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October 11, 2018

Nikki Haley to Leave the United Nations


Nikki Haley will be missed both in the United States as well as in Israel. May her future efforts be as fruitful as the fantastic, impressive and massive load of successful efforts she made at the United Nations. The United States and the world will be at a loss in her absence.


Nikki Haley was a powerful representative for the United States and was one of the great supporters of Israel. Just as President Trump revealed the can of worms that is the Deep State Bureaucracy in Washington D.C. as well as the totally bias to the point of selling lies media, Nikki Haley tore through the totalitarian controlled General Assembly and revealed them for the hypocrites they really are. She also took on the media when necessary, something which became less necessary with each encounter as they went off afterwards to lick their wounds. Nikki Haley tore the mask off the anti-Semitic tilt of the United Nations, opened up the roof, peered into the individual agencies, and revealed their inner workings and how the Arab world allied with the worst dictators of the world to most often attack Israel. They would attempt to bruise and tarnish the image of the United States, something they had enjoyed doing for the past eight years and probably longer, but not with Nikki Haley in the house. She brought the cleansing light of truth into their machinations and once more the United States acted with honor and not only withdrew from these rooted to the core agencies, but went the additional step of cutting off the gravy train making them seek somebody other than the United States to fund their hatreds. She battled with wit and class and when the United Nations decided they were going to force President Trump to return the American embassy to Tel Aviv and not allow it to be placed in Jerusalem, Nikki Haley was right there fulfilling her promise to take down the names of the nations who thought they could dictate to the United States. This led to additional savings as the aid to the nations was reduced or eliminated altogether.


United States Ambassador Nikki Haley

United States Ambassador Nikki Haley


The United Nations has not seen as vibrant and intelligent defender of the United States and freedom around the world. Her cogent and intellectual quick wit was refreshing as it was also disarming. Nikki Haley will be sorely missed, but the work she has started has been immeasurable and will take a person with great fortitude and deliberation to continue and add to her many and varied accomplishments. When President Trump pulled from the Iran nuclear deal, Nikki Haley fielded the flack from the United Nations giving as good if not better than she got. There was no defeating her as she was tireless and often appeared superhuman in her herculean efforts. She returned the presence of the United States as once again a power with which all were forced to deal. She set the stage and often it was her guidance and rising to the occasion which prevented the United Nations from simply steamrolling Israel and the United States as had been their practice. She was strong while remaining photogenic even when her look was one of consternation or a warm smile of approval. We like to call them ‘The Many Faces of Nikki Haley.’


The Many Faces of Nikki Haley

The Many Faces of Nikki Haley


The future for Nikki Haley is wide open. President Trump has stated that he plans on coordinating and talking with her regularly and that she would be a welcome member of his administration if he should be reelected. Many have claimed, as we had the other day, that she would make a great Republican candidate in 2024 should President Trump be reelected. Others have floated the idea that Lindsey Graham might leave the Senate to become President Trump’s replacement for Attorney General Sessions and that Nikki Haley could run to replace him in the Senate. This is a distant possibility as Attorney General Sessions is currently President Trump’s insurance policy against impeachment on obstruction of justice charges, which would surely ensue should he replace Sessions before 2020 elections are over. We think that Ms. Haley is aiming as high as one can get and holds hopes of becoming the first woman President. She has already made the name and the accreditations required through her masterful handling of the United Nations and has further credentials as having been the fist female Governor of South Carolina. Now all that remains is the right position in the next administration should President Trump be reelected. Further, as her future is somewhat aligned with President Trump being reelected, why not find a position which would all but assure his reelection. We envision Nikki Haley running with President Trump replacing Pence as Vice President on the 2020 ticket as whoever fills the Vice President slot will be a natural for running for President, and Nikki has all the bonafides to back her for the top office and Vice President makes it a natural and as Vice President the media tends not to even notice you unless you need to break a tie vote in the Senate, then you become the most evil person in the world if you are a Republican, but only for a couple of weeks or until the next Tweet by President Trump. Remember when President Trump Tweeted in the middle of the night, “Covfefe” and the media went crazy using that as their own Rorschach word test to prove that President Trump was mentally unfit for office. In our little office, we started using the word Covfefe to mean coffee, something we go through gallons of each week. So, we can expect a Trump-Nikki ticket in 2020 leading to Nikki Haley for President in 2024 and very likely her becoming the first female President of the United States. That would be an interesting turn of events and we will just have to wait and see. We might even see Pence resign for personal reasons in August of 2020 allowing for Nikki Haley to be chosen as his replacement and assuring that she would be in the ticket. Such would also insure the greatest circus including Barnum and Bailey when the Senate reviewed her appointment as she went before the Senate to be confirmed to the position of Vice President. It would make the Kavanaugh hearings appear to have been straight forward and without incident because the Democrats would know that if she were not destroyed and appeared as Vice President to President Trump that they would have little if any hope of defeating them and even less hope of defeating Nikki Haley four years later when she would be running for President. Things could get ‘Curiouser and curiouser!’ Just one step through the looking glass and then slip down the rabbit hole and then just try to remain sane as things around you get surreal. Things are going to get interesting over the coming few years.


Nikki Hal(l)ey’s Comet

Nikki Hal(l)ey’s Comet


So, the next time Hal(l)ey’s Comet streaks across our heavens, picture the woman from the Carolinas putting the little men of the United Nations, some who place their women in wrapped heavy cloth enclosures so as to neuter them, in their place and placing the fear of righteousness in their hearts. For a collection of Nikki Haley’s greatest hits, watch these. All we can say is we will miss you at your post at the United Nations Ms. Haley but may you have success in your future endeavors and we hope you soon return to politics, as people such as you are necessary for the United States to remain strong and on a good track. Please come back soon and help right wrongs, straighten the bent, and repair the broken, tasks you appear to be uniquely suited for performing. Nikki Haley, we thank you for all you did, for Israel, for the United States, for people who looked for help and for all that is true and right with the world, thank you and our best wishes.


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