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April 30, 2019

My America Where Have You Gone

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America, with two synagogues the targets of anti-Semitic shootings within six-months, it is difficult to recognize you. Yes, we have witnessed anti-Semitism more often than most, but we expected this when more often than not being the only Jew residing for miles around. Sure, we have heard all the anti-Semitic banter which goes on in certain neighborhoods where they perceive it is safe because all the Jews live over in that fancy and expensive neighborhood and none live here where some make minimum wage. They were, of course, wrong as they were eventually informed. Whenever moving into one of these neighborhoods, the idea was to get a lay of the land, figure out who was who and identify the true anti-Semite from the one who basically was unknowingly going along to get along and probably never knowingly met anyone who was Jewish. Yes, there are numerous neighborhoods across America which meet these criteria. Those whose laughing and hardly ever repeating the anti-Semitic jokes and stories were the ones who became very curious and asked a gazillion questions when they realized there was a Jew amongst the neighborhood. Then there were those others who, at worst, were arming themselves with eggs and toilet paper and the house took the better parts of a day to clean up. Amazingly, many others would pitch in and help clean up the mayhem from the night before. These events almost always came at the same time as crucial holidays such as Easter, Christmas and, of course, Halloween. But they did not enter synagogues with weapons and murder people. The worst of the Jew haters largely resorted to name-calling, look which could kill and other passive aggressive acts. That was then, this is the new world where anti-Semitism comes with violent assaults upon Jewish places of worship and now the newspaper which claims to “print all the news that is fit to print,” has published in its international edition an anti-Semitic cartoon worthy of Joseph Goebbels (see below).


New York Times anti-Semitism on Full Display for the World

New York Times anti-Semitism on Full Display for the World


The America I knew would be up in arms and enraged at these open displays of hatred and disharmony, discordance, acrimony, mind-bending hate and open-ended accusations by all sides against any who dare disagree with their particular politics. That is the current state of social media which is anything but social. We retain some who serve up dishes of bile just to keep ourselves grounded and to assist us in attempting to be inclusive rather than exclusive. Then again, we remember when exclusive meant that if you had to ask the price of an entrée offered on the menu, not to worry, you could not afford it and likely could not even afford just desert. That is no longer the definition of that word, today it means that should you deviate one iota from a narrowly defined ritual which fell within specific beliefs, then you were not only not welcome but also to be the target of scorn, contempt, derision and even the most ego destroying fate possible, being unfriended. But in some parts the hate is hot and so overt that lives are the cost of falling outside of acceptable, and it goes beyond anti-Semitism; sometimes it was purely political, sometimes it was purely hate and other times it was a bit of both such as the shooting at Republican Congressional baseball practice on June 14, 2017, in Alexandria, Virginia. Another item which is frightening is that these perpetrators of such violence have no regrets beyond the fact they were unable to murder more of their intended target group. What is worse is that in some places, politicians will defend these actions blaming the victims inevitably claiming that they brought this upon themselves. If only they would have acted more proper, defined as holding the political and social desires and positions that the speaker holds and any deviation is considered ample provocation for violence.


Then there are the great cover-ups by much of the Western European media. One of our favorite editorialists, Giulio Meotti has written three very engaging articles of late, “Killed a Jew? In France that makes you unfit for trial,” “Write it correctly: Islamic massacre of Christians” and France, the aspiring Judenrein Islamic Republic showcasing some of the problems in Europe. When we speak with politically active friends from the United States, they tell a tale of woe, sorrow and regrets over the state of civility, or should we say the lack thereof, and how the disruptive level of hatred is coming from so many directions that it makes it almost impossible to meet the expectations of most people. They tell of how at work, as conservatives, they keep a low profile never discussing anything about politics and never ever expressing any comments about morality and their regrets on the current state of civility and society. They try to explain how the way we acted speaking proudly of our beliefs and positions would prevent being promoted, could get us fired and would definitely have us treated as pariahs. Things in one of our old stomping grounds have changed and we cannot say for the better unfortunately. Our dear friend from even out in the western regions of the United States, not California, Oregon or Washington, but we are talking Colorado and to a far lesser degree Wyoming. They tell the story of those others who are moving from California and other leftist strongholds to their former haven and immediately forming committees and boards making demands for changes and literally begin to transform their new home to resemble exactly their former home which they left as it had become unbearable. Sometimes we wonder if people even know how to think anymore. These people are doing exactly the same thing which failed before expecting a different result. There is a name for that and Albert Einstein defined that for us, he called it insanity.


We would like to say that we have no idea where the signs we are seeing will lead but that would be a small white lie. The reason for small is because we do not know exactly, white because we wanted to have at least one trigger word, and lie because we do have a general idea where things are headed. If you learned a fair amount of history either in regimented study or on your own, then you can likely see the writing on the wall. For those who are unable to see the writing, it stated the following; War is peace; freedom is slavery; ignorance is strength and concluded with 2+2=5. There is just a whiff of the stench of Big Brother when the government collects every electronic signal in the world and stores it all on the set of buildings pictured below somewhere in Nevada. Of course, nobody is listening to your every word, but say the wrong word and a computer raises a little flag and then a real person has to decide if you are a threat or the word bomb got into your text because you said, “Wasn’t last night just the bomb?” There is an entire list of such words and other conditions programmed into this data center of all data centers. But you would have to work at it to get on their lists, or would you. Gain ballot access as a third-party candidate and be flagged as not a kook and you become a “person of interest” which gets you monitored. But that was then and this is now.


National Security Agency NSA Utah Data Center

National Security Agency NSA Utah Data Center


Civility has lost all meaning and has been replaced with a strict set of guidelines which leaves one walking a virtual tightrope so as not to disturb the easily disturbed. There are trigger words, and just in case you are becoming more sly about your word transgressions, there are a larger set of things which come under the definition of microaggressions. College courses come with trigger word warnings which probably will come into use in the course. These warnings are there so that college students, our future leaders, can avoid the unbelievable stress of hearing a word such as “shooting,” “rape” or any of a variety of phrases, many of which would be expected in any course say on the history of warfare. Colleges have safe spaces where students can flee after being triggered by a microaggression and find counseling, coloring books, puppies, kittens and soothing music. Basic training in the military now have stress cards which basic training troops can flag their Drill Sargent all but forcing them to be granted some time out as they collect their strength, thinking, body, mind, attitude or whatever they feel is needful of some alone time. Is nothing sacred anymore? When in basic training, we were referred to as maggots amongst some other far more colorful names. No time out cards, just a boot in your, you figure it out. Just avoiding any of those horrible trigger words or causing a microaggression. What is rather amazing is how the political tables have changed when referencing both Republican and Democrat positions and how civility has found a new home after being squandered where its former place had been. Civility and acceptance with those on the political left where the main theme was everybody is much the same and all should and could be friends. Differences were more accepted by the liberals of those days. Now those on the left demand that everyone sticks to a rigid definition of what is acceptable and what is beyond the pale. Some of the most glaringly obvious examples has been shown by those of the LGBTQ community and the Women’s Movement. In both cases, any reference which is perceived as supporting Israel is forbidden. This was made an exclusionary criterion of the Chicago Dyke March where a Jewish LGBTQ groups were denied the right to join the march as their flag displayed a Star of David which was far too Jewish and implied a pro-Israel probable position (see image below). Teresa Shook, one of the original co-founders of the Women’s Movement, has declared her ire at the anti-Semitic leanings of the new leadership and demanded on Facebook that they step down as they have been completely ineffective in preventing hate from seeping into the movement. These are just a small sampling and the one item all too many of these episodic exclusions have in common is their anti-Semitic nature. This has even spread of late into the House of Representatives where recently elected trio of Representatives Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Rashida Tlaib have made news with their anti-Israel and potentially anti-Semitic tirades. Israel is rapidly becoming a partisan issue with the far-left desiring breaking all ties between the United States and the Jewish State.


Multi-Colored Flags with a Star of David

Multi-Colored Flags with a Star of David


It used to be that virtually all anti-Semitism came from the fringe of the far-right, sometimes referred to as the Paleo-conservatives, where it was rare and merely a very minor group. With the more recent anti-Semitism forming at the opposite end of the political spectrum, anti-Semitism has seeped into the politics of both ends of the political spectrum. The far right appears to have grown as some have found cover from the left anti-Semitism which has brought many out of the woodwork. This may have had some play in these recent Synagogue shootings. What is more troubling has been the excusing of anti-Semitism, especially in Europe where it is often covered up. Add in the influx of Islamic immigrants bringing their Jew hatred with them from the Middle East and North Africa, and you have a growing group which will not stay at the margins of either Europe or America. Their anti-Semitism, often in the form of anti-Zionism and anti-Israelism, has already begun to infect the societal bodies of the Western World. Thinking about where this will lead and some of the inevitabilities makes one’s brain hurt and does not leave one comforted about the future. Imagine a world where the only places where anti-Semitism is not prevalent are regions of Asia and Africa with the Americas and Europe mired with anti-Semitism. This will be a world where Jews almost exclusively reside in Israel and have no place left in the Western World. This is the future which is beginning to become the obvious outcome if the Western World does not awaken to where they are being taken. The thing to remember is the quote of the wise words from Martin Niemöller who awakened to the inevitable result of where the Third Reich was heading and wrote this statement about the horror he saw coming, “First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me.” Is this the end coming for what has been the most free and advanced society the planet has known? The possibility is sickeningly possible as one need remember that Germany was considered the great Weimar Republic with unmatched freedoms, many of the greatest minds on the planet such as Hertha Sponer, Albert Einstein, Hugo Grotrian, Ingrid Franck, Wilhelm Westphal, James Franck, Otto von Bayer, Lise Meitner, Werner Heisenberg, Peter Pringsheim, Fritz Haber, Wernher von Braun, Gustav Hertz, and Otto Hahn to name just a few. Germany was at the forefront of physics, mathematics, chemistry and virtually every field of cultured society before the rise of the Nazis. Is this the path the world is going to trudge down once again? If that is so, then we need to pray for a divine intervention.


Beyond the Cusp


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