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February 24, 2019

As Mother Used to Say, Be Nice


Apparently, either your mother did not stress this as did ours or you just simply do not care when it comes to your sensibilities being bruised. Our parties were pressured and compelled and coerced by Bibi Netanyahu to the point of him coming to the final negotiations which he arranged and demanded that our leadership accept the compromise he proposed and placed before us with an attitude that we had best do as we were told. We acquiesced and took the road of compromise accepting his ultimatum despite severe misgivings. Now the American Jewish Committee (AJC) and American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) have decided to protest that additional Jews will be represented very possibly in the Knesset because these are nationalist, religious, Zionist Jews with a fair number of them believing the teachings of the late Rabbi Kahane (ז״ל), which apparently is not just an anathema to you but apparently as in against the whole of humanity. But rather have us comment about your ravings, why not just include the entirety of the two groups protestations here for all to read. (For those who would demand to see the original, here is a link to the Tweet.) Our ranting continues below, we will try to explain a few misgivings and outright false narrative of the teachings of Rabbi Kahane. Rabbi Kahane was not and never would have been the evil monster the left paints him as having been, so, if you do not have anything nice to say about the Rabbi, then say nothing concerning the Rabbi and his legacy which many of us respect and are old enough to remember what he taught and stood for.


AJC and AIPAC Tweet Attacking Jewish Home Party for Being Inclusive

AJC and AIPAC Tweet Attacking Jewish Home Party for Being Inclusive


Often, these days, when people throw Rabbi Kahane into a conversation as something horrific and derogatory, it will indicate more often than not two things; first they never read or studied the teachings of the Rabbi and second is that they are arguing against conservatism or Zionism if not both. We will be including a link to our source for the small amount of his teachings and the main driving force which propelled him forward as well as some commentary on the history of how he was treated with venom by his political rivals and adversaries, something which has not lessened over the years. The main implication when liberal and leftist individuals and groups throw Rabbi Kahane into the discussion, they are implying that those they are hanging this actual honor upon desire murdering the Arabs in order to end the Arab Israeli conflict. That is wrong as the Rabbi never taught or even intimated being those who initiated violence and spoke of passivity in the face of law enforcement and even those who would provoke his followers often with violence of their own. The good Rabbi never desired harm to come to anyone; he fought for equal justice and a rational solution to the problems still plaguing Israel today. Had people listened to what he was stating and followed his advice instead of appointing Election Commission members from the far left and then requesting they bar Rabbi Kahane’s Kach and (Kahane Chai) Party on the grounds of their being racist, unfounded and groundless accusations as Rabbi Kahane was not against anyone, Arab, Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu or whatever, he was strongly Zionist and demanded that Israel be given the same respect and treatment as would have been granted any other nation, no more and no less. Much of what we have stated on our posts are along similar if not virtually identical lines as to what the good Rabbi taught and to be honest, I was a member of his Jewish Defense League and in all my time with them, not once did I witness anyone initiating violence. The closest we came to violence was holding our ground and not being pushed off the Washington Mall and in the general direction of the Tidal Basin. Mind you, it was a beautiful day and a swim might have been enjoyable, just not when fully dressed and not of our intentions.


So, what did Rabbi Kahane teach and what did we stand for and teach. First thing is he taught Torah and Jewish Laws. He taught Talmud and Jewish History. He would apply these to the situation in Israel as well as to how they applied to our lives and interactions with others. He taught us to respect others even when their actions did not warrant being granted such respect. He stressed passivity in the face of violence until the moment that one’s safety was endangered and then only if no other avenue was available. Even the Rabbi did not condone sitting there when you were backed into a corner and you were about to be struck repeatedly by four or five people who simply desired to hurt you because they disagreed with your politics. His main point when it came to the Arabs was a simple one of exchange of populations to avoid traumas and settle differences. This was and is not a new concept nor is it radical in any way. This was the means by which much of the problems between India and Pakistan were solved except the fact that about one-third of the Muslims remained in India (this will come in again subsequently). This was the resulting reality which took place between Poland and Germany when their borders were redrawn after World War II. This has been a reality with the Russians and their borders with a number of instances. Population transfers have been a method for solving border troubles since ethnic cleansing went out of fashion, which it really has not and we may be about to witness ethnic cleansing in its finest and most complete form, just not in Israel. This idea, this very valid idea was at the heart of what Rabbi Kahane spoke when he was involved with politics. In more private settings, he also taught that one need treat every human with respect which did not mean one had to like them or even desire them but they still were to be given the respect we as Jews are to show to all people, Jew, Gentile, stranger in our lands or any other classification as that is what Torah instructs.


So why was he considered to be a racist? Well, because he advocated for completing the population transfer which was initiated by the Arab world across the entirety of the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) nations when they expelled eight-hundred-twenty-one-thousand Jews with often only the shirt on their back if even that. Where did the Arabs send these unwanted Jews whose families often dated back to before the arrival of the Arabs and their Islamic religion. They sent them away and did not care if they lived or died. If nobody would have taken them, they would have simply been slaughtered or driven into the sea. Granted, some had citizenship with United States, Canada, France or Britain and took refuge there as they had passports. That was a tiny fraction and the remainder looked to a world which acted exactly the same as they had acted towards the Jews fleeing Germany in the MS St, Louis, closed ports and no sympathy or even recognition that there were people in trouble, well, more accurately Jews in trouble and facing being slaughtered. These Jews were fortunate as they had an option that the unfortunate Jews on the fated MS St. Louis did not have, Israel. So, during the 1950’s, largely the first half, the vast majority of the Jews, over eight-hundred-thousand, who were thrown from their birth country and the nation in which they had survived, sometimes barely, for over a thousand and even two thousand years.


Now we are going to take a little side trip and talk about some facts which have been largely ignored, intentionally discarded and too often refuted as being lies despite the known facts which have been presented over the years. The difficulty with the truth was that it would make things inconvenient for the Europeans when dealing with the Arab world, something which was problematic enough. We are going to deal with this through three approximately nine minute each testimonial videos. Please do take the time to watch them and pay particular attention to those parts where the video quality might lack refinement, this happens when your records are quite old, but these witnesses and testimonials are worth all your efforts and please pass them on to others who are ignorant of the truth, the reality of being a Dhimmi Jew.








The reality about the Jews lives in the Muslim Arab world is it was anything but paradise in the desert. Everything that was perpetrated against the Jews in Europe, pogroms, ethnic cleansing, being driven from their homes and communities, forced conversions and every other indecency which the Jews suffered in Europe, the Jews in the Arab world under the Caliphate and the Ottomans suffered in equal measures. The dispossessions and slaughter of Jewish communities began under Islam in Medina when the Banu Qurayza continuing through their expulsions from the Arab and Muslim worlds. This attitude towards the Jews as accused and defiling the natural faith of Islam has continued into the present day with Israel taking the place of the Jews. The war against the Jews in the Holy Lands began almost a century before the founding of the Jewish State and has not let up since. The Arabs have made clear that the only solution to the Arab Palestinian problem is the elimination of Israel with it replaced with an Arab state and the Jews sent homeless into the world and should no nation accept the, as they claim, refuge of humanity, then they have a final solution which they will implement. The idea for the Jews to wear a yellow piece of cloth on the arm of their clothing did not start with the Nazis but was initially used to identify the Jew under an Arab leader. That is a reality they do not teach in the West as the West simply took the Arab version of their history as fact and never bothered with investigating the reality as doing such would have been too difficult and time consuming. The truth is both the Eastern Islamic World and the Western Christian World both had no use or love lost when it came to the Jews. Both civilizations used the Jew as their scapegoat upon which to place all their sorrows, woes, catastrophes and any other problem for which they refused to take ownership. In both societies, it was always the Jew which was responsible and bore the brunt of blame for any calamity.


Slaughter and Beheading of the Men of the Banu Qurayza

Slaughter and Beheading of the Men of the Banu Qurayza


Back to Rabbi Kahane and what he provided as the solution to the Arab difficulties within Israel. The Rabbi simply looked at the fact that the Arab world had expelled their Jews which Israel absorbed. Within the same timeframe, the Arab world had caused several hundred thousand Arabs to flee from within the Jewish areas of Israel in order to facilitate the Arab slaughter of the Jews. The reasoning was that once the Arabs (read Muslims) had left the region, then the invading armies could simply slaughter any person they encountered and be assured that they would be Jews. This was stated well by Azzam Pasha, Secretary-General of the Arab League at that time who stated, “It will be a war of annihilation. It will be a momentous massacre in history that will be talked about like the massacres of the Mongols or the Crusades.” His intentions are nothing new in the Islamic World from throughout their history and their view of the “other” will remain similar to that of their treatment of the Jew. For an example of the Islamic view of Christianity, one need look no further than the fate of the Coptic Christians in Egypt or the Yazidi received from the Islamic State. With the Jews expelled, the Christians suffer as the next targets. The Rabbi knew and stated predictions of what would become the reality should the solution not be implemented. The Rabbi simply stated that the Jews came to Israel and the solution were for the Arabs to be enticed and pressed to relocate to the Arab countries, often returning to their land of their birth. This was his response to the coming problems well before these difficulties became reality. His first insistence was for the six to seven-hundred-thousand Arab which they imprisoned in camps behind barbed wire and with armed guards initially demanding that they be returned in Israel so as to reduce the Jews to a minority and destroy Israel. He also thought that the Arabs within Israel be given an option to relocate outside Israel and provided with a monetary enticements. He would point out that this would be far more than the Jews were admitted when they were expelled from the Arab countries. Below is a video of Rabbi Kahane which is in Hebrew. For an English transcript follow this link which also includes further arguments on why this merger is not the end of the world as it has been painted.



First, once the election is over, the Otzma Yehudit Party representatives will separate and not be bound to the other parties. Their inclusion was mostly forced onto Jewish Home and National Union Parties. Many of us were more favorable for the Likud Party to allow the Otzma Yehudit Party onto their list if they were so intent on never permitting any votes to go to waste. Here is the real reason that Bibi Netanyahu was so insistent that there be this merger, he knew it would cause the exact difficulties and bad publicity which the AJC and AIPAC have already initiated. He made a promise that Likud and the Jewish Home alliance would not attack one another during the campaign. He knew that the media and the leftist parties along with Bennett’s New Right Party would use this merger to demean our alliance for the Likud and he was not hoping to not waste votes but to assure that Jewish Home and related parties do not reach minimum in order to be admitted to the Knesset or reach so few mandates that Bibi could simply ignore them when making a coalition. Further, if the right wing parties were crippled and unable to provide sufficient mandates to make a coalition, then Bibi will be free to make a left-centrist coalition and possibly simply enact what Gantz and Lapid have proposed, simply do for the Shomron another disengagement such as was done in Gaza. General Gants (ret) has stated that the IDF learned of a better means of removing the Jews from an area and simply gifting the territory to the Palestinian Authority and wiping their hands claiming that they got the land they demanded and that is the end of the problem. Of course, this will not end the problem, it will exacerbate the problem and Israel will start to suffer terror attacks similar to what was already occurring before the Six Day War when there was no disputed territory. The difference is that it will more approach if not exceed the levels of terrorism suffered during the Second Intifada where over a thousand Israelis were murdered and tens of thousands were injured with many having debilitating injuries which will afflict them for the rest of their lives. Rabbi Kahane purported the only sane solution but the Arabs and the world are not seeking a sane solution, they are more likely seeking a final solution.


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