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October 22, 2018

Trump’s Pending Peace Plan Will be Dead on Arrival


The one guarantee we can give about President Trump’s pending Middle East Arab Israeli peace plan, otherwise known as the ‘Deal of the Century,’ is that it will be based on hopes, prayers and will have a snowballs chance in the Negev at high noon in August of surviving past any forced Israeli concessions. That is the part which scares us half to death, that there will be demands that Israel once more release murderers, give land within the Shomron or possibly build a multi-lane highway between Gaza and the Palestinian regions so that Hamas can make nice with the Palestinian Authority. The promises and hints which have been floated have claimed that there will be parts which both sides will hate and which both sides will love. We can explain this more easily by telling you that what Israel likes they will hate and what Israel hates they will love and demand that Israel meet those conditions and then they might give President Trump their answer. We can also tell President Trump what that answer will be after they pocket whatever Israel would then be forced into allowing, they will claim that Israel did not fully meet the stipulations and will double down hoping that President Trump will give them more presents and once the President tells them they need to now give something, they will turn their backs and start another Intifada. That has been how it has always been ever since the initial Oslo Accords. Every peace plan has been Israel sacrifices and then Israel is sacrificed under a barrage of murderous attacks.


The problem is that President Trump will put the Israeli Prime Minister on the spot pointing out that he recognized Jerusalem and moved the American embassy there though he also reserved that East Jerusalem might still have to be gifted to the Palestinian Authority. That might just be the generous gift which President Trump has in his plans when he has said that the Palestinians are next to receive something good. They already have received plenty of presents all at the expense and safety of Israel. Perhaps President Trump might be served by having a heart to heart conversation about what happened when President Clinton was told by Yassir Arafat what terms he would accept from Israel and after he cajoled Prime Minister Ehud Barak to meet everything which Arafat had demanded, good old Yassir, may he rot in…, he simply walked out of the talks without even demanding anything and refused to meet again. I am sure that President Trump would love to hear that story and perhaps it might provide him with some insight as to how the Middle East works. When a leader from an Arab Muslim nation tells you something that you find pleasing and encouraging, you should immediately stop and look into the past dealings and see where the hidden double meaning is and after that look even deeper and find the truth of what was stated. Very often the truth, the reality is the exact opposite of what was stated and the stated intent was only to gain your trust and take something for nothing before pulling the rug from beneath your feet and laughing at the silly Westerner who does not understand anything about how to barter. We just hope President Trump will allow Israel to unleash an offensive to drive the entirety of the Palestinian Arab population beyond the Jordan River and Gaza into the Mediterranean Sea or at least the Sinai Peninsula. The reality is there would be little difference as once they are within Egypt; they will drive them into the Mediterranean Sea.


Wailing Wall with Soft Pale Blue Star of David Writ Large

Wailing Wall with Soft Pale Blue Star of David Writ Large


President Trump, you have likely talked with Abdullah II of Jordan and probably felt the visceral hate he has for Mahmoud Abbas and the entire idea of allowing the Palestinian Arabs to become even an auxiliary part of his kingdom. Perhaps you should look up on the internet, and we will include the link for your viewing ease, Black September which was also the name of the terrorist squad which took the name to honor Arafat when they murdered the Israeli Olympic Team during the Munich Olympics. Just for good measure, we thought we would include a second link just to further explain exactly what kind of people you are attempting to deal with on an honest basis. Just to be frank, there is no means of dealing with Mahmoud Abbas on an honest basis and just slightly more likely with the Hamas leader, Yehiya Sinwar, who is more likely to just tell you from the outset that he wants every Jew in the world dead and then he will be coming for the United States. Why do you think that Hamas has sponsored the riots every day nonstop since March 30 of this year and will very likely ignore Egyptian President Sisi demands for him to at least keep his enraged rioters a distance from the border fence before they spark a response from Israel. He desires an armed confrontation with Israel because he knows that Israel warns the Gazans where they are going to move next and with such information he can tie Gazans up in their homes which will be rigged with explosives and when the IDF soldiers attempt to move them to safety, they will detonate the house. Hamas, in coordination with the United Nations through UNRWA, built a clinic in Gaza which was also the transfer point between a number of their tunnels and they placed explosives inside the walls and when three IDF soldiers entered the clinic, Hamas terrorists detonated the clinic. Just in case you needed a definition of evil incarnate, that is exhibit one.


These are the kinds of people with whom you are dealing, and we use the reference people very loosely. The Western mind frame cannot easily understand and digest the extent and depth of the hatred felt by Arabs for all others. They even have difficulty getting along with each other. Perhaps you should read the diary written by T.E. Lawrence While Travelling in Arabia where an insight into the petty little people they were according to his words where he tried to explain to an educated Arab leader how their tribalism would inhibit their ever advancing their civilization. Little has changed since his efforts to bring them together to help the British in World War I. Are there Arabs who are nice people. Yes, and actually Arabs are some of the most hospitable people you could ever meet, individually. It is when they are in groups their attitudes and manners change. Then the only thing which matters is their family honor and they will kill to protect it including killing a daughter who even dates the wrong man. They refer to such as a Honor Killing. We are sure you have heard of such in the News and how it has become a problem in Europe and has occurred in North America. We do not expect that our article would alter your plans, and that is simply too bad. You will be like every Western leader before you who will simply not understand the people with whom you are dealing. There is a reason why Israel will be hard pressed to sacrifice land to the Palestinian Authority, especially land which overlooks Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. When Jordan held what they called the West Bank illegally against International Law, this also might be something nobody has informed you about, but during that time Israelis could not enter the streets which were in direct line of sight from the Jordanian areas as doing so would place them in danger of being shot by the Jordanian snipers who were placed on any high ground overlooking parts of Israeli Jerusalem. Certain Israeli buildings had to have walls built between them and the sniper positions in order to be occupied. Things would be exactly the same if the Palestinian Arabs had lands overlooking Jewish areas. If you ever wish to visit Israel and fly into Ben Gurion International Airport, you do not desire to have the Palestinian Authority holding the land overlooking the airport, especially flying an airplane so obviously marked as a target saying shoot me first. Let’s face it, a 747 which says on it in large letters “United States of America” and painted all nice in bold colors, as someone with a Stinger Missile would be waiting almost salivating at the great opportunity. Should the Palestinians be granted the pre-Six Day War borders, then Tel Aviv would soon have a smoldering ruin where the downtown towers currently stand. That is a reality which Israel must never permit and if we balk at anything you should recommend, it is because Israel is not going to commit suicide for anybody, even you. Please look up the San Remo Conference and realize that Israel already gave away 78% of the British Mandate so the Arabs could have Jordan, and we assume you know this. When they claim they only want 22% and smile approvingly when leaders from Western nations ask, ‘you mean the West Bank and Gaza’ and refuse to say anything further. They do not answer because they mean the 22% of the British Mandate which is Israel, they want everything from, as their protester exclaim, from the River to the Sea. No, Mr. President, we are not being obstinate, we just want to live and be free to realize our twenty-five-hundred-year-old dream, to return to Zion and rebuild our Temple and reunite with our land and with Hashem.


Beyond the Cusp


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