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November 14, 2018

When You Question Your Own Right to Defend Yourself

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The current open fire conflict between Hamas and their terror allies with Israel has entered that troublesome stage where one side is attempting to bring calm and restore a less confrontational situation while from Gaza rockets continue at a lesser but sustained level. We keep being told that the Prime Minister is taking the stand that there is little to be gained from a full-on conflict with Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other Iranian proxies in Gaza. The reports claim that Netanyahu’s main political adversaries on the Security Cabinet probably pressing for a definitive series of acts to sweep much of the terror infrastructure from within Gaza so as to limit the ability of the terror entities to harm Israel further. Hamas is claiming that their actions are perfectly acceptable and understandable since they caught an IDF Special Forces team inside their territory on what was supposedly an intelligence-gathering mission. They were caught because the target was not empty when they arrived and that sounded the alarm which led to a firefight as the Israeli forces retreated back into Israel. Israel lost a Lieutenant Colonel and another soldier was wounded while Hamas lost a brigade commander and six other terrorist fighters. Where Hamas may believe that it is not permissible for Israeli forces to operate within Gaza, they have no problem when, as we reported yesterday, when their terrorists infiltrate Israel and set fire completely destroying a greenhouse or when they tunnel under the border in attempts to build infiltration tunnels from which they intend to kidnap civilians and destroy structures as well as murdering any Israeli they cannot subdue and take hostage. This double standard continues into who should stop striking targets first and how long the other side should be permitted to continue to fire into the other side. Hamas has always demanded that Israel cease first while they and their terror allies continue firing rockets for up to a day to a day and a half as long as the numbers of rockets slowly taper off. But all of this is completely ridiculous and is the result of a double standard which the world imposes on this situation.


Let us compare how the United States and the world operate when terrorists strike. When the horrific attacks of September 11, 2001, which destroyed the Twin Towers in New York City and the Pentagon across the river from Washington D.C., this resulted in the United States attacking the Taliban and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and then carrying this war into Iraq. When the Islamic State declared themselves to be a new nation holding far more territory than the size of Gaza, the United States with NATO support went across the world aiding the Kurdish fighters providing air support and tactical assistance including some Special Forces. When the Falkland Islands were attacked by Argentina, the British sailed an entire attack fleet in order to retake the Falkland Islands which Britain claims as their protectorate, where this was not even an attack on British homelands and only took place in a region both nations claim. When French citizens were affected by terrorists in Mali, France sent troops to exact their revenge and remove the terror threat. Well over four-hundred rockets have been launched into Israel targeting Israeli civilians and an RPG anti-tank missile was fired at a bus from which soldiers had just disembarked severely injuring the nineteen-year-old IDF driver while heavy mortars have also been launched at the residential neighborhoods closest to Gaza.


The Iron Dome has intercepted well over one-hundred rockets which require often a second interceptor to be fired when a first one had lost its lock on the target. Each of these intercepting missiles which Israel deploys cost $50,000 which places the cost to this point at likely over six and a half million dollars. But currently the United Nations and Egypt, we are told, are working to enact an end to the violence. The latest news is that Hamas has promised to lessen their rate of rocket barrages as they wait to see that Israel has really stood down and is no longer striking targets in Gaza. So, the great deal being offered is to lessen the rate of fire while demanding that Israel simply allow these attacks without responding. What Hamas is demanding is that they be permitted to claim complete victory over Israel because they intimidated the scared Israeli government to stop all military strikes because Hamas was so effective in destroying the Israeli ability to fight back. This has been their modus operandi, as well as the Palestinian Authority, in every confrontation with Israel. They demand that they be permitted the victory over Israel so they do not lose face and are the stronger force at the end of every conflict. The terrorists must be permitted hours to a day or a week of undeterred attacks while Israel is made to appear weak and simply begging for the terrorists to stop striking Israeli people and cast as being the beggar. Meanwhile, Arabic news services have reported that Hamas has agreed to give Israel peace at 3:30 this afternoon. Israel has not struck any sites in Gaza for the last few hours but they are demanding that they be permitted to fire for a while longer while Israel simply plays the poor and defenseless victims. One can expect that there will be numerous more rockets ending in a likely crescendo as the ceasefire is presumed to take effect.


The interviews with politicians have been with members of the opposition as those in the coalition need remain near the Knesset building in case they may be required to take a vote to back any decision reached by the Security Cabinet. We can guess what is occurring within this high level Security Cabinet debate. First, they receive briefings from the IDF General Command of the situation and the options which they can offer for discussion. The IDF General Command has been talking with the media, unofficially and insisting on anonymity. Their complaints have been that they cannot dedicate troops into any Gazan offensive and still remain capable of defending the north of the country should Hezballah also attack. Were this true, the entirety of the General Command should be replaced with leadership capable of making the IDF the formidable military force which used to place the fear of Heaven into any considering becoming an enemy to Israel. There are some commentators who claim that the Hamas, Islamic Jihad terror threat as well as the Hezballah terror threat will never be defeated unless Israel can also mitigate the threats originating from Iran, the nation which backs all of these terrorist forces. This is not an honest assessment as the threat from Gaza could be reduced to next to nothing by Israel retaking Gaza, weeding out the terrorist supporters, and pushing them into the wilds of the Sinai Peninsula. This would leave this an Egyptian problem which Egypt would act against as Hamas is also backed by the Muslim Brotherhood which opposes the government of President Sisi in Egypt. Israel could coordinate such an offensive to remove the terror existence within Gaza and press the terrorist forces between IDF troops and Egyptian military. There are means by which to completely mitigate the threat for the future. Any agreed upon ceasefire will simply mean that Israel will continue to have the rioting on the border which has been a constant threat since the end of March of 2018. Further, the calm such may succeed in attaining would be temporary until Hamas and Islamic Jihad decided it was time to return to launching up to a dozen rockets and mortars per week or more into Israel knowing that Israel would merely bomb a few empty buildings. Even when Israel retaliates, they have a drone drop a loud explosive device which does next to no damage onto the roof of the structure a few minutes before it is actually struck. This is called knocking the target which is the message to those inside to vacate the structure. More often than not, those inside are Hamas and Islamic Jihad related terrorists yet the desire not to take any life, even terrorists if it is avoidable, leads to this being the established policy. Name me another nation which warns their enemy combatants before bombing targets, name just one. Allow us to make it simple, there is no other nation where such is their policy or even something they would ever consider.


Many Israelis are becoming disillusioned with their governance leaving such threats intact and not working to completely eradicate these enemies of the state and leaving their own people under threat. There are still rockets being fired into Israel and the presumed time for them to end is now passed. The barrage we expected is currently being fired into Israel and we will need to wait and see if this is a final barrage or simply the leading launches of the next set of rockets into Israel. Meanwhile, the Security Cabinet is in their seventh hour attempting to decide what steps Israel should employ, very likely with Prime Minister Netanyahu attempting to wear down all opposition so that when elections come he can claim that the entire Security Cabinet was in agreement and thus he was not to blame, he was forced into doing next to nothing. There are many who have been paying attention and realize that Netanyahu believes that as long as the threats remain the same, then he can play the card claiming that he is the only leader with the level-headed approach which has kept the country largely at peace. Then he simply asks, who else do you think can handle this job of Prime Minister, who has the experience as Prime Minister as he has. As he has been Prime Minister for approximately the last decade, of course he is the sole person with experience as Prime Minister, but by his reasoning, only former Prime Ministers would be eligible to be considered by the Israeli people. That idea is absurd, but thus far, it has worked for Netanyahu to keep a stranglehold on the top spot. Here we are well past the time which the rockets were supposed to stop and there are more alerts sounding as the rockets continue to be launched.


Yet, believe it or not, Israel is continuing to permit truckloads of goods to enter into Gaza, Israel is still providing natural gas, electricity and other utilities to Gaza and Israel just passed fifteen-million dollars sent by Qatar by an envoy with the intent to end the Gaza rioting on the border. We cannot respond to whether or not the border riots are continuing as the rocket launchings have taken over the entirety of the news. We suspect that the rioting has continued as one Gazan was shot when he destroyed part of the border fence and was attempting to infiltrate Israel and that is a fairly accurate sign that the riots are continuing as well as the rocket barrages. Reports are in that Turkish President Erdogan has demanded Israel cease their strikes against Hamas. This is the same Erdogan who sent his troops across the border into Syria taking advantage of the disorder of the civil war as cover to annihilate as many Kurdish as possible. He attacked the Kurds who had not struck anywhere in Turkey but Erdogan declared them terrorists which he claimed that he had every right to murder even the noncombatants as well as those who were combatants in the Syrian civil war, not anything to do with Turkey. Why does the world demand that Israel treat terrorist entities as if they were developed nations which must have their territory respected by Israel and no harm must be committed against the Hamas leadership as when Israel did target leadership of Hamas and Islamic Jihad and the world went berserk as if Israel was targeting the leadership of respected nations. There were hearings at the United Nations General Assembly and even in the Security Council as well as by the Human Rights Council while the European Union and numerous European nations condemned Israel for assassinating the ruling leaders of Gaza. When did Gaza become an independent nation? Do they have a representative in the United Nations? We do not believe so. How about having a representative in the Arab League? Nope, they do not have one even there. So, what makes this terrorist group into a protected status to be treated with the respect of an actual country despite knowing that they do not keep agreements and act in every manner exactly like what they are, terrorists. There is an answer, and it is frightening. They are granted so much respect because of two simple items, one is they largely target Jews, in this case Israel and nobody else, and Israel has not simply taken the initiative and wiped them from the face of the earth. Eventually, Israel will be forced to do exactly that, wipe Hamas and Islamic Jihad and hopefully Hezballah as well and end the terror threats which surround Israel. There would be an additional benefit from doing so, the Palestinian Authority would realize that their time was up and if they desired any form of a solution, then they are required to reach one immediately. This would actually serve to end the entirety of the Arab-Israeli conflict once and for all, as the surrounding Arab nations would also be forced to reach their own ends of animosity and realize Israel is not going to go away, ever.


There are reports that when Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu visited Oman and permitted the transfer of funds to Hamas in order to establish peace on the border, Iran was upset and ordered Islamic Jihad to launch rockets into Israel at the first available excuse or even without an excuse. They had launched one barrage over the firefight which took place this week and by doing so, they compromised any position Hamas could take for peace forcing them to also launch. Islamic Jihad, like Hamas and Hezballah, receive money and weapons from Iran but while Hamas is not directly subordinate to Iran, Islamic Jihad is exactly like Hezballah as a direct group which takes its marching orders from Tehran and the Iranian Mullahs. Iranian leaders like to refer to Israel as a “One bomb state” as they feel that one nuclear bomb dropped on Tel Aviv would end Israeli abilities to resist any attack. Newsmax reported about Khamenei’s writing a four-hundred-sixteen-page book titled “Palestine,” where “Supreme ruler Ayatollah Khamenei of Iran has published expounded on how to destroy Israel,” arguing that his position is based on “well-established Islamic principles.” This makes any activities against Israel acceptable under the Iranian definitions taken from the Quran and thus these actions must be recognized as being permissible by the rest of the world. We also need to remind everyone that the Supreme Leader of Iran has a few delusions of grandeur and honestly believes his position makes him the world leader as he rules the world’s foremost superpower. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but in this individual’s case, he only recognized his own reflection in the mirror and all others are inconsequential in his contorted views of the world. While Khamenei refers to anti-Semitism as being a European notion, he claims that his perspective is based on “well-established Islamic principles,” and is thus his anti-Semitism is justified and not at all racist. For a small taste of his views, allow us to refer you to his diatribe on Twitter which apparently is not against Twitter’s policies, at least up to now. Well, guess this adds another spin on events and one must decide if it is worth adding to the mix. It does explain why rockets continued being fired after the deadline, possibly.


The Security Cabinet came to their unanimous decision to back the stand down position of Bibi Netanyahu after he literally wore them out. Thus far, there is calm for the last few hours but whether it lasts through the night is the first test. A second test will come if and when Iran demands of Islamic Jihad that they break the calm with yet another barrage of rockets in order to force Israel into taking more serious and drastic actions. When such should occur, and we hope it does not, you can bet that Iran will lead the world in condemning Israel in the General Assembly and in demanding that the Security Council condemn Israel. We are still waiting for Iran to demand first that Israel be removed from the United Nations, then demand that Article 80 of the United Nations Charter be reworded such that Israel becomes no longer a part of the Mandate and then finally that the United Nations strike the November 1947 decision which they claim is what allowed Israel to come into existence. What Iran probably does not understand is that Israel declared itself a nation and this was accepted by the international community at that time and these are some things which can never be reversed.


Now there will be the endless debates as to what should have been done, why what was done had been done, and why what had not been done did not get done. There will be interviews with the Security Cabinet members where some, potentially many, who will claim that they did not vote for the presumably unanimous decision. The one person who will likely be the most duplicitous will be Bibi. He will be playing the rest of the Security Cabinet off against one another. Then there are going to be interviews with numerous members of the communities bordering Gaza who will be extremely upset as they will be the people whose lives are going to be destroyed when Hamas or Islamic Jihad decide to launch into another round of destructions. They will make different demands, claims and solutions all the while demanding they desire to have the same feelings of security and safety which people residing in the wealthy neighborhoods surrounding Tel Aviv. Their will be the claim that they are left to suffer the slings, arrows and rockets of outrageous displays of hatred towards Israel. We will hear that it also comes down to they lack the monetary leverage and that this is what is behind the lack of action to relieve the terror from their doorstep. All of these arguments have their validity and there will be one other claim which does not hold water, the claim that the rest of the country does not care what happens to them with these insane rocket assaults. Meanwhile, the people in Gaza are celebrating showing up Israel and its mighty IDF and that Israel ran at the sight of their determination like a little girl whose dress was just ruined by the schoolyard bully. That will be laid against the demonstrating of the Gaza area Israelis who are most visibly upset.


We do not need rehash what we desired but it is worth noting that there are many Israelis very upset outside of the Gaza region. Israelis know that Israel just displayed weakness which Iran knows is due to their problem on the northern border, Hezballah and over one-hundred-fifty-thousand rockets of varying sizes and that the largest to smallest are aligned to be given guidance systems which will change them into guided missiles and thus far more dangerous. Iran has tested Israel and her grade was F, for fraught with fear. Next is the media war against Israel where the world will question whether Israel has the right to enter Gaza to gather intelligence and if it was intelligent for them to do so when a lasting peace was within reach. Eventually, especially in Western Europe, the intelligence gathering by Israel will be the reason for this round of rockets. The question will come down to the Gazans under Hamas who still do not have a place to live because Israel destroyed their apartment building or a place to work because Israel stifles their economy or any of a multitude of sins all committed by Israel against the people of Gaza. There will be no mention or minimal emphasis on the facts that Hamas and Islamic Jihad steal over 80% of the rebuilding provisions sent to construct the needed apartments, schools, clinics and other necessities in order to build their underground network of tunnels, bunkers and also infiltration tunnels into Israel for the purpose of surprise attacks and the attempts to kidnap Israeli civilians. We will see pictures of destroyed areas many of which have sat like that for approaching five or more years as there has been little if any work performed despite building supplies provided by the European Union, United Nations, different European nations and the United States, the vast majority of which was confiscated to build the above mentioned and whatever pipes which could be made into launchers and rockets. The media will be attempting to maximize the sympathy for the Gazans in order to provide cover for giving them massive reconstruction aid which will accomplish nothing, but that aid will go a long way towards the next round where the rockets will fly and some Israelis will pay for that with their lives.


Distance Between Israel and Iran with Size Comparison

Distance Between Israel and Iran with Size Comparison


In the end, there is the reality that Iran can call for attacks on either or both the northern and southern borders of Israel. Where Hezballah has the rocket inventory which has numerous, possibly close to half, of their rockets capable of striking anywhere within Israel with some very heavy payloads as well as a vast array of smaller rockets which will plague the norther communities as Israel concentrates on the larger rockets and protecting the nation from larger rockets which could rain down on Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Beersheva and even to Eilat at the southern tip of Israel. Hamas, from the south, is incapable of striking throughout Israel but has proven to be capable of reaching much further than was anticipated during the last war. Tel Aviv is definitively within their range and they have shown the capability of striking Jerusalem and Haifa which leaves only the farthest north communities still outside their reach. Both of these terrorist forces can strike Tel Aviv and the fear is that Hamas will develop an arsenal with the same capabilities as Hezballah and in similar numbers and they too will be provided with these guidance systems which Hezballah is now retrofitting their rockets with to make them deadly accurate. All of these developments will come to pass, as Iran is deadly serious about their desire to wipe Israel out to the last Jew. If they murder some two and a half million Israelis who are not Jews and even includes a fair number of Muslims, so be it, such does not bother them. The best possible scenario for Iran would be to be able to turn over the destruction of Israel to their terrorist proxies and not be required of directly striking Israel until Israel has been severely degraded through weeks of missile barrages of rockets which could take out all of the airfields and destroy much of the IDF capability to resist an Iranian invasion. This is the question and it is Iran which is the eight-hundred-pound gorilla currently destroying the Middle East. Look at the violence which has destroyed much of Iraq, all of Yemen, and turned Lebanon into a terror state and devastated Syria while assisting Turkey in the depopulation of the Kurdish regions. Hezballah and Islamic Jihad are just two of the terrorist armies which are simply appendages of Iran and Hamas has become their puppet. The center of the problems in the Middle East and coming soon to the remainder of the world is Iran, and Iran is not merely an Israeli problem. Iran has delusions that they will be the rulers of the world and that Shia Islam the sole religion in the world, and that all of this is simply a matter of time. They have built and are continuing to construct nuclear weapons for use to destroy all who resist their world conquest starting with the United States and Israel. The main question is whether or not they have the technology to build thermonuclear weapons, the H-bomb, as well as the deuterium and tritium required to construct them. If they wish to use hydrogen, well, they have access to oceans of water from which to extract it. The real problem is the world must realize that just as Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezballah claim to have a love for the land which is Israel and, to prove so, they are willing to explode and burn every square millimeter of it to the ground; Iran craves to control the world and if this means that they rule over a nuclear cinder, they are willing to destroy the entirety if they are not allowed to rule over all the world. Such threats are not to be taken lightly and for peace to come to our world, there are a few disorders left which threaten all we have become and it really would be nice to go to the far reaches of space before the world is destroyed by maniacal forces looking to lord over its entirety. The current largest threat originates in Tehran and the people of Iran are suffering the consequences of their Mullocracy. This is one problem the world should not leave for Israel and really does not want Israel to try and take Iran on alone. Unfortunately, that appears to be the case if President Trump remains hamstrung by the media, Congress and the plethora of other emergencies and troubles he sees on his plate. Iran may be drowned out and their threat not clearly heard over the cacophonic din.


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