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June 28, 2019

Trump Peace Initiative Starting on Wrong Foot


President Trump’s Middle East economic package has been unveiled and it promises simply more of the same failure as we have seen before. Step one, promise to provide economic stimulus which will create jobs and provide economic opportunities for the average Palestinian Arab. This time they are talking about fifty-billion-dollars worth of stimulus. What exactly is the intention and how this plan can get beyond the same problems every previous plan had run into is beyond our ability to figure out. Perhaps it is the amount which is the intended difference as perhaps they are figuring that even the Palestinian deep pit cannot manage to pilfer, redirect and otherwise conceal such an amount. The Palestinian leadership has proven to be amongst the world’s best at stealing any and all funds invested. As displayed in the bar graph below, it is evident that the Palestinian Arab relief efforts far outpace those of any, if not all, the other needful places everywhere on the Earth. As any tour of Gaza will prove, even when provided with building materials, somehow, they build so many tunnels and bunkers such that they end up incapable of rebuilding much of the damage from even the war between Hamas with Islamic Jihad against the Palestinian Authority when Hamas took control of Gaza in a bloody coup. In each war, as time progressed, Hamas and the supportive NGO’s put forth the claim that Israel not only destroyed the same building from the previous engagements but caused further damage. The reality is the previous damages were never cleared or rebuilt; they were left in whatever condition they were when the fighting ended. Most of the buildings damaged or destroyed had been utilized as rocket-launching positions, ambush positions and other military uses with the intention of maximizing the damage done. Of course, this has been encouraged by the numerous NGO’s whose main purpose in life is to mar the Israeli reputation and to bring Israel before the numerous United Nations agencies and international courts for war crimes, crimes against society or any other criminal activities imaginable. The anti-Israel agenda has been turned into an industry which has been heavily financed by the Arabs and Islamic world as well as numerous far left institutions and funds. One can expect these NGO’s to line up to grab some of the pot of goal about to be dumped into the cesspool which is the Palestinian Arabs cause.


Graph of Aid Money to Palestinian Territories and other needful locations

Graph of Aid Money to Palestinian Territories and other needful locations


Mahmoud Abbas has made it quite clear that the “Pay-to-Slay” funds are paid out before any and all other items are funded. He has stated openly that even if the entire amount the Palestinian Authority was funded was equal to the funds necessary to cover the payments to terrorists, then it would all be utilized to pay the terrorists (see video below). Despite such a damning confession about the “Pay-to-Slay” being his first and foremost importance for funding above all else, the United Nations, European Union and numerous European countries and international NGO’s still swear that the Palestinian Authority is not encouraging terrorism. What is even more disturbing is that the highest paying position outside the leadership who are part of those who take a percentage of all funds provided their organizations is the murder of Israeli civilians. The Palestinian Authority even has an entire payment schedule which has been published (we have included one below). There is an even increasing amounts that are paid for the more Israelis a terrorist is able to murder. Then there are additional payments for specific other criteria such as if the terrorist has a family, is a resident of Jerusalem or a resident of Israel. Mahmoud Abbas has gone off the rails ever since President Trump announced the relocating of the United States embassy to the Israeli capital of Jerusalem. For Abbas, this was an aberrant act which was in direct opposition to the interests of the Palestinian Authority. What Abbas only states in Arabic and often not recorded is that the Palestinian Arabs cause is completely honest to the Khartoum Resolution of September 1, 1967, and the three no’s; “no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with Israel.” The only peace deal acceptable to the Palestinian Authority or to Hamas is any settlement in which Israel ceases to be the Jewish State and is instead returned to Islamic rule. This was the entirety behind the Khartoum conference.



Palestinian Authority Remunerations for Terrorists

Palestinian Authority Remunerations for Terrorists


Starting off this next peace initiative by promising to “invest” in the Palestinian economy is nothing new and the elites are probably already dividing up the funds and decided what minimal improvements they will use through which to distribute the funds to the right people who are in the loop and proven to share the wealth with all the right people. Theirs is a polished system through which how the cash enters their area of control, they have proven to be able to digest any amount of money regardless of the gross amount provided, but fifty-billion-dollars is the largest amount ever intended to be used to invigorate their economy and thus could be a real challenge. President Trump’s team has stated that this time the funds will be distributed with more care and will not be invested in the Palestinian leadership as has been the previous efforts. As the elites are all attached financially to the Palestinian leadership and likely to share the wealth which could be flowing into their coffers as this is necessary if they intend to live long enough to deposit their share of the funding. This latest approach to find the required means for hammering out peace between the Palestinian Arabs and Israel will be facing the same complex system which is quite practiced at distributing funds into the right people’s pockets including making sure that the “Pay-to-Slay” funds make their way to the true heroes of Palestinian society. These are also the people for whom roads, government buildings, schools, sports teams, sporting contests, parks, playgrounds and just about everything else including people’s first child’s name and some name all their children after terrorist murderers. Terrorism is the most glamorous of occupations, and it is considered an honorable profession. Such has become the attitude of Palestinian Arab society due to the indoctrination which children are exposed to as their educational curriculum. This is the societal norm which exists in the Palestinian Arab regions and the longer they are permitted to expend efforts at spreading their hatred of Israel and Jews to the Israeli Arabs is simply one more reason that the present ruling elites must be removed and preferably deported from all of Israel.


The reality of the Arab Israeli conflict is that the Palestinian Arab terrorism is just the latest form of warfare taken by the Islamic Arab world to destroy Israel. What this means is that there is no amount of money which could ever find a remedy to the conflict which the Arabs will accept if Israel remains the Jewish State. First item is that Islam, despite the fantasies politicians tell, is completely incompatible with democracy. Further, they are taught that the Jews are lesser beings requiring their Islamic better to care for them. We will skip exactly what caring for the Jews actually entails. From the promise of a slaughter “about like the massacres of the Mongols or the Crusades,” by Azzam Pasha, Secretary-General of the Arab League at the start of the Arab War of Annihilation begun against Israel the morning of her founding on May 15, 1948; their intent has never wavered from this attitude. This was their intent in the 1967 Six Day War and again for the 1973 Yom Kippur War. After the Six Day War, the Arabs decided to also include terrorism to force the Jews to flee from their violence. This was an agreed tactic established actually in 1964 when the KGB working with the Arab League established the Palestinian Liberation Organization headed by two trained Arab KGB elements, Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas. Their purpose was to make life so horrific and dangerous for Israelis that the Jews would flee going back to the nations from whence they had come. This has not worked quite as well as the Arabs had planned as the numbers of Jews has continued to increase over time. There is one other item which is counterintuitive for anybody who believes the claims of the Palestinian Arabs and their propaganda elements. This is that despite claims that Israel has been attempting genocide and ethnic cleansing, the numbers of Palestinian Arabs has greatly increased over the years as well. This is but one of the numerous lies peddled by the Arabs concerning Israel and who is occupying whose lands. Under International Law, the eastern border of Israel is the Jordan River into the Golan Heights and to where it empties into the Dead sea and continuing south. Gestate on this for a while and look at a map and fairly soon one comes to the realization that the Palestinian Arabs are occupying parts of Israel, how’s that for an opposite to everything that the entire imbroglio has been built upon lies and other infirmities which threaten to have the Arab cause collapse should the world ever get past their disingenuous acceptance of the Jewish State. In time we will cover this further.


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