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July 3, 2019

The Date of Occupation; 1967

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Over the month of May of 1967 both Egypt and Syria massed troops along the Israeli border. As the month continued, these forces were supported by Jordan and Lebanon massing on their borders with Israel. Finally, we have Iraq supporting Syria and Jordan and Saudi Arabia supporting Egypt and Jordan and all of these six national armies ringing around Israel (see map below) as threats are being thrown at an ever-greater pitch and increased volume. Egypt closed the Straits of Tiran which is recognized casus belli as an act of war by blocking Israeli access to the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean et al beyond. It was not until June 5, 1967, that Israel finally responded deploying an airstrike on the Egyptian Air Force taking out the majority of their fighter aircraft still on the ground. This led to Israel having virtual total air superiority. The Israeli pilots proved to be more than up to destroying the Syrian fighters in the air. When all the dust was settling on June 10, 1967, the map of the regions finally appeared to match the original British Mandate map of Israel. Gaza was under Israeli control as was the Sinai Peninsula. On the other fronts, what Jordan referred to as the West Bank and is now referred to as the Shomron was now liberated from Jordanian occupation while Israel controlled the Golan Heights, another piece which was originally set aside for Israel until the British gifted them to the French who made them part of Syria.


Build-up to the Six-Day War


Now Israel had as her eastern border the Jordan River and her northeastern border now contained the Golan Heights. When Israel reached a peace agreement with Egypt on March 26, 1979, the Sinai Peninsula was returned to Egypt fulfilling the United Nations insistence that Israel surrender land gained in the Six Day War, not the land, all lands or any other adjective lands, just any piece of land. Israel could have returned one-third of the Sinai Peninsula and fulfilled the United Nations requirement which was vigorously argued by British Ambassador Lord Caradon in the crafting of United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 as he insisted that Israeli borders must be redefined to allow for defensible borders. It was often spoken that this would require Israel retaining the Golan Heights, a very good idea considering the events currently taking place in Syria, and Israel would reapply her sovereignty of the Shomron and have the Jordan River Valley as an adequate defensive position for her border (see Topographic Map of Golan Heights and Jordan River Valley below). There was never any mention of Palestinian Arabs, a new Arab state of Palestine within the Israeli sovereign borders. The only nations recognized in the United Nations in their Security Council Resolution 242 were Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt, namely the Arab nations surrounding Israel. Lord Caradon realized that Israel was not safe and would very likely face more invasions with time. He was proven to be prescient when in October of 1973, when numerous Arab nations led by Syria and Egypt attacked Israel on Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish Year. Despite initially losing ground to the Arab forces, the end result Israel was routing the Arab forces on both fronts. Since this failure to destroy the Jewish State through military confrontations, they decided on a new tactic using the concept of Israel replaced their former state of Palestine.


Topographic Map of Golan Heights and Jordan River Valley

Topographic Map of Golan Heights and Jordan River Valley


There never was any nation called Palestine and the Arab League turned down the initial plan to divide Israel in half between the Jews and Arabs in 1948 under United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 despite the fact that the Zionist Congress was willing to accept the deal (see map below). This was dividing the remaining 22% of the British Mandate after the Arabs were already awarded 78% of the British Mandate in the form of what is today Jordan. The original idea was to divide the lands of the British Mandate along the Jordan River with the Arabs in Jordan receiving 78% of the Mandate lands while the Jews received the lands west of the Jordan River making up a mere 22% of the lands. But even 22% of the land is too much for the Arabs to allow. Honestly, the Arabs would be furiously upset if Israel were restricted to merely Tel Aviv, less than 1% of the Mandate Lands. This is the problem with every peace plan presented to the Arabs, be it the Arab League or the Palestinian Arabs or Iran or Hezballah or any of the individual Arab nations. Do not allow the fact that Egypt and Israel have a peace treaty, it is close to being the coldest peace agreement in the history of planet Earth.


November 29, 1947, the United Nations General Assembly partition of Palestine dividing the remaining 22% of land evenly between the Arabs and the Jews

November 29, 1947, the United Nations General Assembly
partition of Palestine dividing the remaining 22%
of land evenly between the Arabs and the Jews


First a quick summary of events from the end of World War I to the present. The San Remo Conference originally intended for the entirety of the British Mandate to be used for the Jewish State. The British proposed dividing the land such that they could keep their promise to King Faisal that both of his sons would be granted lands to rule. This was accomplished by granting Faisal to became ruler of the Hashemite Kingdom of Iraq, while Abdullah was Emir and then King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The Arab League accepted the Mandate with the inclusion of then Transjordan and Israel as the Jewish State. The Zionist Congress probably made one of the worst deals in history when they accepted a mere 22% of the Mandate lands allowing the Arabs to have over three-quarters of the Mandate lands. Even before World War II, the Arabs started making moves to claim the remaining 22% and worked with the British to continue to bring Arabs onto the lands west of the Jordan River assuring the Jews never attained a majority of the population. It was due to the size of the Arab population that led the United Nations to attempt to divide the remaining lands giving 11% to the Arabs and Jews while making Jerusalem an international city ruled by the United Nations. Even with most of the Jewish lands being the Negev Desert, the Arab League had a better plan, they would eradicate the Jewish State as soon as it was born. They invaded with the armies from six Arab nations, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, on the morning of May 15, 1948, the morning after Ben Gurion read the declaration of independence on the evening of May 14, 1948, Jewish days actually start at sundown thus it was already the 15 of May as far as Israel was concerned. There were celebrations across the land where the Jews resided and also some of the Arab villages also celebrated. The next morning, they went to war without any actual structure for an army. Israel survived but cannot claim to have won as they lost territory. When the Arab League rejected the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181, the Israeli borders officially returned to the division agreed upon under the agreement made with the British giving the Jews the 22% of land west of the Jordan River. After the Arab initiated war to destroy Israel in May of 1948, the Arabs had gained the Shomron which Jordan named West Bank as Judea and Samaria just sounded too Jewish, and Egypt held Gaza. During the Six Day War in 1967, Israel liberated Gaza and the Shomron reestablishing the Jordan River as her eastern border with Jordan. Israel also gained the Sinai Peninsula which was returned to Egypt upon reaching a peace agreement in 1979.


The new war to eradicate Israel is the concept of this fantasy land called Palestine. Abbas has claimed that the Palestinian Arabs have been in the lands since thousands of years before Abraham came. Palestinian officials have claimed that the first ever written language was invented by the Palestinian Canaanites who are presumably the ancestors of the Palestinian Arabs. This entire fantasy has been supported by leftist movements such as BDS which actually desires to economically isolate Israel from the rest of the world. The Arab oil gulf states have invested likely billions of dollars and Euros into propaganda using the old concept from Goebbels, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” This has been exactly what is occurring with the concept that there was a nation called Palestine which Israel conquered and forced the population to leave. The reality is that the Mufti of Jerusalem had called for all the Arabs west of the Jordan River to relocate into Jordan and Syria and wait for the Arab armies to be victorious and then they were to be included in sharing the spoils of the Jews. When the victory proved impossible, these Arabs, approximately six-hundred-thousand, were placed into camps and have been forced to remain there ever since 1948. The United Nations permitted a special agency, UNRWA, to be formed to care for these “refugees” which could be better named political weapon with which to flood Israel with Arabs and take over through elections using the Israeli democracy to end the Jewish State. This agency defines refugee as anybody placed in the camps and their offspring henceforth and forever until they were permitted entrance into Israel as full citizens. The intention of the Palestinian Arabs was for one reason and one reason only, to eradicate Israel because as the Quran states, the Jews must be cared for by their betters, Islamic rule, and then provided with an opportunity to convert to their true religion. Those who refuse to accept Islam would not have a very pleasant remaining few hours, if even that long, before their ceremonial beheading.


So, with the agreements which even the Arab League had originally agreed upon had the Jordan River as the eastern boundary of the Jewish State. These claims about the nation of Palestine are simply for the destruction of Israel and nothing else. Abbas has often claimed he only wants the 22% of the land of the Mandate, he is referring to the entirety of Israel, the 22% west of the Jordan River. The Arabs under international law have no valid claim to any of the lands west of the Jordan River. This is why they have never attempted to make their claims before any of the international courts. The actual occupation has been and is the Arabs residing on the Shomron. Israel willingly left Gaza and though Israel did not forgive their actual sovereignty over Gaza as President George W. Bush left that as is so that if everything failed to work, then Israel presumably could just retake Gaza. Well, Gaza is a disaster and for the most part, were the violence to end from out of Gaza, then Israel would gladly permit the Arabs to rule themselves, but only peaceably. These lands belong to Israel and as the Arab world evicted over eight-hundred-thousand Jews in the decade or so after Israel was founded in 1948. The vast majority of these Jews were brought into Israel and the world considered them refugees for a short period. There was one country which did not treat them as refugees but treated them as their brothers and sisters. These Jews were absorbed as best as the nation was able and today they make up around 40% or so of Israeli population. They were not placed into camps to be used to gain reinstitution in the countries which had thrown them out after stripping them of all wealth. This is why Israel does not have refugee camps with millions of Jews waiting to be returned to their previous homes in the Arab world while the Arabs have over five-million Arab refugees where a fair number have relatives residing outside the camp as their families originated in the area where they fled responding to the Mufti’s promises of wealth. The people actually occupying land are the Palestinian Arabs who are on Israeli lands to which they actually have no standing claim. Even when Israel offered to allow any Arab to return provided they promised to live peaceably, the Mufti and Arab leaders forbade their leaving the refugee camps.


Israel and the Arab World

Israel and the Arab World


Were the world to live up to their promises to the Jewish People and Israel, all of Israel, which has an Arab population approaching over twenty-percent of the Israeli population; they would resettle the Palestinian Arabs and allow the Jordan River as Israel’s border. These Arabs enjoy every right as do Jews and all other Israeli citizens. They were promised by international law to be granted religious, economic, social, residential and other rights with one caveat; they were not guaranteed to have political rights. The Arabs who have the right to vote are all of the Arabs and their progeny who remained with Israel and either fought with or at least did not work against the Jews in the 1948 war. These Arabs were treated with the exact same laws and rights as the Jews and all others who remained within Israel during that confrontation. This means that the Arabs who heeded the Mufti and fled to Jordan, Syria and even Lebanon would not be granted political rights even were they to flood Israel. The problem then would be that the population of the UNRWA camps, just like the Gazan children and Palestinian Authority children, are taught to hate Israel and the Jews and have been trained to conduct terrorist operations and other violence which if they were incorporated into Israel, there would be a conflagration of unprecedented proportions within Israel soon thereafter. Israel must demand that the world allow her the lands promised and the Palestinian Arabs should be resettled elsewhere, and should Israel desire to offer financial incentives, then that is another issue for the government of Israel to consider. We figure that were President Trump’s economic plan costing fifty-billion dollars would be best used to relocate the Palestinian Arabs throughout the Arab world. The above map shows the Arab world in green and, so it can be readily seen, Israel in red and you figure who has the room for settling these refugees. But allowing the Jewish People to once more gain self-rule appears to be just more than much of the world is willing to accept. The time has come to end the games and trickery, to end the lies and propaganda, it is time to live up to the word which the United Nations swore to carry out under Article 80 of their Charter which makes them party to the Mandate system. Further, all the lands Israel has potentially gained were gained in defensive wars. Under international law of war, Israel is entitled to redraw her borders to provide her with borders which would best prevent further violence and war against her. That would also mean the Jordan River and Golan Heights. Gaza is a completely different matter and should Hamas and Islamic Jihad continue with their war of terror, then also under the rules of war, Israel would be within her rights to retake all of Gaza and would not be required to keep any of the population forcing them to find somewhere else to live. Unfortunately, almost nobody bothers to read the rules of warfare, have no idea who Sun Tzu, Carl von Clausewitz, Prince Niccolò Machiavelli, Hannibal Barca, Alexander Magnus (Alexander the Great), Roman strategies of Julius Caesar or any of the other great military tacticians from history or the works concerning warfare such as can be found here. This is understandable as the average person has absolutely no need of knowing the international rules of warfare as such is about the farthest thing on their minds; others of us have strange habits and do read many of these works. The proper and legal resolution for the Palestinian Arabs would be any plan which finds them some place outside of Israel and out from under their current leadership which steals from them the opportunity for a normal life. Then again, perhaps what they are doing is the normal for their societies; and as current leftist thought would add, and whatever that may be, it is no better or worse than all other societal norms and rules. This is the lesson being taught in most Western universities and colleges in their social science curriculums.


Beyond the Cusp


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