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February 22, 2019

Israel – Sometimes You Have to be the Majority of One

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There has been a fair amount of talk, of discussions, a few arguments and much unnecessary bending of the truth about the future of relations between Israel, the United States and the whole of the Western World. This reached a boiling point recently over the allegations recently stated and tweeted by Ilhan Omar claiming that the Jews buy the support for Israel when she tweeted that support for Israel in the United States was “It’s all about the Benjamins baby,” and, “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel,” and after demands were given from Democrat Party leadership, she made a unimpassioned apology. Unfortunately, Ilhan Omar is not the problem, she is but the very tip of an ever-growing iceberg throwing frigid cold on support for Israel on the far left. With the drift of American politics inexorably shifting leftward for over a century, what is on the far left today will be a centrist view within a decade or two at the most. We have seen how Europe has drifted away from Israel as fully on display at every United Nations vote to sanction or condemn Israel, an unfortunate reality all too often on display. As for the remainder of the world, the Group of 77 (a bloc of 134 developing nations) just unanimously chose Palestine and its dictatorial president, Mahmoud Abbas, to lead the group for 2019. On January 15, 2019, Mahmoud Abbas addressed the group at the handover ceremony where he stated in his acceptance speech, “Terrorism takes place worldwide on a daily basis. It is an epidemic and I therefore call on all countries of the world to cooperate, to put an end to terrorism, to uproot it.” This coming from the arch-terrorist who authorizes payments to terrorists and their families commensurate to the number of Israelis they murdered and maimed, who implores his people to murder Israelis in the name of Allah and whose entire government is designed around the support of terrorism. Abbas was the man who arranged and transferred monies which paid for the Munich Olympics terror attack on the Israeli Olympic Team. The belief that terrorism is a joke and something which can benefit one with great wealth and all commemorations for the victims of terrorism is just an event which is just so amusing one must grin as the Cheshire Cat from the adventures of Alice down the rabbit hole. We know you demand proof of such a defaming, or in his own admissions, credit, attack on the integrity of Mahmoud Abbas, so below is a picture of him at the memorial rally for the murdered of Charlie Hebdo as well as those at the Hypercacher kosher supermarket. The only item on the mind of Mahmoud Abbas at the memorial march was getting camera time and expressing his glee that he was permitted to participate in this event as it simply would play well in the media. The smirk on his face tell the whole story of this terrorist in a suit.


Mahmoud Abbas smirking while at remembrance rally for Charlie Hebdo in Paris after terror slaughter of a dozen writers and cartoonists for the satirical magazine.

Mahmoud Abbas smirking while at remembrance rally for Charlie Hebdo in Paris after terror slaughter of a dozen writers and cartoonists for the satirical magazine.


But Mahmoud Abbas, like his predecessor Yasser Arafat, is all about terrorism and the drive to destroy Israel. The fact he has been awarded the semi-prestigious position heading the Group of 77 is more a commentary on the sad state of world affairs than it is about Abbas. This is a club representing the majority of the nations of our little planet. This singling out of Israel, the world’s sole Jewish majority nation, while many other nations with more serious problems affecting the world is, at the very least, problematic. What is seldom reported are the times Israel has gone literally around to the other side of the globe to assist people they have little if any relationship with simply because they were suffering after a natural emergency. We have a YouTube video below of a CNN reporter who was in Haiti to report on the desperation the Haitians faced after their devastating earthquake made all the more treacherous by their brick and mortar structures which largely collapsed. What she found and was pointed to by her initial interviews was the Israeli field hospital. She gives a very brief view of the Israeli station, something which has been edited and drastically cut since its original posting, we are unable to find the original, but the one nurse states plainly that if not for the Israeli field hospital, they would have lost numerous more patients. This is far from a single episode as the IDF has units in one command which are expressly trained and equipped to handle natural and other emergencies and they often respond and are on site and operating within twenty-four hours of the event. The Israeli searchers were the first to reach Nepal and the last group to leave after their earthquake. They visited a small village while assisting in the Philippines after a severe typhoon ravaged the islands which had never received any assistance or even seen a representative of the Philippine government, let alone anyone else before the Israelis arrived. The Israelis left behind a fully stocked health clinic with monitors and other equipment and sent people back to train the villagers on the use of the technology. The Israeli disaster teams often leave the structures they erect fully stocked and often with equipment and later return with personnel who train the physicians, nurses, technicians and the leaders and more educated people of small villages where medical personnel is barely a step above a medicine-man. Below the video is a map depicting the locations of IDF Field Hospitals throughout the world up through the first half of 2015. For additional inspiration, if required, Israel 21 provides an interactive world map which can be set to show the different varieties of aid and the locations receiving aid and the reason if needed which is honestly jaw-dropping. But the world acts as if Israel is the problem.



Locations of IDF Field Hospitals throughout the world up through the first half of 2015

Locations of IDF Field Hospitals throughout the world up through the first half of 2015


Israel aids nations and areas which are distressed, including the United States after Katrina and Sandy, a pair of particularly damaging hurricanes. So, many nations send aid all over the world. The difference is that Israel is quite a bit smaller than most of the other nations. The only means of depicting such is a comparative map which we made comparing Israel depicted to size compared to Great Britain, the United States, Australia and India (see below). We have learned through comments and even some insults, such as Israel has taken over much of the Middle East, an outrageous a statement as one could imagine, that there are many people who believe that Israel is the size of America or at least larger than most European nations. That is about as preposterous and plain wrong as one can be. The fact that Israel often manages to perform tasks and leave her mark in such an obvious and unmistakable impression that people are led to see Israel as much larger and populous than she really is. According to United Nations statistics, Israel is the one-hundredth largest nation by population and the one-hundred-forty-ninth largest nation by area while having approximately thirty-fifth highest GDP per capita and is considered to be the eleventh happiest nation in the world. Those figures hopefully give a more balanced view of Israel, the not quite super-power nation. We understand the fact that Israel has repulsed attacks by several Arab nations who were attacking her in coordinated fashion and that this has led to a warped view of Israel as being larger and far more potent militarily and otherwise than she actually measures when done scientifically. Further, the numbers of developments, medicines, treatments, agricultural advances and other scientific and economic accomplishments also add to this image, but Israel is actually a tiny nation geographically. Even should Israel retain all of the Shomron (disputed territories formerly illegally occupied by Jordan from 1949 until the June 1967 Six Day War) Israel would still only be approximately fifty miles in width.


Four Maps of Great Britain, the United States, Australia, and India with to scale map of Israel super-imposed for comparison on each map depicting her actual rather than perceived size.

Exactly How Small is Israel
A Comparison Against Four
Well Known Countries


The IDF has estimated that it would take an invading aircraft a mere few minutes after crossing into Israel proving ill intentions before they would be overflying Tel Aviv, Israel’s largest metropolitan region, and would reach Jerusalem in half that time and Jericho in seconds. Another reason Israel feels she has to retain control of the Jordan River Valley and the cliffs overlooking this natural geographical defensive position against ground assault is made obvious in the image below depicting this barrier. Further, the cliffs above would provide Israel with positions for RADAR systems used as an early warning system of aircraft approaching from the east. The arguments for annexing the Golan Heights, which Israel officially did on December 14, 1981 are virtually identical to those for the Jordan River Valley and overlooking cliffs plus as a defensive measure to prevent Syrian snipers from shooting at farmers in the Galilee valley and other agricultural regions near the Syrian border. What the world refuses to consider is that Israel, except for the Judean Hills, which are part of the disputed territories, and Golan Heights is mostly flat coastal plains. Without the disputed territories, Israel around the Tel Aviv metropolitan area would be a mere nine to twelve miles wide, less than the width of Washington D.C. which is barely over fourteen miles. This is part of the reason finding an agreeable position which balances the Israeli military and land use concerns with the Arab demand that Israel be erased from being ruled by Jews and become an Arab majority nation after the influx of over five-million ‘so-called refugees’ who are spread throughout the Palestinian ruled areas and the surrounding Arab nations is necessary.


Cutaway View of Tactical Advantage and Necessity of the Jordan Valley and Judean Hills for Defending Coastal Plains and Israel Alongside the Mediterranean Sea

Cutaway View of Tactical Advantage and Necessity
of the Jordan Valley and Judean Hills for Defending
Coastal Plains and Israel Alongside the Mediterranean Sea


Despite Israel’s lack of size and being greatly outnumbered by the surrounding Arab World, Israel has never requested for any other nation to fight with her in any of the wars she has been forced to fight. The United States did provide, at their insistence, crews to operate the wide-band over-the-horizon RADAR System they loaned Israel, but that was to prevent Israel getting too close to the advanced technology provided by the United States. Apparently, the technology transfers, including military technology such as the complete schematics and programs for the Iron Dome Systems, only flow in one direction for the most part. That was fine as Israel developed such a system. Israel even gave the United States an upgrade for the F-16, rear-view mirrors. On the military and defensive front, Israel prevented Saddam Hussein and Iraq from producing nuclear weapons by destroying the French provided Osiris-class nuclear reactor on June 7, 1981, which would have permitted Iraq to have had nuclear weapons before the First Gulf War, something which then President George H. W. Bush thanked Israel. Israel was condemned by President Ronald Reagan after the attack as the State Department and Intelligence Agencies had assured the President that Saddam Hussein was not pursuing nuclear weapons. Israeli intelligence services disagreed with that conclusion which was more based on promises by Saddam Hussein. Israel performed a similar raid preventing Syria from developing nuclear weapons when Israel bombed the Al Kibar site on September 6, 2007 preventing them from producing nuclear weapons. This was a North Korean designed and built reactor which the United States refused to act claiming the building was not a nuclear reactor. North Korea condemned the Israeli action as ten North Korean nuclear scientists were allegedly killed, but it was not a nuclear reactor, really, it wasn’t, RIGHT! Israel also managed to remove half a ton of secret nuclear documents from central Tehran in under six and a half hours detailing the entirety of the Iranian nuclear programs including likely vital information of which many of these were the sole record thus sending the Iranian nuclear scientists scrambling to recollect and do the math for configurations and other specifics from the program. Israel would be very hard pressed to actually perform a similar strike to prevent the Iranian or North Korean nuclear programs, though STUXNET computer virus did destroy a fairly large number of the Iranian advanced centrifuges. But a military strike would be problematic, but surprises are one thing Israeli has been very adept at performing, but some things might be that one-step too far.


F16 with After Modification Rear-view Mirrors

F16 with After Modification Rear-view Mirrors


These and the many inventions, assistances provided, emergency service in times of disaster around the world, preventing nuclear proliferation, providing intelligence to the United States and others who are incapable of accessing Middle Eastern nations and in almost countless other areas and ways, Israel is the majority of one. We described a number of areas where Israel has produced benefits which she has given to the developing world, many of the nations being members of the Group of 77 mentioned earlier. They were included in our article Were Israel Ignored by the World where we included a plethora of links. Israel could be referred to as the little nation that could, and then did. Israel realizes that she will often be that singled-out nation if for no other reason than she is the State of the Jewish People. Israel is the only nation in the world with a Jewish population that is above five-percent, and actually is majority Jewish. Israel is the only nation in our region where the people enjoy freedom of religion, freedom of speech, equality under the law, freedom to work in any profession in which you are trained, universal voting rights for her citizens, political freedom and a host of other freedoms, rights and liberties. The Palestinian Arabs are not suffering because of Israel as the ones in the Shomron are ruled by the Palestinian Authority and Mahmoud Abbas who has refused to hold elections for a decade and a half, and ruled by Hamas in Gaza where they don’t need no stinkin’ elections as Hamas knows best who should be in charge. Those are the real and truthful reasons that the Palestinians have not voted in an election. They do not vote in Israeli elections for a very simple reason, they are not Israelis nor are they ruled by Israelis. Germans do not vote in the elections in the United States, Britain, Russia, China or anywhere other than Germany. If Angela Markel were to declare herself Chancellor of Germany for life, then Germans would no longer vote either. That is kind of what Mahmoud Abbas has done making himself President of the Palestinian Authority for life, Chairman of the PLO for life, Chairman of Fatah for life, President of the Popular Resistance Committees for life, Head of the Palestinian Central Council for life, President of Palestine for life and who knows how many other posts he holds for life. Palestinian Central Council recently recognized Mahmoud Abbas basically as President for life officially, so not all of these are made tongue-in-cheek, they are serious. Israel, on the other hand, is a parliamentary democracy which operates under the rule of law where all are equal under the law. Despite this, Israel is constantly called-out for presumably having a double-standard with two classes of people, Jews and often it is just Arabs and other times it is Jews and everybody else. All Israelis, Jews, Arabs, Druze, Bedouin, Muslims, Christians, Baha’I and any others all have the same rights, period. But Israel will always be singled out until the world finally realized that Israel is a blessing and is unlike other nations in so many wonderful ways, which makes her a majority of one as far as we are concerned, and hope you get a chance to visit and you will very likely reach the same conclusion.


Beyond the Cusp


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