Beyond the Cusp

November 2, 2018

General Prediction and Scary Warning for American Midterms


There are those who are claiming that we will witness a Blue Wave meaning that the Democrats will make large gains. Some have even claimed it will be a Blue Tsunami meaning that the Democrats will take over with meaningful majorities in both Houses of Congress. Then there are those who predict a Red Wave claiming the Republicans will gain a comfortable margin in the Senate with a small possibility of having sufficient votes to win cloture votes meaning sixty seats and that they could reach an even greater lead in the House of Representatives. Nobody that we have read is predicting a Red Tsunami, so we can skip that concept. Our prediction is comparably bland as we simply see a Red Tide. This has numerous meanings, which will make more sense than people might at first recognize, so allow us to explain and with any luck, amuse those with as warped a sense of humor as we have. First, it will allow for a pick-up of four to five seats in the Senate, which would allow for President Trump to breathe slightly easier and would make little difference in the House of Representatives. Further, by introducing the terminology for a slight Republican set of gains as a Red Tide, the leftist media can use this to refer to that as something lethal and dangerous to life just as a red tide is in the real world outside politics. We could see pictures just like the one we have included below along with an article of how a Red Tide of newly elected Republican Congresscritters coming to Washington to do their evil and ignore ecological dangers and other threats causing a deep potential to do the kind of damage to the nation as the real thing can do to ocean and river ecosystems. We know, do not give the other side any new ideas. Please know that we do not actually prefer certain sides in the American political landscape and judge your politics by the policies they hold and whether they will serve to assist or hurt Israel and make for a better and more libertarian and free United States. If that tends to have us fall on one side or another, so be it. Just know we support any American politician who seems to have productive ideas which will work to the benefit of more than just one party or the other.


Red Tide

Red Tide


We can tell you that if there were to be a Blue Tsunami, that could create some very unusual situations. Imagine the Democrats taking a comfortable majority of the House of Representatives and by some peculiarly unlikely twist of fate take an unimaginable majority in the Senate. The House of Representatives actually decides to do something completely unprecedented by electing a newly elected Representative making the photogenic Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the Speaker of the House. Granted, she would mostly sit at the head of the room while somebody knowledgeable of Robert’s Rules of Order handles the gavel once she has struck it against the podium starting each session. Of course, the media will be encouraged to take pictures of her opening the House of Representatives for business and otherwise take pictures from her better side. Still, in this universe, President Trump would be brought up on charges and the House would send his Impeachment on to the Senate for trial where he would be Impeached and Pence sworn in that very afternoon and Impeached and convicted before the close of business the next day. As Pence would not have had time to appoint a Vice President, this would mean that now the Speaker of the House would become President. Imagine the joy and fun that we would all have with President Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. We would simply wait eagerly for her first State of the Union speech. That should be a momentous event. Or would the Democrats choose her vice President and have her retire from the Presidency with the promise that they would return her to her House of Representatives seat. But whom as her Vice President, do we dare guess or is it obvious. We can hear the echoes of first man William Jefferson Clinton, as this is probably the only means for Hillary to ever grace the Oval Office. We have done sufficient wild speculations and perhaps this would be a good place to stop. Until next time, have a good day and laugh at something.


Beyond the Cusp


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