops?’ When you swear in an affidavit stating that somebody committed as heinous and consistent series of highly illegal and immoral acts and that you were both a witness and fell victim to these plots, the last thing you want to do is then appear on a national television interview and claim uncertainty as to whether the single most important person you have identified in your affidavit may not have actually acted as claimed or even been at most of the events. Where we come from, that is called perjury and is taken rather seriously, well, normally. We also feel that her actions could end up making the other accusation less credible just by guilt of association. Ms. Swetnick’s further problem is a separation of a couple of years from when Brett Kavanaugh would have been in High School, otherwise she was an extremely young woman, we might even say girl, to be permitted to even go to these parties and would have required transportation to and from them due to distance. Still, these accusations will haunt Brett Kavanaugh the rest of his life and may interfere with his ability to continue in his marriage as how these accusations will affect his wife remains to be seen. If he is guilty of any of these acts, then his appointment may have been a mistake, but only if you believe that people cannot change, not ever no matter what. Of course, at other times the Democrats have claimed that such things are ‘just about sex.’ The Democrats in similar circumstances have talked about second chances in life, but Brett Kavanaugh has received absolutely no breaks from the Democrats on this one. One must wonder how often Brett Kavanaugh needs to have his diapers changed as he wore diapers past his second birthday if our claims are to be considered accurate. Further, the Democrats will come out solidly and back former Secretary of State Kerry claiming he has done nothing threatening the United States and was acting with only the purest of objectives and cannot be blamed that President Trump cannot see to use this upright and proud American more to the advantage of the United States, especially when it comes to foreign relations with Iran and other nations in the Middle East. Fortunately, former Secretary of State Kerry will not be coming to Israel to work out any deals and tell the Israeli Prime Minister how to conduct affairs. He might sneak his way into Nablus, but we feel assured that Mahmoud Abbas can continue to scream and cry hoping the world will destroy Israel for him with or without the assistances of former Secretary of State Kerry.


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