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May 6, 2019

Israel Watching World Reaction to Terror War

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The first thing which must be understood, should Israel wish to conclusively end Hamas and Islamic Jihad, not just their rocket launches, shooting, sniping, launching balloons and kites to spread incendiaries, but end all of it and their ability to even throw a rock at Israel, could be ended. Israel could decide to target the commanders from unit commanders up to Yahya Sinwar and be done with this within a week. Decapitate both terror armies leaving them with absolutely no leadership, political or military, it makes no difference, they just dress up differently so that the Europeans can claim they are dealing with civilized people. None are civilized as their methods prove beyond any doubt. But they know that Israel would never resort to such tactics as it would verily upset the Europeans and the United Nations. They might even be tempted to remove Israel from the United Nations claiming that Israel was no longer welcome at their table. They could ban the Israeli Ambassador from the Cafeteria or take away his executive washroom key or find some other means of showing Israel they were displeased. But it is not their citizens sleeping in bomb shelters nor are they hearing sirens even when they are not sounding because their citizens have nerves on a rough edge. Their societies do not have to adapt each month to the latest forms of terrorist attacks. What will it be this month, rocks the size of cantaloupes thrown through car windshields, Molotov cocktails at busses thrown in groups of twenty to fifty engulfing the bus with fire, cars or trucks speeding through crowds or bus stops or down sidewalks, drive-by shootings, knifings or possibly a mass assault on the Western Wall? Their citizens are not facing such a wide range of attacks, but be assured that if it works in Israel, then it will be spread around the world over time. These tactics will never just end with Israel unless the world allows Israel to put down such terrorists. Such a world would provide the sign necessary to bring terrorism worldwide to an abrupt end. It would be that simply, allow Israel to prove terror cannot work and will bring only death and not allow the massing of money as the terror leaders now do living on the backs of their people and living it large.


Were the world to be serious about ending terrorism, then we would see such in their reactions to the attacks on Israel. If you are going to fight terrorism, then it starts in Jerusalem and Gaza and the Shomron and in Israel where its deepest roots are planted. The world cannot hope to end terrorism and to continue to allow huge amounts of aid monies to go to the terror masters in Gaza and the Shomron, beyond the Golan and the Blue Line, and from here to the world backed by the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, Islamic State in Nigeria, across the Africa Transition Zone and in the Sinai Peninsula. The same terror that strikes Sri Lanka, Melbourne in Australia, Coptic Christian monastery in Egypt, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, the Jordanian town of Fuheis, and we could go through the entirety of this list and bore every reader to tears, so instead that link. Terrorism is a disease on society and the tool of evil. Terrorism makes no difference between military and civilian and when the terrorist does differentiate between military and civilian, they will more often target civilian over military. Should the world allow terrorism to defeat Israel or make Israel uninhabitable, then the forebearers of terror will set out to do the same to the rest of the world. Each time that terrorists attack, the world is dealt a test of their fortitude and resolve. Will they simply turn their heads away and pretend that nothing of questionable origins actually happened? That is the reaction which we witness more often than actually addressing the situation and admitting that the world has a problem. The world leadership at least is consistent, they demand that Israel not take actions against terror and they ignore terrorism in their own backyards. This head-in-the-sand reaction to terrorism will simply empower the terror masters and postpone taking the required steps potentially making the eventual task of ridding the world of terrorism being put-off until it will have become a far greater effort. The world is critical of Israel reacting to a terror attack by neutralizing the perpetrator claiming that such should never be the reaction and that the terrorists should be negotiated with or allowed to escape rather than use force. Force has become taboo as a modern world need not resort to the use of violence, the death penalty or anything which causes a loss of life, well, except terrorism which apparently is permitted provided the chosen target is considered acceptable.


Rockets fired into Israel and one anti-missile interceptor launched

Rockets fired into Israel and one anti-missile interceptor launched


Terrorism against Israel is not only acceptable but financially rewarded by aid money coming from the United Nations, European Union, European countries, many Arab nations, Iran, numerous terror sponsors and other sources. Nations and both national and international organizations which reward terrorists with financial support are some of the most reprehensible sources of terrorism. The beginning of every terror attack begins with a source of funds. The planners, the political backing, the propaganda, the publicity and political cover all have their required cost. Those who are behind terrorist attacks may be true believers but they still require being financially rewarded. Even the most fanatical cannot survive purely on their hatred, they require food, shelter and financial rewards otherwise they might have to actually work. Getting a real job would take away from their terror organizing time, not to mention that nations involved with the spread of terror tend to have very poor economic conditions and their inattention to the economy breeds terrorists as there is nothing else which pays rewards of a similar nature. This leads to societies where hatred breeds more hatred and violence breeds more violence and there is no end to the spiral. While the people at the bottom end up giving up their lives for a cause which is thrust upon the society by people who not only would never die for that cause, but are becoming wealthy having other people die for their cause. But if the world were to be serious about ending terrorism, they would start by backing Israel doing whatever it takes to end the terrorist forces surrounding her. Such would start with Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the PLO (Palestinian Authority) and Hezballah in Lebanon and allowing Israel to do that which is considered necessary to assure her survival. That is where the problem begins and eventually goes full circle and ends at the same place, the powers that be in the European Union and the United Nations do not desire allowing Israel the right to survive. If the fight to end terrorism starts in Israel, then these people refuse to allow such to start. They claim they will fight terror once Israel has been erased. That is their most grievous mistake as Israel is not going to die which means that they will refuse to fight terrorism and it will be their society which will cease to exist.


Israel is where this fight must begin and the rest of the world need take steps to follow in suit to what Israel does to end terror. But if the world continues to handcuff Israel with threats and other demands warning her not to react to her people under attack, or if the world continues to ignore these rockets pouring down in Israel. How is it that over three-hundred rockets were launched into Israel in a single day and it did not make a single American news network? We are willing to bet had Israel sent a three-man team into Gaza to hunt down and destroy rocket launching positions that would have been reported as Israeli forces invade Gaza on missions of destruction. But the world has no difficulty completely ignoring three-hundred rockets launched into Israel. This is the reality which will lead to the destruction of their societies as they will be paralyzed against any terrorist attacks because they refuse to recognize the existence of terrorism as that would also require their recognition that Israel has been subjected to terror and that would allow the Israelis to fight their terror. These political leaders are willing to have their society torn asunder rather than recognize that Israel should be permitted to fight their terrorist problems. This is a sickness and one of the effects of anti-Semitism being behind decisions made at the highest levels. How many people have read about the rocket barrage thrown at Israel over the last two days? If your news sources did not report these events, then you need a better source for news. There can be no worse ignorance than one caused in order to support the destruction of another society. This is the sickness which prevented the News from reporting that Israel faced a terrorist rocket bombardment as these same news sources would jump all over any Israel strong response beyond striking the same targets in Gaza yet again. Israelis are becoming sick and tired of this game and are soon going to demand an end to these attacks, a real end to these attacks. Then it will be interesting to see the response in Europe and the New York Times whose coverage will undoubtedly be Israel destroys Gaza Moon launch facilities and they will expect people to believe them.


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