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February 21, 2019

Palestinians Leadership Again Speaking in Codes


One of the largest difficulties in explaining the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Palestinian problem and conflict specifically, is that the vast majority of people are unfamiliar with how the Arabs, the Palestinian Arabs in particular, define their terminology. The Americans and Europeans constantly apply what they believe these terms mean when the Palestinians have completely different definitions and speak in a foreign language which uses great measures of Taqiyyah, a religiously sanctioned form of dissimulation or concealment of the truth and actual intents. We can provide some guidelines which will assist in translating from what their actual words translate into and what they actually mean when using these codified words and phrases. The first and most obvious to many but actually intentionally ignored because to admit knowledge of this one phrase would end any hope of solving the conflict. That is another problem for the average person in that news reporting and many politicians with their statements know full well that they are using definitions which are diametrically opposed to the actual intended meaning when used by the Arabs. When two sides are each using the same words but each is also entitled to their own translations and definitions, well, then you end up with situations like the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) which can be depicted by searching JCPOA and then comparing the different versions from the one touted by President Obama and the one used by the European Union. Were one to gain a copy of the Russian and Chinese versions they would find they translate into two more versions of the deal so it should not come as a surprise that the Iranians have their own version which they have steadfastly held that they have completely complied with the terms including those concerning testing ballistic missiles, which their version allows them to perform such tests, surprise, surprise, surprise. Israel is facing their own set of Arab definitions not matching those by all other parties, and they prefer to keep it this way so nobody can complain or even begin to depict what the Palestinians actually mean and what they are demanding. They also know that many in the United States State Department are fully aware of the true meanings of many of these phrases but use the colloquial false definition used by whomever they are communicating with in order to continue to pursue a peace which cannot be reached.


By now you are screaming for an example, so here is the most ignored actual definition of the entire conflict, “occupied Palestinian lands.” Often they will even add to further confuse the uninitiated such as the “occupied territories of 1967” as if putting a particular date to the term makes even one iota of a difference. Whenever the term “occupied territories” is bandied about, what it means is, “from the river to the sea, Palestine must be free.” This has been their chant and byline from the very beginning in 1947 when they refused the United Nations patrician plan as they expected their armies from six Arab nations using military advisors from the British and the Germans fresh from World War II. They did not eliminate Israel but they did occupy Gaza and the Shomron (Jordan renamed it West Bank as Judea and Samaria were far too Jewish for their sensitivities). Another term used is that the Arab Palestinians only want their 22% of the British Mandate. To the uninformed in the Western media and governments, they transcribe this as meaning Gaza and the Shomron, or more recently Area A and Area B and some minor pieces from Area C of the areas formerly illegally occupied by Jordan until the Six Day War in June of 1967. The twenty-two-percent they are referring to from the British Mandate means exactly that, the reminder which is not Jordan who received seventy-eight-percent of the British Mandate (see map below). The map below was originally used by the British in their dealings with the League of Nations and has become a favorite of the Arabs for the fact that it calls Israel Palestine. The truth is that until 1964 the definition of Palestinian meant Jew residing in the region of the British Mandate. The World War I and World War II Palestine Brigades under the British were almost entirely Jewish fighters with a small number of Druze and virtually no Arabs, especially in World War II as a great number of Arabs followed the directives of the Mufti of Jerusalem who broadcast messages from Berlin for the Arabs to fight the British and assist the Nazi war efforts in the Middle East. Further,


British Mandate with its division between an Arab State of Jordan and Palestine denoted to be the Jewish State later named Israel

British Mandate with its division between an Arab State of Jordan and
Palestine denoted to be the Jewish State later named Israel


Palestinian was the term most frequently assigned to the Jews of the region while the Arabs either were called Arabs or were called the national origin of their names such that some were Syrian, Egyptian, Saudi Arabian, Iraqi and so forth. Here are some blatantly obvious examples where the term Palestine or Palestinian became Israeli. The Palestine Orchestra would become the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. The Jerusalem Post, Israeli English-language daily newspaper, was established in 1932 as the Palestine Post. The Arabs would like to reverse those name changes and erase any trace that Jews have or had ever lived in this region. Of particular interest is that in Arabic there is no letter which produces the sound of the letter, “P” as there is in Hebrew, “פ” which is why they often refer to their region as Falestine.


Every reference to liberation or establishing of their state they are including all of the lands west of the Jordan River and they also include within any settlement the relocation of five-million-plus Arab refugees the majority of which have never even stepped foot in Israel being dependents of refugees or even dependents of dependents and even of dependence as they and their families were locked into refugee camps as soon as the 1948-9 War to Eradicate the Jews ended with their armies in retreat, which unremarkably is when the world demanded that the fighting crease, as they were fine when it appeared the Arabs might be victorious. The only exception was the Six Day War and then likely merely because the Israeli victory was so swift that it amazed the world (we even watched the war live on newscasts in classrooms in high school and any teacher not allowing students to follow the war found their classrooms empty for that week). Still, in the 1973 Yom Kippur War while the Arabs held the upper hand there were no demands that they cease their advances into Israeli controlled regions but once the IDF turned the tide of battle there were threats from Russia and the United States that Israel was not to extend the regions they controlled any further than the armistice lines from the 1967 Six Day War. Israel was on the outskirts of Damascus in Syria and closing on Alexandria and Cairo in Egypt with the Egyptian Third Army encircled in the Sinai Desert, there was virtually nothing between Israel and the heart of Egypt and with most of the Syrian armor destroyed, Israel had the same opportunity in Syria. What is amazing about the Arab refugees is that there are camps for these “refugees” in Gaza, Jenin and other locations where the Palestinian Authority or Hamas rule. There were other refugees from the period after the formation of Israel as the Arab world forced out by varying methods over three-quarters of a million Jews who mostly settled in Israel. These refugees, unlike the Arabs, were housed as best as possible, not in tents for years, and moved into the society as quickly as economic and other factors made possible. The Israeli intent was to absorb their brothers and sisters and normalize their lives, not to traumatize their brothers and sisters as has been the fate for as many as, in some families, four or even five generations behind fences often with barbed wire surrounding them and even armed guards. They were denied citizenship and barred from most forms of employment only permitted the most menial of jobs. Their sole use was as a threat to inundate Israel transforming it into another Arab state and destroying the Jewish state. Even the purported Palestinian history is a retelling of Jewish history with the only real change being their claims to be decedents of the Canaanites, a people extinct and lost from history after Joshua and the Israelites established what became the Jewish State.


Their claim for self-determination is based on denying the Jews the same right. The initial demand was for a single state to be formed from the entirety of the British Mandate lands which would have included Jordan and Israel plus their refugees granting the Arab population a sizable numeric advantage thus again destroying the Jewish state. The majority of their claims from their initial invention of the concept of the Palestinians being solely an Arab people have been to destroy Israel. When the Palestinian Liberation Organization was founded through cooperation of the Arab League and the KGB, the KGB trained both Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas specifically for the role of destroying the Jewish State once Israel and the United States became friends, their demand did not include the Shomron (West Bank) which was held by Jordan nor Gaza which was occupied by Egypt, their demand was for the remainder of the lands, Israel. Their intention after their successfully destroying Israel was to turn the lands over to Jordan and Egypt and not for a nation of their own as they still thought of themselves as part of the Arab family of nations and not an independent entity. It was not until after the Six Day War that they began with their intention for their own nations replacing all of Israel. While the Shomron and Gaza were held by Arab nations, there was no mention of allowing for the Arabs within these areas to have self-rule as since they were already under Arab rule, nothing else really mattered. It is the fact that the Jews have their own nation that drives their ambitions.


Our final point is to take another line they often utilize to make their terrorist activities be seen as a liberation and nationalist movement. Their claim is that, we quote, Palestinians have the right to fight the “occupation” using all legitimate means and methods, as well as to resist attempts to label the resistance of the “Palestinian people” as “terrorism.” Their definition of murdering any Jew is that every Jew is a soldier of the Zionist enterprise, notice not Israel or an actual nation, merely an enterprise intended to deny the Arabs their rightful lands. There exist two specific items which must be met in order to make any peace proposal acceptable to the Arabs and the Palestinians, and these are the end of self-rule for the Jews and the Jews removed from their Islamic Waqf, their means of making all of Israel lands which are holy to Islam and therefore in need of cleansing of the infection by a hostile people. They claim that the Jews can simply return to the lands in Europe, Russia, Ukraine and North America from whence they “all” came. The Arabs are fully aware that half of the Jews in Israel trace their ancestry to Arab lands in the Middle East and North Africa and that they would never be permitted return. That is not a problem because they also are fully aware that the nations where the other half of the Jews originated would also refuse to take them back, and yes that likely includes North America where such is becoming more evident day-by-day to be turning hostile to the Jews and Israel (Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are two examples). The historic reminder of how the Jews were refused escape by the United States and Canada during World War II was the return trip of the MS St. Louis returning over nine-hundred Jews to Nazi occupied lands. The one thing Jews have learned over the millennia is that things rarely change all that much when it comes to persecution of Jews and the world’s inaction facing such known and deadly threats to the Jewish People. The Arab Palestinians demand their “Right of Return,” another term expropriated by them, is code for drown Israel in Arabs trained in UNRWA schools to hate the Jews with a visceral rage which drives them to desire murdering every Jew in Israel. These schools, which were exposed by President Trump very publically, are augmented with summer camps which are nothing but boot camps training the next generation of Arabs for the eternal fight against the Jews. No peace settlement will be acceptable to the Arabs or their subset, the Palestinians, should it permit the Jews to have their own nation and they would probably prefer to be permitted to do with the Jews in Israel as they please. Their main delusion is their belief that since they are a desert people and have out-waited the Ottomans, British and presumably all other conquerors, is that they will outwait the Jews who to their minds are just the latest Europeans invading their native lands. These are their native lands because history in Islam begins once Islam has conquered a region and nothing which came before is of any relevance. This time it is of relevance because we Jews are the original desert people and have waited for our promised final return to our ancient homelands and ruling ourselves for over two-thousand-years while Islam has only existed for fourteen-hundred-years. You figure out which group had the most patience. Israel and her Jews are not going anywhere as we are home to stay and know that nowhere would want us anyway. This was, is and will always be our lands and we will not be pushed from them again. The only exception would be if there was to be found somewhere in the universe a Planet Israel, then we might consider making a move, but not before.


Planet Israel

Planet Israel


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