Beyond the Cusp

January 13, 2021

The New Reality

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We started warning about the coming targeting of those opposed to the leftist agenda when we spoke to the forbearer of being “woke,” namely “intersectionality.” The actions, changes and challenges set in motion over the past weekend may simply be a shot across the bow of the body public to be wary and remain within politically acceptable positions. This sentence alone could lead to greater inspection of our positions and who knows where that might lead. Have we been politically correct and woke? Not quite all of the time, but as with most people, we have positions which are found all across the political spectrum. We used to joke about being afraid, very afraid; and now it is no longer funny. Instead, we have watched as funny and joking have been redefined so many times that they now are meaningless and have all but vanished. But the best is yet to come!

Actually, we are not privy to what a Biden administration replete with a Democrat controlled House of Representatives and a 50/50 Senate with Vice President Kamala Harris casting any deciding vote. The one item we can predict is that there will be absolutely no Republican or Conservative legislation even considered by Congress. We will even go out on a limb and predict that when budget cutting comes around, along with the military, NASA will have their budget, which is under 1% of the national budget, cut and it will be announced in saving hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars. They always use dollars to inflate the impact and the percentage to minimize impact. The problem with predicting where President Biden and Congress will decide to pursue is that he did not give even the slightest hint of where he stands on anything. Biden ran as the undefined Democrat allowing each person to place their desired positions upon Biden fully believing and expecting such to be the case. In polling, any undefined Democrat or Republican will always clobber any named candidate for the other party. The big problem is that we now have an American President and nobody yet knows what to expect. This will lead to infighting between the separate interests within the Democrat party with each demanding their agenda take precedence over all else.

We would love to claim that we know what is coming, but our crystal ball is terribly out of focus and has been so since the middle of last week. The storming of the Capital Building of the United States was unthinkable, as it is now unforgivable. Fairness would also have law enforcement looking at the videos from the riots this past summer and make similar arrests as their destruction was just as, if not more, destructive to the fabric of America. Please take our advice and do not hold your breath. We expect after a few weeks when a national mask mandate fails to end Covid-19, it will be followed by a national lockdown for around six weeks or so. The remainder of the most virulent movement for change will come from Big Tech, Big Pharm, Big Business and simply Big-Big Anything all in the private sector. There will be a steady move to punish those who were most supportive of the Trump candidacy and Presidency and especially those who worked within the Trump White House. Vice President Pence may be granted a pass for apparently splitting with Trump over challenging the Electoral College authorization by the Congress. Much of the imposition of the leftist agenda will be parlayed through private companies and industries placing these actions beyond Constitutional restraints. This will make challenging these actions in the courts next to impossible or at least very difficult. I pray for the next American election and the interim where it promises to be exciting and eventful, giving us so much to write about. Now, if we can just get beyond the Inauguration without any more drama by either or any side of the political Maypole.

Beyond the Cusp

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