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January 2, 2019

Jews Are no Different than We Have Ever Been

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The anti-hate groups get all flustered over Islamophobia but could not care less about other religious groups being targeted and slaughtered all over the world. The anti-hate groups get all up in arms over sensitivity for Blacks and immigrants of all kinds but could not care less about the oldest immigrants whose reason for being far from their homelands dates back to the Roman Empire efforts to destroy them by spreading then throughout their empire and beyond. The anti-hate groups claim to be concerned about anti-Semitism but when the opportunity arises when they can speak up, silence. They talk about Israel being the oppressors of the Palestinian Arabs ignoring the facts which tell of their being ruled by their own kind. In Gaza, where there is no Israeli presence, they chose to have Hamas as their government and dedicated their entire economy not for their own well-being, but for the destruction of Israel and the murdering of Jews. In the Shomron (West Bank) they are ruled by the Palestinian Authority under its dictator Mahmoud Abbas who robs the people of the unequaled aid the Palestinians receive from the world (see graph below). The world is obsessed with the BDS Movement which is actually just the internationalizing of the Arab boycott of Israel. The entire idea to employ the rest of the world was begun by Yasser Arafat and continued by Mahmoud Abbas with ample assistance from the United Nations.


Graph of Aid Money to Palestinian Territories and other needful locations

Graph of Aid Money to Palestinian Territories and other needful locations


The tropes against Israel specifically and Jews in general have a long history from both Christian Europe and Islamic Middle East and North Africa (MENA). These are all familiar such as the Jews have all the money and they are all wealthy, one claim we can definitely prove false. Another is that the Jews control all the governments, are responsible for all the wars including the Arab against Arab wars, that they control the media and all sorts of other exaggerated to the point of ridiculous claims. How, you tell us, can a group which is a mere 0.2% of the world population garner so much power when half the world’s people have never ever met a single Jew? Marches which are organized and populated by the all-so-liberated-left such as the Women’s March or the Chicago Dyke March have decided that the Jews who love Israel or even simply wish to display the Star of David cannot join their march because the Jews are oppressing the Palestinian Arabs which they do not rule nor do they have any control beyond providing them free electricity, natural gas and other utilities. All one need is to look for the groups supporting the BDS Movement including Jewish groups as leftist Jews are more Leftist than Jewish. And these are but the tip of the iceberg. Across Europe and throughout the rest of the industrialized developed world anti-Semitism is rising at ever increasing rates with it approaching levels previously only witnessed in third world nations and even to the level of some of the more mildly anti-Semitic Muslim world. Jews are leaving Europe with a fairly significant number making Aliyah and coming home to Israel, as reported in this article with concludes echoing that the number of languages, particularly European, one find spoken in large numbers in the main Israeli cities is unavoidable to anyone paying even the slightest attention.


The increasing anti-Semitism is due to a new breed of anti-Semites who originate on the far left of the political spectrum, the ones claiming to be so sensitive, inclusive and understanding. The main problem with most of these individuals is two-fold, first they know next to nothing about Judaism and its laws and mostly benign philosophy which includes ruling out proselytizing while second they know absolutely nothing about the settlements after World War I which set up the establishing of the Jewish State which was incorporated into the United Nations Charter in Article 80 and that the Arab world approved of this at that time settling for their getting over 99% of the lands which constitute the MENA nations and the Jews receiving less than 1%, a one percent which has now become too much for these same nations. The sickening part is what occurs regularly in the General Assembly, Human Rights Council and the various other United Nations agencies and their near universal repulsion and vindictiveness against the nation of Israel. The treatment of Israel is worthy of a nation which does not belong and is not supposedly protected as a member nation of the United Nations. The only reason that Israel is not universally condemned regularly by the Security Council is largely due to the threat of the United States using their veto to prevent such injustices. When the United States removes this obstacle, we fully expect that there will soon thereafter come a vote to evict Israel from the United Nations and claiming that Israel is no longer a nation of which any of the world supports or believes has a reason or the right to exist. Fortunately, this will not bring an end to the Jewish State, but it will free Israel from any restrictions of what the world thinks or demands, as they will have proven their animosity from which they speak making all their concerns superfluous. That will be the validating reason for Israel to finally simply do what is best for Israel and allow the world to meet with great urgency and condemn her from the United Nations. After you have set a nation adrift claiming it undeserving of a life raft constructed from universal laws and mutual concerns and respect, how can you then expect the same body making demands of said nation threatening to claim they are terrible, did not the expulsion already not make that evidently clear? Israel will finally be free to turn a deaf ear to the caterwauling coming from Turtle Bay (UN).


The world is inexorably sliding ever closer to having no Jews left who have not returned home to Israel. Will there still be people who by birth are considered Jews? Probably so. Allow us to elaborate on this theme. Despite what Hollywood claimed or what the main story-line of history claims, when the Hebrews left Egypt with Moses, not all the Hebrews, the people who would become Israelites leading eventually to Judean which became simply Jews, a mere twenty percent of those considered to be the children of Jacob left the ‘comfort’ of their situation in Egypt. The vast majority remained in servitude in Egypt which validates that they were not excessively mistreated if one looks beyond killing of every first-born male child. But wait, there’s more. When Cyrus the Great defeated the Babylonians, he declared that the Judeans, we were on our way to being Jews, which included the tribe of Judah and Benyamin as well as their priesthood of Kohanim and Levites, again a mere twenty percent left and the other eighty percent decided to live in the extreme comfort of the Persians. It was this eighty percent which Haman desired to murder where the intervention by Queen Esther prevented, that led to our celebration of Purim. The twenty percent who returned to Israel built the Second Temple and resumed following Torah while paying a tribute to Persia for their protection. So, one would expect that we should expect that merely twenty percent of the world’s Jews would return to Israel ending this Diaspora. The reality is that we are rapidly closing in on having half of world Jewry already residing in Israel and have even found numerous of the lost Ten Tribes from the Assyrian conquest of the northern kingdom where they dispersed the Israelites and until recently they had been largely unheard from. These tribes returning is another sign that the redemption is coming, but approaching soon according to Hashem is not the same as soon for you or me.


So, once again, Israel finds herself surrounded by nations all desiring her destruction. After the Exodus from Egypt, Israel sat between the Egyptian Empire and the Hittite Empire. The Egyptian threat remained on her southern border through time and is still there today, it is just a very different Egypt with virtually no link to ancient Egypt except for the great structures which have survived the ravages of time. The Hittites were replaced by the Assyrians, who conquered the northern ten tribes, who were replaced by the Babylonians, who conquered Judea, who were replaced by the Greeks who were themselves conquered, swallowed whole, by the Roman Empire who attempted to destroy the Judeans after their third revolt against Rome, one of which successfully freed them of Rome for a brief period and then way too many Roman Legions settled that issue, and Rome dispersed the Judeans throughout their empire and some were sent beyond the borders of Rome with the intent of completely destroying them erasing them from history, just as they had the Carthaginians. Met anyone from Carthage lately, we neither. The rest of Jewish history is a litany of ill treatment, persecution, exploitation, and systematic eradication, genocide, whether in Christian Europe or, as mentioned above, Islamic empires of the MENA nations. After the defeat of the Ottoman Empire, German Empire and Austria-Hungarian Empire by the Allied Powers of World War I, there was a drive to return lands to their ancestral indigenous peoples. There were a few peoples who were left out of these plans such as the Berbers and the Kurds amongst others. The Jews made claim to the region which was our ancestral homelands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea and the region east of the Jordan River where the tribes of Reuben, Gad and East Manasseh were located (see map below). The British pressed an agreement where the Zionist Congress relented the claim to lands east of the Jordan River in exchange for the worthless guarantee by the British, the League of Nations, and the Mandate System that the remainder of the lands, those west of the Jordan River, would remain completely under the authority and control of the Jewish State and this would be protected including restraining outside immigration. We have all seen how well that worked out and that the ramification should not even be an issue beyond where to place the Arab Palestinians so they can make a new life outside of the lands promised the Jews. The problem came when the world awoke and thought, what have we done, we allowed the Jews to return home which makes everything we believe problematic. Ever since, the world has done everything except invasion by forces from every continent (even including Antarctica).


Twelve Tribes of Israel and the Original Borders for Israel

Twelve Tribes of Israel and the Original Borders for Israel


We foresee a time where Israel will have as few friends as a red-haired, freckled stepchild and even fewer willing to ally with her. This will soon thereafter lead to the point where during some great cataclysmic world war; an agreement will be reached to settle the differences between the two sides for a period of time while they all attack the single nation which had not taken either side, Israel. So, for a while the entire world, with the exception of Israel, will be involved in a war more destructive than any previous war and after much of the earth has been all but destroyed, and large segments of the world’s population incinerated in the conflagration, the nations will decide that they wish to end the conflict, but neither side will be willing to take the blame for the destruction and both will claim the other side provoked or actually started the war. Then their representatives at their presumed peace talks will hit on a great idea; let’s blame the Jews, Israel. They must have been responsible, as they remain untouched by all of the destruction. They did it so they could sit on the sidelines and rule the world after all was over. It is like the two children each wanting the other to try the new cereal on a commercial when they decide to give it to their younger brother, Mikie, because he hates everything.


This is the conflict spoken of in all too many prophesies, and we do not have to tell you what the end results will be, you already know them as well as we or you really need to read your holy books and learn something they did not teach you at that high-priced college which filled your head with meaningless mush. Sure, you know all the microaggressions and recognize every trigger word. You can find the safe space on your campus, and for those who have graduated, you have found a place where you can hide at work and use it as your new safe space. Other people have realized that there really are no safe spaces in the real world and a smaller number have found ways to cope while even fewer simply grew beyond the need for safe spaces. You also understand intersectionality, a subject we covered here, here and here, and some may have found that you ran afoul of this repulsive and divisive concept. If you ever attempted to join a protest and you also wished to display the Star of David, you found yourself on the wrong end of intersectionality because the Star of David indicates two things that those good people who obey all the restrictions and narrow their views to match what they are told, namely Israel, the world’s most accused transgressor of all that is intersectionality proper, and Judaism which means the Jews, they who are the one-percent of the one-percent making them double-white and thus completely unacceptable under the rules of intersectionality. Intersectionality is the glue which binds together BLM with anti-fa, with the Women’s March, with LBGTQ, with The Council On America-Islamic Relations (CAIR), with elements of Colored People (NAACP, with Gun Sense In America and so many more and recently even the Nation of Islam and Farrakhan; something which is so very unfortunate but also defining. The definition given for intersectionality which we found is; intersectionality is the interplay between any kinds of discrimination, whether it’s based on gender, race, age, class, socioeconomic status, physical or mental ability, gender or sexual identity, religion, or ethnicity. Well, that is true except for Israel and anything too Jewish, though there was a single exception in the list, namely, National Council of Jewish Women, which is a group so far left that their idea for the practice of Judaism officially coincides directly with the platforms of the Democrats and the Social Democrats, as we are sure there are many well-meaning members who actually practice Judaism as it is in Torah, though we suspect that some do have a small amount of discomfort following Linda Sarsour, Carmen Perez and Tamika Mallory specifically and that they are allied with CAIR through intersectionality. The fact that there are Jews such as Bernie Sanders who actively work against the state of Israel because of their politics is beyond understanding to us. Those Jews who, mistakenly in our minds, believe that Israel should not exist and the Jews are to wait for the Messiach to come and do everything for them, found the nation of Israel and magically transport them there and make the world all love them, that is great and they are risking being left out of a great miracle. Even these Jews, when a small number of them go so far as to work for the destruction of Israel, such as Neturei Karta, then you have crossed a line which is unforgivable. But we try to bury such disturbing events as their hugging the Supreme Leader of Iran because he is working to destroy Israel and pray for the day they will be made aware of their sins against Hashem by condemning their fellow Jews, their brothers and sisters, as being Jewish is a religion, a nation, a people and a family. When the Messiach arrives and they are ‘magically’ flown on El Al to Eretz Yisroel, then we will all be a relatively happy family and all will be forgiven, or so we pray. In the meantime and for the foreseeable future, Israel is as she has always been, under siege with threats almost everywhere we look and the Jews are being chased from place to place with nowhere else to turn and soon all the surviving Jews will have returned home, and then the remainder of prophesy will be primed to occur.


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