Beyond the Cusp

January 10, 2021

Time to Heal America

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Listening, watching and reading much of the news cycle, one would be inclined to believe that the darkest days in life in America will finally come to an end at noon on January 20, 2021, with the swearing in of Joseph Biden as President. The evil, traitorous Orange Man, the Donald, President Trump or however one relates to the greatest challenge of recent American history will finally be brought to an end and denied the fruition of their reactionary agendas. America will be returning to the safe sanctuary offered by the left where the people are protected from the strife and anxiety inherent in a pure capitalist economy by returning control of production and information to our betters who run industry and media including social media. The initial steps have been taken with the permanent ban on @realdonaldtrump from posting on Twitter, protecting all the sensitive minds of the American people from the treasonous machinations from President Trump while providing the soothing security offered by the left thinking for the people simply expecting their repeating of the basic ideals in which they will become instructed. The innuendo from the powers on the left is that the people can feel secure, as those deplorable thugs who supported Trump will be set aside and retrained until they accept rule by their betters.

Bandaging and Healing America

Some may believe that perhaps CNN may be going a bit beyond the pale announcing attempts to have FOX News removed from all cable and other television viewing platforms. The same could be said about Apple and Google refusing to list PARLER as an offering on their Apps Stores. Finally, all in the name of protecting the people, the mainstream social media conglomerates have demanded that PARLER amend their algorithms closer along the lines of their existing screening criteria or face exclusion from the Internet listings wherever these monopolies have sway or control. I face the coming insistence that as a white male I have had success lauded upon me simply because I am a white male who actually qualifies as a double-white male due to the claim that as a white-Jewish male, my success was gifted me at birth. If my life is supposed to be an example of a privileged left, then I would really hate to see what they claim are the unprivileged. I have lived in a tent on a campground while holding a fulltime job in the late 1970’s which had all the accoutrements of a privileged life, not.

Much of the political leadership class and their media, Internet and other business allies have all lost any and all identification with the working-class Americans, and they plan to cement this separation. They, with their Ivy League degrees and family names, wish to form a two-tier society where the elites live as they please and the rest of the population works to support their lifestyles and other extravaganzas. Adding in a minimal basic wage guaranteed to everyone regardless of employment status, also referred to as guaranteed employment, is a step from which there is no return. There will be more than sufficient bread and circuses with sports, entertainment, music, literature and other interactions to maintain their desired separation while providing distractions sufficient enough to divert the attention of even the most ardent political animal. All forms of interaction will be limited by the censorship filters removing all undesired thought from even being expressed or discussed. Education will finally become pure indoctrination across America. The people will be educated in what the government expects from them in return for being permitted the bare essentials for life. The Great Reset is coming and coming fast resetting the political stage, removing the Trump agenda, their political beliefs and all conservative thought. The new way forward will consist of a harmonious society of woke individuals holding woke principles under a woke system of laws all formed to identify anyone who may have held or currently holds disharmonious thoughts deemed unwelcomed in our new society. The Trump Presidency is almost that distant memory whose lights have been snuffed and extinguished making way for a better and more equitable society, equity for the masses with privilege for those who are our betters. So, welcome to a world where free thought is not free of risk and very likely to result in one being reeducated by the state, fired from your job, denied ability to board aircraft or possibly even evicted from your home as the homeowners’ association deems you as undesirable and a bad influence upon the society as a whole. We can hardly wait.

Beyond the Cusp

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