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October 15, 2018

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Latest Frightening Report


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recently released their Special Report 15 detailing the absolute necessity for reconfiguring the world and the way of life for virtually every individual on the planet. There would be one consistency which would affect every person on the planet outside of the select special elite few whose style of life and comfort must be maintained as they are the ones who decide the policies. Everyone else would be reduced to dependence upon subsistence farming and reliance completely on renewable bio-friendly energy. These changes would require the end of any reliance on fossil fuel use by 2050 and the near collapse of any industrial society. The reductions they are demanding would mean no more cars for the bulk of the world’s population. No, not just gasoline and diesel powered vehicles because there would be no industrial base necessary to even build electric cars or the ability to generate sufficient electricity to keep them functioning. Their demands would bring an end to the use of plastic in production, should any survive. Fertilizer use would be restricted if not completely banned leading to such a loss in food production worldwide that starvation would soon follow as food prices would necessarily increase around four-fold. Their report does not strike this strident picture until one bothers to process the ramifications of their demands and their complete and total bias against all industrial use of coal and crude oil dependence both for production and energy generation. But all would not be lost as the United Nations would see to it that the available resources would be redistributed in a fair and equitable manner around the globe. They would make sure that we all shared in equal misery.


What is probably the most frightening demand from their plans is for an end to the capitalist model replacing it with a United Nations run centralized economy based on socialistic equality. We have all seen how this worked so beautifully in Venezuela and North Korea, the two nations which might actually see gains for individual wealth and survivability. All of these changes are necessary in order to assure that average global temperatures not be allowed to rise more than another 0.5 degrees C (0.9 F) “above pre-industrial levels.” That was also the end of the Little Ice Age and they claim that all the temperature increase since then is directly due to the use of fossil fuels and other anthropomorphic climate change, human caused increases. We would love to believe that this scare tactic was at least backed by a morsel of reality and not manipulation of the data to support their claims and for the maximum alarmism. The truth is best shown through two graphs, the top graph which covers the period chosen by the IPCC which starts from near the end of the Little Ice Age, as reported above, and the lower graph which shows temperatures from ice core and other scientific research of temperatures from 2500 B.C. through to predictions on to 2040 A.D. The reality of temperature variations over history proves one thing, the climate changes and about that, there can be no doubt. One would be led to believe that the IPCC would claim that it was human use of chariots which must have had oil-based grease used to lubricate their wheels which caused CO2 and thus global warming causing the massive temperature spike centered around 1100 B.C. There have always been temperature fluctuations and not all of them, or even most of them, can be blamed on human causes. All one need do is look back to the climate research done about fifty years ago when the scare was that the Earth was heading for another Ice Age. They even were required to change their scare tactics from claiming that the future was going to be a steady period of global warming to climate change because for the past twenty years there has been almost no warming of any notable amount whatsoever. Temperature of the Earth is affected far more by solar activity, the variations in the wobble of the planet, the changes in the Earth’s orbit and the Axial Precession which has a major effect.


Temperature Graph Used by IPCC

Temperature Graph Used by IPCC



Global Temperatures from 2500 B.C. through 2040 A.D.

Global Temperatures from 2500 B.C. through 2040 A.D.


So why is the IPCC coming out with the alarms and calls of gloom and doom? The answer is simple, control. The IPCC is designed to use pseudoscience in order to allow the United Nations to gain an ever-greater hold on the economies of nations, where their money is spent and simple control over the world economy. The United Nations has become a collection of despotic governance from around the world which is totally against individual freedoms and capitalism which it sees as the industrial world’s means of oppressing the developing world. Their claim is that it is the capitalists of the United States, Europe and the rest of the industrial and advanced world which has forced poverty on the numerous despotically ruled nations and not their oppressive governance which works largely to enrich a select group who rule ruthlessly stealing as much wealth from their nation while denying the people representation and it is their own governments which are preventing their developing a working economy. These leaders dream of getting the United Nations sufficient power to steal the wealth from the advanced world so they can pocket even more wealth as they are not satisfies with the meager wealth they are able to take from their own nation. For a perfect example, let us take what is probably the most highly subsidized region on the planet, the Palestinian Authority. They receive literally hundreds of millions of dollars and Euros annually through the United Nations, United States, Arab states, European Union and numerous European government and numerous other sources. These contributions include those for Hamas in Gaza as well as the Palestinian Authority in the Shomron. There is an easy means of showing where all these resources have gone. Yassir Arafat dies with a wealth of estimated $1.3 billion. Munib Masri served as a minister in Yasser Arafat’s cabinet where he amassed a wealth estimated at $1.5 billion. Estimates of Mahmoud Abbas’s wealth range from a paltry $100 million to $1 billion but what is known is his sons own numerous companies which have been granted part or all of virtually every government contract over the past ten years though their worth is a well guarded secret, and it is obvious why. As for Abbas, well below in the top picture of the planned new home, office and international meeting place he has plans to have built for himself, should he live that long as he is 81 years old and his health has questions. Musa Abu Marzook is or was the number two man in Hamas as well as its main fundraiser and is reported as having an estimated net worth at $2-3 billion. Khaled Mashaal is the former leader of Hamas who is estimated to be worth $2.6 billion. Ismail Haniyeh is the former Gazan leader of Hamas and is estimated at a net worth in 2018 of $3 Billion. We could continue with this parade of people who by being at the top or connected to those at the top of Hamas and Fatah and the PLO and probably Islamic Jihad as well who are worth hundreds of million if not billions of dollars, and they try to claim the terrorism and killing Jews does not pay. But as you can see the top people in Gaza gained, or should we say stole, great amounts of wealth and wasted more on their attempts to destroy Israel which resulted in misery for the regular people of Gaza which is considered to have some of the poorest citizens in the world. This is true as there are two Gazans, the wealthy and the destitute, as depicted in the bottom picture below.


Mamoud Abbas planned masion estimated cosr of thirteen million dollars but will end up costing far more after required kickbacks



The Two Gazas with One Pristine and the Other Ravaged

The Two Gazas with One Pristine and the Other Ravaged


This stolen wealth which is so over the top in the Palestinian Arab communities no matter which group rules over them is not isolated just to their regions. Many a dictator if not excessively wealthy does live a good life with clean and comfortable place to live, plenty of food, television and computer and all the luxuries of the Western World while many of their subjects live in huts or homes made out of whatever materials they can find and live off subsistence farming with a poor diet and often only dirty water to drink. The leaders often are driven around in top of the line Mercedes limousines, have yachts, private jets (often large Boeing jets) and numerous other items many of us only dream of having and their people do not even think of ever being that wealthy as they are scraping to get by. One of the most notorious dictators was Idi Amin whose rule was characterized by human rights abuses, political repression, and ethnic persecution killing between 100,000 to 500,000 people and when he died, he was worth $76 million. But wealth is only part of the worth of these dictators who live a very high and rich lifestyle often at the cost to their national treasuries, in that way they can have all they desire and dine extremely well from the choicest of international delights while claiming to the people that they take only a paltry salary and live a simple life just as they live. Honesty is not a trait found in many of the political world.


But these are the people who pick the membership of the IPCC and governments, in order to gain some of the grant money from the IPCC and to curry favor often only to provide research money to those who support the climate picture they desire. There so exist a fair number of scientists who have performed research and taken measurements which call into doubt much of the climate debate and produce results which challenge the IPCC, directly contradicting much of their results. These are often university scholars who perform their work without any government grants and do so only for the pure science and in the search for the reality, for the truth as honestly as they are able to discern such. Once these researchers are found out through peer review, they are often threatened by their university or by those who control grants. The problem is much of the scientific research required to perform climate research can be gleaned through rather straight-forward and simple means. Much of the data gleaned by NASA is available online and this includes measurements taken from around the globe daily by the International Space Station which can measure both the temperature of the upper atmosphere as well as make measurements of ground temperatures. The International Space Station also collects very important data about the sun as do a number of various other satellites. But here is the kicker about climate change; measurements taken over the last fifty years of the temperatures on the other orbs circling our sun have all shown their temperatures rising proportionally similar to the changes measured here on Earth. We seriously doubt that there exists anthropomorphic climate change on Venus, Mars, or especially the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. But then again, there are those who claim that we already have secret space fleets capable of reaching not only every planet and moon in the solar system, but have also reached to the nearest stars, so maybe the temperature changes on Mars is due to too many rovers being driven wildly across the dunes of Mars by adventurous astronauts. We have our serious doubts, but we will leave this up to the IPCC Space Division when they start one to determine the truth.


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