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November 26, 2018

Human Right Council Hubris Continues Unabated


Name a nation which does not have a document or two or even a dozen which sets the reason the nation was established and the basics which were the founding principles. Some were written as the defining the reason for their establishment often to accompany their fight for independence. For the United States that was the Declaration of Independence based on the drafted statement written by Thomas Jefferson and which was accepted almost unaltered. Britain has a number of such documents aligning the power structure amongst other declarations by the Monarchy and the Magna Carta which was the first step in cracking the previously unscalable wall around the Monarch. In most nations, it comes in the form of a declaration of independence which lays out the basics. Often these declarations are restated in declarations passed as laws which simply reestablish the basics while altering nothing in the existing legal system. Such declarations are more often than not ignored beyond those behind it declaring that they are the most nationalist of those amongst the government. This often is used in their campaigns and for little more. But then there is the exception when such a declaration is challenged simply because this restating of the obvious was done by Israel. How dare the Israeli Knesset be so arrogant, so audacious, so haughty, so contemptuous of all that is true to pass a law defining the reasoning behind the establishing of the State of Israel. Well, at least that is the position of the Human Right Council who has demanded clarifications from the Israeli government regarding the Nationality Law.


Behind this inquisition daring to threaten a member state of the United Nations with condemnation if clarifications are not received within sixty days is inspired by four representatives of the United Nations Human Rights Council. The entire imbroglio came following complaints filed by the High Follow-Up Committee for Arab Citizens of Israel and MKs from the Arab Joint List, headed by MK Yousef Jabareen. How surprising that the exact forces which have voice within the Knesset, the Israeli government, also have full rights in the courts of law, in business, in choice of residence, in religious practice and even in political power including voting and running for office. Arabs are represented in every public forum in Israel even to having sat as justices on the Israeli Supreme Court and they still use every level at their command to attempt and destroy the nation. These forces are set to try and destroy the Jewish State and replace it with an Arab nation where the Jews will have no rights as they will be Dhimmis. This is the driving purpose behind these actions and as is well documented, if any arm of the United Nations from the General Assembly, Human Rights Council, UNESCO, UNICEF and countless NGOs has the slightest reason to work for the destruction of the Jewish State, they will leap anxiously and with great fervor to work towards that end. This is no different. Israeli United Nations Ambassador Danny Danon responded stating, “The Council has no right to demand anything from us until it removes its clear bias against the State of Israel. This is another product of a campaign of lies and slander directed by some Arab Knesset members against the State of Israel in cooperation with anti-Israel elements in the diplomatic arena.” All this leaves is to discuss what the Nationality Law actually states. We have already discussed the Nationality Law in depth in our article, “Israeli Nationality Law and What it Does Do, Does Not Do and Why.” So, allow us to use this instead to discuss the real problem, the United Nations.


The United Nations originally consisted of fifty-one nations when it was founded in 1945 and grown from there. In 1955, sixteen nations were allowed to join and became members. Seventeen more nations were added in 1960 followed by a steady increase until the joining by South Sudan bringing the number of members to 193 member nations plus a number of observer entities amongst which are included the Vatican and Palestinian Authority. These increased membership led to two main groups which have united to all but rule the United Nations. These two groups are the 57 Muslim countries, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation with a subset of the 21 Arab Muslim states, the Arab League and the other is the NAM, the Non-Aligned Movement which claims over 100 nation members. Needless to say, but we will, combined front by the OIC and the NAM voting mostly together on set campaigns using the United Nations for their own needs which often consist of two main threads, redistribution of wealth from the developed world to the NAM nations and the destruction of the State of Israel. When they can easily garner between one-hundred-ten to over one-hundred-fifty votes at any moment in the General Assembly and through their numbers also run the majority of the separate organs of the United Nations. This has led to the plethora of useless motions against Israel all targeting her right to continue to exist. The actual numbers are frightening and one basic proof of the length these nations have diverted the entire forces of the United Nations is that the Human Rights Council has as a requirement that every meeting called must start with a motion denouncing Israel. This practice is what led to the reestablishing of the Human Rights arm of the United Nations, but apparently, this is the one item which will trip up every arm of the United Nations in our age.


This latest singling out of Israel for passing a Basic Law which restates the founding principle of Israel as the Home of the Jewish People, a restating of well-known history, formalizes and fixes the National Anthem to be Hatikvah (translates to “The Hope”), sets the flag of Israel to be the blue Star of David with two horizontal lines, with one above and the other below, set upon a white field (see image below), recognizes the national language to be Hebrew and sets Arabic as having special status (this may be amended to include a few other languages as special as they belong to other minorities who resided here at the founding of the state), formalizes that the laws of the State of Israel are to be based upon Jewish Law, formalizes that the Jewish Holidays are national holidays, formalizes using the Hebrew calendar and lays out a few other lesser items. Perhaps the most drastic of these statements is the National Anthem which Arabs and others have claimed that it has no relevance for them. We would be willing to bet that the national songs of many nations are not particularly relevant to the entirety of their populations. This should not be anything of great surprise to the world but when it concerns Israel. Any reason no matter how minor or tortured an excuse is good enough, where do we sign on to absolutely any condemnation of the sole Jewish State. But they will decry any condemnation that they are being anti-Semitic by claiming that they do not hate the Jews, they just have problems with Israel. Many of these nations would be hard pressed to claim they have any love for the Jewish People as many had forced or coerced their Jews to leave under duress after their wealth had been stripped and when seeking a new home found that most of the world had no room and posted “no vacancy” signs except Israel. These events took place largely between 1949 through the early 1960’s and the fact that unless these refugees had relatives willing to sign declaring financial responsibility for their relatives, the Jews were unwelcomed virtually the world over and almost one-million Jews came to Israel from the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) Arab States. There is no mention of restricting or adding to the rights of any group within Israel as these same items have been stated in the Israeli Declaration of Independence as well as other documents and laws but had not been combined in any place made a Basic Law. The Israeli Declaration of Independence was not set as law and remained a founding document; this incorporated these items in law as a statement of facts and nothing more or less. The attacks on this law as discriminatory as they claim there are no other nations which claim religion as their founding principle in any form the world over. Really, we will need to look at that.


Israeli Flag

Israeli Flag


Let us simply look at the nations which may have had some laws or declarations claiming a religious statement in their founding or placed such into law and based their laws on a religious legal structure. We have the Islamic Republic of Iran which bases all its laws upon the Quran. Its governance is based upon religious power with the Supreme Leader Grand Ayatollah at the head of the government and whose decisions cover all the various levels of power. Saudi Arabia declares that the Quran and the Sunnah (the traditions of Muhammad) are declared to be the country’s constitution. Sharia is the basis of the law from where Sharia applies in full to much of the world could be claimed as Sharia free (see map below). Further explanations can be found here. On forms of Christianity as the official religions of nations have some obvious states such as England and the Anglican Church, the Church of Denmark is a branch of the Lutheran faith, Vatican City is the beating heart of Catholicism, Tonga declared to be based on the Free Wesleyan Church, Norway is another declared Lutheran nation, Malta in their constitution declares the state religion to be the Roman Catholic Apostolic Religion, Greece declares the Greek Orthodox Church, Liechtenstein has declared the Catholic Church and the Faroe Islands declared to follow the Church of the Faroe Islands (more information can be read here). Apparently the declaration that Israel as the home of the Jewish People being the sole nation basing itself on a religion is not as alone as we have been led to believe, which really should be no surprise.


Levels of Applied Sharia in the World

Levels of Applied Sharia in the World


Part of the United Nations obsession with Israel, which has been further manifest with this inane demand for explanation from Israel for declaring a basis for the nation and defining its flag, national anthem, language and secondary languages, and being based on Jewish Law (Torah) and the home for the Jewish People is not so singular but simply another example of the United Nations incriminating Israel for having the audacity to do the exact thing numerous other nations have done without drawing even a wrinkled brow. Actions such as this latest incredulity performed by the Human Right Council is the exact reason that not only Israel, but also the United States have announced and are resigning from the Human Rights Council and UNESCO until they are capable of rectifying their overt obsession over Israel and any minutia they find upon which they can write words of condemnation around not overlooking anything. We are waiting for UNESCO to claim that Israel is using codified traffic light signaling designed by Islam five centuries ago where there was a yellow before both green and red and three flashes of the green before the yellow followed by red in order to make intersection less likely to result with two vehicles contenting identical spaces of roadway. Just for information, from what we have witnessed, this system has worked quite well. Additionally to the numerous special sessions called by the Human Rights Council to condemn Israel, actually more of these than they had regular sessions where they opened by denouncing Israel, it is their way of clearing their throats, there is UNESCO which has determined that virtually every Jewish and Christian religious site is actually an Islamic site with no historic reference to Judaism or the history of the Jewish People. Of course these claims are so deeply steeped in Islamic propaganda that as the final prophesy have replaced all of Judaism and every form of Christianity and if your faith is Abrahamic and not under Islam, then you are an apostate. This is becoming the basis of many declarations which have come from UNESCO as well as even UNICEF has decided that Palestinian Arab children are far more worthy of sympathy and protection than Jewish children across their common borders. The United Nations Commission on the Status of Women considered a proposal sponsored by the Palestinians and South Africa which condemned Israel for the Honor Killings and other deprivations of Palestinian Arab women and was adopted by a vote of 27-2 with 13 abstentions. The United States and Israel voted against it and European Union members abstained. The United Nations obsession with Israel destroys their credibility and erodes the effectiveness of everything else they perform which damages some very worthwhile areas. On the plus side of the ledger, it is not completely empty. There was a resolution calling on developed countries to make their knowledge and expertise in the field of agricultural technology more accessible to the developing world introduced and written by Israel which passed in the General Assembly by a vote of 118 countries in favor, with 29 abstentions and no objections. Even a broken clock is correct twice a day. Who knows, another fifty years and we receive yet another “atta-boy” from the tyrants on the East River in Turtle Bay.


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