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April 22, 2019

Terror Strikes Sri Lanka


Already the death toll has been reported to be approaching three-hundred and is likely to exceed that number when the final count is known plus approximately five-hundred have been wounded after three churches and three hotels were targeted with explosions this Sunday in Sri Lanka. The hotels struck were the Shangri-La, Kingsbury Hotel and Cinnamon Grand; all of which are high end luxury hotels favored by tourists, specifically European and other Western nations. The churches attacked were St Anthony’s Church in the capital, St Sebastian’s in Katuwapitiya, north of Colombo, and local media has also reported a church in Batticaloa in Eastern Province (maps posted below). The targets are obvious, western tourists and Christians attending Easter Mass. We pray that these are the last of such on this day so holy to much of the world. Yet another attack has been reported at a house in Mahawila Gardens, Dematagoda which caused an ensuing fire.


Sri Lanka Map Displaying Terror Strike Locations

Sri Lanka Map Displaying Terror Strike Locations



Central Colombo and Terror Bombing Locations in the Capital City of Sri Lanka

Central Colombo and Terror Bombing Locations in the Capital City of Sri Lanka


There is no mystery to why terror strikes holy places on the most holy days of the year. In military jargon, these are target rich environments, when your main two goals are to murder as many infidels as possible and causing fear around the world for as many people as possible. The next question would be, why Sri Lanka. One reason is that the terrorists have easy access and another is these attacks will make the news across the world potentially causing some to forgo Easter Services this year. To some in Islam, this would prove a lack of faith and devotedness by Christians thus proving to them that Islam is the superior religion, the more powerful religion.


There have been signs that the Arab and Islamic world, the ones the mainstream media always adds the classification of extremist or other denotation implying that they are not “real” Muslims. But Muslims are encouraged to attack non-Muslims, specifically Christians and Jews (some fatwas include Buddhists and Hindus as well as any idolater, agnostic, atheist or any unbeliever essentially as they have expanded definitions in the Quran over the years broadening the areas and regions which are to be brought under Islam. Eventually, Allah has promised that Islam will be the only religion practiced on the Earth. We found these definitions explaining the difference between offensive Jihad and defensive Jihad and under what conditions each is practiced. Assuming we read them correctly, every Muslim leader is required to employ offensive Jihad against the Kuffar such that there would never be the need for defensive Jihad as the Muslims would always be the aggressors which would so terrorize the Kuffar that they would live in abject fear too frightened to attack the Islamic regions because of their greater strength. From what we read, the Muslims are either performing offensive Jihad to sufficient levels, otherwise they will face defensive Jihad. This would imply that Islamic nations which border any non-Islamic nation, they are either to make periodic attacks, at least once or twice each year, so as to place the fear of the Jihadists to such a point that these nations would never even consider attacking their Islamic neighbors. What if their neighbors had no intention of ever attacking their Islamic nation? This would be interpreted as proving any offensive Jihad was working exactly as in the Quran and the Hadiths. This is a self-fulfilling set of prophesies as if an Islamic is attacked, it is punishment for not being forceful enough in their offensive Jihad and if they are not attacked, that is because they have fulfilled their required offensive Jihad.


The terrorist attack in Sri Lanka is not an isolated case. Across the world there have been a consistent number of terrorist attacks mainly on Churches, Synagogues and Temples. There is the ongoing war waged by Boko Haram against the Christians and Animists in the regions centered on Nigeria but spreading across the entirety of the African Transition Zone (see map below). It was in response to these attacks that the French deployed troops to Mali to assist in preventing an Islamic takeover of that nation by force. The problems in Somalia are threatening of spreading into Kenya and there is still ongoing violence by the Sudan against the breakaway nation of South Sudan. Many of these internecine wars have existed for years and have simply become more intense over time. This violence is in addition to the tribal warfare still going on across Libya. And the violence between Islam and the rest of the world is not limited to Africa.


African Transition Zone

African Transition Zone


Terror has become a worldwide epidemic reaching into virtually every nation. In France over five-hundred churches have been firebombed or otherwise attacked since 9/11. The number of attacks worldwide is absolutely astonishing as depicted in the map below. We believe the yellow dots are domestic terror attacks such as the referenced “lone wolf” terror attacks while the red are parts of international terrorism. The numbers of attacks are indicative of where Islam is targeting. Currently the concentration has been in the Western world, specifically the regions under Judeo-Christian influence and the regions neighboring Muslim countries. Watching the news, one does not get much of a feel for the frequency and near universal direction where these attacks have targeted. The media attempts to cover up terrorism by downplaying the attacks. Often, as soon as such violence is perpetrated the media and the applicable law enforcement agencies including, or especially, the FBI immediately claiming that the attack definitely is not terror related. Then, after a few days when the news of the attack is all but forgotten comes the admission that it was indeed a terrorist attack. This is already counted as old news as the attack was days ago and the media has moved on thus the admission becomes back page news buried deep in the paper.


Terrorism Attacks 1970-2015

Terrorism Attacks 1970-2015


Eventually, the terrorism will reach such a point that it will no longer be something which can be ignored or minimized. When the people finally call upon the government to stand up and actually act to prevent these attacks. The people will demand that the government not only address the terrorism within the national boundaries, but to attack the sources and remove the people who are behind the attacks wherever in the world they may be found. Until that point is reached, these attacks will continue and only increase in frequency and severity. When will the world finally take the spreading terrorism seriously? Not until it becomes such a problem such that it can no longer be ignored. Government seldom take care of problems when they might be easily addressed but wait until the problem becomes impossible to leave along the side of the media coverage and becomes central to the news cycle as it has risen beyond any reason. This is a growing problem that will be pushed aside and the claim that it is beyond their ability to address as the government will wait until the people are willing to accept further curtailing of their freedoms in response to the attacks. The government never wants to address problems until they can use the problem in order to gain additional power depriving the citizens of rights such that the government gains more control. The government will demand that the people grant it additional power and accept restrictions to their freedoms before they will finally act and accept that the problem exists. Some places have already reached the point where they had no choice but to address the problem such as Israel, African Transition Zone, India and a growing situation across Europe. The United States is trailing Europe by a mere five years or there about. How long before this reaches a head? We wish we could tell you but that is beyond our ability of prognostication.


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