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October 29, 2019

Democrat Party Opposes Israel Again


There were more statements by Democrat Party Presidential hopefuls stating that aid to Israel should be used to force Israel to surrender more lands to the Arabs. They are falsely claiming that “official United States policy” supports the two-state solution. The actual official position for the United States is fully defined under the The Anglo American Treaty of 1924 in which the United States joined the rest of the allies of World War I in support for the Mandate System and the Balfour Declaration including the provisions from the San Remo Conference. All of these paint a very simple picture, under international law, Israel has the rightful possession and ownership of all the lands west of the Jordan River stretching to the Mediterranean Sea. That includes the regions of Judea and Samaria or the Shomron or West Bank, no matter what you choose to call these regions, it all still belongs to Israel and that is the official United States policy under treaty. But why should we expect any historic knowledge to have any influence when the popular leftist belief is Israel is pure evil and should be punished simply for attempting to exist and have relative safety. We have spoken of this before and expect the position on Israel with the Democrat Party to simply continue to slide to an ever harder and rash position as time progresses.


Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren

Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren


There are those who have proclaimed that supporting Israel has become a partisan issue with the Democrat Party taking a strict line supporting the Arab Palestinian demands and insist that Israel is the obstacle to peace while the Republican Party has pledged to support Israel completely without regard for the propriety of their actions. Knowledgeable Zionists paying attention would probably give a less optimistic view of the United States. They would likely agree on the view given describing the positions of the Democrat Party but partially missed the reality about the Republican Party. Many of the old guard elite and the alt-right are completely opposed to even the idea of a Jewish State believing the founding of Israel was a grievous mistake of judgement and point to all the difficulties as their proof. What is true is that, despite the accusations of his being anti-Semitic, President Trump is a strong supporter of Israel which has been proven by his actions including recognizing Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel and Israeli ownership of the Golan Heights. President Trump’s “Deal of the Century” has still to be released and that will be the final exam on how far he will back Israel. The rumors have run the gauntlet from it all belongs to Israel to some form of the two-state solution. Of course, anything short of it all belongs to Israel falls short of international law and obligations as written in existing treaties. This reality will become completely evident when the problem is adjudicated on the stage of the World Courts in Geneva. Just to place a cherry on top, Article 80 of the United Nations Charter also places the power of the United Nations in support of the Mandate Systems as defined by the League of Nations.


All of this is not something which should come as much of a surprise to most people. All one need do is read just a little about the atmosphere at virtually any of the top and largest colleges and universities and their progressive articulation of every problem in the world. The propensity of these campuses is to hold BDS conventions, Palestinian Solidarity Weeks and a plethora of other anti-Israel demonstrations and events. Add to this that their teachers often hold hard leftist positions which leads to their lessons slanting against Israel seeking to meet the demands of heavy Islamic pressures which come with their donations and founding of Middle East departments with the professors all meeting the criteria set by the donors. AOC along with Tlaib and Omar are the new Democrat norm along with Sarsour and almost all, if not all, of the Democrat hopefuls for President in the upcoming 2020 elections in America. This slides towards ending the good relations between the United States and Israel. The State Department has opposed Israel since her inception. The Defense Department has supported Israel as their testing grounds of their equipment in actual combat. This has led to some crucial adjustments to military hardware which were overlooked during their design. Fortunately, as pointed out in the article linked above, Israel is no longer dependent upon aid from the United States which now does more for providing sales for the American defense industries. If necessary, Israel could resume producing their own aircraft, the first since the Lavi fighter which was the initiating factor to the Israel-American military cooperation.


Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


Dependent upon which party takes control of the White House and Congress in the 2020 elections will be whether the United States will continue their friendly relations with the Jewish State of Israel. The reality is that politics is heading away from Israel and eventually rejecting everything related to the Judeo-Christian ethics. This shift in the politics of the entirety of the Western World will inevitably lead to their complete break with Israel blaming Israel for being the originating force behind the Judeo-Christian ethics and continuing to believe in the core beliefs which would become the eventual basis for Western society. The newest view is that Western civilization spawned all the world’s evils despite being the driving force which has eradicated the vast majority of slavery and numerous other evils. But the new view of the social sciences is behind much of this as it rejects any goodness resulting from Western civilization. Should everything reach what is the obvious end of these teachings and philosophy, Israel may end up as the last bastion of Western Judeo-Christian ethics. What will be unfortunate of such an eventuality is that Israel may not find any allies to stand with her and, if fortunate, will find at least a few nations who will not stand against her. Europe may already be on the verge of becoming lost as far as Western and Judeo-Christian society being at its core and replacing it with Sharia and the United States along with the remainder of the Western world might not be all that far behind. The Democrat Presidential hopefuls, some of the new members of Congress and the long-standing anti-Israel position taken by the Congressional Black Caucus all indicate the continuing movement which will lead to Israel being rejected by United States political leadership. Currently, such would be largely a part of the Democrat Party, but this does not excuse Republican Party which will probably follow along behind the current trends. Prophesy expected there to come a time when Israel would be forced to stand alone. This has never looked more possible than when watching the current political rhetoric.


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