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January 28, 2019

What Did Ireland Do To You Lately?

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In my little corner of the world, perched snuggled in at the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea, we have read that Ireland does not like all Israelis equally and shows disdain for those Jews who employ thousands of Arab Palestinians who could lose their jobs if what Ireland decided to support works. The prototypical example was SodaStream. SodaStream was an Israeli owned and run company with their main manufacturing plant beyond the Green Line. The BDS boycotters harried and hassled with noisy demonstrations, often inside the grocery store targeted, such that they joined the boycott of SodaStream. NGO’s had bought advertisements calling for the boycott of SodaStream. Well, SodaStream was a growing company and required a larger plant. They decided that they had been targeted enough and built their new plant within the Green Line selling off the land they had in the industrial park. This closing resulted in five-hundred Arab Palestinians losing their well paying jobs. Some were managers and in upper supervisory positions. These were jobs which paid better than almost anything one can do beyond the Green Line. Ireland wants every Israeli employed Arab Palestinian to lose their jobs. Probably, when Ireland has convinced others that destroying jobs helps the Arab Palestinian cause, then they will accuse Israel of not employing Arab Palestinians finding this a deplorable example of racism. That is a simple plan, cause a problem and then blame the Jews for the problem you caused. There is a name for such activity.


Does anybody remember what the first thing Hitler arranged to occur? He gave Germany the Brownshirts to destroy a mere ten percent of the stores in the Jewish Quarter of every major German city. His hope was it would frighten the rest into packing up and leaving. The Jews insisted on remaining as they had rights in the German Republic. Turns out that was a very bad plan. Ze’ev Jabotinsky made numerous appeals in an attempt to take the Jews from Europe, at least Poland and Germany, as many as possible. They scoffed at him and claimed he was a conspiracy type, having wild visions that the Jews who had been living in relative safety, the pogrom here or there every four or five years, but millions are not in danger, how could that be. Well, the rest is history, but it started with targeting a limited number of Jews, just those Jews. Jews need to learn that if there is one bad Jew, then we need be wary; when it becomes those Jews, it is time to go. They even asked where could they flee to, what country would take us in, they wanted to know. Eretz Yisroel was his answer and they had heard that life was rough in Israel where much of the world is very much like hard labor digging new irrigation to replace a swamp, of course step one is drain the swamp. That was not for them, they were merchants and tradesmen, not ditch diggers. Ditch digger probably looked like a very enticing place to be in a few years when the world darkened its soul. Then, anything in the Holy Land would have been better than the camps. They had made the most dreadful mistake not seeing the signs and doing something, anything to avoid what came.


Ignoring the signs is a modern thing as well. I do not wish to talk about Europe or North America and what they may be ignoring at their own peril. I want to remain with Israel and what she hopefully has planned out is an exacting plan, as almost any plan is preferable to waiting until it is on the verge of too late. Razor thin margins between horrific devastation and, Whew, that was a close one. The world knows about the rioting along the Gaza border which is ratcheted up and allowed to mellow until they decide Israel needs a good poking and stoking the riot cauldron. Gaza became such old news that even when they launch a volley of rockets every so often, that barely makes the news as the Iron Dome has proven very well worth the investment. Then there is Mahmoud Abbas, eighty-one-year-old Mahmoud Abbas. There are no set in place replacement as was with Arafat who had groomed Mahmoud making him the obvious next in line. There is no next in line, there are quite a few and this problem we discussed just the other day. The result will likely be Hamas takes as much of the lands as they have support, which they actually do in the Arab Palestinian society. But they are still a relative known, for now.


Then there is Lebanon and Hezballah. That can be summed up in a single fact, they have approximately one-hundred-fifty-thousand rockets and missiles pointed at the length and breadth of Israel. They have installed bunker positions connected by tunnels throughout the entire region south of the Litany River. They have ambush sites specifically for catching tanks and the anti-tank rockets to put a hurt on any tank, be it a Merkava, Abrams, Leopard, Black Panther, Armata or Challenger, the top six tanks in the world. Many of their firing and sniper locations are inside of people’s homes as are some of their mortars and rocket launchers. Every town as well as the cities are a maze of interconnected positions and command and control points. The entire arrangement used by Hezballah, as well as Hamas, is designed for a smaller and lighter armed group to overwhelm a more heavily armored and presumably more advanced, though that is no longer a truth as the Iranian computer systems and communications are actually quite good, but presumably superior enemy by making them pay dearly for every block and face ambushes on the connecting roads. The way to defeat this type of force is actually very easy, bomb the entire area until the entire land mass has dropped about ten feet, and then drop incendiary bombs to sanitize the rest. This is the way wars were fought by the powers in both World Wars, and then these same nations decided to write a code such that they could never do such warfare again. Do you know what happens to any civilization which decides that there are limits in what one is permitted to do in performance of military actions. They are conquered by the first group who is willing to use things beyond these limits, many things from amongst the worst variety which you would never resort to using. Israel refuses to use such a plan, they would never even write such a plan, because it would be such a waste of human lives is an abomination to Israelis and their military. For proof we offer any of the numerous testimonies given by foreign officers who served as observers during IDF activities both in war and peacekeeping such as British Officer Richard Kemp on Israeli Defense Force tactics and actions.


So, massive bombing and raining down missiles will not likely be the Israeli response to an enemy completely prepared for a ground invasion and susceptible to an air campaign. So, if and when it becomes unavoidable, Israel will resort to playing by their enemy’s rules with a ground slog. That becomes position to position fighting with house to house in towns and cities, and watching for ambush on any open ground movement. This is the most difficult means of clearing a region and poses the highest risks to your soldiers, but it prevents civilian casualties as much as the situation enables. That is why Israel uses her soldiers in situations where heavy bombing would be faster and save on IDF casualties. But that would also kill too many presumably innocent civilians of southern Lebanon.


But the final front is potentially the most threatening, and that is the small section of the Golan Heights and the border with Syria. Syria offers some unique situations and peculiar angles all in one short border. The real enemy on the other side of the Golan Heights is not so much Syria as it is Iran, specifically the IRGC, and Hezballah. They send up a few rockets every couple of weeks just to test if Israel sleeping at the switch. Israel has struck numerous targets within Syria but, and here is the wild part, without ever violating Syria airspace. There is a simple problem with making one of your limits overflying Syria, the range as to how deeply your missiles launched from over Israel can penetrate into Syria. But this is the chosen response of which we are aware. The problem with shots coming from the Syrian side of the border is one has to first determine what this particular incident represents. It could be an errant round from a firefight in Syria, was it a sniper shot, and if so, what was the firing position. Then there are larger objects which on occasion have come across the border. There were artillery rounds fired which were using the wrong targeting address, the numbers were transposed. That was relatively easily resolved. But then there are those other objects which are intentionally fired or launched at Israel. There are artillery rounds which target vehicles, plural, and positions, also plural, or are observed lining up and firing with intent to strike Israeli targets, military and civilian, then comes the time to eliminate that particular firing position or positions. Sniper fire need be suppressed and the sniper eliminated if possible. The easiest to determine is the anti-tank missiles. These are line of sight missiles with a variety of aiming controls, some better than others, but the projectile is largely straight-line path. There is no doubt what was targeted and from whence the projectile was launched. There is a trail of smoke leading to a large cloud of dust and debris from the back-blast of the launch which denotes exactly where the weapon was fired. This makes removing that weapon fairly easy while the operator somewhat more difficult as a smart operator leaves the weapon and puts distance between themselves and the point the weapon was fired as quickly as they are able often having a spot prepared for them to leap behind as protection from return fire. Then there are the rockets which are fired weekly. Finally, there are the drones, many of which were weaponized, which have been flown by numerous means into Israel. There have been preprogrammed drones which are made most often for a specific attack which the drone takes a complicated, low-profile approach to the target becoming visible only when it raises up to fire. There are those with human pilots which are useful for hunting a target such as a vehicle or person which is of particular importance. Then there are drones which are computer guided with a human operator overseeing the flight and in case of detection, they can take command of the drone in order to retreat. Sometimes all that might take is pressing a key which puts in place an override set of directions. All of these types of events of fire have occurred with somewhat regular rate of occurrence. The main reason nobody has heard about this is simple, Israel has not violated Syrian airspace while Iran, Hezballah, IRGC and Syrian forces have all invaded Israeli airspace and fired upon Israeli positions and civilians. All of those events where they crossed into Israel, specifically with the drones, were acts of war, which as Israel is still with war with Syria really makes everything even stranger than usual. Israel needs more than solutions for each of these fronts but far more. Israel needs a select group of precise plans and target lists for the first two hours, because that is exactly how quickly actions will be required, for any three fronts erupting in a coordinated fashion to maximize their initial strikes.


Distance Between Israel and Iran Plus Nuclear Sites and Size Comparison

Distance Between Israel and Iran Plus Nuclear Sites and Size Comparison


Now for the numbers about Iran and Israel, mostly real numbers but we will tell when the numbers are our projections. The first thing is that Iran has numerous missiles which easily reach over two-thousand kilometers, more than for enough to strike Israel. Iranian missiles have excellent guidance packages with many different kinds. Their accuracy is within meters of any intended target. They also have numerous rockets with sufficient range to reach Israel from Iran if their desire is to lob rockets indiscriminately at any general region. Iran can fire their rockets and missiles from anywhere in Iran and strike Israel, and where within Iraq as well as anywhere in much of Syria or even from Yemen if they are seeking to try a surprise, though mostly they fire at Saudi Arabia from Yemen. Israel can easily strike Iran and probably strike any target within a matter of under a meter and has tracking systems so as to strike the launch point no matter where Iran launches so return fire can be almost immediate. Iran has a slight size advantage over Israel, as it is seventy-nine times the size of Israel. Contrary to the fables that the United States and European media have been feeding the world, the Iranians have worked on atomic weapons since the late 1980’s and have very likely been making atomic warheads very probably for fifteen to twenty years, according to our guess. As one can see on the map, Iran has seven nuclear installations and four of them are Uranium mines. This means they have all the necessary nuclear material within their borders for the production of atomic bombs. The odds are they also have cracked how to miniaturize hydrogen fusion bombs and by our figuring they could have as many as fifteen to fifty all depending on their ability to get the necessary isotopes for the construction of a device. In the case of a nuclear exchange between Israel and Iran, it is doubtful Israel would survive anywhere resembling intact were Iran to launch everything all in a single strike; but Iran also would not survive the exchange despite the size differential. The problem is the Grand Ayatollah has stated that he is willing to permit the destruction of Iran if that also means that Israel was destroyed, as that would be a fair price to pay. Most, if not the vast majority, of Israelis would not accept this exchange as most hold no animosity for the Iranian people and do not wish them such harm, only their own government believes this would be acceptable. What is so worrying is that it appears as if Iran is attempting to set up some reason for making a war with Israel and using their presence in Syria in order to provoke such an attack that they could utilize it to demand the complete destruction of Israel and then fill the obvious void for the Arab world and destroy Israel themselves and claiming their victory with the hopes of turning the Arab world over to Shiite Islam. The leadership in Iran is not mentally stable or possibly not even sane by most standards, but they are heavily armed, potentially with advanced nuclear weapons and chemical weapons, are establishing hegemony across the Middle East and see destroying Israel as their right and privilege to do so for Allah. They feel similarly about the United States and only a little less antagonistic towards Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. They have often mentioned being the new Persian Empire. Iran is probably amongst the top ten dangerous nations most likely to start the next great cataclysm.


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