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April 4, 2019

Aftermath of Creating Palestine

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Let us try a mental experiment using what we have observed in the past combined with things we can see which have been promised should Palestine be founded even using the Green Line, the 1949 Armistice Lines which were never to be considered or used as a border according to the Arab demands at the United Nations. Their reasoning was that as long as there were no definitive borders, they could pretend that Israel did not actually exist. This is one concept which, along with the Khartoum Resolution and its three no’s; “no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with Israel,” as guides to the Arab/Muslim mindset we will keep in mind along with the many promises and threats, it is often difficult to tell the difference, which have come from the mouths of Palestinian Arab leadership of Fatah, PLO, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Palestinian Authority. What many people are unaware about is that twice Israel has granted the Palestinian Arabs the freedom to prove they were capable of self-rule and forming an economically viable entity on their own on more than one occasion. So, using all we know, and if you have more, please allow us to discuss it from your comments, let us go forth and visualize a future where the Arabs have their Palestine with Eastern Jerusalem and the Temple Mount entrusted to the United Nations and European Union to oversee with the Jordanian Waqf such that it is available to all peoples. We will even act as if the Jews who resided in East Jerusalem and the region of Area C, which according to the Oslo Accords was presumed to belong to Israel, were removed and resettled within the Green Line. All the buildings which Israelis had built including factories and other industrial centers, the shopping centers and everything else was left in tact for the Arabs to utilize for the establishing of an economy for their Palestine.


We hear some people asking already, is that not what was attempted in Gaza. To those we ask patience, as we will get to Gaza eventually, but first let us discuss the initial withdrawal of the IDF from regions where the Arab Palestinians resided. This came about after the September 1993 Oslo Accords were enacted. The IDF was withdrawn from Area A in the Shomron and had but a shadow presence in Area B. These were where almost every Palestinian in the Shomron resided and left to be ruled by the Palestinian Authority. Following this agreement called the Oslo Accords, the Arab Palestinians were to prevent terrorism and build a functioning and democratic society within their regions which would lead to the formation of Palestine. They never did any of what they had agreed upon with their economy remaining dependent on foreign moneys mostly from the United Nations, European Union, United States and numerous European nations. As for terror attacks, these listed here are only those which caused fatalities which in and of themselves is still far too many to even attempt to list. For good measure, we figured that in good conscience we simply have to give the link to all terror attacks from the signing of the Oslo Accords through mid-April of 2016, a list far too lengthy to include in an article. These two lists should easily put to rest any argument that the Palestinian Authority or any other Palestinian Arab political or other entity has had any desire to limit or terminate the terror attacks on Israel. Add that now the Palestinian Authority pays terrorists and their families a greater lifetime recompense than can potentially be earned by finding decent employment. This has led to many youths attempting to kill Israelis as a means of providing for their families and that was the intent of the “Pay to Slay” program of the Palestinian Authority.


But these attacks, you demand we answer, were the result of the horrific Israeli “occupation” and before Israel stole their land there was peace, right? Well, one might think that was the case but they would be so very wrong. We present this link as proof that the terrorism began before the Six Day War initiated by the Egyptians and immediately joined by the Syrians and Jordanians with some assistance from Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations. The fight using violent forms of attack from the War to Annihilate Israel and her Jews initiated by six Arab nations, numerous militias and support from other Arab nations was initiated the morning of May 15, 1948, which was summarily predicted so succinctly by Azzam Pasha, Secretary-General of the Arab League at that time who stated, “It will be a war of annihilation. It will be a momentous massacre in history that will be talked about like the massacres of the Mongols or the Crusades.” Contrary to Azzam Pasha’s dream of a complete and total erasure of every trace of the Jewish State, Israel survived only losing Gaza to Egypt and the Shomron to Jordan, the area Jordan illegal annexed, granted citizenship to the Arabs while evicting or murdering the Jews caught behind their lines and calling it the West Bank as all its former names, Shomron, Samaria, and especially Judea all sounded way too Jewish. Below we have included a map which depicts the armies which invaded on that morning. By the next day, Saudi Arabian troops had also entered the fight entering from southern Jordan and initially sweeping into the Negev region filling the gap between the Jordanians and the Egyptians. The Jews of the nascent state of Israel, merely hours old, without any formal military and simply scattered armed groups who had never cooperated joined and established the semblance of a command structure and soon were repulsing the attacks. This was when many of the Arab villages within the Israel lines began shooting at the supply vehicles or ambushed Israel positions from behind. This led to these villages being evicted across the front onto the Arab side, as it would have been suicide to leave such forces in the rear areas. After the United Nations insisted that the fighting be halted, backed by the Europeans, United States and Russia, which unsurprisingly was initiated soon after the Israelis gained the offensive and were pushing the Arab armies from the lands granted Israel by the San Remo Conference and numerous other treaties from the aftermath of World War I, the Israelis made a desperate yet successful assault to break the siege of Jerusalem and open a roadway from Tel Aviv to the western side of Jerusalem. This was what led to Jerusalem becoming a divided city with most of the city originally in Jordanian hands. Within a decade, the Israeli side of Jerusalem had surpassed the Jordanian side for structures and businesses as the Jordanians did little to develop the lands they annexed, they simply were satisfied that the area was not under Israel (Jewish) rule. For an in depth look at this war one can read this accounting by WikipediA. But enough about history, what about the more recent accounts of successful Arab attempts at building a normative society for the Palestinian Arabs.


Initial Invasion Routes by Arab Armies on May 15, 1948

Initial Invasion Routes by Arab Armies on May 15, 1948


Immediately, beginning in September of 1993 after the signing of the Oslo Accords, The IDF was pulled from areas presented to Yasser Arafat and the newly created Palestinian Authority (PA), an effort to rename the PLO terrorist organization making it a respectable civil authority wiped clean of its terrorist past. We already noted the problems from 1993 to the year 2000 above. In late September 2000, the PA initiated the Second Intifada. The actual reasons for this violence have been debated and every group has their own facts to present. The initial claim was that it was the fact that Ariel Sharon walked on the Temple Mount after which there was a claim that he had entered the al-Aqsa Mosque thus defiling its holiness. Reality is that Sharon did not enter any building on the Temple Mount. There are claims that the death of al-Dura, a young man filmed crouching behind some barrels while IDF and PA terrorists exchanged fire. The claim was the IDF killed him. The entire event was filmed by a stringer for French Television Channel 2, from which a legal battle ensued that they only televised selected pieces which backed their version and the Arab version that the IDF shot the youth. The result of numerous investigations was that the IDF could not have possibly have shot the youth as he and his father were not in direct line from the IDF position. From this one point, the various investigations only can speculate whether or not the youth was even shot, let alone murdered. One interesting investigation, which has since been buried, a forensic investigator carefully examined the film noting that the sound has been altered briefly with it being almost turned off, during which period he believed the cameraman flinched. He proposed that there had been shooting from near his position which was also responsible for the round bullet holes in the wall around the father and youth. This investigator pointed out any shots from either side of the firefight would have struck the building at an oblique angle leaving an oval shaped hole, and the holes around the father and youth were round which means, he claims, that the shots were fired at a right angle to the wall and not from the IDF or the PA forces. He also agreed that the IDF position could not even see that side of the wall, let alone shot and strike it. Eventually, in a lawsuit against France Channel 2 for defamation did the final reality come to bare. The final decision in the French court was it was unclear if the youth was even shot as he appears to move a number of times after presumably having been killed, there was no death certificate for the death and no corroborative evidence for the death of the youth with the only recorded death for an al-Dura that day was that morning in a hospital from illness, not shooting. This was the final verdict of the French courts after a series of legal battles to force France Channel 2 into releasing the entirety of the video shot at the scene, something they resisted to the last.


So, the two most popular myths about the Second Intifada being the result of Israeli insult to the al-Aqsa Mosque by Ariel Sharon or the (intentional) shooting death of al-Dura by the IDF both proving to be completely false, what did start the Second Intifada. According to paperwork, plans, diagrams, maps and other evidence recovered by the IDF from the PA headquarters building in East Jerusalem proved that the Second Intifada had been planned before the Camp David Accords. The PA and Yasser Arafat had decided before even meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and United States President Bill Clinton at Camp David that there would be no agreement with Israel, remember the Khartoum Resolution. This also explains the actions of Yasser Arafat in the secondary period of negotiations in Paris, which we will now explain. President Clinton asked Yasser Arafat to provide him with the minimal demands he desired in order to reach a peace with the Israelis. Arafat provided him with a set of demands assured that the Israelis would never divide Jerusalem, remove so many towns or allow them to have most of the Green Line as a border and whatever else he had included. President Clinton, being a very persuasive individual, then met with Israeli Prime Minister Barak and after wrangling and arm twisting, he agreed to meet Arafat’s demands in order to have peace. The next morning, sitting in the rotunda of the lobby of the hotel, there was President Clinton, Secretary of State Madeline Albright, Prime Minister Barak, some aids and three sets of papers with the agreement all ready for the signing and a camera crew to capture this monumental achievement. Arafat came briskly down the stairs, turned to his right, strode hurriedly out the door into his waiting vehicle to the airport and back to Damascus. This was followed by a few weeks of harried and urgent attempts to reach an agreement which Arafat simply refused to even answer the pleadings from President Clinton and then came the inauguration of George W. Bush and the end to President Clinton’s Nobel Peace Prize. The reality is the Second Intifada was already planned; it was just awaiting any excuse that could be manufactured such that the world would blame the Israelis, something they are always prepared to do at the slightest opportunity. This slaughter initiated by the PA (PLO) resulted in just over a thousand dead Israelis with approximately eight-thousand casualties (many resulting in permanent disabilities such as blindness, loss of limb, severe damage to internal organs and other severe difficulties) with over four-thousand killed (the majority were presumed to be combatants or in the act of conducting a terror attack such as a bombing) which includes the five-hundred-seventy-seven Palestinians killed by Palestinians (of those, 120 were Palestinians killed by Palestinians for suspected collaboration with Israel). The majority of the Palestinian deaths came when Israel brought an end to the Second Intifada with Operation Defensive Shield. It was during this operation that the battle in Jenin led to propaganda of another IDF massacre which was proven to be completely false and that the casualties in the battle for Jenin were almost entirely combatants on both sides. We gave more in-depth coverage of the hoax around the Jenin Massacre replete with pictures and map showing the exact amount of damage done to Jenin. It will amaze you if you are unfamiliar and still believe that the Israelis almost leveled the entire city, they did not even come close. The Second Intifada finally ran out of energy sometime on 2005 as the two sides finally agreed to end the killing.


That was the result of granting the Palestinian Arabs with Yasser Arafat as their President freedom and pulling the IDF and all Israelis from their region. One might have thought that the Israelis might have learned something after such an experience, but the quest for peace has its own allure. Thus, come August and September of 2005 we have Ariel Sharon as Prime Minister forming his own party, Kadima, after the Likud refused to allow him to vacate Gaza and gift it to the Palestinian Arabs as an experiment by American President George W. Bush and likely planned and sold to him by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as part of the Roadmap where the Palestinian Arabs were to be granted an opportunity to prove their desire for self-rule. This led to the Gaza Disengagement, a horror for which Israel is still paying with lives and millions of shekels (or dollars) in damages to this very day. Obviously, this included pulling every Israeli residing in Gaza back within Israel, removing the IDF, removing IDF positions and bases, and removing other Israeli structures. It also required the reinternment of every Israeli who had been buried in Gaza as otherwise their graves would likely have been desecrated. Israel left their greenhouses intact and operational in order to permit the Arabs to have a basis for an economy. These were millions of dollars worth of greenhouses which already were serving a prosperous trade in fruits, vegetables and flowers shipping most of it to European markets. Within two years, the PA was replaced by Hamas in a bloody coup and the greenhouses were torn to pieces with some parts returned to Israel in the form of rockets, as the greenhouse pipes were turned into rockets and launchers also using struts and whatever else they could. The Gaza withdrawal proved exactly how much the Palestinian Arabs desire their own state, they do not. What they desire is an end to the Jewish state. Gaza was turned into a launching point for terrorism and any form of destruction of Israel from rockets to suicide bombers to infiltration tunnels to incendiary balloons or kites and balloons with explosive devices attached within toys hoping to have an Israeli child play with it when it is set to explode. Already there have been three wars with Hamas, Islamic Jihad and their allies and still there has been no decrease, if anything, there has been an increase in the efforts to harm Israel from within Gaza. This past week, Hamas called for the rioting along the Gaza border to be brought to an end. Apparently, they were being insincere about making such a call or Hamas has lost control of their people as the rioting has continued despite the presumed call for them to end. Gaza is an example of what would result if the Palestinian Arabs were ever to be granted a state of their own. Actually, they have two, Gaza and the one in northern Shomron, which were given to Mahmoud Abbas and the PA to rule. The IDF was initially pulled out of the region in the Norther Shomron but were requested in secret to return in order to work with the PA Security Forces and assist in resisting attempts by Hamas to replace the PA in the Shomron as well. Abbas will keep his IDF protection as then he can trust them to work against Hamas and their takeover.


Shrinking Israel

Shrinking Israel


The truth is Israel has given away land and more land all in the name of peace as indicated by the above maps. Israel already was divided between Arabs and Israel when Jordan was formed out of 78% of the British Mandate Lands initially intended for the Jewish State. Israel gave back the entirety of the Sinai Peninsula, an area of land many times larger than Israel and which Israel had built additional oil processing and pumping stations for a cold peace with Egypt. Israel offered land to Jordan and to Syria for peace. Jordan accepted peace while Syria declined and remains in a state of war under armistice with Israel. There have been incidents of terrorism originating from Jordan including where a Jordanian armed security personnel shot at a number of Israeli schoolgirls visiting a region on the border between Israel and Jordan resulting in the deaths of seven Israeli young girls and injuring five more young girls and one teacher. The claims that Israel is only seeking to increase the lands under her control and is an expansionist regime are simply not born out by the facts. Israel has made offer after offer where she would give land to the Arabs, including offers in 2000 and in 2008 where a State of Palestine was offered and the PA refused the offer simply because it did not meet their demand that Israel be placed under Arab rule and the Jews forced to find a new home or accept whatever treatment the Arabs deemed proper. Israelis are aware that should they ever come under Arab rule, they would be exterminated to the last Jew and likely most others who are not Muslims and even many Israelis who follow Islam simply because they were not sufficiently active in the destruction of the Jewish State. The Arab Israeli conflict continues for one simple and undeniable reason, Israel exists and is ruled by those who are not followers of Islam. Until either, the Islamic nations accept the existence and final reestablishment of the ancient state of Israel or they defeat the Israeli forces and destroy Israel, the conflict will remain undeterred. As the world now appears, the Arabs will continue to work tirelessly for the destruction of Israel through boycotts, terrorism, open periodic warfare and pressures through the United Nations and other world bodies in their efforts to reach their final goal agreed upon at the Khartoum Conference of September 1967, the death of the Jewish state. Meanwhile, Israel will continue to build their nation and make discoveries and other advancements which serve all of humankind and are willingly shared with the rest of the world. Israel is often the first nation to arrive on the scene at natural catastrophes and other disasters to assist in the recovery and treatment of those in need. Israel will continue to seek peace while the Arabs refuse any offer where Israel remains, which eventually will force Israel to seek an alternative resolution which will not be nearly favorable for the Arabs living under these two murderous terror regimes, the PA and Hamas in Gaza.


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