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December 1, 2020

Post-Pax-America (Part Three)

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A Biden administration will be ending America First for what will be touted as a more equitable world but results in placing China and Europe before America and keeping the Middle East in turmoil to use to distract from real problems their other policies caused. All of the following agreements will be reinstituted or instated; the Paris Climate Control Treaty and the Iran Nuclear Deal (JCPOA) and potentially reinstalling NAFTA while joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) placing American trade on a second tier behind China, India and numerous other nations and even continents. When juggling Middle East priorities, we will see support for Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the Sunni Arab world traded for support of Iran and the Shiite Arab world. A further implication of a Biden Middle East policy will be the return to demanding that Israel be less Jewish and allow for the Palestinian Arabs to be granted their demands which are always represented by their receiving their own nation. What is always omitted is the Palestinian demand that their nation completely replaces Israel and Israeli Jews be shipped back to Europe and the United States ignoring that half of Israeli Jews are native to the Middle East and North Africa and not from Europe or North America. Further, the Palestinians share amongst themselves as well as their European and leftist supporters that their real intent is to murder all the Israeli Jews and likely any others who are not the correct follower of their specific form of Islam. These renewed demands for a Palestinian terror-state in the heart of Israel are intended to be a step, they hope the final step, towards the death of the Jewish State.

Multi-Colored Flags with a Star of David
Multi-Colored Flags with a Star of David

There are likely to be some honest attempts by the Squad and their supportive fellow leftist Senators to pass what we will call the Woke Agenda. Much of the Woke Agenda can be defined through the leftist causes coming within the bounds of “Intersectionality” It is through the Woke Agenda and the numerous leftist causes and related groups defined by Intersectionality that these numerous causes will be supported, often resorting to whatever it takes. This has been a system being set-up in plain sight for decades. AOC, the Squad and the rest of the far-left youth, the twenty-six and under group, are the first to graduate having been indoctrinated from their pre-schooling through their college degrees by far leftist and Marxist professors and educators. These are the result of gender and race counselling steeped in denouncing the systemic Judeo-Christian Caucasian Male orientation of Capitalism and the Republican governance of the United States. These are people who define “hate-speech” as any speech which originates from those with whom they disagree. This includes any and all groups denied acceptance under Intersectionality. One might be surprised, shocked even, at how far the hate has already reared its head around the edges and moving towards the center of American far-left acceptable society to the exclusion of even some fellow leftists. This has included any groups identified with Israel and, through guilt by religion, any Jewish Star of David flag (pictured above) was banned from the Chicago annual Dyke March because their presence “made people feel unsafe.” Organizers of the march told the Windy City Times (according to Newsweek the event was a pro-Palestinian and anti-Zionist one and that the flags made people feel unsafe. The Star of David, also featured on the Israeli flag, leaves many believing it to be support for Israel which is tantamount to supporting the oppression of the Palestinian people. Be prepared for all new forbidden hate speech which will turn against Israel, and by association, the Jews will be amongst the first to become targeted people.

We fear the Biden Administration, with Democrat and Media allies, will cast so much doubt over the results from President Trump’s Warp Speed facilitating speedy approval of the vaccine that they will demand returning the vaccine for the traditional five to ten-year approval process presumably to remove doubts, but in reality to proclaim it was inadequate and had too many side effects, but this new Biden vaccine will be media approved and lauded. This will be the most egregious of the reversals or credit-taking appropriations which will become the main theme of a Biden Presidency. Even should the Republican Party hold both Georgia Senate seats in the January 5 run-off election, there will all too likely be other Republican Senators who will vote as usual with the Democrat side, much if not most of the time and on most issues, especially taxes, increased regulations and anything for the environment such a Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska for starters and the remainder will soon be easily recognized and the Democrats will know exactly which Republican they can turn on each issue. Of course, the mainstream media will laud everything positive as a great Biden accomplishment and everything which fails resulting from the inability to undo all of the Trump tangled ball of yarn and some Trump evils will persist. We would like to give what might be helpful and positive advice; if everything reported or told to you by your chosen media input is either all good or all bad, perhaps you should also add one news source which provides contrasting reports with the other side and then simply research any seemingly important disagreements and go where facts lead. Finally, our expectations for a Biden administration from the Inauguration to the 2022 elections, speaking politely, things will at least be fascinating.

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Beyond the Cusp

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