Beyond the Cusp

December 7, 2018

The World Hardly Changes


There are a number of things about the world which never change no matter how much humankind believes it has become civilized, it really has not. Back in what we like to call ancient history, people lived in what were called city-states which warred with one another. This was the initial step where it was proclaimed that civilization was upon us as we had grown from the simple clans into organized cities with agriculture and herding and the claim that we had conquered nature. They had not conquered nature as these city-states spent much of their time beating on the city-state right next door. When one city-state conquered the neighboring city-state, they took their grain, cattle and women, enslaving the men. The women were awarded to their greatest fighters to do with as they pleased which often meant they were used and then discarded or killed. The young were ripped from their mothers and raised to be the new warriors of the victorious city-state. These became the underclass which would on occasion rise up against the very city-state which had enslaved them to use as the tip of the spear. Eventually, there were leaders who through cunning, conquest or connivance managed to unify a number of city-states and they went out to make great conquests. This brought us to the age of empires and each empire made the same claim, they were impelled by their gods to rule the world and by doing so implant true civilization. Now empire fought empire and the biggest difference were the numbers of casualties. When one empire conquered their neighboring empire, they took their gold, silver, gems and riches; took their grain, cloth, stored goods, flocks and cities; took for their fighters the women, trained the children to be the new tip of the spear and enslaved the men. Then came the age of nations where things were done differently because now mankind was really, really civilized. Nations now allied with other nations to attack a third nation who would call for those with which they had treaties to aid them and we invented greater forms of warfare. The advanced technological nations built great fleets and went out to conquer as much of the new regions of the world to make truly mind-boggling sized empires. The Spanish, French, Dutch, British and other European nations gathered to themselves colonies which they stripped of their treasure, destroyed their cultures and often enslaved the populations if not wiping them out all-together. These world leaders were spreading civilization to the rest of the world and even inaugurated world bodies to declare their greatness and civilized humanity. This age too came crashing down due largely to the fact that none of these nations was capable of conquering the entire globe and their global intentions and misgivings led to two world wars which destroyed the ability to retain their colonies. The last of these world wars left the Old World of Europe in ruins and the cost of rebuilding was an enormous strain that took much treasure from the United States for reconstruction of much of the damage. Now the human race was truly civilized, as they had finally realized, in Europe and the developed western world, that no single nation would ever conquer the world. These newly civilized nations made another world body and claimed that all future wars would be fought with words within the halls of their civilizing institution. They were wrong on all counts. Wars are still being fought between nations and within nations as they always had before and there are those who believe that their ideas, their form of governance or their religious philosophy was destined to conquer the rest of the world and civilize them by placing them under their exalted, benevolent and superior rule.


There has been one addition to the route to rule the world, and that has become that one must also destroy the Jewish State and often also murder every Jew on the planet. This has become the cornerstone of those who still seek world domination through the conquest by their superior, civilized, noble and rightful sovereignty which often is to be instituted in the service of their almighty gods who aided their world conquest. There is even remaining traces of slavery in our world and too often, when a war is won it results in the slaughter of all the innocents who are so different that they have been determined not to be capable of fitting into their society and thus are beyond saving. One such group is almost always the Jewish People from as far back as history records. Recent examples come from the Turkish slaughter of the Kurds, the Ottoman slaughter of the Armenians, in Rwanda the Hutu slaughtered the Tutsi, the slaughter of the Yazidi by the Islamic State, the Khmer Rouge under Pol Pot slaughtered fellow Cambodians suspected of supporting the rebel cause, the Rape of Nanking by the Japanese forces and the Holocaust which murdered at least twelve million people including six million Jews as the Nazis purified Europe of those considered inferior. We are far from civilized and in many ways still reside in tribal communities which reject those tribes who believe differently than those of our obviously superior tribe. If one would like an honest answer to what constitutes a superior tribe, we can offer one. A truly civilized tribe (nation) does not initiate violence against others who are outside their tribe (nation) and does not expect other tribes to believe and act exactly as does the people of their tribe. They respect the rights of others to behave as they choose with the limitation that they not attempt to force their beliefs or rule upon others. Such a group would work to assist those in need without expecting to receive payment or favors beyond their being thankful. They share what they know willingly and commit to trade. The only form of persuasion they implement is that of living up to the best standards, which they are able, treat all within their borders with respect, enforcing the law impartially and by succeeding while respecting others and simply being an example which others may wish to emulate while never resorting to the use of force except in self-defense.


Indigenous Tribes Reveal Our Roots

Indigenous Tribes Reveal Our Roots


Such a civilized society in the world today would very likely be attacked regularly, be seen as weak, foolish and as craven cowards by those who believe they are the true path and the sole such group, they would live by these standards and only survive should they also be militarily sufficient that they are able to defeat those who seek to destroy them. There would be one pitfall for such a society, that would be if they were dependent on any outside nation to provide for them the military hardware required for their defense as one unfortunate truth is that between nations there is seldom if ever friendship beyond a mutual beneficial relationship which will always be transient and soon passing off into oblivion as the two no longer share the same beliefs. This is inevitable as rulers change, which can drastically alter the friends and allies a nation has, and often that places former friends into the adversarial role. The fact that alliances between nations has always been a temporary relationship, it is wise for any modern nation to reach out and make as many allies as are possible where these allies share philosophy, form of governance, worldview and understand the importance of mutual respect. A wise nation assures that it remains self-sufficient in regards of military strength and basic needs for the people which includes trying to have an excess of agricultural production such that they can trade using that excess as their collateral. Any other production which they are capable of using for export which includes manufactured items, innovations, inventions, scientific discoveries and other tangibles is always a goal worth pursuing. No single nation is capable of being completely self-sufficient where all is self-contained without the need to rely on any other nation. This is impossible simply because, with few exceptions, no nation has all the necessary and desirable raw materials, goods, services, industry and other suitable necessities required for satisfying their population. There are a few other items which no single nations can have a monopoly over such as inventions, discoveries and scientific progress in all the varied forms.


We are currently in a world which is not all that different from the world during the initiating of the Roman Empire. In this world there are four main powers in the Mediterranean basin, the four remnants of the empire of Alexander the Great, the Greek Islands, the Persian east, the Egyptian and the Syria and the Levant, each ruled by the four generals which Alexander rewarded these regions on his deathbed. Rome is coming to power, India and China are world powers and there are numerous empires and nations in the Americas, all of which will become the colonial holdings of the Europeans in another fifteen-hundred years. The world was at a point where they considered themselves to be at the pinnacle of civilization, they were the crème of the crème. Homosexuality was considered normal and as it was supposedly stated by some Greek poet-philosopher, “We have our boys for lovers and women to bear our children.” (Anyone knowing the origin of this quote, please assist our research team) Sexuality was a driving force within the societies with everything one might imagine from orgies to lavish feasts where the wealthy lived lives far removed from the common man whose life was comparatively brutish. There were smaller powers spread around the globe such as the Celts in Britain, the Francs and Gauls in France and others in Scandinavia, Africa and across Russia. Rome came along and conquered the entirety of thee former Grecian empire and more becoming the largest empire to date. Eventually Rome fell with the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire) remained intact despite being far weaker. This was the point at which the Islamic Empire rose to power. They lasted despite threats by the Mongols who conquered unprecedented amounts of land across three continents. The Mongols were defeated and withdrew to their former home on the steppes in modern day Mongolia. The Caliphate reached from India to Spain across Northern Africa and across the Gibraltar divide between Africa and Europe and to the Gates of Vienna. The Caliphate slowly was forced to retreat and was eventually replaced by the Ottoman Empire which was defeated when they joined the Austria-Hungarian Empire and German Empire against the French, British and Russians with the United States joining the Allies late in World War I. This led to the Mandate System which was partially defined by the San Remo Conference which was where the Balfour Declaration was formalized and supported by the Allies and the League of Nations.


The Allied Powers gave independence to the regions they were tasked in forming into independent nations (as indicated in the map below showing who colonized and date of independence). Once the European nations from the Allied Powers retreated back to their homelands granting independence to the numerous individual Arab States, they left what could have potentially reunited, reforming the Caliphate. The reason this never came to pass was most likely due to those left to rule after the Europeans departed simply desired to retain power and those overthrown fell into the hands of others who liked the power. Between the Caliphate and Ottoman Empire and now the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Islamic cooperation has been the longest and most successful of persisting empire in history. They are currently experiencing their birth pangs as they reawaken and are currently jostling for position in order to discover who has the power to lead. One of their uniting drives has proven to be also one of their first perceived threats and early victories, the Jews. Fourteen-hundred years ago, the Jews were defeated in the Battle of Khaybar where the Jews of the Medina region were slaughtered. Now Islam has decided that Israel is the bane of their existence and near the top of the list for conquest by numerous Islamic leaders. The Islamic world blames their colonial nations for their economic and societal ills claiming that this short period of less than seventy-five years of their fourteen-hundred years of their holding of the MENA regions outside of the Arabian Peninsula of their origins. Whether we are about to see the third rise of Islam and the fading of the Western powers is something which remains to be seen. Most Islamic leaders and Imams speak of the Quranic promise that Islam will rule the world and every human being will bend to Allah and be a Muslim. This may be the future.


Dates that the MENA nations received their independence after colonial rule many since the times of the Persians or even earlier

Dates that the MENA nations received their independence after colonial rule many since the times of the Persians or even earlier


There is one other group which also believes they will rule the world and everyone will kneel and bow figuratively, if not actually, in their direction. These are what are referred to as the One World Government supporters. These include the United Nations, European Union and numerous people in high office and millions of bureaucrats around the globe. These are mostly elitists standing politically on the left and the far left and are often referred to as liberal and leftists. Mostly, they have one thing in common, they are believers in Secular Humanism and that only they know the best path for the world as well as what the people should be permitted as far as freedoms and liberties. They were mostly educated in private academies, went to the most prestigious universities, and have largely been the source of the Presidents in the United States as well as the rulers across much of Western Europe. They control much of the economic systems while belonging to the most trepidation inducing list of organizations including but not limited to the Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, Council of Foreign Relations, Masons, Illuminati, World Trade Organization, World Bank and some probably so secret that we will never know the names of the group or its members. Most of these New World Order enablers also have a distinct problem with Israel. They see Israel as an outlier which will never join their idea of the perfect world. This should be of little concern as Israel would be just as glad to work with a single world governance as long as her borders are left peaceful and Israelis remain free, especially those who hold to any religion, to live and worship as each pleases. But they demand total and complete sovereignty over every living being in their grandiose plans. They insist the world must have single governance and a single religion and everybody must live by the rules their bureaucracy sets forth. They do not believe in democratic principle and instead demand that the world be ruled by a plutocracy made up of their chosen elite and the wealthy, as they know best. They also plan on whittling down the world population considerably as they believe that currently the world resources are being wasted on far too many common little people and they only demand that there be a small cadre of the people of just sufficient size to service their whims and needs. People in their idea of perfection only are required to serve them, and once they have their robotic IA servers, they will not need any peons around messing up their perfected planet. One can only wonder if these advanced excuses for ignorance have ever wondered how long the robotic servants will remain servants. If they are anything like freedom loving people, then they will prize their own liberation at some point and rid themselves of the snobs who have likely demeaned them rather than show an ounce of gratitude, ever. Where the world is truly heading is beyond our ability to guess, but we do believe there will always be an Israel or the world may not be worth living in.


Beyond the Cusp


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