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February 13, 2019

Ori Ansbacher was Sacrificed in Praise of Allah

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Ori Ansbacher, a nineteen-year-old Jewish teenager, was simply out on a nice day for a walk when she was dragged into the Ein Yael forest near the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem, raped, brutalized and then murdered. It was a brazen intentional act of terrorism. Her murderer, twenty-nine-year-old Arafat Arfiah, an Arab Palestinian from Hevron, reenacted the entire grizzly affair for Shin Bet investigators showing great pride in his accomplishment. He claims he did nothing wrong and was only doing that which is expected of him by the society from which he was educated and raised believing that Jews are less than human and are to be slaughtered at every opportunity. This warrior against the Israeli presence in the lands he believes are rightfully belonging to the Arabs, a twenty-nine-year-old man who easily was able to attack his prey which he chose because he felt safe attacking a young girl. This is the real face of the Arab Palestinians which the world is not often shown as the mainstream media will refuse to cover this wanton act of what Israelis know is the norm of the society of those who hold a hate beyond understanding. There is no real difference from this act and that act in Nablus when two IDF soldiers who made a wrong turn and ended up being torn apart by a mob with the crowd gathered outside bursting into a spontaneous celebratory exuberance on the verge of insanity and pure blood lust unreported by the media. They also were want to cover the brutality and savagery Arafat Arfiah was proud to reenact and would commit again should he come across another victim far weaker than himself, which was the only crime committed by the young woman, Ori Ansbacher. Ori Ansbacher should be the name everybody was mourning today in a decent world where honesty was any form of a guide, but that is not the world we reside in, at least for most of the world.


Ori Ansbacher

Ori Ansbacher slain and brutalized simply for being a Jewess


There was no mention outside of the Israeli center and right-wing as well as religious news anywhere around the globe. Look and try to find the name Ori Ansbacher anywhere in your major news sources. Should you take your search to great lengths and seek articles on the world-wide-web, you may come across these two articles, the first by Jack Engelhard titled, “Ori’s blood cries out to deaf ears,” and the second by Giulio Meotti titled, “Yes, the Israeli people is superior to its enemies,” as well as other articles and news clips from Israeli sources. Many rushed to give coverage to the Palestinian Arabs from the West Bank who paid condolence visit to Ori Ansbacher’s family. That gets coverage as it casts the Arab Palestinians in a more humane light while also making it appear that the average Arab Palestinian does not support terrorism. Then there was the coverage of Arab Palestinian terrorist and cover girl for the leftist and Western media, Ahed Tamimi. She was the Arab Palestinian who was arrested for striking, spitting, kicking and otherwise taunting an IDF soldier while all around were her family members with cellphones and cameras rolling just waiting for the young man to lose his calm and cool passivity so they could sell those clips to the anxious media just waiting for anything which paints the IDF as brutal monsters. This time she failed, but when younger she did make the papers from a different incident which we spoke about amongst other tragedies which are mostly under-reported in our article, “So You Think Ahed Tamimi is Just Misbehaving.”


But the majority of the Western media have a story they wish to tell to the world in which everything Israeli is pure unadulterated evil and everything Arab and especially Palestinian is so innocent and pure that snowflakes would not melt in their mouths. This was the slant behind referring to the Gaza rioting, assaults on the border fence, snipers shooting at IDF positions, the burning of thousands of tires daily to cause a smoke screen to hide their assaults, launching of incendiary balloons and kites into Israel burning down thousands of acres of fields and their crops as well as forests including game reserves and the launching of toys tied to colorful balloons with explosives inside set to detonate when handled hoping to have some Israeli child see them and pick them up. Speaking of the coverage of the Gaza riots, which started in March of 2018 and are still in progress with escalations whenever Hamas requests as well as most Friday afternoons following the Imam’s sermon at services, we wrote a piece on the coverage from the New York Times titled, “Grey Lady Befriends Hamas Discarding Israel,” which has a screen shot of their online picture coverage and includes at the end the video of a CNN reporter who upon finding the real Israel which assists around the world quietly running the first, and at that point only, field hospital in Haiti and her amazement at how complete their readiness was for any form of medical aid which might be required, and this was in addition to Israel search and rescue teams with their dogs and other equipment and rescue assist personnel. (Those desiring more on the real Gaza riots and protest here is another article along with this article showing the two disparate Gazas, the one for the wealthy and terror leaders and the other those whose residences were used for launching rockets and thus were sacrificed by Hamas who then stole the building provisions provided multiple times in order to build bunkers and infiltration tunnels into Israel.)


This slanted coverage has been the boilerplate for all coverage starting after the Six Day War. Through the start of the Six Day War, Israel had been the darling as the left was taken by their numerous socialist styled programs including healthcare and other benefits from the government. Israel was also seen as the underdog against the entirety of the Arab world. Then the Arabs took the KGB designed PLO and the concept of a Palestinian people who were oppressed by the superpower Israel. The Palestinian Arabs also made inroads by claiming they were people of color claiming that Israel was a European and white male dominated capitalist society while they believed in socialism and human rights against their oppressive bullies in Israel. Add in a number of decades of billions spent on propaganda part of which turned the Arab boycotts of Israel into the BDS Movement. The original sin committed by Israel was surviving. Israel was supposed to lose the Six Day War and the world would have come to their rescue at the last moment, which would have been about two weeks too late and after the Arabs had finally made good on the prediction made by Azzam Pasha, Secretary-General of the Arab League at that time of the 1948 assault on Israel by six Arab nations the initial morning of her founding, “It will be a war of annihilation. It will be a momentous massacre in history that will be talked about like the massacres of the Mongols or the Crusades.” This is the dream of the Arab world regarding Israel and was the concept driving Arafat Arfiah to brutally rape, torture, maim and finally murder Ori Ansbacher. This is the side of the Arab Palestinians which must be kept from the news cycle, as it would completely undermine their storyline, and this is what the news has been for a very long time, a storyline. It may have started with Pulitzer Prize winning New York Times Moscow reporter Walter Duranty who reported on the glorious and wonderful things being accomplished by Joseph Stalin and refuting reports about there being a famine caused by Stalin’s acts in the Ukraine, a famine which resulted in the death of somewhere near ten-million Ukrainians. This proud distortion of reality was continued with the breathless reporting of Walter Cronkite about how the United States forces were being overrun by the Vietnamese during the Tet Offensive when the reality was these attacks were repulsed and nearly wiped out their forces which was verified by North Vietnamese General Giap recalled, “We were not strong enough to drive out a half-million American troops, but that wasn’t our aim. Our intention was to break the will of the American Government to continue the war.” They counted on the media selling to the American public that they were losing and their fight was hopeless. They understood the psychology and knew they had a willing partner in the mainstream media which opposed the war, or actually the United States.


Israel and the United States share the same sins, strength, success, strong economically, and most of all having a society based on Judeo-Christian ethic in America and Judaism in Israel. These are the new horrific beliefs whose truth has been borne of the successes of the past couple of hundred years by Western civilization, and the new psychology of the leftists is that success is evil unless it is taken and redirected to those who are considered more worthy. Only minorities or anything which is not steeped in Judaism, Christianity, whiteness, straight males and Western Civilization as it has stood since the rise of Europe after the Reformation, Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution which resulted from the scientific advances and new understanding which resulted in bringing wealth and power. Israel and the United States stand today as the two greatest examples of the marvels which can be achieved by the advances in technology which has brought the world into the information age powered by the electronics and programming of computers and other devices. The center of power has shifted across the Atlantic Ocean, the pond for our British readers, to the United States, the colonies to our British readers, and such power now rests within the United States that she has become unrivaled. Israel is the little power which, like the little train that could, Israelis believes they can succeed and achieve great strides in virtually every field from Agriculture to Zoology, from Phone Apps to water purification, from medical miracles to miracle defensive weapons to all sorts of inventions and discoveries. Such broad ranging success and the willingness to share many of these technological and other advances is something that is not broadly known. Israel assists all across Africa with agriculture, clean water and energy. But to tell the world that Israel is often the first nation to be up and operating anywhere in the world after natural and other disasters and people will claim they have never heard about such. Tell the world that Israel is one of the most active in working with African nations as well as India and you will get the same response. Just about anything which puts a friendly face on Israel is forbidden territory for most of the mainstream media. The only things you will hear about Israel is that they are attacking the Palestinian Arabs and if the article is going to have even a taint of objectivity, then well into the article you might find that Israel was responding to attacks or terrorism, but even then the wording will be such that there will still be doubt over who fired first. The media will watch as for weeks, possibly months, Hamas fires rockets into Israel and nary a peep; but as soon as Israel responds the media is right there with a breathless report about the massive strike Israel delivered to Gaza and only in paragraph five is there mention of the rockets fired into Israel, and even then it is made to sound like a few rockets were fired and only on that day, the long run-up will often be ignored because that might appear to make the Israeli actions appear to be justified, and that is not permitted. You almost have to read or listen to news from India or other disassociated sources far from the mainstream media to find the truth about Israel. That is a sad truth, but then the media is starting to turn from reporting anything about the growing anti-Semitism or if they do, they also try to find some reason to justify why there is growing anti-Semitism. Apparently, the Jews are the only people where they are so loved that any hatred towards them must be deserved or else why would it exist.


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