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April 16, 2019

We Fear Trump Believes the Arab Problem is Economic


Rumors and rumors of rumors abound concerning President Trump’s presumably soon to be released “Deal of the Century” (DoC). The oldest of the rumors claimed that the DoC was based on territorial concerns meant to address the requirement the Palestinian Arabs required a larger plot of land. This was one of the most obvious suppositions as President Donald Trump does come from a real-estate background thus seeing all problems as pertaining to land was the obvious place to head with first instincts. It was like the old saying that to a man with a hammer, all problems look like nails. Later rumors slowly were eliminated while the land supposition stubbornly remained circulating. Lately, there have been a few more concepts floated, none of which address the Palestinian Arabs’ foremost demand which we will get to all in good time. The latest reading of the wind claims that President Trump intends to present his plan on May 15, 2019, a mere month from now. Imagine all the rumors we will have in the coming weeks. But allow us to play with what has most recently been floated which we read about here.


Let us simply start with the date they claim he has chosen. Could it be that he is making another one of his statements with this release date or could it be he is unaware of its significance. According to the Western World’s calendar, May 15th has some things of significance which may or may not have to do with his choice of dates. First off, here at BTC it is my father’s birthday. Only slightly more important, it is also the day on the Julian Calendar when Israel declared her independence and the day that six Arab armies and numerous militias attempted to eradicate the nascent Jewish State in its crib as a mere infant in the world. This intended genocidal assault upon the newly formed Israel was best described succinctly by Azzam Pasha, Secretary-General of the Arab League at that time who stated, “It will be a war of annihilation. It will be a momentous massacre in history that will be talked about like the massacres of the Mongols or the Crusades.” This Arab assault upon Israel was referred to historically, and all too erroneously, as the Israeli War of Independence. Why was it so named? That is easy to answer; by making the Israeli war of Independence the Arab world could point top this attempted genocide as a war in which Israel attacked and stole their lands. Had it been called the failed Arab war of aggression with intent to obliterate the Jews, then it might be more difficult to claim that the Jews started the war. History is a tricky thing as it often is dependent upon the person telling the narrative. But if one delves deep enough, the truth is always there for the doggedly determined. Here, the little gems which makes it obvious who started the war come from the words of Azzam Pasha given above and the invasion map shown below. Still, the first reaction by all too many is that the war was begun by the Jews to take over as much land as they could which ignored that Israel lost Gaza as well as most of Judea and Samaria, later renamed West Bank by Jordan as the former names were too Jewish.


Initial Invasion Routes by Arab Armies on May 15, 1948

Initial Invasion Routes by Arab Armies on May 15, 1948


But the little fact that Israel was the victim and six Arab nations; Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, attacked a nation less than twelve hours old and without a functioning military is lost in two ways, as mentioned above, the referencing this war as the Israeli War of Independence, something Israelis should really stop allowing, and further the Palestinian Arabs and their supporters the world over mourn deeply calling this “Palestinian Nakba Day,” which translates as Catastrophe Day. The catastrophe was that the Jews proved just too darn stubborn and feisty and were not aware that they were supposed to simply allow their Arab betters to annihilate them. The catastrophe was Israel remained alive despite the world believing that this would be the end of that little Jewish State and then the Jews would be back in their place to be kicked from one place to another at the slightest whim or reason. President Trump definitely understands what the date he is said to have chosen means and if that is the date, we bet that it is intentional and well played. As for some of the other rumors which abound, well, they may not be so well thought through or some basic things have been ignored.


According to their sources, the “Arab countries that will be partners in the deal are Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and even the United Arab Emirates.” After that it starts to get a little more complicated. The first knot we will attempt to untie is how the land deals are stated. The easiest part is that Egypt will return two islands in the Red Sea ceded to them by Saudi Arabia back to the Saudis. This is to compensate Saudi Arabia for their ceding lands to Jordan. Still with us? Next Jordan is to cede lands to the Arab Palestinians to compensate them for lands which they will cede to Israel. Oh-oh, big problem, the Palestinians will never accept having Israel existing when the deal is done, let alone ceding land to Israel, that is hurdle number one. That right there should result in the big “No Deal” sign waving frantically by Mahmoud Abbas. This is where President Trump will need to navigate this deal in such a manner as Mahmoud Abbas is circumvented and left out in the cold. But even should that succeed, what about the other Arab Palestinians in Gaza and Hamas. Here is where the plan simply becomes explosive, honestly, explosive. As stated in the article, as well as untold amounts of cash will be made available to the Palestinians in Jordan and Area A and possibly B of the Oslo Accords as well as to those in Gaza, there is a plan to make an industrial zone in Gaza to provide jobs and a better future for the Gazans.


The plan is to lay a pipeline from the Saudi Arabian oil fields to Gaza and construct refineries in Gaza leading to a desalinization plant and other improvements down the road. We are not concerned about the improvements down the road, though we might suggest the desalinization plant be built before the refineries as you are going to need water to put out the resulting fires. Perhaps we can provide a small taste for what will become of a refinery built in Gaza by showing what happened to the natural gas pipeline which provides Gaza with its natural gas from Israel for free in the pictures below. These are from approximately one year ago when the rioting broke out along the Gaza border, the “peaceful protests” according to most of the world’s media. Do these photos appear like the result of families out flying kites (with incendiary devices to set Israel farms and towns on fire), playing soccer (which appeared more like rolling burning tires at the border fence) and enjoying the coming of spring (by slinging stones and grenades into Israel and blowing things up). Imagine the fireworks display which will be put on once the people who build the refineries along with the peacekeepers guarding their safety have all left with the entire operation running and then being set alight the first night after they leave. The whole of Gaza will be brightly light-up against the dark night’s sky. Apparently, nobody has informed President Trump how absolutely world-leading the Palestinian Arabs are at looking a gift-horse in the mouth and then shooting it claiming it saw a broken leg in there, or simply because they only want one result from any peace plan, no Israel and no Jews.


Gas Pipes Set Ablaze at the Kerem Shalom Gaza Crossing to Israel

Gas Pipes Set Ablaze at the Kerem Shalom Gaza Crossing to Israel



Rioters Ignite Provisions, Trailers, Electrical Infrastructure, Conveyor Belt used to Transferred Goods into Gaza

Rioters Ignite Provisions, Trailers, Electrical Infrastructure, Conveyor Belt used to Transferred Goods into Gaza


As we have written on any number of occasions, there exists only one item which Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the PLO, Fatah and virtually every other entity representing the Arabs, specifically the Palestinian Arabs, demands must be the result of any peace plan for the Arab-Israeli conflict, Israel destroyed as the Jewish State and all the Jews removed from their lands and if the world will not take them, the Arabs have a solution for that as well, a final solution. Their intent has not changed since May 15, 1948, which was so nicely summarized above by Azzam Pasha. As far as we have been able to ascertain, President Trump and his “Deal of the Century” is not going to be viewed favorably by Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Iran, Fatah or any faction within Palestinian Arab society as long as it permits Israel to continue to exist under anything other than Arab rule. Of course, then they cannot agree on who gets to rule and so even were the Jews to find a new home elsewhere, the Palestinians would end up embroiled in a multi-faceted civil war very much like the imbroglio going on for years now in Syria and to a lesser degree in Iraq. The world has held up some degree of hope that President Trump would have a fresh, new approach which would bring peace. The problem is that one side refuses to allow any peace unless they are awarded complete and total victory including deciding the fate of the vanquished. That side, contrary to what is taught at numerous Western colleges, is not Israel who has already sacrificed the entirety of the Sinai Peninsula in order to have peace with Egypt. For some reason, the world does not either remember this startling event or they have decided that they can ignore that Israel gave back the largest possession they held after the Six Day War and go on claiming that Israel needs to give some land for peace and if they would just compromise. Well, we already compromised and returned a piece of land many times the size of Israel herself. But why bother the world with facts when they can simply blame Israel claiming that Israel is the source of every problem in the world and that believing that is not anti-Semitic, that is just being sensible. The only thing which will end the Arab-Israeli conflict is many millions of dead Jews or the Arabs realizing that Israel is not going to go away naturally as they have been taught and will stubbornly insist on survival and there is nothing they can do to alter those facts.


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