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November 23, 2020

American Election Hangover

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America is in two camps; the first has presumably seventy-five-million Americans who are in total disbelief that seventy-two-million Americans voted for Donald Trump while the second has presumably seventy-two-million Americans who are fighting to prove their doubts about seventy-five-million Americans electing Joe Biden to be President. We are in the third camp who are simply extremely impressed with the total turnout for this election, a modern record. The expectations of these two groups are also diametrically opposed. The Democrats are looking ahead demanding access to briefings reserved for a new President while the Republicans are still dwelling on the election past claiming fraud having been committed. For the time being, come January 20, 2021, President Trump will be leaving office giving way to President Joseph Biden. Further, President Trump will continue to hold that title just as President Obama and all former Presidents are entitled. In many ways, this is almost like a person with a serious mental condition where the two hemispheres of their brain are battling each other for control of the total body. We just pray that the disease infecting American politics and discord does not prove fatal to the national body as a whole, presumably proving that humankind is incapable of self-rule.

President-elect Biden has been touted by much of the media for putting forth the call for unity. Echoing right behind these calls for unity are the demands that President Trump concede his “obvious” defeat. Nothing like demands for a concession to bring the start towards the unity they are expecting. Theirs is a unity of ideas falling behind their leftwards policies. One unfortunate problem will likely run afoul of the far-left agenda from AOC, the remainder of the squad, Uncle Bernie and all the rest; that being the moderate agenda as spelled out by Wall Street, Silicon Valley and the other huge backers of the Biden campaign of moderation and incremental changes allowing for the status quo to continue as they call for their agendas. Looking at the people chosen thus far in his transition team and proposed cabinet posts one finds corporate lobbyists and establishment Democrat regulars from Biden’s days in the Senate and White House. We predict a far shorter honeymoon period than either side is expecting. It is as if each side, the moderates and far-left, are pursuing their proposed agenda fully expecting to lead the Democrat Party, both the House of Representatives and the White House with the Senate to be determined. We can hardly wait to cover the coming fistfights between the factions of the fractured Democrat Party in America.

Beyond the Cusp

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  1. Mr Cusp, I disagree that Biden even had 70 million votes. You are not supposed to count fraudulent votes. When you have more votes coming out of a district than registered voters and in some cases more votes than voting age population, it is a clear case of vote fraud. There will be NO coming together as long as massive fraud is ignored. There will always be fraud, but when it is organized by a major party and when it is at this level with millions of fraudulent votes, there will be no “coming together.” For the left in the US, coming together means do what we say and shut up. It should also be remembered that the Democrat party was the party of the Confederacy and slavery. The Democrat party was the party of Jim Crow laws. It is the left that believes it is acceptable to assault those who think differently, acceptable to vandalize and burn businesses just because they are upset, threaten peoples homes and children with violence if they do not do what THEY want and violating the free speech of anyone who believes differently than they do. They are even talking about sending Trump supporters to reeducation camps or jail them. This type of behavior from the left ensures this country will just continue to split. When the people can no longer rely on the vote, when the press has become propaganda, when one side uses violence and intimidation to get their way, then trouble will ensue.


    Comment by Jim — November 23, 2020 @ 4:53 AM | Reply

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