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January 21, 2019

United Nations is at it Again


As per usual, the world meddlers from Turtle Bay, New York have come up with a grand title with which most people would believe was a noble effort. This one is named, “Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.” What it is, is exactly the opposite, as the less wealthy nations empty out and the developed world becomes impoverished and overpopulated. This is simply a power grab by the United Nations to take over national sovereignty and border security regarding immigration. Under the guise of improving the dreadful state under which people are permitted to emigrate into the developed world and companies permitted to enrich themselves by simply purchasing lands and taking the mineral and other wealth in the soil, and discarding it when finished. This plan is to simply make borders into a formality and not permitting governments from preventing people from entering their nation as they would have no recourse to prevent entry into any nation. What they have conveniently left out from this concept is they have not made it illegal to prevent people from leaving their country. One might ask what is the difference, and in there lies the little secret.


Many of the poorest nations have a two-fold problem. First, these nations have a small group of rich people which these nations could all but imprison, not allowing them to go outside the country. Second, they have a class of criminals who steal in order to survive and being arrested, to these people, is a number of days with free food and shelter. These are people who know of no other ways to feed themselves and are simply a burden on the nation and allowing them to leave is of benefit while their gaining entrance to a nation which is well off would be a big problem. They currently know that the wealthy nations will simply prevent these people from entering and deporting most of those caught illegally entering their nation. The United Nations desires turning the current systems on their heads. Their plan is to take over government policies on immigration control. The United Nations desires to take over border control, and if they do half as decent a job as UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Force In Lebanon) has done curbing Hezballah from massing rockets, ambush positions and other weaponry along the Israeli border south of the Litani River, then we have everything to worry about as they have done nothing to prevent or even report such movements and buildup. The difference is that UNIFIL’s disastrous fulfillment of their mandate would not be a factor as they could simply vote from New York and then the United Nations will have simply erased borders.


This new compact, the “Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration,” is another means of permitting the United Nations in taking over any nation. The formula is quite simple, one initially removes any border security and then while people storm over the border, which was previously closed, into a now enlightened and spiritually freed nation who is accepting the price for having amassed great wealth; they will from now on also receive the peasants who are basically unwanted. Third World nations will simply open up their prisons and send these people across borders until they too reach the promised lands, Europe, the United States, Canada, or other wealthy nation including Israel. Under this agenda, there is nothing they can do to prevent the entry of these people. Needless to say, the United Nations will not busy themselves enforcing any unilateral border definitions as some nations will want to retain their people who have accrued great wealth. A nation not permitting them to leave would be frowned upon but not prevented; only entrance restrictions would be nullified. That is the real and effective target for which this concept of the United Nations is aiming. This would be the United Nations answer to President Trump’s wall, a demand that any such wall have no means of controlling travel in and out of such a national border. This is nothing short of international welfare with a nasty twist, and that is where the ‘greatness’ of this idea becomes evident.


United Nations Headquarters and Piece of New York Skyline including the Trump Tower

United Nations Headquarters
and Piece of New York Skyline
including the Trump Tower


Under the “Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration,” the United Nations decides when and if you may protect your borders. The United Nations desires to go further and not permit discussions as to whether or not this is placed into effect. No negative news coverage of such a plan has aired and this is odd when they are attempting to destroy the need for any border security. Meanwhile the United Nations has been busy with a compact which was adopted without a vote at an international conference last month in Morocco, in which the U.S. declined to take part. The United Nations are not fools as they have decided not to take any actions on such a prospective concept immediately but not until 2019 or 2020 to take the initial steps to implementation. How convenient that they will restart seeking universal support for such as the United States enters into their next Presidential elections. We foresee the Democrat campaign against President Trump referring to him as attempting to deny the United Nations and aiming to destroy the United Nations. Further, the United Nations as the giver of flexible borders will finally have the law they have sought with which to transfer the world into that perfect Nirvana. The developed world will be overrun and cease to exist while the third world will become wealthy as they will continue as they have, but these large areas of land they will sell to the highest bidder. This idea turns border security on its head and permits for absolutely no border security. This compact was adopted without a vote at an international conference last month in Morocco, in which the United States declined to take part. The resulting draft was endorsed on December 19, 2018, by the United Nations General Assembly in New York, over American protests. But the United Nations does indeed face a challenge for making this threatened behavior into enforceable international law.


The current holder of the White House desires a preventive wall to be built across the length of the border, not open the border to all comers. This idea has worked so well across Europe where anyone is permitted to cross any European border from one European Union member state to anther. This has permitted the refugees to make their way across Europe heading for Germany and the other countries with the highest benefits for those who are unemployable or desire living off the state rather than working. Many of these refugees were raised under socialist governance and find capitalism to be foreign to them. They are used to the state providing everything they require to live but find that they think they should be granted even more. They realize that under European rule that they can receive far greater remunerations and can live almost regally compared to in their former home country. This was how they used the European Union and its erasure of borders to their advantage as they made their way often from Greece, one of the least well off European nations, to Germany, one of the wealthiest nations.


The real target of this concept is the United States. They are the golden apple which has remained just out of reach and now they have it in their sights. Expect that should the United States elect a Democrat to the White House that they would sign America to this concept and as soon as a Republican would attain that high office, they would pull the United States out of any such agreement. We do not see the United States Senate giving their approval over the “Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.” Any Senator voting for such a treaty, and this would be considered a treaty, would be signing the end of their career as they would most likely be defeated in the next elections. This idea of erasing enforcement of borders is meant to remove any definition of any nation as unique or for a specific people. Yes, we are referring specifically to Israel, as she has had to erect border barriers along most of her border to prevent the influx of refugees and others which would eventually lead to her not being the homeland of the Jews but just the homeland to the impoverished of Africa. Of course, the destruction of Israel would just be another cherry atop the ice cream to the United Nations. This is nothing more than the next giant leap being attempted by the United Nations to speed us all along to that miracle cure-all for everything that ails you, single world governance under the auspices of the United Nations. This menagerie of third world tin-pot dictators and stooges have craved for the day when they could destroy even the most powerful nations without any need for the military to invade, just send them all your criminal elements and your starving masses. Then, once they are gone, then all, every red cent, of foreign aid can go directly into your pocket without any need for chicanery.


We have called recently for Israel to leave the United Nations. Should this preposterous idea for the subsuming of the first world by the third world is just one of many reasons for an Israeli withdrawal. When was the last time that Israel served in the rotation of the Security Council? That is a trick question as she never has been selected. Another trick question is in what regional unit does Israel belong in the United Nations. Israel was originally assigned to the Middle East but the Arab world refused to allow her to attend meetings or be a part of anything, then she was assigned to the United States which was decidedly unfair as then she would gain too much influence it was feared. Finally, she was squeezed into the European block where she has languished ever since treated exactly as one would expect an intruder would be treated. The reality is that Israel is the orphaned nation within the United Nations which nobody desires as a friend or even a compatriot, and has nothing to gain from remaining other than abuse she receives as a member. True, Israel gets to make speeches before a largely empty room as the majority of delegates leave whenever the Israeli representative is given the floor. Israel gets kicked in the teeth often enough by the world media, they do not need the United Nations in order to feel the love emanating towards her by the world. The Arab League often takes care of letting Israel know whom they hate.


There is no upside to the “Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration,” as for the developed world it is a sirens’ song sweetly singing and for the undeveloped world it will rob them of their main resource, people power, as their populations head for the closest free world industrial power departing for greener shores. The people it will claim it is intended to help are those stuck currently in lands which they desire to flee and where they are in mortal danger. This is the fig leaf that this “Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration” will hide behind hoping that such a noble cause will entrap the votes it will require. But there are the few nations who would never allow such an idea and they also hold veto power in the United Nations Security Council. China and Russia would not particularly have a preference for this legislation to be ratified as they would fear losing the best and brightest who would seek fortune in the United States or Europe. Those nations who desired to prevent their populations from migrating would not be deterred by this passing. Let’s be realistic, does anybody see Iran or North Korea opening up their borders and allowing those desiring to leave and live in another country? If this is your idea of what will result from this becoming international law, then you need the rose tinting on your spectacles to be checked and if they do not have the optional reality filter, you should get one so you could at least see the truth. The “Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration” idea from the United Nations is a trap for the developed world and would be used to redistribute wealth as a final result in order to balance things and keeping people in their own nation. This is a bold step towards that one world government as national governments must be subsumed and made mere enforcement tools for world governance. That is the end destination that “Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration” is supposed to take the world and fortunately, there are those fighting back from the more sane places on earth. Unfortunately, in these days where the lunatics run the asylum, the truly sane who oppose the single world governance are treated as completely mad and the pawns leaping to their slaughter by the one world governance run by the United Nations are treated as being the wise and sagely ones. It is truly a world turned upside-down.


A World All Upside Down

A World All Upside Down


This great leap forward named, “Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration,” is simply another step towards that presumably wondrous, spectacular, visionary and sold as stupendous world which will be the people of the world’s future and fate. The United Nations sponsors changes to the ruling paradigm under which the world has existed for millennia claiming that their alterations to the status quo are the bromides which will repair the world. In Judaism we have a similar concept called Tikkun Olam, which translates roughly into “Change the World.” Where some leftist Jews have misappropriated this term to mean the leftist and Democrat Party agendas, what it actually calls on us to do to make the world a better place is to do introspection and make everything we do and say more reasoned and done for the betterment of all. Tikkun Olam calls on Jews to repair themselves and by doing so do their small part in repairing the world. We believe that until one has repaired the self, the world can wait while they get their own house in order. Once everyone had completed that task, the world will have been repaired. But the United Nations takes a different route whereby they wish to change everyone else to their envisioned version of reality and never ever look inside to see if they have their rooms cleaned and straightened. The United Nations is the two year old in the middle of the room throwing tantrums constantly wanting attention and approval ignoring all the damage they cause. Examples abound such as the rape scandals from almost every peacekeeping mission, their inability to contain Hezballah, the inefficiency of their food distribution systems which all too often break down when the food reaches the docks where it sits until it spoils to almost everything they touch from the UNHRC claiming Israel is to blame for honor murders in the regions ruled by the Palestinian Authority, the group Mahmoud Abbas rules, to UNESCO claiming the Jews have no historical claim to the Temple Mount, Hevron, the Cave of the Patriarchs etc. Finally there is UNRWA which is the only refugee serving organization to take 750,000 refugees and over a period of seven decades turn them into over six-million refugees without settling a single refugee to a permanent home outside their camps and has barbed wire and armed guards monitoring their camps to assure that none of them go and find their own place to live a normal life. Now the world is supposed to turn their borders over to the United Nations? You will excuse us if we are less than enthused about the idea and are glad that Israel will eventually claim all her land and those who wish to murder them in their sleep are told they may go find a new home, preferably far away from us.


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