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October 23, 2018

Conflict is Just Getting to be Too Common


The first sign that something, anything be it wonderful or dreadful, has just become accepted by a society is when either it is no longer even reported upon or has ceased to ever make front-page news, especially above the fold. This has already happened in Europe and signs of it have crept within the news media in the United States, Israel and much of the developed world. They have familiarized these acts by using terms such as ‘lone wolf’ and ‘acted alone’ in such a way so as to make it appear that there is nothing left to do to prevent such events. We are, of course, speaking about Islam initiated violence within our societies. These acts of violence range from mass shootings at a person’s own workplace, rape gangs violating young girls across areas within Europe and virtually every terror attack in the United States and even in Israel. We had another earlier this week when an employee at one of the manufacturers which employ Palestinian Arabs from within the Palestinian Authority (PA) regions. One of the employed Palestinian Arabs brought a rifle to work and fatally shot two of their fellow employees and severely wounded a third who will recover after a stay in the hospital. There was the recent fatal stabbing of Ari Fuld in a shopping mall near his home and a Palestinian Arab village. As we recently reported, there are signs warning Israelis of the threat to their life and limb if they enter these regions (see image below), no such warning exists for the Arabs who enter into Israeli spaces. There are certain trends which are worth following, even if doing so changes nothing, these invectives must be shared.


Sign Warning Israelis it is Illegal to Enter Arab Region for Safety Reasons

Sign Warning Israelis it is Illegal to Enter Arab Region for Safety Reasons


There is some good news on the terror front within Israel and other news more disquieting and ignominious. The terrorism is mostly located within the disputed regions in the Shomron and in or around Jerusalem and specifically the Old City. There have been attacks in Tel Aviv and other major cities along the coast, but these are far less frequent. The central problem is that these are people stirred on not so much by religious fervor as by economic incentives. The PA spends much effort making their pay to slay program (see image below) well recognized by the Palestinians, specifically the youth where unemployment is rampant. All too often, we find the terrorists admitting that financial remunerations was an equal or greater reason for their attacks. Others have reportedly stated they committed the terror attack in order to be sentenced to Israeli prisons because life is easier, more pleasant and with better food than residing in the PA ruled regions. But the majority of terrorists claim they are fighting the good fight against the infidel, specifically the accursed Jew. This result is the logical conclusion to be expected when one reviews the PA textbooks and their education where terrorists are glorified and the description of the life awaiting a Shaheed filled with earthly pleasures both sexual and physical. What shocks many in the developed world is the reaction often shown by the mothers of the Shaheed which is extreme and profound joy that their child is a martyr for Allah. In reality, this rejoicing in the death of a child is simply the modern form for the child sacrifices to Ba’al and Moloch from the pre-Islamic gods. Having one’s child die in the commission of anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic violence grants the mother rights and an elevated position within Palestinian society as well as in other regions in the Middle East.


Palestinian Authority Remunerations for Terrorists

Palestinian Authority Remunerations for Terrorists


Thusfar, we have only spoken to the areas in and around Jerusalem and the Shomron and the unceasing regularity of terrorism striking people’s lives there. Things around Gaza take on an entirely different and strikingly dangerous description. Along the Gaza border, terrorism is institutionalized by Hamas with assistance from Islamic Jihad and financing from Iran. Often the terrorism came from rockets fired from the region into Israel. More recently, the attacks have come from incendiary devices carried into Israel by Kites and balloons. Some of these devices have been strapped onto birds who were sent flying towards Israel being carried as far as the victimized animal could reach before being murdered by its payload. The results has been thousands upon thousands of crops burned and lives destroyed as a result. These protests are anything but grassroots movements as Hamas indoctrination provides them with the manpower they require to cause such damage and threaten such violence. The Israelis residing just outside the Gaza region have experienced these attacks against their lives on a near constant basis since the 2007 take-over of Gaza from the PA. Their claim is that they so love the lands which they claim were stolen from Arab rule, that they are willing to burn the country to the ground in order to show the extent of their love. Perhaps we missed something in their logical progression from which the result is burning the lands to the ground because of your deep love. Somehow, this just does not click into place easily. Add to that their claim to love death as the Israelis love life.


In both cases, Hamas in Gaza and the PA in the Shomron, the Arabs have regions which they control absolutely and free of Israeli interference and in neither case has an economically viable situation even been close to being achieved. Everything from the education of the children to the media blasted to the captive audience has a single message, ‘Israel bad and Israelis, specifically the Jews are an evil which Islam demands be brought to obey their proper masters, the Muslim Arabs. The position of superiority is that of Arabs but only if, they follow Islam, and as such, the final state of the world is promised by the Quran to be populated solely by these exemplary peoples. For the average Israeli who is either Christian, Jewish, Bahá’í or any other non-Islamic faith, the message is clear, we do not care one whit about our world or our wasted opportunities where we could have reached peace and shared these lands but refused, all we care about is the eradication or subjugation of every one every where starting right here. This prevalent attitude spreads all across the regions where Islam borders the rest of the world and is currently making inroads in Europe, the United States and the rest of the developed world. This spread has brought the effects of Jihad to the rest of the world and now they can share in the problems faced by Israel.


The lack of credible reporting and the whitewashing of terrorism and all of its ties to Islam has increased to the point where it has endangered their societal structure in order to accommodate Islam. Almost to becoming policy has been the rush to assure everyone that every attack is not caused by terrorists. Every mass shooting, bombing or other attacks, almost immediately the FBI will issue the statement that this attack is not being investigated as to its relation to Islam. The mantra started by President George W. Bush has been, “Islam is a religion of peace.” This was the message given after the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center Towers which murdered close to three-thousand innocent Americans. This was the phrase most heard in the speeches after the Charlie Hebdo killings. When the culprit of some heinous act which resulted in the murder of numerous innocents is caught and he makes claims that his actions were a form of Jihad and that he was performing in service of Allah, we are told that this was a lone wolf and that there is no possibility of another attack. Often it feels less reassuring and more as if they are saying for us to move along and take no notice of these events. The real hurt is when you finally realize that their actual target is to immunize one into accepting Islamic Mosques and Civic Centers because these locations are where the average Muslim goes to in order to learn about the Quran and then go forth and make their statement. These statements are all too often not peaceful. Yes, we realize that there are thousands upon thousands of peaceful Muslims, peaceful followers of Islam. These are the minority of the over one and a half billion and approaching two billion Muslims living here amongst the world’s population.


Islamic Tolerance on Display

Islamic Tolerance on Display


We have been told that the Muslims generally are peaceful and do not support violence. Even were we to accept that a mere ten percent of the followers of Islam are prone to commit violence, that would still be almost two-hundred-thousand Muslim extremists. Now imagine if that number was off and the reality was more like one out of four Muslims have violent tendencies. This would result in close to half a billion possible Jihadists. We believe you can see where this is going, but allow us one last set of numbers. According to a poll taken worldwide by the Pew Research Group, they asked if the Muslims believed that Sharia was the word of Allah or a human invention (see table below) where we agreed with the accompanying article that by a comfortable margin, over half of Muslims believe it was given by Allah, we figured it was between seventy percent and eighty percent believe that Sharia is the exact works spoken to Muhammad by Allah. This means that three quarters of Muslims fully support Jihad as revealed through the Quran. This means that almost one and a half-billion Muslims believe in Jihadist activities. That is a number which should be frightening.


Do Muslims believed that Sharia was the word of Allah

Do Muslims believed that Sharia was the word of Allah


Unbelievably, there actually is a means of changing these equations such that Islam can and will exist beside the other religions and those who believe in Secular Humanism and claim they have no religion because religions take things on faith and they believe and trust science where things are proven using basic axioms which if taken to their very roots, are based on assumptions which are taken as true on faith because there does not appear to be any concept more basic. What the Secular Humanists do not understand is that everything, including science, have some basic understandings which must be agreed upon and taken on faith as being true and on whose truth all else stands. In Islam, this truth is the Quran which is a very interesting piece of reading. Should you pick up a standard Quran and start reading, you will become confused very quickly until you realize that it is not compiled in chronological order. The standard Quran is set up in such a way as to make it easier for children to memorize starting with the shortest verse and ending in the longest verses. Once you find a copy of the Quran which is compiled in chronological order, then you will also need to know where the switching point is located. This is the point where the writings go from the Meccan verse to the Medina verses. You have to understand that there are basically two Qurans which are very contradictory. For more on this we have a very short introduction explaining these differences and how they are applied in modern Islam in this article Which Quran, Mecca or Medina? 


Once you have received that basic information, the remainder of this article will make far more sense. We understand that many already have a familiarity with the Quran, so here goes. Currently, the Islamic powers that be became very frightened at how easily a few British, French or other European troops and especially American forces, though heavily outnumbered in numerous battles, were able with the use of advanced war technologies, mainly the machinegun, able to defeat the Islamic forces, even those on horses or camels. Then when the early tanks were introduced, the Muslims realized that they had fallen far behind the Western powers. After World War I they set to try and find a solution and they did something actually very logical but also very wrong. They decided to look into their history and find where it was they had the greatest advantage over the Western forces and the world. This was when facing the crumbling Byzantine Empire despite their needing almost forever to breach the walls of Constantinople. This was also immediately after the death of Muhammad and the time they expanded throughout the Middle East defeating the remnants of the Persian Empire and took the Holy Lands from the Byzantines and conquered Northern Africa from numerous tribes and well before they faced a problem called the Mongols. This led them to adopt the exclusionary and warlike verses of the Medina Quran and return to the concept of abrogation which took the later verses as being the truth and overruling any earlier verses which might contradict the Medina verses. This completely removed the Meccan Quranic concepts from Islam and made Islam a purely empire, conquest, world domination, exclusionary and superceding religion. This placed Islam on a path of world conquest, just not quite immediately. They realized there was some problem when they lost face while facing the United States twice in the Barbary Wars. But in World War I, they were decimated by the modern armies of the Western World and in the ensuing decades the distance between the two worlds only increase exponentially. But in warfare, one is not required to invent everything as they can simple buy the latest technologies. This is easily seen just by counting the AK-47’s in use by terrorists worldwide.


Now the Arab nations have bought some of the most advanced fighting equipment including tanks, aircraft, personal weaponry and missiles systems. But even with all the technological advanced equipment, one still needs people trained in their full implementation and tactical usages. The lack of this skill became evident in the Second Gulf War where Saddam Hussein had dug his tanks into berms making them immobile artillery pieces which were destroyed easily. Still, the Imams decided that what Islam was required to do was find a subversive means for taking control of the Western nations. The weakness they saw was that the people appeared to sleep through elections unless stirred up, such as why there is a President Trump. This made them vulnerable to electoral conquest by slowly getting their people into power and then taking over and ending democracy replacing the laws, Constitutions and everything with Sharia. This is already in progress across much of Europe where there are Islamic enclaves which are run under Sharia and are independent of the national government and police enforcement. But there is a path which Islam could decide to take which would be more along the ideas they pursued during the Golden Age of Islam. During these times, they applied the Meccan Quran and were open to science and math and learning about the world, the human anatomy and other sciences and led the world in many of these areas. They fell behind more due to economic problems than their attitude and direction in dealing with the outside world. A return to pluralism could bring an injection of new scientific studies as the oil wealth could be utilized to build the best and most modern laboratories for the advance research in numerous fields from physics to medicine, mathematics to chemistry, biology to archeology. What all of this would require is for Islam to purge their holy books of the idea they must conquer the world and all must adopt Islam or die. This will lead eventually to intertribal wars as eventually such purification will inevitably lead to the most basic of Arab beliefs. The belief that my belief is pure and all who do not adopt my beliefs are therefore apostates leads to the proverb of, “My Brother and I against My Cousin; My Cousin and I against the Stranger.” In the end there can be, as stated so eloquently in Highlander, there can be only one simply because nobody else is as pure as the one who Allah chose above all the others who lost.


In the End there Can Be Only One

In the End there Can Be Only One


The solution is the original texts as placed in the Mecca Quran, the actual verses which mostly described Islam during its Golden Age, as described above. This would also solve numerous problems Islam appears to present on its borders throughout Northern Africa in the African Transition Zone plus the border between Pakistan and India where they divided up the former nation of Kashmir as well as the ongoing historic conflict between Turkey and Greece. There are more recent areas where this conflict between Islam and everything else is being waged which include Russia, China, the Philippines and coming to Europe and North America much of which can be detected on this interactive map. Were Islam to decide to settle for the large tracts of land they control from Morocco to Malaysia and for having a fair percentage of the world population and instead of terrorism and further exploits of conquest through everything from subversion to outright violence and work on education and the advancement of their society, they could not only join the modern world, but within a couple of generations become a hub of enterprise and a jewel of world advancement. The first step would be reversing their concept of abrogation and instead of having the later verses of the Medina Quran be considered superior, they could just as easily decide that the Mecca verses as being those given quietly in a cave where Muhammad was alone when hearing the words as being of a more pure nature, then Islam could become married to the world instead of attempting to subjugate the world. They could become a beacon of the powers of acceptance.


This is a path which has some support amongst some of the most moderate amongst Islam who are being shunned simply because theirs is a calm message which promises a future which though more rewarding in the finality of things requires dedication and education which are items which demand sacrifice and intense study to be learned sufficiently well to further knowledge. Those screaming for Jihad claiming that Islam can just walk forth and take the world which is ready to collapse before them do make the loudest of sounds, but their path is equally boisterous and adventurous, its ways are violence which only begets violence and in the end, their results are swaths of destruction and great despair and sorrow. With the modern forms of complete warfare including biological agents who care not which side whose lives they take, chemical weapons which leave bodies twisted and broken having died an agonizing death and the final warfare weapon being atomic weapons which can be utilized as EMP devices destroying all technology, neutron bombs which remove all lifeforms but leave the infrastructure intact and the simple thermonuclear device which wipes the land clean of life and structures leaving behind a wasteland. These last results are what will be the remains of our age of technology and weaponry and by the time it reaches a final battle, Armageddon if you please, we may have built a small number of anti-matter warheads which just require dropping and allowing their cores of anti-matter to mix with whatever they find and the resultant explosion will make Hiroshima be as if it were a firecracker by comparison. There are those who claim that mankind has reached this nuclear age and been on the verge of greatness and exploding out into space only to have destroyed all in a series of wars which basically bombed humanity back to the Stone Age. Perhaps this time we might avoid that end result and not destroy everything just to start all over from square one. What do you think?


Beyond the Cusp


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