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January 11, 2019

You Asking Trump Where is the Plan?


There have been articles, other than here, postulating what exactly will be contained in President Trump’s Middle East Peace Plan otherwise known as the Deal of the Century. They have mostly missed the mark. The secret was let out just a short while back as President Trump was speaking about what it meant that the United States was pulling out of Syria. To Russia, President Trump advised they contact Israel the next time they required some discreet assistance against Iran and its hegemonic plans to rule the Middle East and later the world. To Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq (those who qualified), the Kurds and the rest of the Sunni Arab States he informed them that the United States was removing herself from any and all Arab vs Arab as well as any and all Islam vs Islam wars, revolutions and other risky, no win, costly, and blood soaked conflagrations. His message to Europe has been ringing loud and clear since he took office, get your houses in order and find some means of improving those forces you laughingly call your militaries because the United States is not going to carry NATO on her back alone. But his most serious note was to Israel and we doubt that those who needed hearing it the most actually speak Trumpese, and it was a clear message which should have told them everything they needed to know about his already proposed and enacted peace plan, the Deal of the Century.


The Message he gave the Israelis this time read, it loses some in the translation from Trumpese to English (thankfully, we have not started a BTC Hebrew edition), We (read Trump) have given you (Israel) four-and-a-half Billion Dollars and you are completely capable to take care of yourselves. Their were some who claimed a secondary discreet message through the Ambassador explaining that Trump will not be the President forever as either in two years or at most six years and then eventually you will get a President who does not support you. We first had Nikki Haley take your back at the United Nations like has not been seen since Moynihan, we cut aid to the Palestinian Authority, we cut off UNRWA at the knees, we threw the PLO out of Washington DC, take the hint already and then we have had a deal, problems solved. We actually made up the second half of the message, but the first part is probably accurate. And even if that was not passed along, he is from New York and in New York; you expect equal efforts from all parties. When one person makes you an unspoken but obvious invitation t solve a problem, then you had best solve the problem while the invitation is valid, time changes things. He left Syria and wiped his hands on the Middle East and, he is looking at taking care of the United States, and the world is on its own. Life could get spooky when the sheriff up and quit monitoring your sandbox and now it is your sandbox in the middle of a bunch of basically homicidal crazies in every direction, and Russia need Israel?


The Real Truth About Israel in Stark Relief Graphically Displayed Compared Indefensible Mid-Section vs. Annexed Judea Samaria and Gaza

The Real Truth About Israel in
Stark Relief Graphically Displayed
Compared Indefensible Mid-Section
vs. Annexed Judea Samaria and Gaza


Immediately after the Israeli elections, no matter who becomes Prime Minister, they had best be ready for the Middle East without America. The rules just changed and we are all going to have to learn to play nice together, really play nice, or be prepared for serious troubles. There must be an end to the Arab occupation which began with Jordan taking parts of Judea and Samaria, they renamed it West Bank as Judea and Samaria was too Jewish. When Israel “took the West Bank” from Jordan in 1967, was actually, Israel liberated their lands of Judea and Samaria which was left with what is now several million former Jordanians. As many were forced into the region by Jordan illegally in order to erase any former presence which was Jewish owned, they are still considered Jordanians under International Law and can be forced to return to Jordan, after receiving some incentive, yes, a bribe, but a nice bribe, and leave town quietly and we will never chase you. Return requests will be considered for visit with relatives and for a determined length of time. Rules of War from treaties so old, some predate Mohammad. There legally is no problem over the West Bank; the world knows that the entire Palestine was a production of the Arab world with KGB assistance as Moscow trained both Arafat and Abbas. Abbas’s doctoral degree came from Moscow Univ. His dissertation was on the valid arguments that the Holocaust is a Jewish construct to steal European’s guilt money. That is old history, and the new people, who are becoming the new leaders in the world, this new generation, have been steeped in anti-Israel reporting all their lives. Those who know the truth and realities are passing from amongst us and Eisenhower was right when he ordered the reporters traveling with him and the military to photograph and document every last camp that they found. The American Army have the photographs and they tell the grim story about the mass murder of twelve million noncombatants who were deemed unsatisfactory humans unworthy of living with the new race they were building. Most of them would not qualify for the nightmare they were hatching. So, Israel has been told she can defend herself adequately and take care of her own difficulties, that is the Deal of the Century, and if it works, he will not be credited, and that might make many happy. Trump dies not care if he gets recognition, just as long as the job gets done.


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