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November 29, 2020

Post-Pax-America (Part One)

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President Donald Trump had invested efforts into Pax-America largely through adding a little reality into the Middle East policy of the United States. President Trump began a massive troop reduction throughout the Middle East to the point of completely withdrawing from some countries. The President would have withdrawn completely from other conflicts had the military informed him of all Special Forces deployments to places such as Syria, Iraq and, of course, Afghanistan. President Trump recognized the Capital of Israel as Jerusalem and finally made good on moving the United States Embassy to Jerusalem; and we unfortunately fear that President Biden could return the embassy to Tel Aviv as a punishment for Trump, Israel and eventually the world. President Trump succeeded where all previous had failed in at least starting normalization between the Sunni Arab states and Israel. We are hopeful but less than confident that President Trump will be able to fashion normalization between Israel and Saudi Arabia, the crown jewel of Middle East long sought peace. Should President Biden return to supporting Iran and Shiite Islamic states over Sunni Arab nations and Israel, we can expect far more violence in the Middle East and an end to any real further normalization between Arab states and Israel.

Trump to Biden Transition Post-Pax-America

The initial position from the numerous proposed Cabinet Secretaries, with an added position vaguely defined for John Kerry, includes people who assisted with the JCPOA or Iran Nuclear Deal, thus we can boldly predict a return to the siding with Iran, the Mullahs and Shiite Islam departing the normative United States policy of past of siding with the Sunni Arabs with their emphasis in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Israel. We will get to how all of the Biden coming positions and actions will affect Israel and in turn the Sunni Arab world and talk about the remainder of suspected coming Biden Middle East Policy. We unfortunately expect a fairly large return to Afghanistan with insertion of full military stationing with air support. Iran will become empowered which will result in increased terrorism not merely aimed at Israel and Saudi Arabia but also spreading through Europe and potentially reaching the United States. Coming President Biden will Build Back Better troop numbers committed to the Middle East soon becoming costly both in treasure and lives as the war costs pile up.

Beyond the Cusp

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