Beyond the Cusp

November 8, 2018

Requiem for America


Everyone is putting their own spin on the elections and avoiding the issue of what kind of future does this bode for the United States. There were some very significant events which require addressing if we are to understand what is the future direction and where will the United States sit after a few more rounds of elections. The immediate take away from the election is the nation is still impossibly divided. President Trump’s opportunities for reelection were actually bolstered by the election results. We know, how can that be when he lost control of the House of Representatives. Well, this will take a bit of explaining, so please be patient. The first item comes at us from the Senate where we vote for the Senator most likely to become the new John McCain and lead the Republican Resistance. That will be the freshman Senator from Utah, Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney was anti-Trumper extraordinaire from the very beginning and only came out as a remade man and new Trump supporter when he announced he was taking the Utah Senate seat. There was an up a coming Republican who was prepared to run, but money and influence won out as usual and the Republican Party caved to Uncle Mitt. Now that he is safely in the Senate, Mitt Romney can return to his former self and oppose Trump leading a crew of five to ten Republicans working against the President depending on the issue. In too many items, this group will prove sufficient to prevent the Senate working with President Trump. This will work against the President and he would be best advised to avoid any attacks or criticism of Mitt Romney and instead work with Mitt as closely as possible in order to make his opposing the President appear to look vindictive and traitorous.


That is it for the Senate and so on to the now Democrat controlled House of Representatives. Welcome back to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, at least for the next year after which she will be deposed by the Democrat most likely to run for President if that is at all possible. A very big amount is going to depend on what the first piece of business is in the House. Numerous Democrats have trumpeted that they would immediately bring up charges of Impeachment against President Trump on charges ranging from Russia collusion to Obstruction of Justice to mental incompetence to we just really hate him so he must be terrible. Any version of Impeachment is a declaration of war against the President by the Democrats in the House. This would signal the beginning of a battle of wills which will result in a stand-off which neither side gains anything. On the other hand, the Democrats could surprise everyone and take up the budget as their first item and deliver the President a budget which represents their agenda. Such a budget would defund much of the already planned military build-up, raise taxes, reinstitute a 35% Capital Gains Tax, reinstitute the Death Tax, double the amount of welfare so as to cover all illegal immigrants, defund ICE, defund the border wall, increase Medicare ten fold to cover everyone under a Medicare for All plan, raise the debt ceiling and a plethora of other pet projects proposed by any house member whose ideas coincide with the leftist agenda. This budget would be dead on arrival in the Senate, but it would serve as the litany of items the Democrats will demand in exchange for funding anything the President proposes and they will also demand that at least Capital Gain Tax, Death Tax, a return to having five levels of taxes based on income and their demand that the top three of these pay their fair share while allowing the lowest to get a refund larger than anything they could possibly have paid. Once there is an agreement, should they get higher taxes, they will run to the media claiming Trump is a hypocrite who lied about lowering taxes, if they force raising the debt ceiling, they will scream to the media that Trump is ruining the nation fiscally by increasing the debt and if they get some of their programs say Medicare for example, they will decry that Trump is starving Medicare because he cut it by tens of millions of dollars because, this part is left out, he settled to only raise medicare five fold and not ten fold. With the Democrats, a cut in a program they support is any amount less than their wildest hopes for funding that program. For example, Program Y is currently funded to the tune of three and one half billion dollars, they are touting five billion dollars for Program Y and the end result of negotiations they settle on four and a half billion dollars, then they will cry out that Program Y is being cut by half of a billion dollars. We actually have an old article on Politicians and their meaning of spending cuts if you care to be amused and potentially enlightened. For President Trump to get his agenda through Congress, he is going to have to pay the House Democrats’ price, and that will not necessarily be all bad nor will it be all good.


What is more important is the general direction of the future for the United States. For this, one will need to wait for the full coverage of the vote breakdown by age, location and virtually every other category. As we like to take stabs into the murkiness of the yet unknown, we are going to take a stab at what we think will be these breakdowns and what it will mean. Some of what we will be predicting should already be fairly obvious if anyone really cares to sit down and honestly think about these items. The first thing is the majority of the Republican voters are well over thirty, the dividing line past which we were told back in the day not to trust people past that age. Of course, now we are past that age, so can we trust ourselves. Truthfully, the majority of the Republican voters are over forty and, dare we say it, even fifty. Voters under twenty-five are well over 90% Democrat voters, especially those registered as close to deadlines for voting in any state. Those youth with a general education or soft-sciences education are coming out of college as sworn socialists and will probably remain as leftists well past age forty. Youth still in High School actually are not quite as bad off as maybe as many as eight percent would vote Republican though fewer would identify as conservative. There are some students who believe that the Democrat Party is conservative, and these are the lost generation for sure. The Social Democrat Party has the majority of its members, other than Bernie Sanders, under twenty-five in age. At a Social Democrat Convention, one might mistake it for Bernie Sanders on an outing with his grandchildren. The Democrats, which includes the Social Democrats, have invested their future in forming an education monopoly where the instructors strongly lean towards being dedicated socialists who believe that despite it having failed everywhere else, it has not been attempted here and they know they can make it work this time. Truth is, it cannot work for a simple reason, it is not driven by human nature.


You allow people to list their needs and also their ability you will very quickly receive very long lists of needs and find very few with abilities to fill the needs requests. That is socialism despite the fact that every socialist simply assumes everybody will work diligently and be worth more in productivity than the cost of their needs. Why, when working hard and doing nothing, will result in basically equal wages, or at least working at a very relaxed pace, as compared to working as hard as possible, results in the exact same amount of pay? Capitalism is based on that horrible and disgusting concept, according to everybody except a true capitalist, greed. You work hard to earn more and this is never more evident than at a worksite where one is paid by the number of completed units your group can produce. Piece-work is the purest form of Capitalism and it works because it benefits off of each worker’s greed. In Capitalism, if you work diligently, you will be able to get more of what you desire and if you work smart as well and find a means of self-employment where you can hire others to work hard while you work smart, then the sky is the limit. But, this time, according to many of our youth here as well as in the United States, the disease has reached every shore, Socialism will work because the groups in the United States know how to apply Socialism such that it works and they will not make the same mistakes as the last hundred and fifty cases who tried Socialism and failed. Can we simply say a half dozen words more about the wonderful results of Socialism; Soviet Union, Cuba, Ukraine, and Venezuela.


Now for what portends for the future of America. The youth are solidly Socialists and they become ever the more so with greater amounts of education. They have been so solidly locked into this Socialist belief structure that they are beyond reach probably well past forty and somewhere close to fifty. As the more conservative people educated before 1975 age out of the public roll, these youth will rapidly become the majority. This was evidenced in Texas despite the apparent ease with which Ted Cruz won reelection despite the polls predicting he would likely lose his seat. The seats for the House of Representatives went stronger for the Democrat Party with the Republicans losing three or four seats. Texas is going to be the most important state in the near future. Once the Democrats flip Texas, and do not even claim this cannot be done as they flipped Colorado and they are working on Texas with the same tactics, target specific regions, have the Californians fleeing California resettle in these vulnerable districts and then you flip the balance of the state. Should Texas land in the Democrat Party basket along with California and New York, the Democrats would simply be required to hold the remainder of the current states in which they have comfortable majorities and then they will love the Electoral College. Further, as more and more Americans reside in major metropolitan areas, these areas tend to play Democrat for sociological reasons, they will gain in the percentage of voters in many states. The further future of about a decade or two at the most the leftists will take control of the government. They will easily hold the House of Representatives and will take the Senate but by a slightly less of a percentage than the House and will at some point take the White House. Once the Democrats again attain the magic majorities with the White House, expect a retooling of the United States with little if any regard for the Constitution and by the time any of their measures have been taken to the Supreme Court, the damage will have been done.


The man who praised the United States in the most majestic of terms also defined what would bring the end of the great American experiment. That man was the French diplomat, political scientist and historian, Alexis de Tocqueville. He stated numerous times about the wonders, the faith and the love of freedom along with some like this, “In no other country in the world is the love of property keener or more alert than in the United States, and nowhere else does the majority display less inclination toward doctrines which in any way threaten the way property is owned,” where he stressed the importance of private ownership. But he has a few very prescient views about what would cause the American downfall of which the following is the more necessary for the current times where he stated, “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.” Many more Tocqueville quotes can be read here. But here in the near term we are going to see the Democrats in the House of Representatives doing everything to undermine President Trump. Speaker Nancy Pelosi will not have all the control of the future of the Democrat Party in the House of Representatives. You will have a number of committee chairs who will have their own demands on what needs be done to punish President Trump for his win against Hillary Clinton, the one they absolutely believe should have been President. There will be Maxine Waters, Elijah Cummings, Adam Schiff and others will each try to find some means of using their committee to begin an investigation into Trump’s mishandling or outright criminal behavior and then possibly demand impeachment on the grounds of whatever they can manufacture, or even find which is legitimate.


Capitol Cash Machine

Capitol Cash Machine


Should the Democrats in the House of Representatives actually push through Impeachment, which having a majority is easily accomplished, they only need a majority, the Senate requires two-thirds to find the President guilty and to remove him from office. So the Democrats in the House of Representatives go ahead and push Impeachment proceedings and send a bill of Impeachment to the Senate, what next. Well, the Senate must hold a trial and not just vote it down. This trial must have the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court as the acting person ruling the Senate, instead of the Vice President, and the charges need to be read and then there will be the representatives chosen by the House to be the Prosecutorial agents and the President will have his representative to take the side of the defense. The end result is already known unless the Democrats can find something so heinous that the majority of Republicans would decide that they could not defend the President, which is what happened to Nixon when the leading Republicans in the Senate informed President Nixon that they were not going to prevent his being Impeached from Office, which is why he resigned and we can assume Trump would do similarly if faced with such a proposition. The odds of the Democrats finding anything which even began to approach such a level of serious is highly unlikely, we would put it at next to impossible. But, as they say, hope springs eternal and so the Democrats will continue to chase after each passing idea just as the neighborhood dog chases after cars and probably with equal outcome.


The odds are that the House of Representatives will be so demanding and overplay their hand in such a fanatically fantastic manner as to provide the Republicans with quote after quote which they will be able to use to their advantage. We will bet that the Democrats will have sufficient wisdom not to allow Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to speak without having first become safely confident she had memorized her answers to any questions and was not going to go off of script and say whatever was echoing around in her head. Ms. Ocasio-Cortez has some of the greatest potential to be the gift which keeps on giving. Joe Biden was also a master of the gaffe, but at least he was amusing, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez lacks the breadth of experience nor has she the mastery of words to compete with Joe Biden, plus he gaffed in a far less toxic environment, today the political swamp is turning to acid. It was the overplaying of their hand under President Obama which brought the United States to where they are today with Donald Trump as President. There is a scintilla of truth when the Democrats claim that their taking of the House of Representatives is but a harbinger of things to come. We will close with a prediction that the Democrats will win the trifecta of a very comfortable majority in the House of Representatives, over sixty Senators and the White House in the 2028 election. As nothing placed on the Internet is ever lost, we are posting what will be potentially a great successful prediction or something which we will come to regret when on Wednesday, November 8, 2028, the majority of our followers will let us hear from them. So, we will promise to continue posting even if our prediction proves slightly less than correct.


Beyond the Cusp


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