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April 12, 2019

Trump Deal of the Century to Die a Tormented Death

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The very first reason that President Trump’s overly touted Deal of the Century will never fly is quite simple, the people crafting the plan. When you browse the names of those who have had access to the plan and were instrumental in its crafting, the problem becomes glaringly evident. These names are United States Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, Kushner’s aide Avi Berkowitz, Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt, four Jews. That’s racist some will scream. Actually and technically it is more anti-Semitic than racist though in this case it is also four white males, and as many have intimated, white males are at the bottom of the list of trustworthy people, all previous evidence to the contrary is to be considered irrelevant as they have enjoyed white privilege, male privilege and probably wealth privilege. None of these, other than the fact that they are Jews, will matter in the end.


Mahmoud Abbas has already refused the Deal of the Century without requiring knowing what is in the deal. The thing is, knowing his position on the ways of the world, whatever deal is presented is, under his standards and those of the Khartoum Resolution and the infamous three no’s; “no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with Israel.” The truth behind the Islamic and Arab position is easily understood, though most ignore this and insist on blaming Israel and the Jews for the impasse; which is their position that there must not be any Jewish State with Jews permitted to rule themselves. Their position is simply that Israel either is placed under Islamic rule or ceases to exist. The Islamic principles laid out in the Quran is that the Jews, as well as all others who are not Muslims, are inferior peoples or worse, infidels, and must be placed under the rule of their superiors, the Muslims. This is also their view of Europe, the United States and the remainder of the world they do not currently rule. Islam places the world into two camps, Dar al Islam and Dar al-Harb, the house of Islam and the House of War. In Islam the world consists of those who have been perfected by Islamic rule and those yet to be suppressed and conquered placing them under Islamic rule. Thus, any peace plan which leaves the Jews with self-rule under even a square millimeter of land is unacceptable. Thus, Israel must be placed under Islamic rule or the peace plan is unacceptable.


Of course, there are a couple of other little matters which have the Arabs in an uproar, though a quiet one thus far, which include but are not limited to the recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital city, the moving of the American embassy to Jerusalem, the recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights and the general acceptance of the State of Israel, the Jewish State. As far as Mahmoud Abbas and the rest of the Islamic world are concerned are steps in the wrong direction. Their view is that the Golan Heights belong to Syria, if one can even find a Syria which is intact, and all of the lands between the Joran River and the Mediterranean Sea are part of an Islamic Waqf. This means that they must be placed under Islamic rule and the Jews reduced to being Dhimmi completely under Islamic rule and subject to their whims and desires which at any point in time could result in an order of convert to Islam or die. As far as Mahmoud Abbas is concerned, all of Israel must come under his rule with the Jews dependent upon his favors and at any point of his choosing, the Jews would face the same results as the Jews of Medina. This is exactly what Mahmoud Abbas, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezballah and almost countless other Islamic forces have in store for Israel and its Jews should they ever prove victorious in a war against Israel. It is also the only resolution to the present conflict which they will accept. Their entire worldview is based around Islamic supremacism, and when it comes to Israel, then their view that the Jews are some form of sub-human just makes Israel all the more an abomination in their eyes. All of this is explicitly state in the Quran, particularly the Medina Quran which is deemed as superior and replacing much of the Mecca Quran. For a brief introduction and numerous links for further study, please read our article Which Quran, Mecca or Medina? as an introduction to the actual Quran. These, amongst other reasons based within Islamic presumed supremacy over all other religions, governmental systems and all other social constructs, are behind the rejection of any peace where the Jews are permitted self-rule.


Abbas Gives Peace This Much of a Chance

Abbas Gives Peace This Much of a Chance


These are not the reasons behind why President Trump’s Deal of the Century will be rejected, these are the reasons why anything other than their own ideas of world conquest and dominance have destroyed all efforts previously and will continue to be the reason why all future peace proposals will be rejected by the Arabs and Mahmoud Abbas and whoever becomes his replacement and his replacement henceforth and forever. But, believe it or not, this is not an Israeli problem as we know with whom we are dealing, or at least most of our electorate know with whom we are dealing; this is a problem for the rest of the world beginning with Europe and bridging the ocean to the United States, as Islam has begun their final push to spread their poisonous ideology to the remainder of the world in their final push, their idea to define it as such, in their conquest as delineated in the Quran where they were promised to rule over all the lands known to Allah. Europe is just awakening to the threat within their borders and it only took Islam rising to take control over half their cities and their awakening is proving to have come too late. The United States still has time to realize the evil within her gates, but as the Democrats have apparently already succumbed to their Islamic infiltrators, things do not bode well.


Americans must awaken and realize that they are facing an Islamic invasion crafted long ago with the Hart-Celler Act which altered the targeted immigration from Europe to the Middle East, Northern Africa and the remainder of the Islamic world. Yes, it really began way back then and you can thank Teddy Kennedy for this wonderful idea to change the makeup of America. The fruits of his, and other politicians’, labors are just now starting to bear fruit. These politicians, in their finite wisdom, yes, finite, actually believe that if they were to back Islam in the unification of the planet through conquest, that they could then appropriate Islam altering it such that it represented their world view of universal rights for the LGBTQ rights, equal rights for women, universal healthcare and the rest of their socialist/communist agenda. What they fail to realize is that many of those in the leftist community would be the very first people rounded up and dealt with under Sharia and never given the opportunity to press for their agenda. Islam has not remained pure and in its original form it adopted in Medina for over a thousand years by not being true to their doctrine, it has remained in the mindset of world conquest and domination by strict adherence to the doctrines set as supreme under the filter adopted around 700 CE of abrogation. This is the problem the world, specifically the Western world, must realize while time still exists to react to this invasion.


Israel realizes this threat, or at least much of the voting public realize this threat and has voted accordingly. The problem every election is that Bibi a few hays before the election screams that if he does not receive all the right-wing votes, then another surrender first, left-wing government will take power. This has worked potentially for the last time. The Israeli electorate is waking to his games and this may finally begin to show a shift and others to finally take the helm. Time will tell and we will be here to try and make sense of it all and make that somewhat interesting. We hope everyone will join us for the trip.


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