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November 21, 2018

Rebirth of an Ancient Hatred: Part 1

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Anti-Semitism has returned to our world with a vengeance and many are demanding to know how, why and from where. The answer is actually very telling and exceedingly ugly requiring many of us to take a long and hard look into the mirror on our souls, and this terrifyingly includes a sizable number of Jews. This time around it is easy to blame the initial root cause, but the truth is the root cause has been in the hearts of far too many for whom even the horrors of the Shoah (Holocaust) was not a sufficient wake-up call to rid themselves of their deeply seated hatred for Jews. Many people have come upon their own reasons for permitting the seed of Jew-hatred to grow which are directly traceable to their politics and the convenience of justifying everything by blaming the Jews. The worst part of this latest wave over-washing nearly every society is that they refuse to demand those stoking this hatred stop their incitement. Even more to the root, many refuse to even consider their hate to be unfounded and some even sit at the gateway to information and are knowingly complicit. This round of hatred began around fourteen-hundred years ago and has festered with periods of increased hate and periods of tolerance, but the present time has seen a serious increase in the hatred against the Jews and against the Jewish State, Israel.


This hate had been building in the Islamic Worlds, specifically the Arab Muslim World, and had continued to grow in direct proportion to the efforts of the Zionists to kindle the hope and promise for the Jews to return to their ancient homelands. The Arabs and Muslims were aware that the originating lands for the Jewish People were in the Middle East centered on Jerusalem as it is written in the Quran. The Quran even instructs that if the Jews reside in these lands and follow scripture, the Torah, keeping the Commandments, then they are to be left at peace. But there is that pesky little item known as Abrogation by which if a verse contradicts an earlier verse, then the earlier verse is superseded by the later verse. This is where one of the shorter verses which was said to be amongst the last given by Muhammad, Verse 9:5, which is translated below, by abrogation completely altered the former Quranic claims that the area of Israel rightfully belongs to the Jews who follow the laws of Torah.

Mohsin Khan: Then when the Sacred Months have passed, then kill the Mushrikun (disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah, idolaters, polytheists, pagans, etc. according to V.2:105) wherever you find them, and capture them and besiege them, and prepare for them each and every ambush. But if they repent and perform As-Salat (Iqamat-as-Salat), and give Zakat, then leave their way free. Verily, Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

Accordingly, Quran Verse 9:5 was also said to include the Jews and Christians also giving succor to those Islamic leaders who wished to confiscate the wealth of the Jews and Christians residing under their rule to force them to convert or die. When one performs Iqamat-as-Salat, what they are doing is reciting the verses which profess to have become Muslims and faithfulness to Allah renouncing their former beliefs. What would often be the price to prove their dedication to their new faith would be to give a hefty sum of money to their Sultan, Emir, Ayatollah, Imam or other leader which could be anywhere from a mere 35% to everything they had and owned. A true follower of Allah needs not material items, especially when the leader is short of funds. Of course, if they refused conversion, upon their death everything would be taken to their ruler as spoils of the spread of Islam. In more recent times, other teachings have also come to the fore such as any lands which had once been cleansed and purified by Islamic conquest and served Allah must forever remain under Islamic rule. This became a primary cause upon the return of the Zionists who were buying lands and planning on creating their own country with time. Every piece of land bought by a Jew was now grist for the Imam’s sermon claiming that these plots of land must be retaken for Allah and the usurpers who were stealing Arab Muslim rightful lands must be punished. This led to numerous pogroms with the major occurrences of violence from April 1936 through August 1939, Hevron and Jerusalem anti-Jew violence on August 23, 1929 to August 29, 1929, further rioting came in October of 1933 spilling into November, and finally, 1920 Jerusalem riots starting on Sunday, April 4, 1920 running through Wednesday, April 7, 1920. These were the culmination of growing anger at the Jewish, by Arab standards, stealing, despite often paying premium prices and sometimes having to buy the same plot of land from multiple Arabs who claimed ownership and demanded they be paid for their land which a Jew or Jews had stolen. Such fabrications were just the start of what would with time become an industry.


Inventing facts continued and has had devastating influence to the facts which many believe to be valid and thus cling to them in the Western World, as after all, it was on the news with film and everything. The two best examples of this kind of reporting which both went viral and were considered absolute truth were the Jenin Massacre and the shooting Death of al-Dura. Both turned out to be complete fabrications. We have covered the Jenin Massacre lie in our article What is Said About the IDF? replete with a typical picture used by the world media and an overhead of the complete city of Jenin, a blown-up picture of the refugee camp and from there a picture of the actual combat area which measures slightly larger than two football fields laid side-by-side. The other story about the “death” of al-Dura exploded when the French television station which first carried the story, this had the most to lose, sued the main debunker of the lie who refused to cease speaking of their insidiousness. They lost their libel suit and their entire falsehoods were laid bare when the judge, to his enormous credit, demanded to see the entire unedited and uncut film of the event. When he was given a slightly less edited film which still was missing about half of a minute of film which had been cut from mid-clip, he made his request into an order and demanded that this time he receive the complete and full film. Once the Judge viewed that piece of film, he immediately dismissed the libel suit demanding that the television station pay for the plaintiffs legal costs and reimburse him for his time lost, an extreme order especially in Europe. That should have been the end of the al-Dura myth, as it has become to be known. Neither of these two bald faced lies have gone away. Within the Arab and Muslim World both are just as true as they were at their height. Many still believe that thousands were killed at the Jenin Refugee Camp and that they were largely families and innocents and even more hold to the story that al-Dura was mercilessly murdered by the IDF during a firefight with terrorists and that the IDF refused to stop shooting long enough for father and son to get to safety. These lies are still repeated anywhere in the world you wish to sample.


But with what we have learned and realized about the news going back to Viet Nam and we must assume further back, that the news is manufactured to present the views that the largely leftist news presenting companies desire you to understand. Probably the greatest lie ever perpetrated on the United States television from the last century had to be Walter Cronkite, the most trusted man on the planet, when he reported about how the United States forces in Viet Nam had been routed and the war was lost after the highly successful operations by the North Vietnamese in the Tet Offensive. The reality was that at the end of the day, or the fighting, the North Vietnamese had suffered such a devastating loss that their military capabilities had been completely destroyed and their forces devastated. But that did not meet with what Mr. Cronkite’s minders desired for the American public to think. For Communism to spread, Viet Nam had to fall such that then Cambodia would fall and the dominoes would all topple. Well, Cambodia went Communist and it kind of just petered-out at that juncture. The infestation known as Communism has struck numerous other places along with other forms of socialism, all of which resulted in an impoverished nation with a small number of self-appointed elites getting whatever funds they desired and living very well. Most of these nations which went to the far-left with extreme forms of socialism or some variation of Communism all more often than not also had rampant anti-Semitism. In a fair number of these nations, even ones with next to no Jews residing within, would blame their economic woes on the Jews, either their small minority or the international Jewish cabal and related conspiracy theories. But these were not the main driving force behind resurgent anti-Semitism.


International Jewish Cabal

International Jewish Cabal


Much of the anti-Semitism we are witnessing today in the United States and most definitely in Europe is centered on hate and distrust of Israel and sympathy for the Palestinian Arabs. This has had the backing of millions of dollars invested in propaganda and the infiltration of Arab citizens of the Western nations into selected positions of local governments which are now reaching the point of attempting to win seats in national governments. Much of the anti-Semitism has an ulterior motive working the plan to isolate Israel from the developed world. Their message was more readily accepted in third world nations and those in the developing nations with a few outstanding exceptions such as Brazil and India. Largely, these nations have been inducted into a voting block in the United Nations such that it has become automatic in the General Assembly for any motion condemning Israel to pass overwhelmingly often with votes such as 109 condemning Israel, 30 to 40 abstaining or not voting and as many as 12 actually voting against the condemnations of Israel. Having such a voting block has led to virtually every United Nations agency or committee also falling in line and voting to condemn Israel or even deny any Jewish attachment to their ancient homelands as witnessed both in the Bible and by archaeological finds. The worst of these have been the Human Right Council, UNESCO, UNICEF, the Durban Conferences which were initially called the World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance and lastly, the we hope soon to be defunct, UNWRA. For another example, the Human Rights Council has passed more resolutions against Israel than all other countries combined and Israel is the only nation in the world that has a standing agenda item against it at the start of every session before any other business can be attended. Oh, we did leave out one position which bears mention as it is designed with two purposes, to repeat ad-nauseum every gripe made by the Palestinian Authority and work diligently to tarnish Israel to the point that it can be declared a non-nation and stripped of its right to self-rule placing them under the kindly tentacles of the Palestinian Authority if at all possible, and this position is the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Palestinian Human Rights. Israel was condemned by the forty-five-member Commission on the Status of Women because of honor killings of women within the Palestinian semi-autonomous regions and other obstacles for Palestinian women’s advancement. We could continue with the United Nations but this should be more than sufficient.


The problem with all of these is that they write headlines and are grist for the opinion mill where the United Nations can be used to justify anti-Semitism and any form of condemnation of Israel. If you can imagine a reason why Israel is the worst thing to happen in all of history, then it is highly probable that some United Nations agency or approved NGO has found data and reason to back-up your claim and give it the gravitas it should have been denied. When people read in the New York Times, Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, Chicago Tribune or any of a thousand other left-leaning or pure leftist newspapers at least once a month if not per week an article above the fold on page one about Israel being condemned for some inhuman acts or atrocities, this will have an effect on people and their reaction will not be just concerning Israel, but most will also apply it to Jews generally. It is common knowledge that Israel and Jews are interchangeable and that every Jew loves Israel even more than the country in which they reside. The only problem is that statement is as false as any trope we have heard concerning Jews. There are even some orthodox sects of Jews who do not recognize the right of Israel to be the Jewish State because their interpretation is that only the Messiah can bring the Jews back to Israel and until then we are condemned as Jews to wander the world from nation to nation as their will to permit us to exist flows. There are a number of such Jews who live in Israel and are so convinced of this that they refuse to take citizenship or vote, though they do take the healthcare. There are a number of Jews which would surprise many who place their leftist political proclivities far ahead of Israel and their Judaism. Other Jews have replaced the Commandments and Mitzvahs of the Torah with the political platform of the Democrat Party. These are the Jews who belong to such groups as If Not Now, Jewish Voice for Peace, New Israel Fund, Breaking the Silence, Not in Our Name, Jews for Justice for Palestinians and others who work diligently against the Israeli government. Many of these groups would be quiet and happy if only the “correct and proper” people who “think properly” and who support a “sane and rational” set of policies. They would not protest much of anything were the Labor Party to form the government coalition with Meretz, the other parties in the Zionist Union (which is largely not Zionist) and whichever other parties were to form a government. The fact that a pro-Zionist government, which also includes religious parties, is in power is the major reason why these groups are so furious. They desire an Israel which is a democracy with no attachment to Judaism and which would simply give the Palestinian Arabs anything and everything they demanded even to the point of allowing them to make a single nation with all the Palestinian Arabs granted full citizenship and even some would permit the millions of “Palestinian refugees” to also come into Israel with citizenship because they honestly have swallowed the idea that were Israel to be a nation with seven-million Jews and four-million Arabs with one million people of other religious denominations including Christians and add in ten to twelve-million Palestinian Arabs that Israel would remain free and the Basic Laws would protect the Jewish minority. The problem is that these Jews, especially the ones who are Israelis, give those who desire to blame Israel for the problems in the Middle East the backing to do so because they can claim that even Jews realize that Israel is horrible.


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