Beyond the Cusp

November 5, 2018



The world is spiraling perceivably out of control. Europe is reducing itself into an echo of its once dominance. Canada has begun her graceful exit from anything more than a footnote. Russia is desperately holding on to things from her periods past. China is the bursting powerhouse without an ample provider of direction or purpose. Japan is as she most often has been outside of World War II, a region which defies definition and insulated by her restrictive immigration policies. South America is still most often between periods of economic power followed by leftist folly bankrupting once powerful nations and eventually back to productivity only to sink once again. Argentina and Venezuela are two prominent examples. Cuba is relatively impotent with only one thing to offer, proximity to the United States. Mexico has about the same situation with slightly more open governance. The Far East sits in the shadow of China simply sleeping hoping not to catch the giant to the north’s attention, except for North Korea which is led by an unbalanced megalomaniac. Still, the most they could prove to be is a small blip before being crushed if they ever did attack anyone. This leaves three main powers, one established, one growing and one for the distant future. The established is, of course, the United States, the growing are the Islamic powers and the future power is central and southern Africa. All of these are currently swirling towards a series of collisions.


We thought the main front would once again be Europe, but that assessment required being reconsidered. Europe will be where the initial confrontations will come, but the secular left will simply turn over and surrender. Should there be a last stand for Christianity within Europe, it will come from the nations of Eastern Europe where being under the choking hold of Communism until around 1989, their freedom brought to them a return to their former religious beliefs and a reestablishing of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Just as the remains of the Roman Empire was the Eastern Roman Empire, which was also known as Byzantium or Byzantine Empire, Europe is once again split along a central line where Western Europe is sliding into a coma while Eastern Europe is still awakening from a long oppression. Will the confrontation be any different this time or will Eastern Europe prove just as incapable opposition to an Islamic wave attempting to take control of Europe. The immigrant influx of Muslims from northern Africa and Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other Middle East countries with oppressive governance is slowly consuming Western Europe where they are being welcomed without any controls or real opposition. The initial laying of the welcome mat was placed out by Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany who promised to take up to 800,000 refugees from the Middle East and was almost immediately inundated by waves of immigrants. As has been noted by ourselves and numerous others, the vast majority of these immigrants are men between 18 and 50 unaccompanied by wives or children. Such an influx historically has been called an invasion, not normal immigration.


Eastern European nations have wisely closed their borders and are only allowing immigrants who board trains which pass through their territories to ride straight on through and are refused from exiting the trains. Many, even the majority are heading for Germany and Sweden as these are the two nations with the highest support structure for unemployed people with minimal requirements as these immigrants are not seeking jobs, they seek the guaranteed good life compared to their former homes and imposing Islamic rule on their new homes. This would appear to be not an advantageous change as it would bring to their new homes the exact same systems which proved so disastrous to their former nations. Still, that is what they are comfortable with living under and it would provide them with the comfort of the imposing of a system which is close to identical to their former homes. Freedom is a burdensome formula under which to live as it makes each person responsible for their own survival and allows them to choose their own path and requires effort. This is what resulted from the Judeo-Christian ethic which brought the modern democratic nations into the industrial age and beyond making them the leaders in technology, science, and weaponry allowing Europe to be the most powerful force in the world opening up much of the road to a modern existence through their spreading over the entire planet during the Age of Discovery where the European nations established empires spreading throughout the world leaving a web of commerce and bringing great wealth to the Europeans. This spread technology from Europe to the rest of the world advancing many cultures from barely beyond hunter-gatherers or early agricultural age into the modern age providing these populations with great opportunities if they were able to receive education permitting their understanding.


After a pair of World Wars ravaged Europe, their age of colonization came to an end. The last remaining colonies slowly demanded and took their independence from their European masters. Since this end of the age, European society has largely refuted their Christianity and adopted the newest religion of secular humanism which places the onus for the destruction of the Earth on their own society and its use of fossil fuels. They believe in many cases that humankind is a blight on the planet and that the planet would be so much better off without people. This is represented by their negative reproduction rates which are well below replacement levels. This is the sign of a society which has entered into its death throes. This is also the main driving reasoning behind the opening of their borders to refugees in the hopes they will replace the children they never had in the work force. The problem is that a fairly large percentage of the immigrants are not coming to take jobs as much as to collect benefits while plotting to impose Islamic rule over Europe. This was what we had thought might lead to an initial confrontation between the Islamic conquerors and the European indigenous population in defending their free societies. The indigenous Europeans in Western Europe do not appear to be interested in retaining their former free society and are willing to allow the Islamic takeover of their nations providing it does not alter their life as the leaders. They are in for a great surprise as the leadership of these nations will be amongst the initial casualties when Islam versus European free society comes to a head. The struggle for retaining their freedom will be left to the small but not insignificant children, that is, providing they do not just sell out and join the Islamic push in order to go along to get along. They may be in for a surprise when their conversion reaches a point where they are tested. Our advice for those who believe this would be a wise choice, start now memorizing the Quran and attending the Mosque which is the largest within your city or area and familiarize yourselves with the teachings of the Imams.


Canada and the United States are just as vulnerable as is Europe to the immigration challenge. We recently read a disturbing article reporting on the progress of Islamist interests within Canada and their alignment with the far left in what will prove to be a self-defeating alliance for the far left. This same alliance exists throughout much of the free world including Europe, especially Britain and the European Union, the United States and Canada. There had been such an alliance in Israel and there are remnants of the effects of their joining in many leftist policies especially those who continue to support the “Two State Solution” which requires surrendering large portions of lands to the Palestinian Authority (PA) in exchange for promises of peace. This concept has lost much validity as many from the PA and others from within the society currently ruled by Fatah which controls the PA governance; actually, Mahmoud Abbas is the President for Life in the thirteenth year of his four-year term which began in 2005. Even the majority of those on the left and even the far leftists have realized that doing so would not bring peace and only serve to arm the Islamist interest with a permanent base from which to work to destroy Israel and murder her people through terrorism and launching rockets into Israeli cities. This was brought to the fore by Hamas after they took control of Gaza in a bloody coup replacing the PA after which they have worked steadily attempting to produce as much destruction onto any part of Israel which they could terrorize. This has led to a number of wars which Israel decided would be limited engagements which has only served to provide Hamas with the feeling of invincibility and empowered them even further. This has led to an ever-increasing support for Hamas which is reported to have topped 80% with the youth coming from their education system, more of an indoctrination system, leading the charge to destroy Israel and support the Islamist propaganda and their Islamist supremacist ideology. This has been behind the constant rioting and launching of incendiary balloons, kites and even attempted use of live birds such as the falcon in the picture below. The use and murder of such a beautiful and proud bird is just a further representation of the contempt for life held by these Islamist terrorists. One of the messages broadcast by Hamas run television includes a quote stating, “From the Al-Qassam Brigades to the Zionist soldiers: The Al-Qassam Brigades love death more than you love life.” This broadcast is just one of the times this message has been used as it boosts the followers often giving them the needed boost to commit suicide attacks against Israelis.


Dead Falcon Found in Tree with Twine and Incendiary Device Attached

Dead Falcon Found in Tree with Twine and Incendiary Device Attached


So, that concludes our quick and broad summary of the world which will be involved in any future conflict and now we will try to look into our crystal ball and look into the future. The threat of Islam is going to continue to grow. The world very well could be in the leading edge of their next attempt by Islam to enlarge their regions of control. Their initial conquest came from 622 AD through to 750 AD as shown in the top map reaching as far as Tours, France before being stopped by Charles the Hammer Martel. This was how their empire remained with their next evolution coming from within when a small tribe from northeastern Turkey known as the Ottomans which led to the Ottoman Empire shown in the middle map. The Spanish Inquisition was responsible for the pushing of Islam from the Iberian Peninsula in 1492, the same date as Columbus making his initial voyage to the New World. The Ottoman Empire replaced the Caliphate and faced a series of wars which ate away at their empire as shown in the bottom map and which was finally destroyed when they allied with the Austrian-Hungarian Empire and Germany in World War I. This led to the Mandate System and the carving up of the Ottoman Empire, Austrian-Hungarian Empire and Germany creating modern Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa including Israel which was granted their set aside in the San Remo Conference which defined the Mandate System which was adopted by the League of Nations and then taken up for enforcement by Article 80 of the United Nations Charter.


Expansion of Islam Across MENA and into Europe before Ottoman Rule

Expansion of Islam Across MENA and into Europe before Ottoman Rule



Ottoman Empire Ascending includes Golden Age of Islam

Ottoman Empire Ascending includes Golden Age of Islam



Ottoman Empire in Decline 1800 through 1914 and Start of World War I

Ottoman Empire in Decline 1800 through 1914 and Start of World War I


Now back to the future and looking at what the next attempt at expansion of Islam will provide or what it might cost. There are a few points which need to be stated to provide more of a background which includes the United States mainly. The initial conflict began under the most isolationist President, Thomas Jefferson, who when facing ever higher tributes demands from the Barbary Pirates sent the Navy and Marines who forced an agreement ending the intercepting of United States shipping and most of the pirating and taking of sailors as slaves of European ships as well. After the war with England in 1812, the Barbary Pirates decided that the United States would be weakened and started taking sailors once more. This led to the Second Barbary Wars which again ended this practice. Then, as part of the Spanish American War, the United States faced attacks from the Moro natives in the Philippines which were Muslim. This revolt was put down by General Blackjack Pershing who was reputed, but unproven, to have used some questionable tactics. President George H. W. Bush (Bush I) engaged in a war with Saddam Hussein in Iraq War I in the 1990s. Then President George W. Bush (Bush II) engaged in wars with Islamic nations after the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon in Afghanistan and once again in Iraq where this time Saddam Hussein was overthrown. Then there were the attacks during President Barack Obama continuing in Afghanistan and then including Libya after the Benghazi attack on the Consulate and the urging of the overthrow of Sunni governments in what was called the Arab Spring which more resembled the Arab Winter by the time it completely failed in Syria and Egypt ended up removing the resultant Muslim Brotherhood led government after the overthrow of President Mubarak. President Trump has continued with these interventions and aided the Kurds in their fight with the Islamic State. These have awakened the Islamic nations with two centers of power within Islam which are again fighting one another. This is another conflict between the main groups in Islam, the Sunni, and their longstanding opposition which consists of approximately 10% of Islam, the Shiites. The Sunni center of power is held in a loose alliance between Saudi Arabia and Egypt while the Shiite center of power is Iran which still sees themselves as the modern Persian Empire. Iran is allied with Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza, Hezballah in Lebanon and who are allied to back Bashir al-Assad in his civil war in Syria which was a result of the Arab Spring efforts of President Obama. Iran is also supporting the Houthi revolt to take control of Yemen. The Iranian aim has been to establish a Shiite Crescent across the Middle East using Iran, Syria and Lebanon so they have connections to the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea shown in the map below. Part of the Iranian tactic is to envelop Saudi Arabia from Iran to the north and Yemen to the south. Iran also is attempting to take control of two vital waterways, the Straight of Hormuz and the Straight of Bab-el-Mandeb. The first controls the shipping lane for most of the oil from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait while the second would control the exit from the Red Sea controlling the Suez Canal as well as the Israeli southern port of Eilat. This would provide Iran with the ability to cut off all trade between the Middle East and Europe as well as cutting off the European and Israeli shipping lanes to Asia.


Shiite Crescent including Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Iran

Shiite Crescent including Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Iran


Whether Islam attempts to once again gain lands by taking control of Europe and possibly then attempting to wrest control of Africa and then being enabled to take on the Americas, specifically the United States, will depend heavily on which nation ends up calling the shots. Should it be Saudi Arabia, then the main conflict will likely be within Europe while if it is Iran there is a definite possibility that it will become a world conflict. The initial conflict will be between Iran and Saudi Arabia which will center on the oil fields in the northeast of Saudi Arabia and the control of the Two Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina along the Red Sea coast in the west of Saudi Arabia. Should Iran take these two cities, they can attempt to declare that Shiite Islam is the ascending power in Islam and play themselves as the strong horse hoping to have the majority of Muslims to change from Sunni and adopt Shiite Islam. Such a conflict in Islam could deplete both sides to the point that neither would be capable of mounting any serious threat to the remainder of the world and Islam will return to rest for the foreseeable future. The Islamic leaders of Iran have an extremist and expansionist view of their place in the world which was expressed by the Supreme Leader Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini which has been carried forward by Supreme Leader Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei. Their visions of world conquest are probably considered to be insane and in the developed world, such concepts have been relegated to the trashcan of history. Unfortunately, in both Sunni and Shiite Islam, they believe the promise in the Quran that Islam must become the only religious belief held by every person on Earth. They believe that world conquest is still possible despite the complete failure to accomplish such a feat by even the most powerful empires in the past. This now viewed insane concept is not seen as such within Islam; to the believers this is the inevitable future of our world. Many an Imam in Islam is currently preaching that Islam is on the verge of their final push which will result in their finally realizing their inevitable prize, the world and every person within believing their version of Islam, be it Sunni or Shiite. For the record, there are numerous Muslims who do not believe or even care about world conquest. Many of these are at the forefront of the Islamic struggle to allow Islam to evolve and learn to coexist with others. One such leader is Egyptian President Sisi who has delivered speeches before the governing board and Imams who are the instructors at the leading university of Islamic thought, Al-Azhar University.


What is their struggle? There are two very different and separate streams of thought in Islam. These result because of the two very different visions written by Muhammad, with the first verses which were universalist in accepting others and coexistence written in Mecca and the supremacist and world conquest warlike writings in Medina. We give a short introduction into the reasons and there are a plethora of links within the comments including links to a Quran with the verses in chronological order all in our article and the comments at Which Quran, Mecca or Medina? Should the reformers succeed in having Islam return to the original writings in the Quran, the world will flourish and the many religions will all work in greater harmony. Should they fail, then there will be a constant state of conflict between Islam and everyone else. That may sound pessimistic, which it is, but just because it is pessimistic does not mean it is not a valid truth. Islam, as currently interpreted using what is called abrogation, where the newest verses overwrite the older verses making the Medina Quranic writings supreme over the earlier Mecca Quranic verses. This was used by the 10th century Islamic scholar Hibatullāh who listed two-hundred-thirty-seven instances of abrogation, with the verse 9:5, known as the so-called “Verse of the Sword”, which alone accounted for almost half of the abrogated verses. Later Quranic interpreters had disagreements with his findings and often with one another. If, instead of using abrogation the Muslims were to adopt instead an originalist view and interpretation of the Quran, then Islam would be able to exist in peace with the world. Until, if such is ever to be, Islam does away with abrogation adopting originalist Quranic verses, Islam will forever be at war with the rest of humankind. This actually has Biblical beginnings, which surprises many. Islam is said to be the religion founded by the generations tracing their origins to Ishmael. In Genesis Chapter 16 verses 11 and 12 we learn of Ishmael and the way he is described is how his prodigy will also be found to act, as is the way of the Old Testament. These two verses read as follows:

11 And the angel of the Lord said to her, “Behold, you will conceive and bear a son, and you shall name him Ishmael, for the Lord has heard your affliction.
12 And he will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be upon all, and everyone’s hand upon him, and before all his brothers he will dwell.”

This was the Biblical curse of a sort which was placed upon the descendants of Ishmael and it is one which has proven to have been validated by history. This also is something which does not bode well for the future. Islam, we must remember, is similar in one way to Judaism, both are religions which also have a complete political system defined for the adherents to follow. The Old Testament tells the Jews, the Israelites, that they would rule over the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, and from the Litani River to the Wadi of Egypt. These were to be our eventual final borders and we were to treat the stranger with respect as long as they lived in peace and obeyed the Noahic Code. We were to reside and serve Hashem and live our lives as an example and for as long as we lived an exemplary life, then we would live at peace. This would become possible once the Temple was built after King David’s reign with his son, King Solomon, tasked to build the Temple. Obviously, there were problems back then and everything collapsed. The rest is, as they say, history. What will be interesting is that the coming Great War, should that be the fate of the world, Israel will not be at its center and very possibly, if we are very careful and live as Hashem desires, we will not be even included in that coming disaster. Where this coming conflict will break out is difficult to predict. If we were pressed and had to choose such a point, we would think very likely the initial wars which lead to the coming horrors have already begun and surround Saudi Arabia. Then there are the infiltrations of Europe, Canada and starting in the United States. Of the Western World, the initial conflict started with the riots in Paris and across France, the terror attacks throughout Western nations, and the culture clashes which have led to an explosion of crimes against women with most being of a sexual nature. These could easily lead to vigilante actions which could escalate into a general societal state of warfare across Europe. Canada, we fear, will fall with barely a peep where the central west and northernmost territories possibly forming their own country. The United States is having its own problems currently and Islam would not be able to take over the United States through infiltration, as there would be a revolt against such politically. The so-called silent majority is a far larger section of the populace and would take control of the government to address any threat ending possibly the entrance of advents of Islam if this were required. But first, the United States must first survive its current divide between the leftist and the conservatives, particularly the Constitutionalists, often referred to as populists. Whatever the future, with any good fortune our little corner of the world will be left alone and ignored by any and all the possible violence, we have enough problems already. As for the rest of the world, well, we doubt the next great conflict will begin in China or anywhere within Asia, or at least that is our thoughts.


Beyond the Cusp



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