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November 30, 2018

Why the World Seeks to Destroy Israel


The world has been attempting to destroy Israel simply because it is the Jewish State and because of their dependence on oil. Until the late 1960’s and more readily the early 1970’s even the United States was, at best, neutral regarding Israel. People believe that the United States had supported Israel from the beginning because Truman voted for the Israeli statehood at the United Nations in that presumed crucial vote. What most ignore or are unaware of, is that immediately after Israel declared statehood, the United States imposed an arms embargo under pressure from the State Department and the Defense Department of the time. This embargo remained in place until almost 1970 (see graph below) when President Lyndon Baines Johnson realized that Israel could be a permanent and dedicated ally and also the Defense Department and United States aviation industry also desired preventing the Israeli entry into the world’s fighter aircraft industry with the Lavi fighter which Israel was planning on putting into production. Ever since, Israel has been dependent on United States military aid, specifically for fighter aircraft. This is an area where the leadership of Israel should be carefully considering reentering this market with a sixth generation aircraft as the continued graces of the United States is questionable. One only need listen and read about some of the newly elected individuals entering national politics and their visceral hatred for the Jewish State. They are the future which is part of what we will cover.


United States Israel Aid (Military)

United States Israel Aid (Military)


Aid for Israel has had bipartisan support for quite a period, longer than any other issue that comes to mind. That phenomenon is coming to an abrupt end. What is almost strange is initially support for Israel began on the left and had been slowly moved rightward. This made it a centrist issue as it slowly meandered across the political frame. Soon, support for Israel will end up as an issue supported by the right until it falls off the political frame and is simply a non-issue. As such, it will bring United States support for Israel slowly to an end. This is something the Israelis need to awaken and realize what is ahead. Preparation for this scenario, Israel will need to find a new source, preferably in making their own factories, providing firearms, bullets, heavy weapons, financing for the Iron Dome, naval vessels, submarines (as Germany will be less giving once the United States ends their support), space launch vehicles and most important fighter aircraft and all other supporting equipment. The up side will be the creation of thousands of highly paying jobs which will largely make up for the loss of United States aid. What is interesting is the fact that United States aid has become something which Israel could make do without if push comes to shove. United States has provided approximately three billion of dollars steadily since 1975 through to the current time. When one compares United States aid against Israeli GDP (see graph below), one will note that up to around 1980 this aid virtually equaled the entirety of the Israeli GDP. Then when looking at this since 2010, this ratio has flipped severely and United States aid has become a mere one to one and a half percent of Israeli GDP. When one realizes the additional jobs which would result from Israel producing their military goods in country, just as Israel makes their own tanks, the Merkava compared to the M1A2 Abrams with the Merkava rated as comparable in most attributes with a few where it gives ground and a few where it has more advanced and innovative adaptations. It is highly likely that Israeli engineers and design specialists would be very capable in designing and then manufacturing a top-level next generation fighter aircraft which would be specifically designed around all Israeli military needs, something the current United States aircraft actually fall short. We would also advise the Israeli engineers to take a long and hard look at the A-10 Warthog and seriously consider producing a modernized version of this excellent close support aircraft which would provide for superior close support in certain situations where helicopters would face serious threats which such an aircraft with its heavier armor could survive.


Israeli GDP Billions $

Israeli GDP Billions $


Now, let us get on to our titled subject. For the last number of decades, the United States has faced similar opprobrium as has Israel, and for similar reasons. For this article, we will largely ignore the Arab-Israeli Conflict as it is anchored in a complete irrelevant base for our considerations. The Arab-Israeli Conflict is simply about one thing, the Islamic Quranic directive to deny the Jews any rights and to kill them whenever and wherever possible. The rest of the world has other reasons for opposing Israel. We will largely be ignoring the anti-Semitic basis for much of the invective witnessed thrown at Israel. The reason for much of the behind the scenes support for every form of vilification towards Israel has had a similar source as the same scorn thrown the United States’ way. This is due to both nations having vibrant democratically based governance and their, what is considered, scurrilous dedication to their independence and the freedom of their citizenry. These traits stand diametrically opposed to the imposition of a single world governance based on a one world religion (or lack thereof), centralized governance, centralized economic control, greater share of world wealth, renewable energy replacing reliance on fossil fuels, demilitarization, centralized police force replacing world militaries, subordination of national governance to a central world order, and erasure of borders allowing free migration of populations. Yes, this is always called a conspiracy theory, but it is also the goal of the United Nations leadership, was the basis behind the European Union, is supported by numerous developing nations who seek the redistributed wealth and is an idea whose time is nowhere near being applied to the world in its current state. One of the main reasons why single world governance is out of the question is largely based on the tribal nature of the world. There are a number of nations within which there are tribal societies which are subdued by force otherwise, they would not only desire independence, but very well might declare independence. The most recent example of such was the Kurdish vote for declaring independence which the leadership was intimidated preventing their doing what would have probably worked out just as well if not far better than what followed with Iraqi troops aided by IRGC provided by Iran sweeping into the Kurdish region intent on at least partial genocide with Turkey doing the same thing to the Kurds of northern Syria. This was the reason the State Department advised against their declaring independence as they feared such a declaration would prompt Iraq taking military action to destroy any Kurdish nation. How that differed from the current situation is unclear. Another reason the State Department advised against Kurdish independence is that they would simply have been another nation completely resistant to any plans to unify under single governance worldwide. The State Department, continuing their long history of choosing the wrong side, actually works, within its deep state belly of the beast, supports initiatives which are intended to slide the world ever forward into single governance.


The problems with such governance are too numerous to list here, but allow us to hit on a few. One of the main initiatives which will be amongst the first acts of such governance will be wealth equalization which will be accomplished in the name of saving the Earth from the ill effects of humanity, especially the high cost which fossil fuels are taking according to the Global Climate Change initiatives. These are not an honest attempt to cut the use of fossil fuels, it is simply a means of forcing the developed world pay the developing world in order to get tokens, carbon credits, in order to sustain their standard of living and levels of production. One can only wonder how loud the caterwauling would be if in order to cut down or eliminate the need for the United States to buy carbon credits, the United States simply cut their agricultural production by not using fertilizers or pesticides leading to a reduction ten-fold in agricultural production and eliminating their export of food because the United States only produced sufficient food for their own population. When one third of the world was starving, does anyone think they would care one whit about Climate Change or would they be begging the United States to simply have their carbon credits and return to feeding the world. There are means by which the developed world could cut back on their fossil fuel use at little cost to their own people but at a severe cost to the rest of the world. Such could be the cost of unintended consequences from the world adopting schemes by which to transfer the developed world’s wealth to a collection of third world dictators who simply drool at the prospect. What they do not see is there are other means of pressure other than military force, food is one great weapon.


The world desires at controlling the developed world and in this fevered fervor, they place the United States as their number one target, which is sensible, and place Israel as their second target, which is not as sensible. When looking at the top nations in gross GDP, the top ten are the United States, China, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, India, France, Brazil, Italy and Canada. Israel comes in, depending on which ranking, in the middle to low thirties, not exactly the second largest target by such a ranking, but still they are second on the One World Order hierarchy’s list. So, maybe they rate better under GDP per capita. The top nations in per capita GDP according to the IMF (International Monetary Fund) are somewhat unexpected, as first is Luxembourg followed by Switzerland, Macau, Norway, Iceland, Ireland, Qatar, United States, Singapore, Denmark and Australia with Israel coming in at twenty. When you check a few other statistics about Israel, serious questions should arise as to why it is so constantly in the news and in United Nations crosshairs. Israel is one-hundredth in population, one-hundred-fiftieth by area, thirty-fourth in population density, and we searched high and low even inventing concepts for which Google had no listings and the highest-ranking Israel received was eleventh place in happiness. We think Israel was robbed, we should have been higher ranked, at least seventh or possibly fifth, but ours is a skewed ranking as Israel is also home. Still, there is no reason why Israel should be the second target on almost any list outside of those controlled by the Arab and Muslim nations, which means almost every list from the United Nations and their various agencies. Still, there can be little doubt that Israel is in the crosshairs of way too many agents who also desire forming singular governance over the world. These same agencies and NGO’s also target the United States making them an even higher nation opposing their efforts. Since the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union (BREXIT), they have moved well up on the targeting list as that was simply a dreaded show of what the One Worlders refer to as despicable nationalism. The raucous accusations clamoring for the United Kingdom to be punished economically even to the point of some demanding the European Union break off all trade with the British Isles has fallen off as things have simmered to a halt which momentarily was aroused for a brief second round when United States President Trump announced the willingness of America to increase trade with Britain. We can almost always count on President Trump to divert attention away from any burning problem of the day simply by stating something which if said by anyone else would not rise to the level of newsworthy. In Israel, we are used to similar treatment whenever Netanyahu or almost any other Israeli gets to a microphone to make a statement. The best example is that any building performed in Israel, particularly a new structure or anything beyond the Green Line, all go through anywhere from five to over ten stages of approvals from conception to the beginning of clearing the region. Whenever one of the beyond the Green Line plans passes one of these stages, they make the headlines of the New York Times and from there a few trips around the newswire. This makes even the addition of a deck or a new room for the coming baby into an international debate and argument for over a year before the first brick is even bought. If anyone who has read the San Remo Conference and the League of Nations Mandate can explain the reason for this with consideration of the promises made Israel which are still applicable under International Law, we would appreciate such a discussion. By the way, do not feel left out of something important if you never heard of these enforceable treaties under International Law which appear to have been sucked up by a political black hole. Forgetting these promises is part of the expediency for placing Israel high on the targeting list. While we appreciate attention, sometimes we would prefer a little anonymity.


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