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January 9, 2019

Were Israel Ignored by the World

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We can only wonder what the world would do if they were persuaded to simply leave Israel to deal with all matters within her promised borders. The world promised the Jewish People through the Zionist Congress after World War I that the Jewish People would be granted the lands from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea and from the Lebanese border to the Wadi of Egypt with Eilat as their southernmost tip and port on the Red Sea. The Jewish interests were to provide all those residing within the defined region many freedoms including social, financial, religious, residential, medical and other freedoms with one very glaring exception, political freedom. The Jewish State would be permitted to have self-rule independent of the influences of any others residing within their borders. Israel, upon annexing the remainder of Jerusalem, took steps to permit the Arabs, formerly Palestinian Arabs under the Palestinian Authority (PA), the rights to vote in local elections from within their neighborhoods to the general elections of the Jerusalem city elections but not to permit them a vote in national Israeli elections. This restriction is well within the permitted limitations of International Law. This is also the concept which would permit Israel to annex the entirety of the Shomron (West Bank or Judea and Samaria) while permitting the Arabs formerly ruled by the PA to vote in local elections while being restricted from national elections. These former PA Arabs would be granted limited political powers while restricted from influence of Israeli national elections for the foreseeable future. This would be granting them status as legal resident aliens with the added bonus of voting for their own governance within their communities.


This would be granting them additional political rights to those foreign workers residing in Israel who have no political rights whatsoever. This would be the compromise which would give these PA Arabs more freedom and they would benefit in numerous socio-economic domains. This is the inevitable end result of the reactive actions by the PA whereby they have refused to accept any offer of peace which permits the Jews to have any rights whatsoever. This refusal has robbed the PA Arabs of economic freedoms and restricted their lives beyond belief which have been made even more restrictive by the BDS Movement having succeeded in forcing the destruction of numerous Israeli activities beyond the Green Line which resulted in the PA Arabs losing numerous employment opportunities which would have paid them far higher wages than otherwise available to them. This is presumably how these BDS activists assist the PA Arabs by preventing their having job opportunities which would offer them improved economic conditions. The prime example was when SodaStream required the construction of a new and larger production facility bent to BDS Movement pressures to locate their new facility within the Green Line costing about five-hundred PA Arabs their higher paying positions, that is helping these Arabs. Oddly enough, was Israel left to their own devices concerning the Arabs currently ruled disastrously by the PA, their lives would generally improve both socially and economically. They would actually be allowed to vote for the people who would hold political office, something Mahmoud Abbas has prevented since 2005 when Hamas won general legislative elections. This will soon become the sole alternative which even the skeptics in the European Union, United Nations and around the world will decide that is the best alternative once Mahmoud Abbas leaves office. He is in failing health and has left no indication who might be his successor. This is going to lead to a disintegration of the PA Arabs as each city and numerous leaders of the military wing and terror planning all vie for the top spot. These struggles for being the next ruler of the PA leader supreme will very likely break into internecine violence resulting in chaos and a war similar to what has poisoned Syria in the past few years. This will result in many who heretofore demanding that Israel never ever intervene in the PA Arab affairs now insisting that Israel end the violence and restore order and bring the violence to an end. After Israel has restored order, the world will likely demand that Israel then remove all her forces and should the Israeli government react by doing as requested, the violence will once again break out as there are too many chiefs all of whom will refuse to be subordinate to any other leader. Eventually, the world will relent to permitting Israel to annex everything and restore order and break the PA Arab region into separate regions to be ruled by local leadership which, hopefully, will result from elections which Israel will oversee while also inviting the world to join in the oversight.


Once this has been settled, a similar situation could be granted to Gaza once Hamas, Islamic Jihad and numerous other militant and terrorist interests are defeated plus the criminal enterprises brought to an end. This will be something which would require things which we would prefer to simply hope never become necessitated. Also, the threats posed by Hezballah will require being addressed and muted permanently and independence returned to the nation of Lebanon which is currently being ruled indirectly by Iran and Hezballah. Once the borders of Israel have been established as promised in the agreements made after World War I, implemented by the League of Nations and taken on under Article 80 of their Charter by the United Nations, then the Arabs within Israeli rule will benefit as their economies will not be devalued by the diversion of funds to invest in terrorism for the destruction of Israel and instead will be returned to the Arabs themselves. Israel will also benefit by no longer having to be at a ready footing ready for conflict to explode at any given moment due to conditions beyond her control. The Arabs will receive further benefits as infrastructure in their regions is repaired, improved and even provided for the first time making their lives better and having greater health as they will be granted the same health benefits currently enjoyed in Israel, for better and with all the challenges Israelis face themselves. This will cause one glaring problem, what will the world do if they are no longer attempting to discredit Israel and cause Israel sufficient challenges in efforts to ally those wishing to destroy the Jewish State. We feel assured that the world will find something upon which to spend their disdain on a daily basis. But Israelis will be very happy to be left out of the daily news cycles and only make news when they make a new discovery, invent some medical procedure, write some brilliant computer codes, breed a new crop capable to thrive in an arid environment, find a better means of collecting solar power or any of a myriad of other advancements in areas where Israeli specialists excel. That will make us feel like we have finally found our little Heaven on Earth.


Star of David Ornate


So, now that we have established much of what would be required for the world to reach a point where they were able to actually desire allowing Israel to live without near daily condemnations, what would be in it for the world at large? This is something which is more difficult to predict with absolute accuracy, but we will give it a go. The first, and most obvious answer, would be to look at the list above. Israel is well respected in the fields of computer engineering, programming, agricultural engineering, botany, medical sciences, electrical engineering and virtually every field of the hard sciences and fairly adept at the societal and people sciences including sociology, psychology, behavioral studies, anthropology, economics and the other studies. Israel has already established her expertise in agricultural practices which Israel has shared with numerous African nations. Israel has also been active in disaster relief in such places as the Philippines, Nepal, the United States, Japan, Indonesia, Haiti and recognized for aid around the world. Israel is recognized for her expertise in the areas of science and technology leading to many inventions through which the world has benefited greatly. Then there is the relatively long list of discoveries and inventions which Israel has made and given the world. Imagine what further such wonders which could be coming from Israel if her economy was not siphoned into the urgency to defend her borders and to address terrorism from within her borders. Yes, we in Israel would really love to have peace allowing for making these discoveries and even expanding into other areas but the world would also enjoy our finally becoming just one nation doing as it is able for the betterment of the world.


We realize that Israel will remain one of the central nations upon which the world will always be watching. We would prefer that the attention be over what would come out of Israel to the benefit of humankind next. This is the way we would wish to be seen and would actually do everything we are capable of doing for the advancement of sciences and all the peoples of our planet. Israel would be even more able to provide disaster relief and even disaster mitigation in order to prevent many of the difficulties caused by disasters. Israel might develop a means for coating with the ease of paint, and possibly in many colors, which would strengthen a building making it less likely to buckle under the stresses of an earthquake. Despite residing with a shore-front which is largely calm and tsunami free, as the Mediterranean is not often violent, Israel might still make developments in tsunami mitigation as a way to provide ways of lessening the destructive powers of such disasters. Israel would not be limited to disasters and the relief which Israel is expert in providing, but would continue to excel in the fields of agriculture, computer sciences, physics, chemistry, mathematics and numerous other fields as listed in the links above. Israel at peace might even lead the world to find the means for living in peace.


Actually, in some ways there is evidence to why Israel is at the center of much of the world’s attentions. The most obvious is that it is the home of the Jewish People, a group which has historically have been a group watched for any number of reason both for expected benefits and sometimes for less altruistic reasons. The Jewish People have been at the center of many events throughout history. Were Israel to live lives of pure Torah, we are taught that we would live in balance with the world and the world would live in balance with us. Of course, such a concept is unprovable as to have the entirety of the Jewish People, even just those living within Israel, to live by the six-hundred-thirteen commandments is a desire which is probably completely impossible, even if you get all of the Jews within Israel to get onboard with this as their target in life. Torah does claim that if the entirety of the Jewish People were deeply involved in the study of Torah, then the world, the entire world, would live at peace. There is a problem with this concept, Jews, even when studying Torah, require food and somebody needs to raise the crops which would take them from Torah, and that leaves out everything else required to maintain a population. All insanities aside, Israel is not all that different from the rest of the world’s nations. Her people wake up in the morning with many not completely functional until they have had their morning coffee. Israelis, mostly, head off to work, some straight from their abode with a plurality, if not a majority, stopping off at their synagogue for morning services. Almost all of those attending morning services will, along with a few others, attend evening services before heading home for the night. We have our share of Israelis who have problems falling asleep while others sleep like proverbial babies. Whoever came up with the sleeping like a baby ever had to get up in the middle of the night to tend their newborn who actually does sleep like a baby, and wakes up in the middle of the night like a baby. Israel is also a convenient nation being both a relatively new country and one with nearly four-thousand years of history, a history which has often place Israel and her people, the Jewish People, at the center of the world’s attention. The Jewish People were at the center of the Pharaoh’s attention, were a special people who were given much freedom by Cyrus the great only to become the obsession of another Persian named Haman, were a rebellious people which troubled the Greeks and then the Romans, were a people to be condemned and converted for the Christians and then the Muslims, and the obsessive target of the Soviets and the Nazis where the Soviets claimed the Jews were the fascists while the Nazis claimed the Jews were communists. Somehow, the Jews were both the fascists and the communists each for the other making the Jewish People what we have been all too often, the enemy for one and all no matter where we lived. The Jewish People have never really been permitted to simply live no matter where we lived and often we had very few places or nowhere that we would be permitted to hide. With Israel as a Jewish People’s homeland and where the Jewish People have the ability for ruling themselves, so now Israel is where any Jew can hide, or can we. No, even though Israel offers every Jew a home where they can be comfortable but the world is determined to make that comfort as uncomfortable as possible. We can predict one thing, once the world finds a means for permitting the Jews to live in their land in peace and security, then the world will then have the tools for their living with one another in peace and security. We just pray this world comes sooner rather than later. We know it will come as Torah tells us that this age will come, when the Messiach comes and settles the earth under Hashem’s final judgement. That may be great or cataclysmic, and that too will depend on how the world regards the Jews and Israel.


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