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November 2, 2020

Back Just in Time for 2020 Elections in America

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Sorry for the extended absence which was further extended by the China Virus placing obscene demands upon hospitals; even in Israel. Fortunately, nobody here at BTC ever fell to the China Virus. I broke my neck which twisted my upper back leading to fourteen hours of extensive surgery. This is the link to the article in Hebrew and in English about this first-time surgery to be performed in Israel. So, we will be working to return to our pre-injury levels of competence, insights, perception, intuition along with our own two cents worth. On the other side, we gladly were not writing during the shutdown and other Covis-19 related traumas. For the record, we would have supported simply allowing the virus run its course through the world population being finished with the virus by now throughout the world. As stated, we are glad we largely missed all the China Virus mess.

Thus far, the mainstream television stations; ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, PBS, BBC and all the rest with the exception of FOXNEWS; have you believing that former Vice President Biden need barely give much of an effort as he will win easily while the outlier FOX is in the tank for Trump. The conversation often revolves around the 2020 elections having a very 2016 result. From the raw collectable data from the candidates’ performances while on the campaign trail and the attendance of their events, a Trump victory would appear obvious. President Trump is drawing attendance in the tens of thousands while former Vice President Biden is drawing attendance in the tens, if that. Our difficulty in calling the election results from our being in Israel which prevents our getting a feeling from direct contacts with the American people. Further, should one watch FOX, they have been at least introduced to the Hunter Biden influence peddling under the direction of his father, Joe Biden, the former Vice President and Democrat candidate for President in the 2020 American elections. The rest of the television stations have barely, if ever, covered this story of intrigue, foreign influence and potentially even treason leaving their viewers uninformed and unable to form a complete and competent selection for President.

But our readers largely read BTC for our opinions and predictions. When it comes to American politics, a system far more simple than ours here in Israel, we are largely single-issue voters, how the candidate will perform when it comes to the Middle East, specifically Israel. Where former Vice President Biden has traditionally voted favorably for Israel while a Senator, the Obama Administration, in which he was number two, appeared to be working to destroy Israel. As former Vice President Biden has stated his intention to reinstate the Obama foreign policy, including favoring Iran and crippling Israel while disfavoring much of the Sunni world, BTC would be inclined to endorse President Trump for reelection. We guess let the flaming begin.

Now we will attempt to make a simi-intelligent number of predictions. First and foremost, President Trump will retain the White House. We predict that the House of Representatives will be taken by the Republicans by approximately five to ten seats. We see the Senate becoming even closer with the Republicans holding fifty-one seats, fifty-two if Susan Collins wins in Maine. This will likely lead to numerous votes resulting in an even split of 50-50 with Vice President Pence being required to break the impasse. The next few years will, at the very least, be quite interesting if nothing else. The real question for the Republican Party is who will dare take on following President Trump and managing to appear competent and sufficiently energetic.

Beyond the Cusp


  1. Welcome back Mr. Cusp! I sincerely hope your predictions are correct. I agree with them, but had hoped that seats would not be lost in the Senate. The far left must be punished for their behavior of the last 4 years and that is most effectively done by retaking the house and keeping the Senate and Presidency.


    Comment by jim pitzer — November 2, 2020 @ 10:16 AM | Reply

  2. Ah, Brian. I had forgotten how incredibly wrong you can be at times. If “we would have supported simply allowing the virus run its course through the world population” would have worked, it would be gone by now. Whether treating COVID or going nothing and letting it run its course, it should be gone by now. It ain’t.
    As for Hunter, in the words of Donnie Jr. “It’s a nothing burger.”
    I hope you won’t be overly disappointed when the results are in and Donnie Sr. is packing for his exile in Russia, the House is even Bluer and the Senate is controlled by the (D)s. Maybe then sanity will be restored and the USA can start to gain a modicum of respect in the eyes of the world.
    BTW, I am glad you are better and getting my blood flowing again.


    Comment by Ron Bloom — November 3, 2020 @ 8:58 AM | Reply

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