Beyond the Cusp

December 3, 2020

Twilight Time for President Trump

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Before anyone cheers us, or is ready to convict us of turning to the dark side, please recall that Marcus Antonius (Mark Anthony) came to bury Caesar, not to praise him. Even President Trump has admitted that time is against the efforts to rectify any irregularities which may have taken place. Should President Trump actually intend to repair the United States election system, increasing the security and integrity, then he should continue the fight through until every last hanging thread has been inspected and snipped from the voting systems. Once the election has been made official and President Trump has conceded to President Biden, then people would be more likely to come forward with their suspicions or even actual evidence, especially should all be granted immunity ahead of their testifying or being deposed. This would also give President Trump’s claims that all future elections must be made completely transparent, beyond all suspicion and as close to universally accepted as humanly possible true. After one or two years of leading such work, President Trump could then announce a run for 2024 and have fulfilled his implied promise to make American Elections Great.

Our concerns would center behind supporting all efforts to secure elections by providing greater transparency and accountability. What we have never understood is why any government would even entertain any voting system which utilizes the Internet in order to have connectivity with a central system where the final tabulations are performed. Such systems simply make themselves vulnerable to abuse and fraudulent voting causing additional suspicions. My experiences with satellite communications equipment and medical equipment have taught me much about networking systems, and none of the systems I have used, serviced or installed utilized any outside system in order to have full communications and interconnectivity. Voting machines could easily be connected through dedicated phone-lines while avoiding satellite or other microwave or RF transmissions, as by using only secure ground lines, voting tabulations can be proven to be secured. Such systems can produce additional paper-trails such as internal registers that tabulate counts of votes by candidate providing hourly totals throughout the entire counting including when counting has been suspended as the machine should also provide assurance of no tampering during the off periods. The paper ballots which are fed into the machines will remain as another paper-trail and a printout which is provided the voter as proof that their votes were tabulated correctly with a second copy retained for any recounts as an additional check. We are sure that there are experts far more familiar with modern electronics as we have been retired longer than we will admit at this time. With any good fortune, President Trump will take the lead in making every future election voting free from irregularities, or minimized at the very least; so the people will have greater faith that their votes matter and the United States can prove Stalin wrong when he was possibly misquoted stating, “It is not who votes that counts but who counts the votes.”

Beyond the Cusp

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