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December 4, 2020

American Coronavirus Hypocrisy

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There have been so many accusations from all sides resulting from the American elections and the debates over potential fraud, ballot stuffing, voting dead, obscene numbers of mail-in-ballots with improbable lack of signature rejections, lack of signature comparisons on ballots and numerous other arguments from both parties and all sides. But we are as tired of the election debate as are so many others and we will know the implications of all these various claims within the month as the Electoral College votes around mid-December. So, allow us to discuss the one item even more tired and worn-out than the elections, the China virus or its more technical name Covid-19, the Coronavirus Pandemic and the related insanity.

Covid-19 Virus

Way back around late February or early March, friends and relatives inquired as to our opinion as to the effects to society of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Our editor was more aligned with the official line that a singular shutdown would flatten the curve and the pandemic would pass by summer and the warmer temperatures. On the other side of the argument, I insisted that the virus would have to pass through a majority of the population until either a vaccine or extremely efficient treatment routine were developed. I proposed that had the government simply provided the honest truth about everything they knew about the disease, how it spread, how to best avoid infection and the best treatment and then left the people to act in their own best interest, the Coronavirus Pandemic would already be over. I also predicted that the Coronavirus would result in deaths and recovery rates similar if slightly higher morbidity rate as a severe flu epidemic. My proposal was to allow the virus to follow the normative viral effects where the pandemic would have been resolved and run through the population making almost all immune which would lead to the death of the virus without hosts to infect. I even went so far as to claim that had this path been taken the entire pandemic would likely have double the current fatalities but it would be over with the majority of the population having either T-cells, antibodies or both fighting and preventing the Coronavirus Pandemic from continuing to spread.

We have since reached similar attitudes and positions on the Coronavirus Pandemic and what needs to be done with the insanity as soon as possible. We already know that the fatality rate of the Coronavirus is far lower than the experts originally predicted with urgency, breathlessness, hyperventilation using the most dire terms imaginable, and the stringent and restrictive means being used to presumably suppress the spread of the Coronavirus through the population. Lockdowns depend on the specific virus to mutate and become less of a threat to the population. Apparently, the Coronavirus has consistently refused to mutate into a less virulent form and apparently has only mutated slightly changing almost nothing to mitigate its infection rates. Another discovery is that the Coronavirus spreads through the air by atomization rather than by droplets as initially claimed. This makes the vast majority of the mandatory masking to be all but a joke as one would need a HEPA filter or equivalent to prevent catching the Coronavirus. These masks mostly only help protect those who are infected from spreading the virus as easily.

In all seriousness, another of our uneasy feelings appear to have proven valid, namely that the Coronavirus was utilized as the excuse to test how easily the world, and specifically the American population could be locked-down and even able to prevent travel from one city or defined zone to a different city or defined zone. These tests have gone even further and are now being used to test the viability of limiting almost every freedom such as peaceful assembly, religious public practice and to destroy the majority of small, privately owned, mom and pop establishments leaving only the so-called large box stores left in business. What we fear is that much of the world will be forged into a singular supra-governmental entity doing the direct bidding of the leaders of industry, big tech, and other oligarchs and wealthy elites. The virus even had an unmeasurable effect upon the American elections while altering the landscape and business variety permanently and far from for the better. The job of working to return our societies back to where they were before Coronavirus will be an extremely difficult series of tasks facing against the powers that be who are using the emergency to form their great reset and return to feudal governance where there are the elites living well and the remainder slaving away in the service of the elites. To end with the same expressions as a book which described a definitively possible future, “I love Big Brother.”

Beyond the Cusp

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