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January 16, 2019

Israel and Human Rights


Virtually all of the accusations filed against Israel concerning human rights have to do with the “occupations” and the horrific state the world is led to believe makes up the fate of the Palestinian Arabs. Israel has been condemned regularly for the Palestinian Arabs not having had an election since 2006 when Hamas won the majority of seats in the Palestinian legislature. Yes, there is a Palestinian legislature, the body which Mahmoud Abbas ignores as he continues in his twelfth, going on thirteenth, year of his five-year term as Palestinian Arab President. Yes, he is the Palestinian President. He is also the chairman of the Fatah Party, the head of the PLO and holds every seat of power in the areas under the direct rule of the Palestinian Authority of which he is the President, pardon the repetition. Everything concerning the Palestinian Arabs is beyond Israeli control politically and all of it is in the hands of Mahmoud Abbas. That takes care of the regions where the Palestinian Arabs reside in areas of Judea and Samaria. The Israeli “settlers” are all within Area C which according to the Oslo Accords was under purely Israeli control and thus are not imposing on actual Palestinian lands. If one is to go by what the Arabs claim as their land, then Tel Aviv, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Netanya, Nahariya, Eilat, Be’er Sheva and all of what you believe is Israel are all parts of the lands they claim are rightfully Arab lands and the Jews have no rights to anything, that is their official position. They state their truths constantly in Arabic while speaking niceties in English so as to put up a good front. Why has nobody heard about what they say in Arabic? Because for the most part nobody bothers to read what is put in plain sight by MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute), PMW (Palestinian Media Watch), Honest Reporting, Jihad Watch and other related sources which reveal the reality behind the propaganda and lies. The other reason is it is considered standard practice by the United States State Department and virtually every Western news service to be completely unable to translate anything said in Arabic as to have that capability would undermine their Israel is the problem policies.


Another fraudulent accusation is that Israel is an Apartheid state just as was South Africa with the Arabs being second-class citizens. The central fabrication used to prove this has been the lack of elections in either the Palestinian Authority or in Gaza. The Palestinian Authority has not held elections simply because Mahmoud Abbas knows he would lose and thus has used every ruse in the book, and invented a few new ones, in order to push elections off claiming emergency after emergency and then blaming Israel to the world. And of course, the world just swallows his lies and joins in a chorus of condemnation of Israel for Abbas refusing to allow elections in the region over which he has become their dictator. Gaza is an even more straightforward reason; Hamas decides who will lead and appoint whoever will fight Israel with the greatest zeal and ingenuity. So the Palestinian Arabs live under one of two dictatorships, Gaza under Hamas and the Palestinian Authority under Mahmoud Abbas. The next question posed is always, what about the twenty percent of Israelis who are Arabs. That usually is followed by the claim that they are denied rights. This is completely false and mendacious as the Arabs, Druze, Bedouin, Baha’i and every other Israeli have all the same rights. Arabs and others have served on the Israeli Supreme Court, are members of the Knesset, judges, teachers, physicians and every other occupation in the book. Arabs and Jews work side-by-side in companies with often Arabs in management over Jewish employees. Israel is not perfect, but tries to treat everyone who is legally a citizen with complete equality. Israel even granted the Arabs residing in Eastern Jerusalem the right to vote in local Jerusalem elections and they were granted permission to join any of the various medical services which other Israelis use despite their also still being considered Palestinian Arabs under Mahmoud Abbas. Many of the East Jerusalem Arabs have elected to obtain West Jerusalem mailing addresses so they will not have to return to being under the Palestinian Authority should Israel ever be forced to surrender East Jerusalem to Abbas. Israel is also a multicultural nation as Jews have returned home from many places one never would have thought Jews had migrated such as Ethiopia, Yemen, India plus the nearly one-million Jews evicted or forced from their centuries old homes throughout the Arab world across all of MENA (Middle East and North Africa). Jews of Israel are just as likely to have origins outside of Europe and North America as to be from such. The accusation that the Jews should just go back to the European countries from which they arrived in Israel would leave half of the Jews still in Israel as they came from across the globe and not from Europe. For a real treat, one only need accompany me to morning services at my small and plain synagogue with some of the nicest people and you would see a congregation made up of many varying origins and a number of distinctly different accents.


The accusation about Israeli human rights abuses are patently false and most of those making the claims know this but simply do not care that they are peddling lies. They hate Israel because of numerous reasons but most will eventually trace back to anti-Semitism. There are also those who hate Israel on political motivations as they despise capitalism and the fact that Israel is a successful capitalist nation. What they refuse to recognize is that Israel has many social services and safety net programs which assist those with many various problems and needs. Further, at least from our perspective and what we have witnessed and also performed ourselves is the generous giving to those in need by the people. In our not so small little town, our downtown neighborhood almost seems to be a community to itself, there are some who are homeless and they are cared for by the rest of the community who give them a few shekels whenever they pass one another. Many of the food vendors and small mom and pop grocery stores will give them some food with each place caring for their own small group. This is above and beyond any social programs and the charity performed by the Synagogues where people put into the charity box, Tzedakah Box, when attending services. These are the means by which we take care that all are not going hungry and are cared for as best as we are able.


Tzedakah Boxes

Tzedakah Boxes


Then there has been the more recent but repeated accusation that Israel uses deadly force against unarmed peaceful protesters. The slings used by Arab rioters are not the playthings many American kids used back in the middle of last century but more along the line of what David used to fell Goliath. These are deadly weapons and have been a staple in wars in the Middle East over the centuries. Further, peaceful demonstrators do not use balloons and kites to propel incendiary devices over a border in efforts to burn down fields, towns, forests, wilderness preserves and any or everything they can hopefully set ablaze. Peaceful demonstrators do not attack border fences with machetes, wire cutters and other devices and such attacks on the border fences are often accompanied by others with rifles. Peaceful demonstrators do not send large tractor tires soaked in petroleum and set alight at the border. What the news coverage of the Gaza rioting did not show was what was occurring between the photographers and the border while they took pictures of families picnicking or youths playing soccer while behind them a war was raging. For an excellent article which puts on display the intentionally inaccurate reporting, in this case the New York Times, on Israel and Gaza, please read this article.


The reality is that Israel has done more to protect human rights even of her enemies and gone beyond what any other government would consider in protecting civilians even when fighting a war such as has occurred against Hamas in Gaza and Hezballah in Lebanon and even back a decade against the terror forces of the Palestinian Authority. Israel has sent e-mails, made phone calls, dropped leaflets and taken other steps considered to be so counterproductive as to be insane simply to warn Palestinian Arabs where the Israelis will strike next just to prevent civilian casualties. This has placed the IDF often in grave danger as ambushes are set and traps placed in homes all in efforts to kill the soldiers after the tip off where they would be operating. We have covered this often before and in the following places have included testimonies from officers who have monitored IDF actions and other revelations of the lies and distortions leveled against Israel. A sample of such articles can be read here, here, here and here. Whenever an objective study has been conducted into how nations rate when it comes to human rights, Israel is rated as one of the leaders in protecting human rights. The IDF has been said to go to such lengths to protect the innocent that other Western powers have complained that Israel is setting a standard which they find impossible to meet and are not even going to attempt to emulate. The real problem which places the Palestinian Arabs into such presumed calamitous conditions had nothing to do with Israel and everything to so with their own leadership. But it is so much easier and accepted to blame Israel, the Jewish State and the Jew amongst nations than to face the reality that the Palestinian Arab leadership is their people’s worst enemy and responsible for their plight.


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