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November 17, 2020

Will Georgia Give America Another Divided Government?

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The answer to that question depends on whether the two Senate seats being decided on January 5, 2021, will actually make for an effective block against the Democrat Party agenda and most leftist legislation such as the Green New Deal. Despite what the media will be claiming, the Republican Party does not have party rank solidarity necessary in this instance while the Democrat Party has often demonstrated their ability at enforcing party unity. Often, we have watched as Republican Party Senators have voted with the Democrats in order to go along to get along. Such events have taken what appeared to be a Republican majority Senate and effectively made the Senate appear more Democrat majority than Republican. Three Republican Senators come to mind who will probably be the exemplary of this syndrome; Mitt Romney, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski. There exist numerous others amongst the Senate Republicans who have a proclivity to go along to get along often claiming that their cooperation will be repaid with support for their favored legislation. For the record, such support does actually exist and some Democrats will assist Republican efforts, simply never quite enough to make any difference or in support of legislation when the Republicans are already the majority party. What matters is that there will likely be sufficient Republican defectors supporting the Democrat agenda, likely even the most leftist legislation originating with the Squad and Uncle Bernie Sanders, allowing the Democrats to accomplish their agenda.

What matters most is how far Biden will allow the Democrats to impose any far-left agenda. We have doubts that the Republicans in the Senate can unify in any meaningful opposition. Too many times, while growing-up just east (inside the Capital Beltway once it was built) of Washington D. C. in Maryland, we watched Republicans acting as if they were a minority even when in the majority. Somehow the Democrats can bring sufficient social pressure in parallel with media prodding and pontificating to persuade Republicans to soften their resistance and will now vote for the Democrat agendas. Each of the numerous beautified groups will be addressed with each of their grievances assuaged making them whole for the moment. All of the future events will actually depend on what the people will tolerate, which is often far too much. Unfortunately, the people end up allowing their Republican Congresscritters to actually act as a check on the left. We pray and hope that this time will prove to be different and the world order will remain peaceful. Turmoil in America always has repercussions around the globe, especially when the world is attempting to force things forward, back to a future, all too representing Biden’s past with a returning to the Obama foreign policy. Such would favor not only Iran becoming a nuclear power (the expected date varies by the source) and potentially moving the United States Embassy from Jerusalem. The expected new/old location being in Tel Aviv, as if where it goes then matters to Israelis. Guess Israel will very soon see how much, if any, of a friend the United States cares to remain. We and all Israel should hope for the best, prepare for the worst, pray that we do what is right and no matter what, remember that in the end it all will fit the will of Hashem.

Beyond the Cusp

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