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May 28, 2019

France Topples Over and Beyond the Cusp into Parallel Universe

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France apparently is afraid to even place an Islamist murderer of Jews on trial. This has become their modus operandi when any Muslim murders a Jew. The most recent case one can read here plus another look at this here is about the murder of Sarah Halimi. One can only wonder how long before the French judicial system finds these two murderers to also be unfit to stand trial for their murder of Mireille Knoll. This was the only way the trend in France could have ended as carefully reported in this article. What makes this all the more troubling is that it was the result of a general slide to viewing any Jew murdered, threatened, attacked or verbally harangued by any Muslim as some form of justifiable action simply as a result of their culture. This is where the leftist ideology that no culture is superior to any other leads a nation. This is the road much of the Western World is merrily traveling down and those traditionalists who call out the danger are mocked as Islamophobe or some other equally damning epithet as even being a nationalist is considered criminal behavior requiring reeducation.


Sarah Halimi and Mireille Knoll

Sarah Halimi and Mireille Knoll

Quoting from an article, “How the murders of two elderly Jewish women shook France,” we read in the Guardian International Edition, we found this to be quite interesting.

No fewer than 12 Jews have been killed in France in six separate incidents since 2003: Sébastien Selam, Ilan Halimi, Jonathan Sandler, Gabriel Sandler, Aryeh Sandler, Myriam Monsonégo, Yohan Cohen, Philippe Braham, François-Michel Saada, Yoav Hattab, Lucie Attal and Mireille Knoll. In each of these cases, at least one of the perpetrators was from what the French call minorités visibles, or “visible minorities”, which typically refers to those of north African or west African descent; in most cases, the perpetrators have been linked with some form of extremist Islam. In nearly every case, the victims have been either identifiably Jewish or personal acquaintances of the perpetrator.

Reading the names, one stood out for two reasons, first is that the young man’s name, Ilan Halimi, shares the last name of Sarah Halimi from the story above. Ilan’s story is about as horrific as one might ever read as reported in the New York Times. That is another reason his name was so noticeable. Almost all of the murders and attacks made upon Jews, not only in France but throughout Europe, in the United States, Canada, here in Israel and around the world share one singular fact, the victim is almost always somebody completely unable to fight back or offer any form of resistance unless armed and holding the weapon before the attack, an unlikely event. In New York City, in some of the most Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods, there have been numerous attacks registered with the police where young men and teens attacking religiously dressed Jews from behind with a one-off and then run often striking them with sufficient force to knock them to the ground. Again, these are attacks from behind without warning against either Jewish youth or middle aged or older men. This report in Haaretz tells the grim tale along with links to further information.


This rise in anti-Semitism is virtually worldwide and has crept into culture which even showed its ugly head in Israel during the Eurovision 2019 Song Contest in Tel Aviv where the group from Iceland, Hatari, as they unfurled their ‘Palestine’ banners at the televised Final and sang “Hate will prevail,” as commented on by Barry Shaw in his article Hate prevails in Iceland. Barry Shaw expounds on the historic prevalence of anti-Semitism across Icelandic history. But historic anti-Semitism is not a prerequisite for modern anti-Semitism, though it does appear to make it more apparent. Recent reports have indicated that the trend is a universal problem around the world as reported here and here. There actually is one place where Jews can find relative peace of mind that they are unlikely to be attacked, and that is Israel. As odd as it might seem, but inside Israel, especially Tel Aviv, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Netanya, Peta Tikvah and Nahariya. Most of Jerusalem is safe but we did not list it due to the problems which reoccur almost on schedule coinciding with Jewish Holy Days. It is true that the High Holy Days the rioting on the Temple Mount starts a couple of weeks before and continues for up to three weeks or so after simply to deny Jews the right to ascend to the Temple Mount. The Palestinian Arabs know that when they riot, the Jews are barred from visiting the Temple Mount as the Waqf will blame the Jews for the rioting always claiming that the Jews defiled the al-Aqsa Mosque or some other invention and insist that the Jews not be permitted to visit the Temple Mount until the Arab rioting is over. Yea, we thought that made a whole lot of nonsense as well, but those are the rules.


Maps of Israel and Israel Replaced with New Jersey

Maps of Israel and Israel Replaced with New Jersey


That brings us to our final point. It concerns the Palestinian Arab-Israeli conflict. There can be only one nation between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea as the region is about the size of New Jersey and almost the same shape (see map above). New Jersey has a population of just over nine-million while Israel has a population currently of just over eight and a half million. When one considers the rising anti-Semitism, it is not out of line to foresee a time in the not too distant future when Jews will either be fleeing or be dispossessed and deported from any number of nations something similar as to what happened to most Jews from the Arab World between the founding of Israel and over the following decade or two. This has a potential to flood Israel with refugees from around the world. Looking around the world by continent, North America has approximately six million plus a fraction of Jews with Central and South America adding another half million Jews. Moving along Asia has about thirty-five thousand Jews with Oceana with one-hundred-twenty-one thousand plus Africa with seventy-four thousand and finally Europe (including Russia) which has the bulk outside North America with almost one and a half million. Outside of North America there are just over two million Jews. Assuming that only ten percent of North American Jews make Aliyah and the majority of Jews from the rest of the world also move to Israel, this would add another three to four million Jews to the population not even counting the number of Israelis expected from population growth, as unlike much of the rest of the developed world, Israel has a positive population growth while virtually if not every nation in Europe has a negative population growth which is part of the reason Europe has basically opened their borders to make up for the loss of population causing economic havoc. If the world goes completely mad and all Jews are deported with only Israel as a destination, this would make Israel one of the more densely populated nations, something which is going to occur with or without immigrants, immigration simply would cause this sooner rather than later. Israel currently has a population growth rate of just under two percent and has 3.11 births per woman compared to the average in Europe of around 1.65 births per woman where 2.13 births per woman is considered replacement rate meaning no change in the population. We will show one last map comparing the Arab World in green with Israel in red and you figure out where the displaced Arabs might find plenty of elbow room, Israel or amongst the Arabs world with pockets flushed with money provided by Israel as a relocation bonus to make their resettlement less painful.


Israel and the Arab World

Israel and the Arab World


If you figured the Arab world, then we are of the same mind. Remember that Israel would be providing the Palestinian Arabs and anybody else including Jews Muslims, Christians, Buddhists or any of the plethora of other religions who desired to leave Israel permanently with a relocation bonus and full market price for their properties. These would be welcome immigrants in any nation which desired inviting a freshly minted halfway to a millionaire family to assist with their economic fortunes. There would probably be a number of European nations who might consider extending an invite. Perhaps this is an idea worth some effort, especially if made now with a three-month time limit to decide before President Trump releases his Deal of the Century. This just might make President Trump and his deal unnecessary.


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